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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Are you including or excluding the DLC from both? I suspect you had the DLC in HW, but don't have it in FEW yet? Not saying it'll make a huge difference, but no doubt a lot of HW content came from the DLC stuff.
  2. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Nah. With the time warping battles, there is plenty of stuff. I stand firm and guard my position with a steel tome.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Yes. Saves are on the internal memory. You cannot stores saves anywhere else. If they were on the SD card (and I can totally understand why they aren't, because they are a great attack vector), it would remove a lot of the concerns about not being able to backup saves.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Did you power cycle the joy-con itself using the little power button on it?
  5. Splatoon 2

    Shut it you, gherkins are for monsters. Faith in humanity restored with this result - and a healthy bunch of snails in my pocket since I made it up to Gherk-OUT King. @Mr Cochese - you pick a team at the TV screen in the plaza. Except it won't be there now.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    There’s a trailer on the eShop isn’t there? It’s available for pre-load now anyway....
  7. Nintendo Switch eShop

    What’s Tiny Troopers like? I quite fancy the look of it, but need a nudge either way....
  8. Splatoon 2

    How about we set up an RLLMUK team in a private room? Anyone on the Gerkins are bloody horrible burn them with fire team fancy that? Guess we’d need four...
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I sent my left joy com back to them once. Took about 10 days. Ignore their system, it was still saying they’d not looked at it when I got it back! I then got a flurry of emails as they obviously updated it all afterwards.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo took the very unusual step for them of teasing a game that was still a long way off. They did this because they know it's one that the fans love and want to see. They know it's important, I think they've earned a little bit of trust with this 'game-making' malarky. I'd bet Hitler's preserved bollock it'll be fab.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Be quiet man, they made Lost Reavers.....
  12. Nintendo Switch

    They've not developed a Metroid title in-house for donkeys though - and NEVER a 'Prime' series game. It was never going to be Nintendo - in fact one of the very few things they did confirm when they announced it, was that it wasn't them.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Why? How many people said the same when it was revealed Retro were working on a 3D Metroid I wonder? Who did you want to be developing it?
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, but then also remember they nailed the concept of Switch with the removable controllers etc as well. I think this one is pretty solid now personally.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I know right, how good would a decent Ridge Racer be on Switch! I just hope they remember why it's good, and don't get too caught up in trying to make it something else more complex...

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