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  1. If you mean the big ship then nope, its part of the story. Enjoy, its an amazing game!
  2. Yeah the controls in the boss sections still suck even using the shoulder buttons. Combine this with the camera perspective in the boss fights and they mostly feel clunky and frustrating. I'm near the end now, people here were talking about a point of no return - but do you get a chance after the final boss to go back and collect all the missing gems/Boos? Something that seems a bit odd is I haven't come across a single Boo since the first one that you are introduced to, and I'm on floor 12, the same thing with the rare ghosts. I've also cleared a lot of the gems so I'm a bit suprised I haven't run into them during my backtracking. Overall its a fun game but it only holds my attention for a few hours at a time. When I'm playing it though I love the visuals, the attention to detail and the little puzzles in it. It's amazingly polished but doesn't quite get up to the 9/10 mark for me. I think partly that's because the structure is very basic, the combat is weak and nothing is too taxing. Plus there's only so much you can do with a vaccum cleaner. If it had had more of a Metroidvania structure it might have helped, sadly not too many of the vaccums abilities are used - in fact the most interesting uses of them are often reserved for the secret gems which I've vowed to hunt down before the end. A telling thing about the structure is that in one area I just unlocked I got a new vaccum ability, only to find out it can only be used in specific places that are clearly signposted. It's all so linear. Despite its flaws though its just so lovingly put together and imaginative I can't really knock it, I just wouldn't say it's a "must play" (unless you have kids in which case they will love it!).
  3. Question for those who have finished the game:
  4. Any verdicts on the complete season of Life is Strange 2? At first I hated season 1 due to its cheesiness, soundtrack and teen angst but ended up loving it by the end thanks to the characters and real emotional bits. I played the demo for Life is Strange 2 but it seemed pretty cheesy again and really slow. It didn't really grab me and the setting was way too similar to the first game. But it was only an hour or two long and I know the premise of the sequel is actually a road trip. Do you think I'd like it?
  5. I agree, I think the game was released to reviewers too late and the "must complete it" stipulation hindered rather than helped reviewers. This isn't a game where just following the story missions gets you the most out of it. On top of that half the fun of the game is the collaborative stuff like roads and revisiting areas to optimise them. Few of the reviewers would have had any time to indulge in any of that stuff. Compare that to me where I spent like 15 hours or more just pottering sround in episode 3. In addition the side missions actually unlock gear which helps in the tougher story missions. I watched some of YouTuber Jacksepticeyes pre release playthrough, and he was constantly having server issues. The cooperative aspect is a big part of the game and it seemed shakey at best before release due to the small server population and the servers going down for patches etc before launch. Once Jacksepticeye reached release day, suddenly his world was alive with player structures, the servers were working properly and he was getting all the feedback from the stuff he'd previously built. It changed him from liking the game to loving it, and I wonder how many other reviewers never really got the full experience due to similar issues or just lack of time to enjoy the game at their own pace. Sure its still going to be very divisive, but its like giving someone Animal Crossing with a week to play it and expecting them to appreciate all the depth in there and the stuff that takes ages to pay off.
  6. Why does the thread title have the horror tag, or is that supposed to be a joke? I think far too many people dismiss this game without ever giving it a shot. Just the mention of David Cage will stop some people from ever giving it a chance. In reality its a really good game with some great characters and acting, a story where your choices actually matter. Even if the story is a bit whack and the whole race comparisions is done pretty hamfistedly, by that point you're sucked in and the emotional punches can hit hard. It feels like you're in an interactive film with some epic scenes and a great build up to the climax where earlier decisions really start to make you nervous for your characters' welfare. I ended up playing through the game 3 times, each with different endings. I also watched quite a few YouTubers play through it, as its great to see what different choices they make and their reactions to all the madness and hard choices in the game. I've seen people geniunely crying at points in the story. It's a great game, it may have a few flaws but overall its a perfect game to stick on the TV and play through with your other half.
  7. Yeah I said earlier I was going to do some side questing before continuing the story. I ended up spending a day getting more of the road network up to scratch, repairing old structures and connecting the mountains to the east with 'lines. What an epic personal mission the latter was, climbing to summits fully laden with upgrade materials. One descent was so steep I had to use climbing ropes all the way down from the snowy summit to the grassy slopes, I died 3 times in the process but managed to get the structures in place. Now I have a route spanning from With my new transit system in place I smashed out a bunch of side missions and raised my reputation with a bunch of settlements. I ended up unlocking some really handy items (and of course different sunglasses colours, whooopeee....). At the end of the day I probably spent far longer building this stuff than the amount of time it will save me. But I enjoyed the challenge, it was a self-made adventure that was really compelling and satisfying. It has that minecraft hook to it where you really should go to bed but your base (in minecraft) just needs that one improvement, and before you know it its 4am and youve built a castle with moat and an automated farming system.
  8. It could be that you have to use the materials they specifically gave you for that mission to build the road as well. If you've still got that mission in your Orders Menu (the one you get to by pressing Options), then cancel the order manually from there. Then the mission materials will get sent back to your private locker where you got assigned the mission (presumably Lake Knot City). Just a guess, you may be able to use any materials you like. I don't think I even got that mission as I built the road really early on. Same problem today, too many special alloys on the wrong side of the map to have any use. So I've been looking on the map for player shared structures where they have the hands icon for requesting upgrades. If you want to be nice you can head off to them and help to upgrade, which costs loads. Also the timefall has started deteriorating some pretty useful structures in the early parts of the map for me, so I've been spending materials on upgrading or repairing the ones I use the most. It's expensive so as long as you have a vehicle its quite productive to keep hold of those excess materials. Don't forget you can also recycle it at any UCA building to add it to their stores instead of clogging up lockers.
  9. Re: shared stuff. I'm far into the game now, and have no fear, infrastructure is not already magically built by players whenever you unlock a new area. Of course there are plenty of handy small things like ladders and signs around, but bigger things like roads and certain key structures definitely have limiters placed on them by the game. For example, in my world there are a bunch of shared structures which are very close to completion, yet even after days only a few of them have been finished. In reality they would all have been completed by the players within hours considering the tiny amount of resources required to finish them. But the game is definitely cribbing the system, making it far more likely I'm the one who will go back and finish them. Same thing with some of the linked structures in the game. Another player will probably have placed a number of linked structures in their world, yet in my world I'll only see one of theirs. It's deliberate, the game would be way too easy if it was all done for you. There are limits in place to what shared structures you can see, how many, and what types. With the exception of vehicles, ladders and ropes, which are dotted about everywhere. I do agree that in some cases you'll go into an area already on the network and find cliffs dotted with ladders and ropes, chasms with bridges over them and so on. That can make it feel a little too easy in some cases and that you don't have to do any work. Why did I bring all of this gear when I never had to use any of it? I should note though that doesn't happen very often, and for the most part when you enter into the unknown it's without the comfort of player structures. In general they serve to make things easier and more efficient in areas you have already visited. Te game's deliberately designed around this, and you still have to do plenty of "work" yourself. The system itself is brilliant and although in some cases it feels a little overdone, for the most part it feels like a true collaberative effort to make each other's lives easier. Especially later on you will be smashing the Like button on people's structures that got you out of terrible situations or speeded up a really long journey. Don't worry about it, it's a vital part of the game (and part of the core message Kojima is drilling into us) and by playing offline you would miss a key component of what makes Death Stranding what it is. I should point out I'm nearing the end of Episode 8 and still going strong. I know there are more episodes to go, but I feel like I'm getting close to the end of the game, which makes me really sad. Therefore I have decided to go off and do a load of side stuff to prolong the inevitable!
  10. Yeah releasing the trigger drops the item, so unfortunately you have to face arthritis. Fortunately so far (over half way through the game) there are very few times you are forced to handhold an item. For the rest of the time you can usually get away with sticking fragile stuff on your back or even in vehicles if you don't bump them around too much. It's quite forgiving in terms of terrain you can go over when holding an item, just watch out for big drops, don't carry too much on your back and remember to use Auto Arrange cargo in the menu to make sure your load is as stable as possible.
  11. I agree to an extent, I wish the traversal aspect was more punishing. I'm a lover of survival games though and I really like a challenge. For me my favourite missions in Death Stranding are where you go on really long treks (on foot) into the unknown, especially mountainous terrain, loaded down with cargo you have to protect. I've even started doing some missions on foot, even when I know I can probably just smash a bike or a truck over some knobbly terrain to get there. It's much more satisfying when there's not much around to help you, you have to think carefully about how to use your tools like ladders and at the same time manage stuff like stamina, cargo degradation and route choice. As suggested by someone earlier in the thread I've started taking on premium deliveries and hopefully they get a lot harder - sadly for story missions there's no option to do that. I think on PC once the modders get hold of it there will be some great survival mods for this, heck even some new terrain would be cool. I understand why they didn't make it really punishing as it would have put even more people off the game. But honestly a lot of my most memorable moments have been when I've got through a tough area, or managed to scrape past a disaster. Like the other night I was crossing a huge river on foot and forgot to rest to recharge my stamina. Half way across I was suddenly swept off my feet and got carried off in the rapids along with my precious cargo which instantly detached from my back. I frantically paddled to shore, and just as the cargo was disappearing from view I managed to pull out one of my tools and rescue it. My cargo was half wrecked and so was Sam, but I had made it to the other side. That's the sort of challenges I love and I wish the game had a bit more of them.
  12. Is there any way to see the health and carrying capacity of a vehicle? I can't see it anywhere, which gets annoying when you're trying to figure how much cargo you can take on for missions.
  13. I've not got that far, but the constant inane chitchat from the depot personnel gets really old too. It's always the same overly enthusiastic message written slightly differently. "Sam you're a hero, lets connect America, lets bring everyone together, you've inspired me to go out and do stuff". It's the same for making deliveries and Diehardman won't shut up about it either. Look at the stuff that's in the emails from the very same people, that content is way more interesting. Have them thank Sam briefly, and then drop tidbits about other subjects instead of the same old tired "you're great, lets connect America together!". I have actually started skipping the dialogue at depots because it's so stale. Sometimes the dialogue is good, others its just awful, whether its Kojima who wrote it or his team, someone needed to take a step back and look at the overall thing and start making changes. It's not a big issue but it makes it much harder to be invested in the themes and story when its rammed down your throat constantly. Minor mechanical spoilers ahead: Anyway, back in the game I'm having a blast on Episode 5, don't have time to talk about it now but remember how I was worried about ziplines being everywhere? Well it isn't the case (yet) and I spent about an hour last night making an epic set of connecting zipwires from a waystation in the mountains all the way down to a depot in the flatlands, with some segments where you're like inches from craggy rocks beneath your feet. It's awesome! I think our fears of new areas being already built up by players (either now or in a months time) are unfounded. It seems clear by now that the game has some balancing systems in place to make sure that the road networks are not completed too fast or all at once, same with zip wires and other structures. For example I have only seen other players complete a road in a few spots, most of them I've had to either build from scratch myself or put the finishing touches to. Same with the zip wires, I have only found a few random zip wire stations around, and only one already connected so far. I'm sure the game is deliberately only putting a few in there so you don't just have finished zip wire routes going all over the place, which would trivialise the experience. It's cleverly filtering other player structures to make sure you have to do work yourself. Its only vehicles they seem to have dropped the ball on this as they're still everywhere, to the point it actually gets annoying as they can be parked in roads or obstucting entrances so you have to move them. So far I can't find any way to delete them so I'm hoping the timefall will eventually get rid of them.
  14. By the way for anyone who is further into the game, should I start reading interviews about BTs, the death stranding and so on? I still feel completely in the dark about a lot of the stuff and so far the story has done very little explaining. Should I wait for the story to explain things or just get my reading glasses on, for example Mamas cut scene mentioned a lot of stuff Sam seemed to already know about like death stranding origins, but is so far not explained via codec or cut scene.
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