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  1. Microsoft Sidewinder pad

    I never had that one, instead I had this one: http://www.adminxp.com/hardware/freest3.jpg It came with a usb converter, but it was specific to that controller. I looks like you can get USB to Gameport adapters now though.
  2. Xbox One Console Thread

    Hmm, I was interested in this Rare collection, but at the same time, I already own most of the games I've heard of on the list and haven't played them in years! http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/06/15/e3-2015-rare-replay-announced-for-xbox-one Lets see, from that I have Blast Corps, Banjo, Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark and Zero and Viva Piñata. Might finally be time to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day though!
  3. Xbox One Console Thread

    Well in that case, mine is daveflett. I know, I'm very unoriginal when it comes to names!
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    Wait, backwards compatibility? Where did that come from? How does one get into this preview program?
  5. Xbox One Console Thread

    I was having a whinge on here last week because my xbox stopped reading discs properly. Anyway, I did like you, went through with an exchange with Microsoft. This was on Wed/Thur last week, the new one arrived Monday, which was pretty decent I though, and seems to work just fine. Now I just need to find a UPS place to send the old one back. They have put a "hold" on my credit card until I return the old one, but I was fine with that.
  6. Xbox One Console Thread

    Don't think I'll have much luck given it doesn't work! Anyway, I think I've sorted out a warranty replacement now.
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    God I hate this xbox one. Bought it day one. Didn't really use it at first as there were no games I particularly fancied. Stupid me! Ah, Halo, okay, I'll get that and play through and finally make decent use of it. Ah, Amazon decided not to send it one day, so it didn't arrive yesterday. Okay, so it's here today. Let's install. Hmm what's that weird buzzing noise from the disc drive. Hmm, no discs read at all now... Oh, and Assassins Creed Unity looks good, maybe I'll just wait for reviews... Whew, dodged that one at least!
  8. Xbox One Console Thread

    Ah well, next week then...
  9. Xbox One Console Thread

    Realised that after I said it, so added it onto my profile. I'm confused by this TV tuner release date, as it was "announced" as released yesterday, but amazon reckons Friday yet isn't taking orders anymore.
  10. Xbox One Console Thread

    Has anyone ordered a TV tuner yet? I still have an old freeview box, and far too many devices for available hdmi ports, so this could be a handy and cheap replacement. Also, I could be tempted by a preview invite if there's one going.
  11. I should also add however, that most my annoyance is actually with myself that I didn't do good research and that I didn't have the restraint just to wait a bit before buying!
  12. I'm quite annoyed by this. I ordered a day one on day one, though that didn't arrive till day five I think. I went on the assumption that I could flog the FIFA game for a bit, and it'd be cheaper that getting it anytime in the first six months. As it is, I've hardly played it due to BF4 bugs, lack of DLNA support for media, Xbox Fitness being a letdown. Plus that FIFA game didn't get me much return since it is VERY common on ebay! The system just feels like a letdown after all that, and now this happens!
  13. Xbox One Console Thread

    Hmm, my procrastination about whether to sell to CEX has cost me another £30, they've dropped their prices today. Now buying for £455 and selling for £550. Maybe I'll hold out and see if it picks up closer to Christmas, otherwise just keep it.
  14. Xbox One Console Thread

    You're right. I kind of got swept up in launch fever and didn't really think it through. Trying to decide whether to just sell it on now or just spend more money on games.
  15. Xbox One Console Thread

    About what?

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