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  1. For folks who liked this game, I'd direct your attention to the recently released Paradise Killer (on Switch and PC). It's a very fine detective game where although the premise is as different as you can imagine, the deductive reasoning you need to piece together the complex murder mystery really reminded me of Obra Dinn. You hunt down clues and testimonies but at no point does it outright tell you the answers, you need to do the brainwork yourself. Another cool thing about Paradise Killer is that you decide when to take the case to trial when you think you have the truth figured out. By the e
  2. @Talvalin Thanks for the replies to my questions earlier. I found the last soul shard in a hidden area by accident when I was plotting my flower quest route. I finally managed to do the flower quest after a few hours of attempts (thanks to Youtube for giving me content to watch in the background!). I actually looked up the location to take the flower to because I made it all the way to the gardens and then had no idea where to go. I ended up taking a route through the crossroads and fog canyon, using the charm that lets you fire projectiles at full health to help kill enemies at range.
  3. I'm about 25% into the story now and trying to take my time with it. I have a holiday in a few weeks so I'm trying to save the bulk of the game for that. For me I'm still not really into the whole high school/relationships thing, and the pacing is a bit all over the place thanks to there not being a defined story route. It also would have been better if the action gameplay was put at set points in the unlock structure, like how it works in the tutorial. By allowing you to dip into it at any time it creates a weird dilemma where you're too afraid to burn through the action too quickly, and scar
  4. I returned to this last night and followed the advice given earlier in the thread, thanks for that. I have switched to using the D-pad on the PS4 and it's much better than the analogue stick. I reached World 2 a few times and finally unlocked the shortcut, so had an hour or two trying out a new world using the shortcut. The new world is tough but not as hard as I thought it would be, I actually find it easier to get to the exit and there's more mounts which helps. Yes mounts are generally definitely worth getting, although annoyingly they can't climb up ladders/ropes etc which often means you
  5. I've returned to this to check out the free Watcher DLC. What an update! The new character is hard to learn but is a blast to play. I'm really impressed by how different the mechanics are, it's like getting a whole new game for free! I've finally today beaten the level 3 boss for the first time as Watcher, but died to the final, final boss. Anyone done it yet? I've just unlocked the last stuff for the Watcher so maybe that could have helped. I just have to sing this games praises. I've only beaten the level 3 boss once for each character but have 50 hours playtime and still have st
  6. I'm feeling the frustrations above as well. Had a few more hours on the game last night and only managed to get to 1-4 twice. Most of my deaths were on 1-1 or 1-2. I completely agree that just getting to the exit seems the best option because most of this time I was scouring the levels for every goodie I could get. But regardless of that the first world is just seriously punishing. I have some runs that end in 3 seconds. I reached the 4-1 boss twice and was instakilled by him before I could even learn anything about him. With auto run on and playing on console there is a kind of lo
  7. More non-spoiler impressions. Ended up doing about 4 hours in total last night and reached the end of the 'tutorial'. Happy to say the plot really gets going and the story's jumping around like a flea in a bottle. Now the game has opened up and I'm pretty excited. I also read a review which said that fans of Steins Gate and Zero Escape would love this - as I'm a big 999 fan that's music to my ears! There are tons of mysteries already and the non-linear telling of the story is constantly making you wonder how all the events connect. The voice acting is excellent, with so many characters you'd e
  8. First impressions after an hour: - visuals are amazing, lovely art and animation, best looking visual novel I've seen - voice acting seems top notch so far (which you can expect from an Atlus game), and I really like how the conversations flow fast and naturally without button presses, the writing is good so far too with natural sounding dialogue - like I said I'm not a big fan of high school setups but intrigued about the sci fi stuff and I like the way the story is jumping around between characters and time periods - too early to talk about the combat only having done two
  9. I also got this on PSN tonight, just downloading now. It's It's bit of a gamble but based on what we chatted about earlier in the thread I think overall it will be my cup or tea. If not, that's a hefty 50 quid down the drain! I have faith!
  10. I got to the jungle twice now and each time lasted about the same as you! I'm pretty terrible at this. I bounced off Spelunky after a week or two because I got bored of repeating world 1 again and again and could never get past world 3. Spelunky 2 and I've only even got past world 1 twice in about 7 hours! On the other hand I've learned a crap-ton about world 1 so I've been getting a lot better at it. I'm doing stuff now I never would have dared. It kind of clicked for me yesterday and I felt like even though I'm still getting slaughtered, I'm making progress and I'm e
  11. Great tip, thanks! Beat him after about about 6 goes after I equipped that!
  12. Congrats on finishing the game Talvalin and thanks for posting your Radiance charms. I'm still mooching around the overworld looking for the last few upgrades I'm missing. I did manage to find the fireball upgrade which I can't believe I missed - that would have been sooo helpful for some of the previous bosses! I also found a running upgrade charm thanks to a shop upgrade I found, which I really, really wish I'd found before I started doing all this overworld exploration! I just realised today that I don't have Abyss shriek, I take it that's the upgraded upward attack? That would help loads w
  13. Oh it's the Heavensward team? That's promising. For anyone who doesn't know, Heavensward is an excellent expansion for FFIX which has a good story and characters. The expansion is set in a medieval wintery landscape with castles, lords, knights and dragons so it looks like the team is staying in their comfort zone (there's also a nice nod to Heavensward with Shiva sharing a face with a prominent Heavensward character). The trailer didn't too much for me though. I'm not sure I'd be into the hack n slash combat, but then FFVII Remake proved it can work. Maybe they're using the same system and ju
  14. This one has swooped under the radar, I only found it via Steam Recommendations but it came out last month. What a game! It's most similar to a point and click adventure where you solve puzzles but features a slew of incredibly creative ideas from start to finish and is also one of the funniest games of recent memories I've played to boot! The premise is an expansion of the short freeware title There is No Game which blew up on YouTube a number of years back. The game doesn't want you to play it, and your 'host' is a heavily accented narrator who acts as the game's AI.
  15. Well thanks for this thread. I don't know anything about Vanillawear and had never heard anything about this game either. Reviews are coming in over the web and its scoring highly, Eurogamer just gave it an Essential! It seems very hard to lean anything about the game or what to expect without veering into spoiler territory so I remain pretty clueless. All I can gather is that it has towery defence elements, a lot of visual novel stuff and romance side bits. The romance I have zero interest in but everyone is saying the world building, story and overall bonkersness of it makes it
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