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  1. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    GTC 2020: Witcher III on the Nintendo Switch: GPU & Memory Optimization https://developer.nvidia.com/gtc/2020/video/s22697
  2. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    The Truth. I'm reaaaaallllllyyyy hoping they announce a sequel in their May/June direct.
  3. Both the recently released Metro games are down to £15 each as well. Is one better than the other?
  4. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Get out, Star Fox Adventures was ace!
  5. I've no problem with the overall concept of shutting down old servers, I don't think anyone expects them to go forever, but I do think doing it for a game on a *current* console is just too much. They should have, IMO, at least waited until PS4 was not their current platform. If you can't walk into a shop and buy a game for the very hardware they have on the shelf without total confidence it's still working, then that's a bit off.
  6. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Didn't Eurogamer sources also verify the Starfox Grand Prix rumor......I think this one is true to be fair, but just saying they've played this "yeah, we also heard that before" card before. As a news website, I'm always wondering why, if they've heard all this stuff, they don't just break it themselves - because saying "yeah, now they said it we can also" does not protect their sources (often cited as the reason they don;t break stuff and then later chime in with a 'yeah we knew that') in any additional way really does it?
  7. But you’d take Sony and MS hardware without games? That’d be fun.
  8. They are and they aren’t. People talk about Nintendo not being about power, but then just casually ignore they have given us a handheld that can play The Witcher and Doom and Hellblade. They’ve given us a PS4 in wafer thin mint form. It’s perhaps not traditional power, but we mustn’t doubt their technical chops.
  9. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    This looks better than I thought it might be - F2P, so no issue giving it a go at least:
  10. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    We don't know, because Animal Crossing was delayed and Nintendo tend not let us know what would have happened had what they announced not actually happened. I mean it's likely they had a plan, but once Animal Crossing was delayed they moved stuff out of the way to give it some room. There is literally no point whatsoever in them releasing or promoting other stuff around now - Animal Crossing is HUGE, and even trying to shout about something else right now would be a bit mental for both the consumer and for them. I'm sure the fact that E3 was due in June, and they've announced a load of stuff until the end of May is totally unrelated.
  11. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Just some niche title called...oh I forget now......Mammal Parallel. I dunno, it's not going to sell anything anyway. They should bury it with other big game announcements right after they launch it. And I say that as somebody that doesn't like it. Hasn't bought it. But can appreciate it's FUCKING MASSIVE.
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