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  1. Sorry - they were still available when I posted
  2. @mdn2 - ShopTo look like they have them: https://www.shopto.net/en/swam33-amiibo-samus-plus-e-m-m-i-2-in-1-pack-p1145386/
  3. Looks like the 'inexplicably get away with it' option - imagine if that had been Suarez though, how many "oh it wasn't anything serious" would have been totally different. It's incredible that this has been swept under the carpet and laughed off. We'll video review an armpit being offisde ad nauseum, but a player attempting to bite another one is just shrugged off. Ridiculous.
  4. There's no doubt that to begin with you download loads of stuff like a kid in a sweetie shop, but that pretty quickly dies down and you just get to enjoying stuff you like and not wasting time on stuff you don't simply because you've paid for it. I've certainly found I'm trying more stuff than I otherwise would have, and when something captures me I'm sticking with it. It's made me much more open to trying things, and I've discovered some real gems I'd have totally missed otherwise. It's mind-blowing in terms of value already, and with the content they have coming along...
  5. So, if you haven't already, feel free to add me : rxgraves
  6. I feel sorry for you really - you've just decided you're not going to like it and are extrapolating all sorts of negative stuff from the small snippet we have. If it comes out and it's shit fair enough, but I just can't get into the mindset of being so negative on such little info.
  7. I'm looking forward to Dark Alliance as well - but can't really put my finger on why - I just like the non-serious vibe of the trailers. Feels like an rllmuk alliance might possibly be in the offing?
  8. It has stuff like this, of course it'll be fabulous:
  9. How on earth can you tell what kind of secret areas the game may or may not have, and how complex they may/may not be to access, based on the opening tutorial section they have shown so far?
  10. With a net loss of? That's the beauty, you can try all sorts of stuff with no real worry about what you will and won't get on with - some stuff you'd have never looked twice at will be awesome, some stuff you would have shelled out for on day 1 will be terrible.
  11. Probably. I reserve the right to brood on this and come back to it if they do though. Deal?
  12. It's off by default in cases where is makes compromises to achieve it - so getting to 60fps may mean a lower res etc - it's then considered an option if you want to enable it as you want to prioritise fps over quality. It's on by default when it's not making sacrifices in other areas - so it's a no-fuss win. Here's the official line (including a table showing if it's on or off for each game): https://majornelson.com/fpsboost/
  13. But did anyone really buy a Series S with the intention of playing at 120fps? That just seems like a total mis-match. The S is not aimed at people wanting 120fps, so hand-wringing over what Halo might look like (it might drop to 800p oh noes) trying to support that feels really odd. I dunno, it just feels like DF wants to make an issue of the Series S somehow, and they are deliberately ignoring the main target market (who are most likely not really the DF audience) to do that. Anyone who evens knows what stuff like VRR is, is not who MS are aiming the Series S at (as a primary machine anyway).
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