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  1. You are blind. GT3 did - and still does - look superb. GT4 is a leap ahead.
  2. Because 500 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money.
  3. To state that Halo is the game of this gen is fanboy zealotry of the highest order. Whoever stated GTA is this gens Lara Croft is bang on, it appeals to non-hardcore gamers in the same way that Generic Sci-fi FPS #276 doesn't.
  4. "Shoot, that mean's I'm gonna have to put a hat on your donkey, nigga."
  5. Two minutes before the first fanboy decends. Why do I have a feeling that ain't a record?
  6. Thats OK. I've never seen the big deal about Halo.
  7. I'm not into hip hop, had to turn on the subtitles and I still don't know what half the script is about. But I think it is fair to say you have no soul.
  8. Christ, if this is the reaction to a knocking advert, $DIETY help the first person to say "Halo 2, I didn't really enjoy it."
  9. So, basically, it boils down to "the game doesn't play the way I want it to", rather than "I don't play the game the way it was designed to be played", yes? Never, ever had a problem with the handling. If the car doesn't handle the way I want it to, I'm in the wrong car. I get out and nick another one. I don't bitch that the Perennial is too damned slow and handles like a dog because its designed to be that way. I just go and get a new Cheetah instead. There are ~20 different vehicles in the game, surely you can find one you like? Its like grumbling at the auto-aim. I'll be the first to admit it could be better, but instead of wasting time fiddling with auto-aim on an Uzi, I just lay waste to great swathes of people. The one-time I wanted auto-aim to work was with the Magnum and it did. Don't like the way a weapon handles, go get another one. Maybe I'm odd in the respect that I play games the way the designer intended, instead of getting frustrated that I can't impose upon the game my idea of what it should be.
  10. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Its either Pro Evo Evo Evo Evo Soccer or Pro Soccer 4 or even Pro Football 4, but WTF is "Pro Evolution" anyway. And its "Professional", not Pro.
  11. I liked the fact that you had to give chase to the bike guy. Personal favourite - "Phnom Pheng '68" (or whatever). Circling in the helicopter, then blasting your way to the top. Brilliant stuff.
  12. Third island = packages available = sniper rifle and rocket launcher. (Which I think you could buy at Ammunation at that point anyway.)
  13. Silky driver? Probably better than average. Marksman - no. I just figure out the best way to do the mission. You keep going on about the rescue Lance Pants mission with the Trashmaster. Easy. Rocket Launcher for the cars blocking the entry, sniper rifle the first set of bad guys. Then Magnum for the next set, using the autoaim. Then sniper the guards. Drive away. Four Comets against a Trashmaster? C'mon... you can easily get to the end point if you know where you are going.
  14. Never had a problem with it. Ever.
  15. Wow. Backlashing GTA:SA before it is even out? GTA:VC is a fantastic game. Yes, graphically it isn't the best game in the world, but it never set out to be. I'm sure some on here will have a go at GTA:SA for exactly the same reason. But if the graphics are compromised to enable me to, completely on a whim, steal a car, jump it over several buildings and then land on a group of innocent bystanders, then I don't bloody care. Rubbish. It isn't "horrible and flawed". Again, rubbish. I hesistate to say "its because you are crap at it", because I've never hit a brick wall with any of the missions. Simply because the game allows you to use so many different ways to do the missions. Get inventive. Where has peoples sense of fun gone?
  16. SF 2 and all its bastard minions. I still say IK+ is better.
  17. That pic isn't from the PS2 version - the boost bar is wrong. The game is bloody brilliant - not quite perfect, but definitely one of the best games on this generation of consoles. But please, don't let that that stop people be ostentatiously individual and hate it because they can't stand running with the masses.
  18. Me neither. A quick "Damn!" and into the first available car, back to the hideout for all the lovely guns I'd got from all the hidden packages. Well, that was usually the plan. I'd get... distracted and end up running over great swathes of people who'd looked at me funny, or something. Or succumb to the overwhelming urge to steal a better car than the one I have. Or play "How many hookers can you kill in a minute?"
  19. 1) Impact Time 2) Aftertouch Takedowns Edit - talking shite, aren't I. Thats for the crash camera.
  20. Collect the packages = free guns and ammo.
  21. *throws arms up in exasperation* But you can go online with your UK version... the lack of a prog scan version is not stopping you from doing so. Or is it the knowledge you won't have an inbuilt advantage over us plebs from your fancy screen that is stopping you? Is prog scan so important to you that you are willing to miss out on fun games with your mates for it?
  22. (Begin wild guess) If they have to code for 50Hz and 60Hz TVs, I would assume that the prog scan code for 60Hz won't work for 50Hz.
  23. No, I just don't expect programming time to be spent catering for a tiny minority at the expense of, for instance, making sure the gameplay is perfect. I'm trying to find out at which point have people "lost out" because prog scan isn't in there. Is the game unplayable? No. Does it slow down? No. Does it now look like a steaming pile of poo drawn by a child in crayon? No. If the original poster had put "Prog scan owners are disappointed" then fair enough, wouldn't even mentioned it. But "UK Gamers get shafted again" is hyperbole - and quite frankly when reading the thread I thought "selfish whiner".
  24. Thats fair enough, and I sympathise. But its not "UK Gamers", is it? It's not "getting shafted". Speaking as a UK gaming, PS2 owning, 50Hz crap telly Burnout 3 playing person, I'm more than happy that my Burnout 3 experience has left my anal virginity very much intact thankyou very much.
  25. OMFG!!11!!! EA must DIE!!!111!! Get the pitchforks and the boiling oil, I feel a burning coming on! Well done, you have a very posh telly. Unfortunately, for reasons of the marketplace, the game caters for people with "normal" tellys and "posh" tellys. But "very posh" telly owners - of which there are a tiny number in this here PAL territory - don't have wodges of time expended in their direction. Does that really need describing as all UK Gamers getting "shafted"? No it fucking well doesn't. Get some bloody perspective. Yes there is you elitist (fill in the word yourself). Maybe I'm in a bad mood. But frankly, I've read the other BO3 thread and overreaction to the Live problems like "good job GAME have a 10 day returns policy" is complete twaddle. BO3 single player is still bloody superb. I'm sure the multi-player aspects will be fixed. Yes, it is disappointing that it doesn';t work straight out of the box but "W0rst. Gam3. Evah". Get real. But the way some of you are going on, its like BO3 is the worst pile of junk ever and you'd be better off buying ET or Rise of the Robots.
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