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  1. I mean it in a 'it's button mashy, repetitive, janky, but fun because of the ridiculous-nous and setting' way more than anything else. Same as stuff like Double Dragon used to be - never a high-point of game design (or indeed ever intended to be) but just a giggle to play.
  2. Personally - fun. I just find them fun to play - Hyrule Warriors was all over the shop really, but the core loop was enjoyable. Totally not for everyone though. The idea of writing off a game just because it drops a few frames here and there over the course of hours is totally alien to me - I'm happy to put up with all sorts of jank if I'm enjoying it. Christ, some of the stuff that I used to play when I was a kid...if you'd have shown me this stuff and said it was 'shoddy' I would have laughed my arse off.
  3. Eurogamer once again seem overly down on a Switch game (it's getting solid 7/8 from virtually everyone which is what most expected) - I mean get this quote: Since when did we 'largely move away' from Wolverine in yellow? The X-Men films have, but that's it - calling them 'cringe designs' is mental. That's my childhood you meanie!
  4. There are deffo new costumes - although they might just all be palette swaps as such.
  5. To me it looks like it's almost a Marvel musou - I had fun with Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem, so probably will with this.
  6. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    LA Noire is down to £13 as well. What's [cough] "Sausage Sports Club" supposed to be like? Seem to remember hearing positives things on that - it's 60% off at £4.67...
  7. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a different box design, so you'll know....
  8. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    The PlayStation wireless headsets work - because they use a USB dongle. There is no direct bluetooth support out of the box on any of the current systems for some reason - probably licensing cost I guess.
  9. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't think that's going to be the case - they are going to run at the same clocks. The die-shrink means it's just now more power-efficient so the same battery gets a very decent boost and lasts longer.
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