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  1. Argh! Mate bought four tickets! I told him we needed 5!
  2. Yeah right. That went out of the window last year. They deliberately put people in there who would hate each other, then wound them up, threw the gameshow aspect out of the window and went "oh gosh" when the fighting broke out. Endemol don't give a flying fuck. If Eugene kills somebody, think of the ratings man!
  3. Just watched the nominations uncut on E4. Kemal nominated Anthony because he thought he had worked out how he was going to present himself to the viewing pubilc "Today I shall be interesting, today I shall be naughty, ooh, better back off on the macho because that doesn't fit the plan or the schedule." I mean, fucking Kemal calling someone else a professional BB contestant whilst giving one of the most shallow "performances" I've ever seen.
  4. Was that the Clooney remake? The original starred Henry Fonda (I think) and was utterly superb.
  5. I'm 99% sure the cross-wind test was filmed at Prestwick.
  6. The Whedon/Fillian/Tudyk commentaries on the various Firefly episodes are superb. The one for "War Stories" is very funny, "Out of Gas" is more of a "how we made it" type and Whedon's one for "Objects in Space" is quite deep. I can't sit through the one for Shindig, mind.
  7. "Hmph... welcome to the human race!" Although not a punch in the face, I do like the final shot of Men in Black. Makes me smile every time.
  8. Yeah, not enough random battles. I liked it. I've seen much, much worse.
  9. To Murrays credit, you could see he was trying not to slip into the Pub Landlord character, even though he was being coerced into it at times.
  10. Bet you laughed and cheered though. I did.
  11. But if they have sex or violence in the house, they can't show it. So what is the fucking point? Its like going to a brothel and having a wank.
  12. Nah, it would cost a lot more than 21 grand to sort out the Tuscan. After all, their advertising slogan for it is "It is now slightly less likely to kill you than the old model."
  13. I currently can't play football because I've sprained my foot. Lucky not to break it. Got photos of the bruising and everything. Did it halfway through the match. Kept playing, and it was only after I got home and it ballooned up that I figured a trip to A&E might be in order. If the damage is on the top of the foot, you aren't actually putting too much weight on it, so you can sometimes think "hmm, thats not right, must have tweaked it, oh well mustn't grumble" when you think you would actually be screaming in pain. My girlfriend broke her foot in exactly the same place last year and couldn't walk - point is, when you break it, you really know about it. Pulling ligaments can leave you thinking it is less than it actually is.
  14. Fuck right off. She's normal sized. And talented. And probably goes like a train, which will do for me.
  15. Especially "Hostile Hostages" aka "The Ref", "Breakdown", "Brotherhood of the Wolf", "Young Sherlock Holmes" and appreciating "Temple of Doom". That man knows his stuff. Spent much of that list going "yup, yup, definitely, oh yes, yup, right on, well said sir"...
  16. The Cube is a fantastic "second console". Once you've lured people into gaming with a PS2 or XBox, then a cheap Cube can seem a very good purchase. But then, that gets us back to the writers original point.
  17. But who else would develop for it?
  18. "Boo!" "Have you any idea how ridiculous you look?"
  19. All the Dev support, all the "quality" games, all the fanboys doesn't mean jack shit when it comes to the money. Its all about the money. Saying Nintendo don't have the market share is like criticising Ferrari for not selling as many cars as Ford. The people who have a go at Nintendo do so because they have some kind of warped idea that they can dictate what is right and what isn't in the games industry. "I want to play the games I want and if Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony don't provide then they are shit/doomed/useless." "Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony should move into the handheld/wireless market, where by working with 1st party/independent devs/little green aliens they can increase profits/market share/mindshare.." It is ridiculous. You don't see fans of Band X saying "thats all well and good, but what their record label need to do is reach out more to the teen market. And quite frankly, the budget they gave to Band Y to make their latest video was ridiculous and ended up with a big pile of shit! That'll teach them. Teh d00med!"
  20. The little toerag was practically celebrating in her face.
  21. Played it, enjoyed it. My Cube owning friends are the same. As far as I can tell, Sunshines major fault is that it isn't Mario 64. But to be honest, how could it be? Games like SM64 which redraw the landscape come along once every four years or so and rarely do they come from the same stable, and never directly after one another. SMSunshine for all its flaws is still above the average of most of the stuff put out this gen. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas every day. We could say the same about so many companies, Atari, Sinclair, IBM. I bet more than one in 4 American households had a hula hoop, or a Rubiks Cube. Who would have bought a Japanese/Malaysian/Czech car twenty five years ago? Who would have said Sonic would be on a Nintendo machine 15 years ago? The world has changed, and all throughout, Nintendo has made a profit. If it is true that Microsoft have sold 25 million XBoxes, and lost $3billion in the process, then that means they have lost $120 for every machine sold. That is bananas business logic and even if the XBox 360 is a smash hit of epic proportions, it will have to make back $500 million per year of its life just for MS to break even on the whole thing. Which one is the success? I know I sound like a Nintendo fanboy, and I'm not. My only Nintendo console is my GC, bought two months ago. But the idea that the Cube is a failure is bollocks, precisely for the reasons stated in the article. Sure, it deserved better, especially in Europe, but there you go.
  22. To who? The accountants? The stock market? Anyone who can read a balance sheet can see, quite easily, that Nintendo are a consistently profitable company. Or to gamers who like to pronounce on the state of the industry like demi-gods. Nintendo are a failure for making a profit, Microsoft are a success for losing $3 billion. <paraphrase Arthur Dent> You're all loonies! </paraphrase Arthur Dent>
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