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  1. And still no more Firefly. I HATE YOU, WORLD!
  2. That gateau wasn't food. That was a work of art. Just watching the way he thought about what he was doing, worked it all out - never heard of him before but the man is an artist, I tell thee!
  3. I quite like the Street Fighter movie. Its shit, utterly appalling shit. But it's fun.
  4. Braindead zombies on an island. All they do is consume. Some bloke getting half his face ripped off is not some kind of comment on the elites condemnation of the working class. Its "Whoa! He had half his face ripped off!"
  5. The "...of the Dead" movies aren't allegories or satires of anything. Highlander - there should have been only one. And it was shit. Blade Runner - pretentious and dull. Beautiful, yes. But dull. If the 2001 "The Italian Job" wasn't called "The Italian Job", it would be a well regarded, well rated, well thought of heist movie instead of some idiots knee jerk idea of "sacrilege" of a pretty poor 60's movie.
  6. The whole idea of HIGNFY is that it can take the moral high ground. If Deayton is behind the desk, then they can't. It is as simple as that. (Best ever episode: The first time Deayton got caught and they ripped him to shreds. Unbelievable TV.)
  7. Only 'cos of Rickman and Wincott. Tonight - it was ... alright. Its got potential, but for fucks sake take away the box of crash zooms and whizzy effects before it tips me into psychosis.
  8. Just about all of the synth stuff in Ladyhawke. Way to break atmosphere, people!
  9. Thought last weeks was better, to be honest. Digby Chicken Caesar and so on. But still some great moments - noone have any love for the incredibly clever Sherlock Holmes thing?
  10. Nah. That bit is a shock. Its the stuff on the cliff afterwards that is the sad bit.
  11. The death of V.I.N.C.E.N.T's mate in The Black Hole. You know, the kind of cowboy tincan thing. I was ten. The death of the robot in Laputa. The end of The Shawshank Redemption. The funeral on the cliff in Serenity.
  12. The skeletons in POTC were phenomenally good. Probably my favourite single special effect of the last few years, and the way they transitioned from the real actors to the skeletons was so well done you really believed and accepted them on screen.
  13. The entire middle section. The Bruce Willis "one good cop in a stinking town" story arc is pure noir. Marvs journey throgh the seedy underworld in search of love. Its a movie of flawed people trying to do honourable things in the face of casual evil. If Sin City isn't your definition of noir, I'd love to hear what you think is.
  14. There is a number of Tom and Jerry cartoons containing scenes considered too violent for kids TV.
  15. And the fact that it is deliberately a complete turnaround of Snake Plissken makes it all the better.
  16. "A load of wankers being told that they are wankers by some wankers - while I'm having a wank." Adam Bloom.
  17. Escape from LA is much maligned, and I know I'm biased on that. I could probably quote EfNY off heart, so when he packed so many oblique references to the original into the sequel, as well as a plot that depite being in 1995 seems ever more relevant every single day, then I think EfLA has aged a fuck load better than the other big sci-fi movie that was around.
  18. "You can say what you like about Gordon Ramsay, but he's not afraid to call a spade a fucking cunt." Damn near spat out my beer...
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