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  1. Mel and Kim, Dead or Alive, and Bananarama say "hello". When people think of SAW, they think of the 1988 onwards identikit production line. If anyone wants to diss "Respectable", "You Spin Me Round" or "Venus" then I'll see you outside in Mr Smiths car park. Michaela Strachan can referee.
  2. You do realise that you are complaining about the Terminator not being able to win Strictly Come Dancing?
  3. Ramsdale has also far exceeded expectations. When he got into the England squad last autumn, it was purely on the shirt he was wearing but he's playing much better than Pickford. (I've not seen enough of Pope this year, but obviously I've always thought he should be England's No 1 and he's quietly racking up the clean sheets again.)
  4. Maybe, maybe not. They certainly have the opportunity to get better as a group, which is something that Leicester were never going to be allowed to have.
  5. At the risk of antagonising Arsenal fans (Who? Moi?), I think that this is not a great team in terms of "historically great" but a very good team at perhaps the peak of their abilities who is taking full advantage of down/off years by rivals. City are slightly off it, Chelsea are a mess, Liverpool are exhausted and Man Utd are rebuilding. You want more evidence? Who expected Newcastle to be in third at this stage of the season? Basically doing a Leicester. That's not a bad thing in any way shape or form, nor is it a criticism. Part of the appeal of football is being able to take advantage of others mistakes. Arsenal seem to be the one team that isn't shooting itself in the foot at crucial moments. That's the sort of thing that champions do, maximise your opportunities, minimise your mistakes. They keep on doing that and they'll be deserved champions - it's not their fault that their rivals keep putting on clownshoes at key times.
  6. I've seen photos. Apparently the managers were happy to play on...
  7. If Lampard was half as smart as he thinks he is, he wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place. But then Everton might not have got preferential treatment from the Premier League to help them stay up.
  8. He played with half of them, and hangs out with the rest.
  9. I was sat right behind this. It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen at Turf Moor.
  10. We made £40m profit on transfers in the summer window alone. 9 first team players and their wages departed. The sale of Dwight McNeil alone paid for Benson, Zaroury, Cullen, Twine and Bastien, all of whom played last night.
  11. Just got in. What a team. Just unbelievable. They don’t care how many they concede, they’re going to score more. 25 consecutive games since the opposition kept a clean sheet.
  12. Went in one of the arcades on the pier at Blackpool a couple of months ago. What a thoroughly depressing place. As a teenager I would catch the train to play on the latest games at Coral Island et al. They had a full R-360 cab playing G-Loc, plus all the then new, now classic stuff. Could watch the attract modes for hours. Obvious consoles killed them off but for them to end up full of 2p coin pushers... maybe the olden days really were better.
  13. Ings clearly only wants to play in claret and blue. I assume Scunthorpe are next.
  14. What makes you think Harry’s Garage has got stale? I mean, I’ve skipped a couple of the recent road trips but the rest seems fine enough.
  15. Blackpool have sacked Michael Appleton after a 10 game winless streak. (Punctuated by a 4-1 win over Forest in the FA Cup.)
  16. I'm thinking about al the games that have had an effect on me personally in terms of the storyline. Edith Finch probably wouldn't work, though there is an episode of the week type thing there. Deliver Us The Moon would definitely work. You could expand the background stuff and still keep the main plot, although the bit of the end would need careful writing. Forgotten City would be simpler to plot than Westworld. Call of the Sea?
  17. Top four, alongside Black Sabbath, Slade and We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It.
  18. It's clear that they were running out of ideas before Clarkson managed to get them kicked off Top Gear. The train carriage thing (not the one that got them fired, the caravan on a train line one) was desperately poor. The very best of the three of them was just watching three mates mucking about in cars that were relatable. The next best was when they were explaining why they love or hate a car. Instead we ended up with an endless series of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins that justified their screen time by having bits taken out of previously seen cars, calling them "Superlight" and costing more than their average viewer earned in a decade being taken to places to become beatifully shot backgrounds to three idiots cocking about. They took those worst excesses and took them to Amazon, where they had a huge budget that they had no idea to spend except on explosions and guns, only the lack of a 21 year old girlfriend stopping it becoming totally Middle Aged Crisis Gear. No sense of joy in their jobs, no sense of fun in being together on an adventure, instead a bunch of badly-acted surprise reactions to mean-spirited pranks and destroying stuff because they didn't have to pay for it You just ended up with the feeling that these three men were absolute morons, and how the hell did they ever get their jobs?
  19. I think that if I had to watch Adama Traore on a football pitch every two weeks, I'd be inventing new swearwords by Christmas.
  20. There are players wearing 58, 81, 62 and 43. Combined with the atrocious fonts on the shirts, they should both be kicked out of the competition for that.
  21. A distinct lack of nodding and shrugging. He's got a lot more loquacious in recent outings.
  22. Hate to break it to you, but I believe he was only wearing at a 1983 gig at Villa Park in order to curry favour.
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