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  1. Satisfactory, no. But managers and players are against it for reasons that they are fully displaying in this current match.
  2. Only just noticed by the Big Title Defining Clash is live on Amazon Prime tonight.
  3. Bugger! Just about everything went wrong tonight, because of course it did.
  4. At the risk of starting an argument, you have to understand that Leeds are the most entitled club in the country. They don't just think that they deserve to be in the Premier League, they deserve to be near the top of it. Because they are a Big Club, don't you know, the representatives of Gods Own County On Earth. Put some damned respect on their name, they got to a European Cup final you know! That makes them almost as successful as Aston Villa! Forget the fact that they've spent more time out of the top flight than in it, PL included. Forget the fact that a large part of being in the wilderness for so long was the club was a state because it believed its own hype. A succession of dodgy owners were feted because they would "restore the club where it rightfully belongs" (tries to find the photo of the "Come Save This Sleeping Giant Mr Cellino" banner...) So Leeds firing the manager when the trapdoor beckons is always a desperation move based on the terror of no longer being at the top table. You can see it now, with the casting around for a new manager and about ten names in the frame before deciding on going with an interim. It's got to be the managers fault, because he just doesn't get the size of the club. It can't be anything else because a Premier League without Leeds is unthinkable, even though they've been in it for less than half of it's existence.
  5. I'm not convinced Marsch was the whole of the problem at Leeds. (The repeated attempts at finding a replacement reveals boardroom dysfunction more than they would like.) I don't think Southampton can be saved, but after Jones coming in and setting everything on fire, I think a less confrontational approach gives them the best chance.
  6. Seems that it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. The 1894 fan org paid for the flag… after receiving a sizeable donation from the club this week.
  7. It will no doubt come as a complete shock, but their fans didn't pay for that. The club did.
  8. Midway through Chapter 3 as I haven't had as much time as I would have liked. Going to avoid spoilers. I really need a refresher on the plot for the first one. The story isn't complicated, it just seems to have a sort of prologue that is before and now we're into dealing with the after. The puzzles are quite simple but that's not really the point, like the first one you are playing your way through the story which in itself is worth it. There is definitely that sense of loneliness and scope, despite being part of a small crew you are basically left to get on with it with only audio and the ASE orb. I quite lick the fact that some of the tasks are very guided, no pressure, just there to immerse you into the story. Got to the first hologram, which was a tricky one - obvious what to do but didn't quite click the controls on how to do it. It's quite a clever one, actually. The graphics are certainly more than good enough for someone like me who doesn't give a damn about such things - in other words you can find the flaws if you want to. The actual vistas and backgrounds are excellent. So, definitely more of the same and I'm very happy with (sort of) paying money for it.
  9. As someone who watches the occasional highlights on YouTube, I'm officially baffled. You can absolutely belt the bejesus out of another player in a tackle, but putting your hands on them gently at the wrong time despite the player never having a chance of catching the ball loses you a Superb Owl.
  10. I see Grealish is living down to his reputation.
  11. The only article I can find is this one. https://www.givemesport.com/88029315-strange-football-rules-remembering-when-free-kicks-were-moved-forward-10-yards-for-dissent/
  12. Burnley 3 Preston 0 I'm running out of things to say. This week's ridiculousness. Despite a terrible home record, Preston had the best away record in the division. They finished the first half with 28% of the possession and the game with 31%. The Clarets tied a Championship record (Reading, 2005-06) and a club record (1920-21) with their tenth win in a row, along with scoring for a club record tying 27th League game in a row. That run has been GF24 GA 2. If you want an idea of just how ridiculous the football we play is, consider one players stats from yesterday. Arijanet Muric completed 53 of his 60 passes yesterday for a 70% completion rate, which were more and better than Prestons two central midfielders combined. He fired a thirty yard pass from the side of his own penalty box between three Preston players that Kevin De Bruyne would have consider a neat bit of work. His average position throughout the match was outside his own 18 yard area. At several points in the game he was further forward than either of the Burnley centre halves. At one point in the first half he was, technically the furthest player back, which doesn't sound impressive until you realise he was in the Preston half at the time. Arijanet Muric is the Burnley goalkeeper. Edit: Seriously. Look at this. He's in the Preston centre circle.
  13. Er... I was going to do a quick comment on Burnley vs Preston but I would be rightly accused of not reading the room.
  14. Damn. We’ve been rumbled.
  15. First thought was it was just quick thinking against a goalkeeper not paying attention but the replays showed it was a beautifully placed shot round the corner.
  16. Eh, he's just going back to his Barca days. It's all a conspiracy.
  17. Written more pop songs that you instantly recognise than probably anyone else. RIP to a great. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_written_by_Burt_Bacharach
  18. Bought this via rewards points, seeing as I loved the first one via GamePass. Lot of scene setting to start off with. And it spoils the ending of the first if you haven’t finished it. But it definitely feels like it is more of the same, in a good way.
  19. Fawlty couldn't cope with the modern world in the original. That was the point.
  20. Contributed to two great games.
  21. Oof. Got away with that one.
  22. Yeah “discovering” is the wrong word. “Announcing” is the right one.
  23. Someone pointed out the astonishing coincidence of discovering that the PL were investigating Man City the very same week that the Government were publishing their white paper on football governance.
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