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    The Man Utd Thread

    Having just read the latest comments from Besiktas, which combined with statements earlier in the year, I would be more than happy for Burnley, Man Utd and Weghorst to figure out a way to leave them absolutely in the shit.
  2. Rambo: First Blood Part II 1/5 OK, so now I know. I love the fact that's called "Part II" when it absolutely ignores everything about the first one apart from "You did a bad thing, Rambo. Anyway. See you in Thailand." This film is stupid. I mean, properly bloody stupid. If you stop and think about any of it for a microsecond, it falls apart due to its own ludicrousness. Rambo is fluent in Vietnamese, despite a) not being in the country for 14 years and b) not being fluent in fucking English. He's got Olympic level accuracy with a bow and arrow. The acting is bloody terrible, the dialogue atrocious. Steven Berkoff reprises his role from Octopussy. Julia Nickson is as bad as her death is hilarious. And yet, every so often it does something marvellous. Some of the action shots and photography is great. (There's a brilliant shot of a fight aboard a helicopter with the combatants silhouetted against the setting sun). Charles Napier is properly hatable. Overall, Rambo III is better because at least it's entertainingly stupid rather than eye-rollingly so. I can't deny that some lizard part of my brain wasn't entertained by GRUNTING MAN MAKE BAD GUY GO ARGH AND THING GO BOOM but that's like saying farts aren't intrinsically funny. Tell you what though - given the hilarious body count, any vaguely South Asian looking actor/stuntman must have made a fortune off of this film, simply by turning up for a couple of weeks in a row to pretend to be a different disposable character killed by a monosyllabic hunk of sweaty meat. A turd wrapped in the America flag. And people wonder how Trump got elected.
  3. Plymouth has a rock. It's where Denzel Washington landed.
  4. I know that Forest green Rovers play in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire and that the stadium is at the top of a long hill as many away fans complain about having to walk up it. I couldn't tell you where Nailsworth actually is, mind.
  5. Slightly different rules around the ball touching the foot though...
  6. On April 15th 2022, the football club I’ve followed for 30 years suddenly went very, very weird. And hasn’t stopped since.
  7. Tim Sherwood is currently on SSN giving an absolute masterclass in why he completely failed as a manager.
  8. Vialli lit up the league and was one cool mofo to boot. RIP Luca.
  9. Everything that is wrong with football punditry in a single post. So the decision of a professional referee at the highest level, backed up by several colleagues specifically assigned to review the footage is irrelevant because a guy whose job it is to write about the sport is watching several streams and Sky Sports News simultaneously and can do a better job.
  10. Clubs wanted him alright. But not for his football skills anymore.
  11. Was coming to post that compilation. Imagine the footage that we didn’t get. RIP to one of the all time greats.
  12. 50 points should see us safe from relegation now.
  13. Dean Smith didn’t make it to 2023 in charge of Norwich. I thought he would do a job there.
  14. IK+ is an all time classic. Many happy hours were spent on that. RIP Archer.
  15. Top Gun: Maverick I had doubts. So many doubts. But this is glorious and brilliant and somehow takes the great bits of the first one while being modern and up to date. Loved it. 5/5
  16. Having seen the replays, it is clear that Roberts would have happily handled it - and tried to do so - but the crossbar got in the way. So my sympathy for the player is limited. Don't give the officials the opportunity to make the wrong decision. I've starting doing a bit more blogging, well, vlogging really. I've already done one saying that I don't want VAR back, even though we lost out on Saturday and as @Rsdio said, it's because it has been set up to remove risk for the BRCs and if it doesn't affect them, then they don't give a shit.
  17. There were there as representatives of both finalists - though the BBC said that the Argentinian President stayed at home as he didn't want to be seen as bad luck. Macron is Blair+, but unlike Saint Tony, he is a genuine football fan. Could have been worse, can you imagine what Johnson would have got up to.
  18. Messi didn't just have the pressure of an entire footballing mad nation on his back for a decade and a half, he had the pressure of that nation being used to one of the other all-time greats wearing the same national shirt and number as him. For millions, he's not going to be good enough until he matches Diego Armando Maradona. Being close wasn't good enough. You could practically see the weight lift from his shoulders.
  19. Genuinely nice bit with Zabaleta there.
  20. I think it does, because "Messi hasn't won a World Cup" no longer applies. It places him unquestionably on the Mount Rushmore of the sport.
  21. Someone in the studio give Zabaleta a hug.
  22. We should have a replay of this one instead of penalties.
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