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  1. I suspect Perez would love to see him do that...and if he gets chance to help during the race, he absolutely will. Felt sooooo sorry for him when they pressed the 'whoa, slow down, not today lad' button on him.
  2. Isn't that the benefit though - choice to do that if you want to - to have it either way. Doh, sorry.
  3. It's a side-story Musou from KT - and yet he starts with: and finishes with the: I mean yeah, I bet Aonuma is all over Koei to help him put together BotW2. It's just tonally all over the place, and reads like he wanted to find a way to not like it despite actually enjoying it. I mean: What disappointment? That it's NOT BoTW2? That it's musou? That is, heaven forbid, doesn't tie itself up in all sorts of knots trying to be 100% to lore? Maybe (read: almost certainly lol) I'm just being grumpy - but it's a
  4. Paid to write this stuff - the mind BOGGLES: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2fmqC8cMx0TWyJf0n1hQ0qS/hyrule-warriors-age-of-calamity-review-this-spin-off-s-scrappy-storyline-does-not-live-up-to-the-zelda-legacy
  5. I think it's 4k30fps currently isn't it?
  6. Not yet....but it'll be 'up to 120fps in Crucible' from Dec 8th apparently:
  7. Honestly, modern players don't know they are born.....
  8. I always wanted to try Fight for Life....just to, you know, see if it really was that bad....and Ultra Vortek...and Highlander.....
  9. NO, it was absolutely terrible. And I don't mean that in the modern "everything that isn't perfect is therefore terrible way", I mean it in the actual, standard "it was bloody diabolical" way. Absolutely guff. Really, really, really, properly shit. And if you need some context, I say the above as a person who actually even found a bit of fun in Lost Reavers...
  10. I paid good money for Trevor McFur *and* Kasumi Ninja Iron Soldier was alright though...at the time.....
  11. Shut your cakehole - T2K alone made Jaguar awesome. Same as NFS on 3DO. What a time to be alive.
  12. No, it's actually deleting (or, at least, losing track off) installed games - it's not 'exaggerated bed shitting' at all. Hopefully they'll fix it asap, but it's certainly happening at the moment.
  13. Glitches are one thing, and yes everyone expects them, but deleting games seems a bit beyond that - it's not a minor gripe, it's a major issue - especially when coupled with the download queue bug as well. Slack given since we're in a pandemic, but they do need to fix them *quickly* - it's not something that will be acceptable if it's still around in even a month IMO.
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