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  1. Neither did I until he went "its like a toaster, but for eggs" and then it clicked. You don't have to faff with pans of water and stuff. Ultimate convienience, especially for students and stuff. Like I say, it'll either bomb or sell trillions.
  2. I thought Novaflow bloke was wrong to turn the Dragons down. Theo going on about margins was spot on. Egg bloke was lucky but I'd have taken a flyer on it. If it fails, 75 grand down. To those people, thats nothing. If it works, you will sell billions of the things and make a fortune.
  3. And every 80s act they showed didn't?
  4. Nah. Sleuth - 1972. Other classic - Silent Running.
  5. Plissken


    I remember accidentally discovering a cheat for The Fourth Protocol on the C64. One of the passwords for the second section was EPC. XR3ITURBONUTTERBASTARD - cheat code, can't remember the game.
  6. Damocles. Just wandering around so many worlds, finding every day things like banks and offices, offering you the freedom to do anything and try anything. And then you stumble across the programmers house. Its the little touches like that that make it so real.
  7. Not groundbreaking and a bit stupid, but so, so many memorable moments. The bit in the first one where he is turning the truck around in the thin corridor never fails to make me laugh. Dr Evil is one of the great comic creations. Third one sucks though.
  8. 20 series and they still haven't progressed past "Rory McGrath is a fat bloke with a beard".
  9. Liked the show a lot, hate Peter Kay so I'll reply anyway. As a piece of stunt casting, it could have gone horribly wrong. But it worked, and I'll give him credit for that. I swear he was trying to crowbar in another catchphrase he can sell on an umbrella with "Exzeema" though.
  10. You've got an entire generation of presenters who don't actually know the slightest about what they are presenting. Not that they give a fuck to do the research anyway. They are only telly, standing where people tell them, wearing clothes picked for them and reading other peoples scripts. But hey, they are on TV and thats the main thing, right? I know this is an unfashionable view, but this is why someone like Bill Oddie or Alan Titchmarsh is actually watchable even if you have no interest in the topic. Not only can they present, but when they tell you something you actually believe it has come from them and their experience, as opposed to read from an autocue. Jools Holland can't technically present for ratshit, but his sheer engagement with what he is doing gets him through with style. Sorry. Ranting now. Must stop.
  11. Plissken

    More J.t.

    What would be most amusing of all would be for Rockstar to encourage JT in his rantings against Bully with the occasional press release or screenshot. And then, about a year from now, announce that the game doesn't exist, never existed, and was made up by them just to prove how reactionary and stupid people like JT are.
  12. Hold on a second - someone else should get perspective about important issues like people dying in the world? On a gaming forum?
  13. I bet you none of the games that don't feature England get as many viewers as TG. What we need is some kind of device that can, I dunno, record one channel whilst the viewer is watching another. But where would we find such a device?
  14. Just out of interest, I mentally replaced "PGR2" and "PGR3" with "Gran Turismo 2" and "Gran Turismo 3" and it still read exactly the same.
  15. The 800 mile economy run was done in a 4.2 V8 diesel. (Think it has a turbo on it as well.)
  16. Day 42 in the Big Brother house, and Mr Claustrophobia has finally plucked up the courage to go into the Diary Room. Meanwhile in the garden, Miss Schizophrenia - who has been evicted three times already - is talking to Mr Paranoia who has never been nominated, but just thinks he has. Meanwhile, in the jacuzzi, Miss Suicidal Depressive is wondering whether the flex on the toaster is long enough.
  17. I can't think of any realistic circumstance where a contestant will deal at the first or second offer.
  18. I have a theory that Jam is the precise moment that Chris Morris disappeared up his own backside.
  19. Plissken


    JPickford has superb blather control.
  20. Don't worry, I'm sure ITV will find a way to ripoff morons, but creatively. I can't believe anyone is trying to justify this shite on anything other than an artistic level. Call TV exists purely to take money from idiots. "Think you are funny? Why not tell jokes, and the audience can gong you off within two minutes. Oh, and they'll be set up like a bear pit. And you'll be in a cage. Whats wrong? Why don't you want to do it? Oh come on, you'll be on telly and that's what you want, right?"
  21. Ach. You're all fucking soulless.
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