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  1. So I've played a few hours now on the new patch on base PS4. Definite improvements here. The game looks crisper in general. The framerate has improved, most noticeably whilst driving, although there are still plenty of frame drops, but its not as aggregious now. Pop-in is far less frequent and there's a lot less of models popping from low LODs to high ones right in front of you. There's less lag in menus as well. Overall some of the worst offenders have been slightly curtailed and its running a bit better. Of course there are still plenty of performance issues but this is a decent
  2. Cool, thanks Thor. Are there any new mission calls that you do have to answer in a time limit (without spoiling which ones they are)? Y'all know the phone's always ringing off the hook in this game!
  3. Got a call which says its urgent, but is it really?
  4. Yeah the loot balance and inventory mechanics seriously need some work. I don't know about PC, but on console just selling all your shit is a nightmare, I spent minutes yesterday just selling a full inventory of shit guns and drinks I'd picked up, because you have to click on each item to sell it, and stacks require going through a confirmation screen. You could argue not to loot everything, but that wouldn't be optimal as you can make a fair bit of cash selling guns and clothing. Other loot/inventory issues include: - white icons for both junk and ammo so even if you wanted t
  5. Ah, what a culmination of a wonderful awards thread! Loved the concept of constructing your Last of Us 2 review from other people's snippets. It's been a pleasure to check in every day and read something new in article-quality writing from both the organisers and quotes from forumites about last year's triumphs, I'm honestly going to miss it. Special shout out to the alternative awards highlighting games we don't know - or just making us laugh (trailers, damn you got me man!). Thanks all! One thing not mentioned about Animal Crossing in the writeup which deserves highlighting is th
  6. I'm not into beat em-ups at all but I did enjoy playing Streets of Rage 2 co-op back in the day. Is Streets of Rage 4 worth it in single player? Considering the amount of praise I'm interested in picking it up when its cheaper. In the last few days before the FF7R release, I rewatched some of the E3 reactions to the announcement trailer all those years ago. Then I watched some of the reactions to FF7 fans watching the new intro cutscene for the first time. Some of the reactions are just brilliant, people just losing their minds or breaking down in tears and it really show
  7. I'll let you know if its worth it tomorrow smac!
  8. Yeah baby! It never even placed in the Eurogamer reader top 50, rllmuk showing its class!
  9. PC players rejoice, some tasty new customisation mods are on the way: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-21-cyberpunk-2077-modders-are-massively-improving-player-customisation
  10. Yeah I think the biggest issue with the demo wasn't what was shown but that it took a big chunk of dev time to deliver. I've worked on projects myself where demos are a double-edged sword, they help for marketing and selling your vision, but a lot of extra work has to be done to get them up to scratch. Its like releasing a finished game, you want to eliminate as many bugs as possible, you might end up spending time making custom UI and systems just for the demo and essentially its almost like a standalone product in itself, which can pull a lot of resources from development of the actual thing
  11. The bombing allegations are so stupid, they looked at steam players from launch until now and guess what, there are way less people playing it at the moment. So basically people have either finished the game, or they're holding off for more patches. Also the main story is waaay shorter than Witcher 3 so some folks will have played through once and will be waiting for more updates to replay it. Pure clickbait.
  12. Yeah I'm also curious on what people think about Greedfall, I'm in the middle of Divinity Sin 2 now so don't really feel like another big RPG right now, but how RPGish is it?
  13. Might jump back onto this on PS4 after the January patch. Apology video was welcome but some of it is still spouting bullshit, like testers not finding as many bugs and the blatent cover up of the base console performance to reviewers. I appreciate people on this thread still using spoiler tags because I like to dip in and read the non-spoilery discussion even if I'm not playing the game right now. If the January patch doesn't sort too much (and lets face it, they aren't going to be able to do miracles in just a few weeks), then I might even wait for the Febuary patch. What's hear
  14. Yep, really hyped for Below Zero too. I've been trying to avoid media about it for like a year, but I have seen pics of a few of the megafauna in thumbnails I played Subnautica on PC but the performance was terrible (laptop woes). This time I'm going to wait for the console version so I'm praying they don't take too long to port it!
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