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  1. Yes... but then some television shows exist purely to make money off the gullible and stupid, don't they? (Of course, some of them get their share, but it is small compared to the big bucks made elsewhere.)
  2. That wasn't bullying. Jodie Marsh gave as much as she got last year. Probably more.
  3. Just bought the March of the Penguins DVD at Borders for 7 quid. Excellent stuff, and the little sods are impossibly cute. You can't help rooting for them as they try to survive.
  4. Its still enjoyable fluff. The bitch fight was very funny.
  5. According to the IMDB trivia page, the pilot was re-edited with additional swearing to hides its TVM origins.
  6. Big Trouble in Little China got a 15 purely for the one use of the word "fuck". (Jack cutting the painting.) In the mid-80s, even one use of the F word was a guaranteed minimum 15. I'm 99% sure Gremlins fell foul of this. I'm amazed at the Flight of the Navigator getting a U - that must have slipped through. I think - although it might be an urban myth - that a film can never be reclassified upwards, only down. The certificate can be changed upwards on initial release (again, IIRC, Big Trouble was PG in the cinema and 15 on video) but once issued it can only go down on subsequent re-releases. Spielberg was treated incredibly leniently by the BBFC, but even he couldn't get all of Temple of Doom through. One of the great anomalies was the pilot episode of Airwolf getting an 18 on video. As Goose pointed out - they are making it up as they go, though. Its all about context - fantasy violence is treated more leniently than realistic, brutal violence. Thank God Ferman has gone, he was a brake on any progression of certification.
  7. Thats because this years Celeb BB is not Celebrity Big Brother but "The Jade Goody Show". The people who went into the house last Wednesday are irrelevant.* *In more ways than one, obviously
  8. I thought it was all right, a few nice moments - I liked the bit in the photo shoot when the boss realised how much of a twat he was being. Yes it was predictable (it was a pilot after all) and certainly enough to actually watch the next couple of eps.
  9. o/\o The Dream Team is quite brilliant as well. A superb actor - made any piece of shit watchable while he was in it.
  10. Too right. I liked SSX Tricky a lot, but SSX3 was just about perfect in terms of playability, variation and all that. As well as being immense fun. Fuggit, gonna fire up the PS2 tonight and have another go at it.
  11. Oz Clarke tried to teach James May about wine, taking him to chateaus, pressing grapes and so on and so forth. Absolutely hilarious stuff, as May refused to set his watch to French time ("Its set to English time, because we invented it"), took a bath in grape juice ("its to help me understand wine more - when I test a car, I don't insist on having a dip in a vat of unleaded first") around a more and more exasperated Clarke. I don't think I've laughed so much in a long, long time. I reckon by the end of the series, Clarke and May will either be the biggest buddies ever, or Clarke will have killed May by smashing a bottle over his head. And shoving that whistle down his throat.
  12. It just comes down to what you will do in order to get what you want. Obviously the answer to my original question for most people is "yes". It gets interesting when you ask: "If there are three briefcases at the end of a 200m river of shit. One contains 5 million quid. One contains 50,000 quid. And one contains 50 quid. Would you go for it?" Thats what I'm a Celebrity and its ilk are about. Humiliating desperate people. Gaffneys quite happy to shit himself on national TV in order to get "exposure".
  13. If all you had to do was crawl through a 200m river of shit on national TV to get 5 million quid, would you do it?
  14. <well, if noone else will> Giant Enemy Crabs? God, I love this place "You paid 500 quid for an imported XBox 360 on launch day? You rock, sir. I want your babies." "You paid 500 quid for an imported PS3 on launch day? What kind of idiot buys imports on launch day?"
  15. And still no more Firefly. I HATE YOU, WORLD!
  16. That gateau wasn't food. That was a work of art. Just watching the way he thought about what he was doing, worked it all out - never heard of him before but the man is an artist, I tell thee!
  17. I quite like the Street Fighter movie. Its shit, utterly appalling shit. But it's fun.
  18. Braindead zombies on an island. All they do is consume. Some bloke getting half his face ripped off is not some kind of comment on the elites condemnation of the working class. Its "Whoa! He had half his face ripped off!"
  19. The "...of the Dead" movies aren't allegories or satires of anything. Highlander - there should have been only one. And it was shit. Blade Runner - pretentious and dull. Beautiful, yes. But dull. If the 2001 "The Italian Job" wasn't called "The Italian Job", it would be a well regarded, well rated, well thought of heist movie instead of some idiots knee jerk idea of "sacrilege" of a pretty poor 60's movie.
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