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  1. Thanks for the heads up, spent way longer than I expected on this. Love the ghibli-esque animations too. Better than some full games!
  2. Thanks, I did know about that, but its a fudge you can already do which they should just incorporate anyway. The only reason I can think of for them not to do it is to highlight Ultimate weapon wielders (because they do glow when sheathed from what I've seen). But I'm sure there are some weapons that do glow without the macro that aren't Ultimate anyway so I don't see why they don't just do it for all of them.
  3. Yeah the saucer is insane right now. I actually had to bum around for 30 seconds before the duty finder even popped for Leap of Faith and even then it was so hard to play because there were so many players! I was doing my relic grind last night doing stuff like Void Arc raids and at least half the players are sprouts which is so unusual to see. I like it, not only fresh blood but it means lower end raids and dungeons are much better fun because everyone doesn't storm through them in 20 seconds and bosses actually last long enough for you to hear the music. I even learned a bunch of mechanics I never knew for the Void bosses because we would get wipes and forced to learn how to actually do the fight instead of the veterans just doing all the vital bits for you! Also I finished off Zadnor, enjoyed the epic end cutscene. Someone give the explosions artist a raise, they upped their game lately! I'm nearing the worst parts of the relic grind now and really don't know if I'll be arsed doing it. I actually enjoyed some of the previous steps like having to play Void Arc again, but some of the later steps require doing the same raid 15 times and crap like that. That just isn't fun, its grinding for grindings sake. I still haven't finished the ARR or Heavensward relics, both are mid way and require mega grinds to get further. It sucks. Also I cannot understand why they won't make relic weapons glow when sheathed, you worked fecking hard enough for them, but you only get the glowys in combat when you can't see it, or be an arsehole and walk around with it unsheathed to show off. Makes no sense.
  4. I've had this malfunction but never noticed the results. Do they just fire a shot at you for every hit? What about melee enemies?
  5. Its quite possible you went through the astronaut either on the way to the boss or during it. It's a very fast transition and if you get knocked to the floor by a heavy attack its easy to miss the popup and because you come back with little health from the revive it can just look like you took a bunch of damage normally. Another (very unlikely) scenario is you collected so many artifacts that the astronaut got shunted off the end of the list, you can only have a max of 15 at any time, but given its biome 1 that would be insane. As for Phrike, he always pulls his arm back before surging forward for the melee, so keep an eye on his arms and thats when to prime yourself for dashing. In phase 2 he always fires red rings horizontally before doing the melee so its easy to predict. In phase 3 its harder but he usually does follow up swings so get ready to spam that button after dodging the initial swipe. Also always keep at a far range to give yourself more time to predict his incoming melee surges, if he moves around the arena always get to the other side ASAP. I also agree that for Phrike big health kit is the way forward. Also don't forget to use Alt-fire whenever you can, if you hit him it causes major damage.
  6. Just watch the video I linked on the last page, they outline in detail what their plan is. Basically they will be taking some liberties with the design/story to improve things and try to incorporate elements like 'proper' no gravity from Dead Space 2. They will be remastering/remaking all the art assets and doing proper 3D audio, which is cool, and using SSD to eliminate loading times. It sounds like a Bluepoint style remaster with design tweaks and an presentation upgrade. But what's very clear is they are big fans of the original and its a passion project, they've even got a committee of Dead Space fans they are using for feedback to keep them on the straight and narrow. They are clear they are going to maintain the atmosphere and tension. I still think its not a necessary remake but these guys certainly sound like the right fit and I'm optimistic about what they might come up with.
  7. Don't want to be a downer on this, but I'm really not seeing the need for a remake of the first game. It still holds up very well. I watched people streaming it recently and it still looks and plays great. Having said that I'm never going to crap on Dead Space especially if they can reach a wider audience and retain the quality, I'd rather see a new game in the series though. The only real change I'd make to the excellent design of the first game is to vary the objectives and locales a bit. Isaac constantly fixing things around the ship gets pretty silly, pretty fast.
  8. I usually have 2 squads as well, and will try to balance fights between them. For hard fights or story missions I use my best guys (or maybe just one newbie in there). The reality is that in the long run because your best fighters age, you need to get xp for the youngbloods - or when its retirement time your squad will be too low level. I do sometimes split one or two people off alone to do tasks like build defences, recruit or build bridges providing theres no ambush risk.
  9. I picked this up after the glowing reviews appeared. I'd give it an 8/10. Good fun, decent combat, nice procedural storytelling and characters you can get attached to from their exploits. I have played through 3 of the main campaigns, the first campaign I did a few times due to wiping, and I repeated some chapters in the second campaign where I wiped on the last mission. As an XCOM veteran I went into the first campaign straight on Hard and although the combat was manageable, you get punished for mistakes/learning in the strategic layer. The longer you take in the world map, the harder the game becomes - so being inefficent or making poor choices because you don't know better means getting punished in later battles where enemy strength and numbers start to get way beyond your means. After a few wipes on the first chapter of the first campaign I compromised and dropped the strategic level gameplay down to normal, keeping combat on hard. This seems a good level for experienced tactical gamers like me who are still learning the ropes of the game, and I carried on with those difficulty settings for the next 2 campaigns. Combat is a kind of simpler XCOM with not much map variety and limited moveset to begin with, but as your characters level up you unlock more interesting abilities. The game is forgiving with permadeath where you get one 'free life' per character per chapter, where you can make them flee instead of die (for a penalty such as reduced max HP). If its a character's last chance, in their death throes you can do cool stuff like cause big damage to an enemy or buff the team for the battle which at least makes their death heroic. In the difficulty I'm playing at, losing a member or two isn't a game breaker unless they were veterans and you can't afford to replace them with someone decent. Like XCOM its much better fun once your characters are higher level, and the campaigns have unique story missions to mix things up. Overall combat is quite fun although not mind blowing. On the strategic level - a map where you move your heroes around capturing territory - there isn't a great amount of depth, but the stakes help keep it engaging. Some chapters have time limits and every X days you will face invasions which get worse each time. A neat idea is that between combat and over time enemies also get new abilities and new roster additions, so the longer you fanny about, the harder every fight will be. On normal strategic difficulty you can scrape by doing everything in the overworld if you are smart, but on hard its brutal where you'll have to make hard choices about where to focus your time. I'm trying chapter 4 on hard strategic and we'll see if its too hard or not! The other part of the game and what sets it apart from its peers is the procedural storytelling. The comic art is meh, and I don't like the flowery prose, but I can overlook that because as an idea its unique and works really well. Story events pop up all the time on the overworld, usually before and after each combat but sometimes there are special ones like character quests. There are loads of them and although you'll often see the same ones pop up, many of them have multiple choice decisions. Story choices can have major impacts, from character transformations, injuries, new gear and so on. Some story consequences aren't felt until later on in the character's life. The procedural construction of these comic strips cleverly inserts your unique characters into the art as well as reflecting their relationships through dialogue. With so many of these little events happening over the course of a multi-chapter campaign it ends up changing your characters and your narrative experience quite a lot, making every run feel different. Characters age over the campaign and will even have kids who are brought into later chapters, eventually retiring if they survive that long. After a wipe or a campaign win, you can put any characters into the Legacy system, a cool way to save your characters. Then when you start a new campaign or recruit a character, you can actually pick your Legacy characters and carry on their stories. This is very cool as you can continue their storylines and use their veteran abilities. Rather than feeling like cheating, the game is balanced around this mechanic by either limiting their abilities or increasing their cost to recruit if they are powerful. By this point they will have a unique look and story which gives them an even greater sense of character and attachment than your trusty soldiers in XCOM. You can only 'promote' a few exisiting legacy characters each campaign which stops you from having a Legacy cabinet full of overpowered heroes of legend. These extra elements layered on top of the tactical and strategic gameplay are what makes the game unique and keeps things fresh. Its a great story generator, in campaign 3 I brought back a few veterans from campaign 2, who then survived to old age, became friends and their kids bolstered my party for the next campaign. A girl in my group was slowly transforming into a fire spirit but the campaign ended, so I just brought her back in the next campaign and her transformation continued. There are a few downsides. I don't like the music or the flowery prose but that's personal taste, some people will like both. On the strategic layer you gain resources but can only spend them on weapon or gear upgrades, of which there are few choices. Campaigns so far are focused on one enemy faction each, which means you get to know that faction well - but its a no-brainer when picking which faction upgrades to stop. Combat maps feel very samey with a limited cover system and no terrain variance, and some frustrating randomness in some missions with character deployment. The art style is a bit of a miss for me but I can't fault that when the gameplay is good. Definitely worth checking out if you like tactical combat/story games. I would agree with forumites that the games it reminds me of most are Banner Saga and XCOM; if you like those, check this out. For me it doesn't have the same pull or depth of XCOM but its narrative system and legacy mode are really a cool idea which keeps things fresh and makes every campaign feel like your own story.
  10. Yeah sounds like a bug, that really sucks. If its any consolation the first time I did B6 I got all the way to that mini boss and died horribly, so had to go through it all again anyway. It was still fun, though I would maybe recommend short-cutting to B5 to power up a bit before heading to B6.
  11. Memory is a bit hazy here but either the item you need to progress is in the same room you are in, or its supposed to open when you kill the mini boss in the room (assuming I have the right room). Am I right in saying you had to drop down to get into that room, and was there a mini boss inside?
  12. Yep, but if you saved any of your characters to the Legacy you can recruit them again from the towns.
  13. I read the post-Aliens books back when I was a teenager. In those the Aliens do get to earth after a while and its pretty cool. On Earth there is a cult that basically works with the Aliens and hunts people to feed the hives. I can't remember much but its a kind of post-apocalyptic situation where society is in the middle of collapsing with marines and resistance groups fighting the aliens and normal citizens struggling to survive in the ravaged cities. Could definitely work for a spin off. Another thing that was cool in the books were Alien homeworlds with massive 'prime' Aliens to contend with. I think if you want to get away from the classic survival horror/action of the Alien narrative loop you need to add more inter-human conflict or introduce new spins on the Aliens themselves, which some of the books did quite well.
  14. I echo the 'use cover' tips here for B3. A pillar or corner can really help as long as you keep an eye on circle blasts which travel through walls. Next option is using grapple to get to high ground or low ground. If I'm overwhelmed I often find its best to run/dash and find the emptiest part of the room and fight from there. Always get rid of the weakest enemies first, usually basic ground drones or air drones. You can almost always outrun/out grapple the suicide crawlers and the big robots. The only exception is the big spheres that spit bullets which can be focussed down quite easily. For weaponry I found the carbine or hollowseeker to always be the best option for B3, the shotgun with slug rounds is pretty good as well albeit slow. It is definitely one of the biggest difficulty spikes in the game so I do think that rinsing the previous biomes is a good idea. If you concentrate on health upgrades you can get a ton by B3 and if you can save 'extra lives' it helps a lot too - you can get 3 if you get an astronaut, parasite that revives you and find the reconstructor. Good luck!
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