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  1. Amazed no one's posted: Especially when you get stuck at the barrel. Can feel my blood boiling even now.
  2. It's kind of interesting that certain games - Gran Turismo being the best example I can think of - haven't made it at all into the Top 100. I'd agree myself that it wouldn't have made it into my top 10, but almost definitely Top 20 (probably in it's 2nd or 3rd incarnation, as they were the ones I spent longest on, and actually completed everything). I realise many would be happy to see a top 100 without one of the most 'boring and pointless' games around, but this is a former Edge 10 we are talking about! I wonder how many other games missed out in this manner, not being strong enough for the majority's Top 10, but strong 11-20 contenders?
  3. Would have liked to see Planescape: Torment in there. Still the best RPG I've played.
  4. Mr. Pin?

    Death Worm

    http://bayimg.com/LadBjAAba Spent far too long on that game! Actually ended up over 550000kgs but failed to get a good picture...
  5. Mr. Pin?

    Death Worm

    Is that music from Streets of Rage 2? Very cool game, makes me believe a 250T worm can fly!
  6. I'm playing it on PC, having previously sampled the PS2 version, and everything looks lovely and sharp. It seems more glitchy than on PS2 however, as I've seen a few instances of the camera losing it when making a wall-grab, or Lara getting stuck on the scenery when falling, or repeatedly failing to pull up onto a ledge/ do the walk-off and grab maneuver. Takes the shine off it a little, unfortunately. Loving the atmosphere, and so many memories rush back from completing the original (which was much more of a tense, testing affair).
  7. I do like this in small bursts. However a couple of days ago I had three attempts at the which results in game over/reload when you fail and I haven't been back since. Will give it another go tonight, possibly...
  8. 59. Tomb Raider This animalistic example stands motionless in corners (which will inevitably cause the camera to lose sight of it) until you tiptoe warily past. The scream that then emanates as a precursor to the leaping attack is the cause of significant (sometimes total) loss of control of the player character, wasted rounds fired in all directions and an overwhelming desire to see that it is actually dead, usually by means of emptying 50% more ammo into it than absolutely necessary. 3 primal screams out of 5
  9. 2 and a half hours in, and just brought life back to the large field area (name escapes me) via use of the 'bloom' stroke I just learned. The visuals and atmosphere in this game are just gorgeous, no complaints thus far. Controls are OK, better than I expected for movement and exploration but I'm still finding the camera a bit fiddly at this stage. Part of my problem is that I like to have inverted settings in third-person and normal in first, which is a step of customization too far in this (and indeed most games)! I found the brush a bit unwieldy at first but as time passes and the subtleties of the DS2 sticks become familiar, I'm finding it a those sweeping lines and circles a lot easier. It must be an echo of real calligraphy in a sense as smoothness and confidence produces the best end results. The characters are cool, though a bit wordy at times. I liked the way Sakuya's lengthy speech about restoring the Guardian Saplings lulled Amaterasu to sleep, as I was almost feeling the same! Feeding the animals gives me a charming but odd cut-scene, is there something I should be doing here? I finished Zelda TP a few days back so it is still fresh in my memory, and this game's early stages are easily on a par with it, if not edging it out slightly. There have already been a few similarities that make me wonder how separate the development of the two games really was, as well. Whether it can sustain the early momentum like TP did so well up until around the 25-30 hour mark remains to be seen...
  10. My memory is hazy, but I positive it's what I used! It was either timing or counterattacking... Don't make me replay the entire game again to find out! This thread is tempting me badly enough as it is!
  11. The hammer was what I used originally back in '98. I also discovered on subsequent playthrough that he has no defence against the BigGoron's Knife, as he can't keep out of range of the lunging attack... Looks like you discovered another way I hadn't even considered!
  12. Are the keepers a little happier to stay nearer the goal-line than their kamikaze WE10 equivalents? The number of times they've charged out and left a gaping net when the attacker changes direction slightly... Are they less susceptible to letting shots spill into the net at the near post? And is the computer still stupidly accomplished at those dinked through-balls? The ones that drop just between your defence and keeper?
  13. all I need to see is Fire Emblem (even just a hint...)
  14. Am on the final day of case 4 now. Great entertainment! I was going to steer clear of this after the somewhat lacklustre reviews, but this thread, combined with a great price, gave me an urge to give it a go. Yes, it is now one of my favourite games of the year! I love how it makes you feel really clever with subtle hints, before explaining just why that evidence you tentatively submitted as a contradiction was vital after all. Another one I think I'll miss when it's finished, can't see it having great replay value unfortunately. Maybe if I left it for a couple of years?
  15. My copy turned up today! Onto the 2nd chapter. Liking what I've seen so far. The final stages of the 1st trial were actually quite exciting, even though I was kind of led through it!
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