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  1. I really enjoyed the interplay between Ted and the Doctor. I thought that she was a great character. Just twigged that
  2. Now come on. Be nice. I have nothing but happy things to say about Plymouth. Especially when I am reminded of them every visit to Turf Moor as the big screen replays John Francis’ playoff goal at Home Park.
  3. This, by the way wasn’t a penalty. Nor was it a delay for a head injury. (Vydra was told to go to the home dugout to get checked out. He was subbed 10 minutes later.)
  4. At the end, when Dwight McNeil was shielding the ball from three Norwich players, was pulled down and the ref gave Norwich the free kick I actually let out the deep, cynical laugh of the condemned man. Wind, cold, rain,100 mile round trip to watch a giant steaming turd of a performance from all involved. I could have sat alone in an empty room for the duration and felt I had more valuable use of my time. Good job that being a football fan is an incurable condition.
  5. One of the most hopeless sides I’ve ever seen get a point away against a team lacking the most basic creative spark. Overseen by an official wearing a red nose and comedy oversized shoes. Best League in the World, folks.
  6. And now no foul when a Claret pushed another player over. I saw it as a foul and I’m on the far touchline. The players on both sides genuinely have no idea what an allowed tackle is any more.
  7. Friend literally just gave a free kick to a player who tripped over his own feet trying to do a step over.
  8. I know that it is the in-thing to accuse the opposition of relentless time wasting but as a keen student at the University of Absolute Shithousery, when the ref gave Tim Krul his first warning for time wasting and the was 05:22 on the stadium clock, I wasn’t angry, I was impressed.
  9. I think that it is fair to say that Kevin Friend is having an absolute fucking ‘mare so far.
  10. 10 degrees, wind and rain here at Turf Moor. Or as we locals call it: “Saturday”.
  11. Mercenary, or Damocles. Just somewhere to explore. They'd probably fill it up with shooting and NPCs and side quests, though.
  12. Home Earth At Night
  13. No way he meant that. Just watched the Real Madrid - Sheriff Tiraspol highlights. It isn't quite the plucky little minnows from Moldova story but it's still hilarious to see Real be on the end of a shock, and an absolute rocket of a winner for the visitors.
  14. Wow, I forgot about Knight Games. Must have spent a long time on that one, too.
  15. Finished the first episode. Bloody hell, it's gorgeous to look at - you can see every cent of the millions that they've thrown at this. Wasn't quite feeling it at the start but by the end, yep, I'm in. They are definitely going for capturing the epic story if not the detail. A good move, IMO, considering the books are not great as a source for a visual adaptation.
  16. I feel the NMS debacle was two way though - peoples huge and unrealistic expectations piling onto a guy who didn't know how to control them, even if he could. Or wanted to. To be fair, they've given a lot of extra content since the games release.
  17. Mainly in the Sport Documentaries thread, I think.
  18. Piece of cake, nothing special.
  19. Someone elsewhere congratulated Arsenal on being the 4th best London team this season. I'm not going to defend Kane too much, but he looked knackered in the summer and even worse yesterday. There's a lot of miles in those legs over the last couple of years.
  20. I thought that was a brilliant episode again, fantastically written.
  21. Any idea why MacGuire didn't get sent off for pulling down McGinn? Inside own half?
  22. When your luck is out, it’s really out.
  23. Signs. Lifts crowd. Lifts team. Scores belter. Pulls hamstring. FUCK! Football, you cruel, cruel bastard.
  24. Very common in hockey. Wait for a break in play before leaving / returning to your seat. Here it's more of a custom but in the NHL games I've been to, it's a rule. (Not least because people in the aisles used to block camera angles in some arenas.)
  25. There was a lot of hype around that one, and the digitised faces made the screenshots in the adverts look amazing. And then it appeared on the shelf with that box (and at £8.95 it was a pound cheaper than the other games). But the game never clicked with me, I had no idea what I supposed to be doing and after release it seemed to disappear down the public's memory hole pretty quickly, IIRC. Thanks to this thread I keep meaning to download an emulator and see what the fuss was about with some games (I assume Vice-64 is still the emulator of choice?) - Nexus is pretty high on that list. Good point about comparing it to Impossible Mission.
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