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  1. One thing that's great fun to do with the chainsaw is use it to beeline right to a generator on the other side of the map. If you can steer directly onto the generator itself you can even chainsaw people who are genning which is hilarious and absolutely scares the shit out of them. Another good use of it is in a chase to try and predict where a survivor will head and chainsaw to catch them when they are going to pop out from a window or behind a wall/cover. Like you say matchmaking is an issue though, learning Killer can be very unforgiving and frustrating, especially as the bette
  2. I'm just dipping my tinky toes into the thread, trying to avoid spoilers - does it look good then?
  3. Its a really good documentary, I watched it right after I finished the game a few months ago. One of the things that suprised me was that the lead writer was actually the lead writer from Fallout New Vegas, and they specifically headhunted him. A very good decision as its one of the few open world games with a good story and engaging characters. Another quite mindblowing fact is that they were only in full on production for 2 years. That is pretty incredible given its size and scope. Testament to the tools they made and prototying they did. Gave the DLC a start the othe
  4. The best way to get it is a team Grav, I don't think I ever got it because getting all 6 in a Grav is so hard, my best is 5 from what I recall. Really it only works against a Rein/Zarya comp where the team can be clustered together and Gravved, or getting really lucky in overtime when everyone's on the point. I suppose you could work with an Orisa to try and pull people together but yeah, it's probably one of the hardest achievements in the game. One of those ones you can probably pull off with complete noobs but as soon as you start levelling up in matchmaking you can wave it goodbye. Good lu
  5. What I'm interested in is whether they can get anywhere close to the same level of excitement and discovery via the technology and going deeper into the ocean. It was such a well designed progression in the first game and all of the fictional tech, especially the vehicles, were fresh. You genuinely felt anticipation because of the new opportunities and depths that opened up for each upgrade you got. I'm presuming not, but hopefully there will be some new ways of gating content using the cold and whatnot that will differ from just following the same tech and 'depth' tree as the last
  6. The time has finally come for a dedicated thread for the sequel to the best survival and underwater game ever made! And the reason: we finally have a release date, May 14th 2021 on all formats including next gen consoles and Switch. Only a month away, demons of the depths be praised! There is this release trailer you can watch, but I will personally be avoiding all spoilers; all I've seen is some early trailers from back in beta and a few screenshots. The game has been in early access for ages now and has already seen a complete story rework. Very excited to
  7. You're right, but there have still been a bunch of films which I've found geniuinely scary or deeply unsettling - these are the ones that pop into my head. - The Ring (Japanese) - Dark Water (Japanese) - REC (both versions) - Blair Witch Project - My Little Eye - Rosemary's Baby (original) - Wolf Creek - Paranormal Activity - It Follows - Funny Games - Invasion of the Body Snatchers There are others which I'd say are quite scary - but more masterclasses in tension than outright terrifying, like Alien, The Thing, Silence of the
  8. I've been enjoying The Magnus Archives which is a horror of the week type podcast with a compelling throughline. Nearly 200 episodes to enjoy and its finally almost over. Some genuinely creepy stuff, very entertaining even when not and the voice actors are top notch. Plus its British, wot wot! Start from episode 1. Another podcast I really enjoyed which is a true story but is a very compelling and quite short tale is Deep Cover, about an undercover agent who infiltrates a biker gang to try and bust an international drug smuggling ring.
  9. Finally got round to watching this and ended up dissapointed. Touted as one of the few new generation actually scary films, it really failed on that front for me. Artistically it looks great, the acting was quality, but for me the creep factor just wasn't there. Maybe I've just watched too many horror films but although on occasion there was a bit of tension, for most of the film I was just curious what was going to happen rather than apprehensive about any of it. And it isn't that I don't find slow-burn horror scary, there are plenty of those kind of films that have really got to me.
  10. Ah, I don't remember finding those. If I recall correctly I got mine in
  11. Q beam is also amazing at taking out the big enemies at range. I used it a lot in space. Pity I only found it right at the end of the game!
  12. You can't have a title sequences list without the most famous of all time: Doctor Who has got to be in here, I chose this series because its probably the most trippy: Dat funk: I know Voyager was already on here, but if Next Gen hasn't been on here it is anyway. This is probably the intro sequence that forever tops the list of getting me in the mood for the coming show: Also surprised this hasn't made the list yet:
  13. I crafted all of my high level hacks. Blueprints for them were mainly found in gigs and police side missions in crates I believe. Also check the hack shops for blueprints.
  14. Sorry, no stock alert. Unfortunately the news is that a bunch of UK retailers don't have any stock until the end of April, due to the semi-conductor shortage and the Suez adventure. This includes GAME and Argos. Also the word is that GAME won't be selling in-store once shops open due to the pandemic and the high demand.
  15. Booted this back up for the final cut. The voice acting seems really good, the actor for your internal monologue is especially fitting and all the locals have appropriate regional and foreign accents. I thought I'd end up skipping most of the dialogue and just reading the text but I ended up listening to a lot of it. Unfortunately despite all the optimisation they've done for lower end PC's, the loading times on my laptop are still 3-5 minutes long. The performance once you are in-game is definitely improved, but those loading times are killer in a game where you need to go back an
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