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  1. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    It probably doesn’t help, but I use a PS headset with a usb dongle and get no lag at all (or none that I notice anyway). So it’s not a Switch hardware thing.
  2. There's a massive new trailer out for Paper Mario, has anyone posted it yet?
  3. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Not axed no - it's still running in EMEA and APAC - just not in NA (where it always had a fixed end date the other regions didn't). And this 'ban' is just for EMEA, where that scheme is still running.... so yeah.
  4. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Ta - so they are just stopping their own Nintendo published titles then - not all titles full stop. And they are still allowing eshop credit, online memberships etc A shame, but not quite as drastic as ShopTo might have you think - I mean, they can still choose to sell credit, DLC, and 3rd-party titles if they want to, it's not a total banhammer. You have to think this is goign to be tied somehow to the 'voucher' system - I think they want to drive first-party sales through that if they can.
  5. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Do we actually know this is the case - I mean CDKeys haven't said anything have they? For all we know ShopTo might have been doing something wrong, been given multiple prior warnings etc. While probably right, and it just really is Nintendo being Nintendo, let's not leap too hastily to a judgement given we don't even fully know one side of the argument (let alone two) as yet. Has any other online retailer said anything similar so far?
  6. But it won't be loads of badges will it - it'll be one. A game will either be optimised for X (so needs all the oomph an X can give it), or optimised for S&X (so will work on either essentially) - just one of those two badges is all that's needed on a box. I don't think this is where we are heading at all - just saying they've clearly not painted themselves in a corner whatever they have coming up.
  7. I would assume they'd just add an 'Optimised for Series S' badge as well - and have that on any boxes needed alongside the 'X' one. Or they'll also have a joint 'Optimised for Series S&X' badge. There are plenty of options still that could very easily work.
  8. "unsubstantiated pathological scepticism" Lol, steady on - I'm just a bit curious as to why Sony are being so obtuse with it, that's all. I mean, it's an easy message - MS have nailed it - but here we are, with plenty of people far from sure what's going on because Sony have absolutely failed to nail it. You think they've said the same things, but clearly lots of people have received very different messages. To be clear I think you're right, I think it'll all work - but that's not the point to me - my interest is more in quite why they've gone about it the way they have, quite why they've allowed this to happen. I mean, even in the last few days we've seen MS come right out on Twitter and just clarify some stuff - shut down rumours etc. Why so hard for Sony just to do that - why have they not just killed this debate stone dead with one single official tweet? As I've said before - speculation is all part of a new console launch - it's nothing more sinister (for me at least). I soooo wish the PS5 had a flap on the front.
  9. I don't think you're wrong. What I do think, it that MS have been significantly clearer on this than Sony have. They may well be saying the same things, but one of them is saying them with significantly more confidence, clarity, and detail. The other is leaving itself with lots of room to manoeuvre and being almost deliberately vague - it's painting an outline, but coloring nothing in.
  10. OBJECTION! He doesn't name the games though - so he'd just say 'they weren't part of the 100' we were referring to. CASE DISMISSED!
  11. So, I just watched it again - here's the thing: He confirms that they have "incorporated previous console logic" into the chips, and that the legacy logic is available when the new chip is running in BC mode. What he does not confirm is that the machine can play PS4 games at original specs - he actually says - and I'm going to quote here: "Running PS4 and PS4 Pro titles at boosted frequencies has added complexity. The boost is truly massive this time around, and some game code just can't handle it. Testing has to be done on a title-by-title basis." But here's the kicker for me: "Results are excellent though. We recently took a look at the top 100 PS4 titles as ranked by playtime, and we're expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch on PS5" Surely if BC was baked into the chip, and a 'native-clock' mode was there, he would not need to say that last "almost". It would be here you'd just say they'll all play, and loads of them could also be better using higher clocks or something - hurrah! So - I've just heard it, and it's a masterful class is actually avoiding the point - he has every opportunity in the world to just say - woo, your PS4 library will come with you- but instead he very carefully gives us a guarded statement about how hard they are trying to make sure 'almost all' of the 'top 100' will be there at launch. Whatever the final situation, Sony have been far from clear on this. They are being, if anything, deliberately vague at this point (possibly to buy some time while they continue work on it).
  12. I'm going to have to watch it again then - because I can't remember that at all. Christ, BRING ME A COFFEE.
  13. Where aer you getting that from - because as far as I'm aware, Sony have absolutely not confirmed that at all. There was that slide in the Cerny presentation, but the voiceover Cerny gave at that point distinctly did not say "hardware backwards compatibility" - he said (in summary) - we're testing as the software is expected to run at higher clocks". He didn't say, or confirm, any standard BC modes at that point. I think you;'re probably right - but we should be clear here that MS have confirmed it (games will run), while Sony (again, as far as I'm aware) have not (we hope games will run, we're testing) - we're just assuming it from a slide that was shown but not clearly, officially, discussed.
  14. So, not killed their home console business at all then? Trucking along rather nicely in fact (yes this is Japan, but news from US and EUR is equally positive right now): EDIT: Sorry, yes, this is off-topic. Back to PS5 - she's a bit of a big beast is she not - I thought that was a huge NO-NO in their home market? Be interesting to see how people react to it 'in the flesh'.
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