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  1. They've got their money, they've got their ratings, they've got what they wanted. These are people who deliberately engineered stuff like last years fight so what the fuck do they care?
  2. You are wrong in every single way. How difficult can that be? Rubbish framerate my arse. Worse graphics? Not a chance. Sheesh.
  3. I remember reading somewhere that handling memory cards was one of the most buggy and unreliable things that developers had to deal with.
  4. Fuck off. I'm a rabid GT fanboy and there is no way that GT3 is the best in the series. GT4 pisses all over it in every single way. But... GT4 isn't the best in the series either. GT2 is. It took GT1 - a great game in its own right, improved everything, added some superb new tracks (which criminally haven't been used since) and had the race balancing max BHP system which worked. GT3 improved the graphics but removed tracks and cars. If Gran Turismo is to be in that list - and I think it should - then GT2 should be the representative.
  5. 240Bhp through the front wheels will do that to you. It couldn't have been anything other than stupid. Wish they hadn't spent so much time slagging off the M5, before moving onto the good bits. But then it is the only BMW I would actually pay money for.
  6. And just got four for the Whedon Q&A. This must be my lucky day.
  7. Argh! Mate bought four tickets! I told him we needed 5!
  8. Yeah right. That went out of the window last year. They deliberately put people in there who would hate each other, then wound them up, threw the gameshow aspect out of the window and went "oh gosh" when the fighting broke out. Endemol don't give a flying fuck. If Eugene kills somebody, think of the ratings man!
  9. Just watched the nominations uncut on E4. Kemal nominated Anthony because he thought he had worked out how he was going to present himself to the viewing pubilc "Today I shall be interesting, today I shall be naughty, ooh, better back off on the macho because that doesn't fit the plan or the schedule." I mean, fucking Kemal calling someone else a professional BB contestant whilst giving one of the most shallow "performances" I've ever seen.
  10. Was that the Clooney remake? The original starred Henry Fonda (I think) and was utterly superb.
  11. I'm 99% sure the cross-wind test was filmed at Prestwick.
  12. The Whedon/Fillian/Tudyk commentaries on the various Firefly episodes are superb. The one for "War Stories" is very funny, "Out of Gas" is more of a "how we made it" type and Whedon's one for "Objects in Space" is quite deep. I can't sit through the one for Shindig, mind.
  13. "Hmph... welcome to the human race!" Although not a punch in the face, I do like the final shot of Men in Black. Makes me smile every time.
  14. Yeah, not enough random battles. I liked it. I've seen much, much worse.
  15. To Murrays credit, you could see he was trying not to slip into the Pub Landlord character, even though he was being coerced into it at times.
  16. Bet you laughed and cheered though. I did.
  17. But if they have sex or violence in the house, they can't show it. So what is the fucking point? Its like going to a brothel and having a wank.
  18. Nah, it would cost a lot more than 21 grand to sort out the Tuscan. After all, their advertising slogan for it is "It is now slightly less likely to kill you than the old model."
  19. I currently can't play football because I've sprained my foot. Lucky not to break it. Got photos of the bruising and everything. Did it halfway through the match. Kept playing, and it was only after I got home and it ballooned up that I figured a trip to A&E might be in order. If the damage is on the top of the foot, you aren't actually putting too much weight on it, so you can sometimes think "hmm, thats not right, must have tweaked it, oh well mustn't grumble" when you think you would actually be screaming in pain. My girlfriend broke her foot in exactly the same place last year and couldn't walk - point is, when you break it, you really know about it. Pulling ligaments can leave you thinking it is less than it actually is.
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