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  1. I've picked this up and it's worth noting that the slow movement is only in classic mode which copies the SNES original, if you play in modern mode everything is nice and snappy and I would add that the game runs very well on switch both docked and undocked with no noticeable frame rate drops. The game itself while having a modern presentation is very faithful to the original SNES game in terms of mechanics and three missions into the OCU campaign I'm not noticing any quality of life updates like Tactics Ogre got so if you have played the original before and didn't like it this version is unlikely to change your mind. There are difficulty settings and on the easiest you do do a lot more damage and I don't remember if the original had those or not and I haven't played it in years and I never tried the DS version.
  2. Finally joined the Steam Deck club, my 512GB model turned up today and I was wondering what SD cards people recommend to use on it, was thinking of at least a 256GB one, is there anything in particular I need to be aware of or just go for the best sandisk model?.
  3. Actually Amazon had the Steelbook edition as well as I got mine today. Although I think the Switch edition sold out they still have the PS4 and PS5 version.
  4. Yep, they work fine, my six-button one works with it.
  5. Think you might be right about this as I didn’t notice any when I was looking the other day. Saw a lot of Bayo 3 Steelbooks going for £35 on their own but no Bayo 1.
  6. Yeah, if you read the replies to that tweet, it sold out in about 8 mins and the site crashed for quite a few people when trying to make a purchase. I missed out too, unfortunately.
  7. Well this worked, I was in the queue at 8 and by 8.10 got a PS5 Disc Edition order in so fingers crossed I've got one.
  8. Good to know I will try and get one then.
  9. I got an e-mail from Sony saying I've been selected to purchase a PS5 tomorrow between 8am and 10am and been given an exclusive link to buy one. I take it this is something they send to everyone or do I actually have a shot of getting one.
  10. My code is 6398-5391-0802 if anyone wants to add me.
  11. Added a few people from the thread to my friends list if that's ok. My friend code is 5378-9723-1615 if anyone wants to add me, will send plenty of gifts.
  12. Tomorrow as today is a bank holiday.
  13. Digital only in Europe i'm afraid will need to import it if you want a physical copy, which is a problem if you want the 3DS version.
  14. My Nintendo Store LE just showed up via royal mail courier. So keep an eye out people.
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