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    Why? He'll play the same surreal, weird character he always does. See also Heap, Mark.
  2. Oh come on, this is so clearly a publicity plug for the current series. I'm not betting a bollock on it, but I'm 99.9999% sure this will never be made.
  3. You're right, his ability to provide intellectual comment on dark subjects like porn and also to stand up and be anti-war during Desert Storm is his great legacy - comedy was wilting on the vine - the rash of "alternative" acts from the late 80s like Elton, Merton, Fry and Laurie, French and Saunders, Lenny Henry were being absorbed into the mainstream - Hicks came along and gave standup a kick up the arse. Its a shame that so many who copy him haven't the ability or talent to truly do it right - they miss the funny, and they miss the intelligence and all you are left with is shock value stuff and that wears very thin, very quickly. When it works, it really works. Of course dying on your arse is a horrible, horrible feeling but the whole thing is addictive. And (blatant plug) I'm now doing a full hour long show with my mate in October - it's a hell of a risky way to be creative!
  4. I rather witheringly use "Hicks tribute act" for comics who think that screaming and being "edgy" is any kind of subsititute for being funny. Rogan is definitely one of them. Doug Stanhope is another, though he gets away with using the occasional joke. When I first got on stage, I wanted to be Bill Hicks. Thankfully, about twenty seconds into my first set, I realised I wasn't remotely like him in performing style.
  5. No. Hicks inspired me to do standup, but to be honest towards the end he forgot the funny. (Unlike his many tribute acts, who confuse shouting about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll for actual jokes) Parts of Arizona Bay are quite poor. So are parts of Revelations. (But Dangerous and Relentless are absolute must haves.)
  6. The quite incomparable Bernard RightOn. Or a complete Manning ripoff, complete with frilly shirt and bowtie. "A Paki, a Jew and an Arab walk into a bar. A lovely example of multi-cultural integration." As a semi-retired standup, I encourage you lot to go down to your local comedy clubs and you'll see acts, far, far funnier than on telly. Such as: Ian Cognito Mick Ferry Ian Stone Craig Campbell Jason John Whitehead. ("A mugger threatened to 'kick me in the cunt'. I chased him away. Then I thought about it for a while, ran, caught up with him and asked him to explain precisely how he was going to do that.") Anthony J Brown Stuart Francis (astonishingly deadpan Canadian. With the best Christopher Reeve joke ever.) Justin Moorhouse (on a good night) Alfie Joey John Bishop (a man who has made me laugh so hard I snotted. "I am dyslexic. One day, when I was a kid, my dad took me to Wales, pointed to a road sign and said 'see son, you're not alone'") Rich Hall Oh, loads more. Like him or not, Manning is the most technically gifted standup this country has ever produced. Shame his material is racist bilge. Peter Kay is vastly overrated. As is the excrable Jo Brand.
  7. Blast from the past - can even remember the theme tune. Brilliant film, had me spellbound as a kid.
  8. Most inappropriate soundtrack ever.
  9. I think you didn't read the words "entire marketing focus". Its the Dukes of Hazzard FFS. Yes, hotpants. But also stunts, the General Lee, some "yeeha!", country AND western music, bar brawls, bloke from Jackass, Burt Reynolds... Brain-out entertainment. All ignored for a nice arse. Sign of a shit movie, that is.
  10. When a film is supposedly all about the car chases, stunts and general comedy - having your entire marketing focus being Jessica Simpsons arse, nice as it may be, must have been a sign that it was a turd.
  11. Mercenary. Hacker. Put you right in the thick of it, straight away.
  12. THFRO was the first film I bought on Laserdisc. Fucking superb. Gotta second Wargames and The Goonies, but I never, ever, miss The Chase when it is on. Charlie Sheen, Kristy Swanson. Veyr funny in places and the bit near the end with Suede playing in the background is just superb. "That's the question on the minds of all your viewers? Whether I run out of gas or not? Tell you what, Jer. You let your viewers know that I hope Miss Voss' fear and my desperation are entertainment enough for them. After all, that is what this is all about, isn't it? The story. As it breaks. Live. Coming to you from the bad guy himself. I mean we wouldn't want your viewers to CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL, NOW WOULD WE?" In a mid-80s video shop stylee, I was never without a copy of Buckaroo Banzai, 2010 or Manhunter. I always did love the Basil Rathbone Sherlocks Holmes movies from the 40s as well - remember BBC2 used to show them every Friday at 6pm? Then when the run finished, they switched to Charlie Chan flicks. Quality stuff.
  13. When I saw Glover despatched in the movie, I so wanted to shout out "How's that for 2000 perforations?"
  14. I think Joss mentioned this in a Q&A, that was kind of the point. Because Wash and Book have been killed, once Simon is shot you really begin to worry. The entire crew is trapped in that room, everyone is hurt and you figure that outside of Mal and River, noone is safe. They at least kept his dinosaurs though. And it made the closing scene so good, too.
  15. More and fixed videos from the premiere Added a quick question for Chiwetel Ejifor, and a question to Jewel and Sean. The latter contains a spoiler. Also redone them in WMV as well, so you should get audio and video now. And a link to a couple of pics.
  16. "The reason Phoenix Nights is so funny is because of me, and my catchphrases. And that Patrick McGuiness is also funny. And that Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice had nothing to do with Phoenix Nights being good. At all. Now, off to cream in more money selling beer when I am, in fact, a teetotal hypocrite. Don't mums say funny things. God, I'm wacky."
  17. The Manchester showing was last night at the Filmworks. Just, like, so you know, and stuff.
  18. Cast videos from the premiere Nathan Fillion doing the Dance of Joy. Adam Baldwin singing Hero of Canton Audience singalong - bit ragtag. All off my phone, so not great quality, but there you go.
  19. I know - and it was bloody brutal! No great death scene, just WHOOOMP. Its got to take balls to have a script where two of your main cast members fail to see the final credits, yet the bad guy gets to live. I've had chance to reflect on the film now and from a 7/10 on the night, its really grown on me to a 9/10. The bits I wasn't keen on - the general dark tone of the entire film didn't seem to fit in with the Firefly universe I know. Thing is, it does fit in (just with the Readver episode which was just scary as ten) and heck, why should I criticise the bloke for not making the film I expect. It is a nasty, scary film in places and the final section is relentless. I suppose the fans who don't like it are doing so for the same reason - "Joss didn't make the film I wanted! Waaaah!"
  20. I've got the singalong (plus video) taped on my phone. Along with Adam Baldwin doing the Hero of Canton and the Nathan Fillions Dance of Joy. Will shove them on some webspace when I find my datacable.
  21. Not guilty your honour. I was on the verge of yelling "Get to the point, fella" at him. With that "question" (or rather, ego-wankery) and "will there be a second series?" - at that point I was thinking that my 15 quid for the Reel Life Q&A the next day was going to be a waste of money. I was trying to work a way of getting "bummed in the gob" into a question - but the interviewer asked about casting and stuff, so that was one, ahem, avenue closed.
  22. Not entirely convinced it will crossover, but certainly has cult classic stamped all over it. Definitely will keep the fans happy. Would echo much of what has been said here - slightly ropey start and some definite hard to follow bits. However, I was down at the front and the aircon was fucking freezing so I was sat with jacket on. My GF was practically shivering, coat round her face, curled up and everything. Not the best way to enjoy it. Much darker than the series - the Reavers are nasty bastards and Whedon didn't hold back. The tone is much like "Bushwhacked", dark, scary. This is not a fluffy film. Plus side: The dialogue was superb (Jayne got some great lines), plot was excellent, Chiwetel Ejifor was a standout. The death of Wash, the final sequence from the first "Reaver Run" to the end is unrelenting and brilliant. Kaylee's line about not wanting to die practically had me cheering. Summer Glau is *excellent*. Minus side: A little too much packed in to truly follow - several characters wasted (Mr Universe, Book, the twins). Across too many planets without explanation - one minute we're with Inara, the next on Haven, the next... I give it 8/10, but I reckon it is one of those films that rewards rewatching. Got the post-screening Dance of Joy, singalong and Hero of Canton on my phone. Some truly stupid questions - which at the following days Q&A were avoided. (I asked the "Did you have to compromise?" question, which on reflection wasn't the best.) Oh, and the Q&A was brilliant, the interviewer (director of the festival?) was excellent.
  23. Difficult to set up? IME, plug in, type address of router, ten seconds later it comes back and goes "Hello, you are connected, what do you want to play?".
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