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  1. Pacify them by playing the Crazy Frog/Axel F single.
  2. = "We're going to torture some poor bastard on live TV, because, hey, we can."
  3. IIRC, 7 is the maximum number of devices supportable by Bluetooth.
  4. Sabine Schmitz Motorsport website (Bit rubbish) A lap with Sabine in the Ring-Taxi
  5. They've got a followup to that. That lass, Sabine, who said at the end "I could get around faster in a van." So they've taken a Transit for to the 'Ring for her to drive! Also in this series, Range Rover vs Challenger tank. They try to kill Hammond again by setting a new world record for rolling a car. And the three of them go on a road test with their mums.
  6. Reckon they'll dribble Duke Nukem Forever out at a download speed of 30 bytes/sec, just so they can say they released it?
  7. With all those ports, card readers, Bluetooth and 2xHDMI outs, the PS3 is more of a media box than the the XBox 360 could hope to be.
  8. What Sony should have done is a completely shit press conference to take you lots eyes off the machine. Microsoft are teh genius. Design wise, the console looks nice. Could be better, could be worse. Without any dimensions it still appears to make the Xbox 360 look lardy. Specs wise seems more than adequate, and a far better stab at hooking up just about everything into one media centre than I thought. Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-fi? I like the look of that controller. I remain to be convinced that the shoulder buttons are easily accessible though.
  9. Somehow, I just think my point got proved.
  10. The fact that if you had to pick one game, just one game to buy on XBox, no extra pads, no Live, no nothing extra, I bet the majority of people would say Halo. That was a launch title. It says it all. I'm not saying there aren't very good games on the machine but nothing has topped it in three years. At least the other consoles have been able to progress.
  11. 1) That image looks rubbish. I can't use Photoshop, but I can paste thousands of identical images together. 2) That looks like "My Little Pony In A Bad Mood" Look at the background cars.
  12. You are Ali G and I claim my five pounds.
  13. When a game is twenty quid, it can become an impulse buy. When it is 40 quid, then I've got to really decide when I really want it. And I've got plenty of disposable income. The popularity of the budget ranges (Platinum, Classics etc) prove it - over half of my collection is budget range. In fact, I'd rather buy a shrinkwrapped Platinum game than a used copy for four or five quid less.
  14. I've given this a bit of thought and watched the repeat on Sunday. I'm convinced the Dalek had become self-aware. It was broadcasting a distress signal which attracted the TARDIS in the first place. Then, when the Doctor was in the room, it realised noone was coming ("I am... alone?"). The Doctor flicked the switched and it was yelling "Help me" and "Have pity". All of this before it knew of the existence of Rose. The thing had been been ripped out of its place, and prodded and poked for 50 years. You can either think of it as the old two-dimensional evil killing machine in old Dr Who (which I can't stand) or you can think of it as a rounded sentient being, which is what a Dalek is. It feels an emotion - hate - and to discount the possibility of it not discovering other emotions such as fear or hope, both displayed in the episode - it seems that the deepest fanboys are having trouble dealing with it. This series has skilfully ignored or discarded the baggage of old Dr Who which had suffocated the life out of the series in the 80s and was one of the reasons I hated it. So it is only reasonable and consistent that the new series continues its habit of reintroducing old foes with a new, more logical slant. No-one is black and white in this series. Besides, I'd hate it if all the episode was is to have been a con trick. I don't want that Dalek back, I want it to have felt the sunlight, and to have died with some dignity and peace. Because that makes for a hell of a lot better of an episode than "Ha ha! April Fool!"
  15. I'd imagine it is just soundtrack filler for the trailer - studios often reach for a stock of music if the soundtrack doesn't fit. IIRC, a White Zombie song was used in several trailers although it actually appeared at the end of "Escape From LA".
  16. That was just simply brilliant TV.
  17. But they are all dead, the Doctor is the last.
  18. Cecil Lively - the pyromaniac from "Fire", X-Files, Season 1
  19. Kinda, but she is a full time member of the crew, which none of the three are. Well, Simon is handy as a doctor but Mal wouldn't hesitate to get another one. Besides Inara has a reason to be away from normal Companion society - in "Heart of Gold", Nandi told Mal that Inara was tipped to go far in the Guild but left for some (unexplained) reason.
  20. IMDB quotes Nov 4th Either way, can't come soon enough.
  21. Kaylee appears in several of the group shots. The "six rebels" are Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, Kaylee and Inara - basically because they live on Serenity, smuggling stuff like bobbly-headed Geisha dolls. Simon, River and Book are passengers on the ship.
  22. Rumour has it, November 5th in the UK.
  23. I've heard some of it before - but I haven't a clue about titles or artists. Any idea?
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