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  1. Alan Stock

    Best short games

    Papers Please is amazing and unlike anything you have played before. Short too, only a few hours long but leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Alan Stock


    Opted for the normal version over the Noir version (both are on Sky Movies at the moment). Enjoyed this, although I don't rate it 5 stars like a lot of people. It's a 4 for me. I liked the gritty feel to it, the ultraviolence and that the characters felt a lot more real than in recent X-Men outings. The story was meh, but old man Xavier and Wolverine were the crux of the movie. My favourite part though was the hotel scene which I can't believe people haven't talked about more. It's fucking ace Overall its solid, and gives me hope that there are still people out there who can make engaging superhero films without all this bullshit CGI. If only they could reduce the cheese factor and make the enemies less dumb as shit and I'd be back on board the superhero bandwagon again. I mean seriously these security folk know exactly what they're up against and still do completely idiotic shit. Spoils the immersion a lot.
  3. Alan Stock

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Just wanted to say thanks to MDY - for religiously keeping this thread updated with new vids and info. It's appreciated! People may not post much in here but trust that there are some of us who do find it handy.
  4. Alan Stock

    Games for Psychopaths

    Some games I've been playing recently that have tickled that desire: Destiny 2 has very satisfying meaty weapons and isn't hard until you get to the very endgame content. Dead by Daylight is incredibly satisfying when you play as the Killer hunting down survivors, its really visceral. Unfortunately it's quite stressful and hard being the Killer, but worth giving a shot if you can find it on the cheap. The new Spiderman looks like it has really satisfying punchy combat too.
  5. Alan Stock

    Battlefield 4

    Picked this up on PS4 last week after being inspired by the BFV beta. It's still got a pretty decent population although mainly on Conquest large maps. Compared to BFV it's overwhelming at first - really fast paced, action everywhere, vehicles all over the shop and dying a lot. It's very punishing to come in as an old skool BF player when the majority of the playerbase has been playing this game for many years. Still, it's really good despite being hard. I can see more where the complaints about BFV's lack of war feeling are coming from now, although I prefer its slower pace. I die a lot although I usually get a decent score because I focus on capturing flags. Any tips for survival? I seem to spend a lot of time running across the map and getting killed from anywhere. In close quarters I fare better but on maps like Shanghai and Golmud there's a lot of open ground/streets which seem like death sentences without vehicles. And talking of vehicles, do you just need to practice to get good with attack helicopters/jets? I have no idea how people can actually see/kill anything with them - I struggle enough just keeping them in the air, let alone doing strafing runs! PS KreissG - On PS4 there are some insanely good Scout heli players who terrorise servers, experts at ducking behind cover and always being on the move. It's really hard to take them down especially on no-Stinger servers and they often end up the top of the scoreboard.
  6. Alan Stock

    Telltale Games closing

    Eurogamer got a good article about this latest development: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-25-when-did-we-forget-people-not-brands-make-games
  7. Alan Stock

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    Yeah to be honest Xenoblade Chronicles requires a big time sink at the start and it takes hours for the game to get rolling. Once you learn and get into the combat it's actually really good once you start unlocking all the abilities and get new cast members. There's also a really bad bit in the first main area where you have to complete shitloads of sidequests to progress which made a lot of people drop the game at that point (as evidenced above!). I would urge people to persevere as it's very rewarding the further into the game you get. However if you aren't a fan of the FFXII open world style it may not be the game for you. Even with that I found the main story had an epicness and those "holy crap" anime moments that rivalled the bests like FFVII.
  8. Alan Stock

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    Has anyone mentioned Skies of Arcadia yet? Fantastic with its skyship setting and style, combat was fun and had airship battles too - just a pity the random battles became so infuriating when flying your ship around. It was originally on Dreamcast but I don't know if there is a PC version? I'm sure I heard there was a version which dialed back the random encounters a bit.
  9. Alan Stock

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    Don't miss Xenoblade Chronicles, the best jprg of recent years and one of the most critically acclaimed jrpgs of all time. Great story, environments and combat and shakes up a lot of the annoyances of traditional jrpgs. It also borrows some of the good ideas of FFXII, which itself is really good, although FFXIIs story is weak the combat and characters are great (douchey main character aside)
  10. Amazing news for Danganronpa/Zero Escape fans: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-11-zero-escape-and-danganronpa-creators-team-up-to-launch-new-indie-studio
  11. Alan Stock

    Zero Escape - Virtue's Last Reward

    I think I died and went to heaven, Zero Escape and Danganronpa creators have made a studio together! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-11-zero-escape-and-danganronpa-creators-team-up-to-launch-new-indie-studio
  12. Alan Stock

    Overwatch - Busan map live

    Yeah I quite like this design approach and enjoyed my time on Busan. I found it makes the teams clump up more and makes for better team fights. Often you aren't fighting on the point but at some strategic point around it. Also, they finally fixed it so if Brigitte shield bashes Reinhardt when he's charging at her, they'll both get stunned instead of Rein getting screwed.
  13. Alan Stock

    Metro Redux Ps4 Xbone

    Picked this up on rental on PS4, not played either of the Metro games before this. So far, so good, started with Metro 2033 and am up to Chapter 4 or 5 (just finished the first proper topside mission). I was expecting an on-rails generic sewers shooter but it's way more than that. From the start it's heavy on atmosphere - dark and moody below, bright and frozen above. And its full of other humans and memorable sequences. A chase section in the old metro tunnels as you travel on a hand lever cart (a trading caravan). Crossing a ruined train bridge underground with a smuggler buddy, hearing clanking noises and then getting ambushed by mutants which can crawl on ceilings and come from all angles. Going topside into the frozen city and scouring old buildings for supplies whilst dodging packs of mutants. It's very on rails at first (literally in some cases!), but is starting to open up a little more, with lots of hidey holes to explore off the main path. The metro stations (i.e. towns) really sell the vibe of the world, with their shitty underground living conditions and people going about their daily life having conversations you can listen in on. Although it's all pretty grim, it feels very human and you see kids running around laughing and comrades having a drink together, it's not all "oh god it's the end of the world". It's based on the Metro novel so there's plenty of backstory snippets to listen in on regarding the different factions and threats out there. I was playing on Hardcore Survival - and ran out of bullets in the first combat encounter! On this difficulty you gotta go hunting around as ammo and supplies are in short supply. So far I really like the survival aspect of it with ammo conservation being important, and neat touches like having to manually pump a gadget to recharge your flashlight. All your gear feels suitably falling apart. The only survival thing that grates a bit is the gas mask filters. I can't find a way to see how many I have left, which led to me accidentally wasting time exploring topside and running out of filters. That led to a loop of checkpoint death right at the end of the mission where I kept choking to death. I had to desperately sprint through the environment after each reload scouring the environment for a new filter, thankfully I eventually made it to one after about 20 attempts. The only other option would have been to restart the whole mission. I heard the filters are even worse on Ranger difficulty so screw that! Now I know though, I'll be sure to spend less time dilly-dallying on the surface. Combat does lack a punch, but it's tense. You die easily on my difficulty - so even reloading times have to be chosen carefully, and your're always worried about running out of ammo. You definitely get a sense of panic when you alert a horde of mutants and they start coming out from every angle in the dark! Stealth works as a decent alternative, you get throwing knives and silent takedowns, but is only available in some areas. The main mutants I've come across so far are pack beasts, so alert one and it'll howl and all its friends will arrive. Sometimes it's better to sneak up and chuck a knife for a silent kill instead. For human enemies I read that they revamped the AI in Metro 2033 redux, before if you alerted them they would be on you like flies on shit - but now you can lose them if you run off and hide. Makes for some nice tactical encounters as you dodge traps, use surprise grenades and extinguish lights before inevitably it descends into a murder fest. Overall it's obvious Metro 2033 isn't a big budget game, but what it lacks in overall polish and design, it more than makes up for in atmosphere, characters and memorable set pieces. And it even has a narrative to drive you through. Reminds me a lot of Stalker in feel, which is no surprise as half the Stalker team ended up making this game! Looking forward to playing more.
  14. Alan Stock

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Sounds good, gonna check it out then - thanks for the heads up.
  15. Alan Stock

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Eh, has he actually written a non Commonwealth book? If so I'm well in! Didn't think much of Night Without Stars, felt like he was losing his touch a bit.

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