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  1. If you drop stuff on the ground (like turnips) on your island, do they stay there indefinitely even if you put the switch into sleep mode, quit the game or go to other folks islands? I know turnips rot btw. Donut you said drop turnips in your house like you've done, but can't anyone just pick them up if you do that?
  2. By the way, I think one viable way of storing turnips might be to bury them. Please correct me if I'm wrong before I go and ruin my whole batch!
  3. Oh and P.S. whoever took the fossils from my fossil exchange, the idea is that you take one, you leave one. It's supposed to be a swap shop thing so people can rotate dupes and hopefully get one's they need in return.
  4. In other fishing news, you're gonna hate me but when I was visiting Mr. Dos island today I bagged my second Stringfish and second Sturgeon within a few minutes of each other! I just saw a big shadow when I was passing his top pond, threw in the line and suddenly I have a string fish after spending like 50 bait at my own island to get one! Then at his beach I used 3 bits of bait and on the third I got a Sturgeon, how lucky is that! I do have a theory though, I wonder if wishing on all those stars last night raised the RNG? As we've said its unlikely due to multiplayer but still. Also gives credence to maybe chances being better in other folks islands for catching rare stuff?
  5. Err what is all this flag business? Does it unlock later? Also question. Once your neighbours move in, I take it its fine to pick up and move their outdoor furniture around elsewhere?
  6. Added (Jigsawn). We really need a tips/faq at the start of this thread. Easiest is to have friends on Switch online. If people have their airport gates open you can visit them. To visit others, go to the airport and say you want to fly, then pick visit friends. If any friends have open gates you can visit them. To get visitors to your island, go to airport and choose I want Visitors. Pick online and All Friends. Then her island will be available for others to visit in real time. Best thing to do is anyone she gets on with, to add as a best friend via the nook phone friends app. Best friends can message each other any time in game and get notified when their island's are open. Best friends also get more visiting privileges like digging. You can also do island hopping via the dodo codes but its mainly to get non friends in or to get 1 particular friend in. Wouldn't recommend it as a starting point. Note that etiquette is not to pick up or dig folks flowers (without permission) or run through them (it breaks them).
  7. Probably you or someone else just picked the flowers from the stems (or ran too fast over them). I havent figured out if you need to water them if that happens though for the flowers to regrow, anyone know?
  8. Thats hilarious, though kinda jealous now!
  9. Thanks to those who left notice board messages whilst I was afk, and thanks for leaving me the big star fragment. Bad news is that the star wand does the same thing as the bamboo wand! FYI that is the first large star fragment I've had out of three meteor showers and loads of praying, so keep your eye out for them, they are pretty rare. If anyone needs a recipe for a log stool let me know and I can mail it, first come first served.
  10. Opening up whilst I do irl chores, might be afk so if I don't reply I'm off somewhere. Male flamingo, white skull radio and electronics kit available at the terrorists, plus a few cool walls and floors today. Help yourselves to fruit off trees or star fragments on beach, though if you find a big fragment I'd appreciate if you drop it for me! Dodo code: 5WDP1 Edit: There is a recipe for a log stool lying in my house, if anyone can't make it yet feel free to take it
  11. Remember you can always buy normal saplings from the Nook terrorists. So don't be afraid to go on a bit of a rampage. Thanks to all who visited last night (I'm Jiggy). We had 6 people at one point! Haven't checked my star fragment haul yet but hoping for a big fragment, they are pretty rare based on what I've seen so far. Got Ables and the Plaza under construction today so my wee island is turning into a metropolis! Had a totally adorable moment last night where I'd put down my new skull radio and my new sheep girl wandered up to it and started singing along to the tune! Loving my new villagers, all their personalities are spot on, especially Marcel the white faced dog who is bloody hilarious. He's super lazy and I keep finding him plopped down on his arse with various excuses for doing so. Popped into Nexivs island for a visit last night, man the designs are really good, especially the cobblestone which looks like an in-game asset! Wish there was an easier way to share designs than QR codes!
  12. Can you only get Switch Online app on mobile phones? Cant seem to get it on my Google tablet, don't suppose there is an app version on Pc either?
  13. Meteor showers at mine plus the shop's still open until 11pm because I never closed the session (sleep mode doesn't seem to affect the time updating). Dodo code DY68L
  14. Question about the phone customiser thing:
  15. The upper ponds with waterfalls coming off them do yield string fish, I caught mine in one of two topmost level ponds. Remember, for those hunting stringfish, they only appear from 4pm to 8am the following day.
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