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  1. Quick question for Leicester, Villa or Wolves supporters. Friend of a friend is looking to get themselves to a PL game in November. They are Warwick based, so those three clubs look to be the best bet. How easy is it to get tickets for a home game? Just in general to start off with. (FWIW, as far as fixtures go, Leicester have Chelsea and Watford at home, Villa play Brighton and Wolves have Everton and West Ham.)
  2. Not according to the Graun MBM.
  3. To be fair, the shameless fuck was talking about having a "special connection" to the club via working as Sir Bobby Robsons translator.
  4. A = Aguero L = Lampard I'm having fun trying to think of obscure ones. I = Ieanacho?
  5. Leaving aside the obvious for A, D, L and W Z - Zaha? Pretty sure he would have scored more than Zola.
  6. It's not as if she's busy with other work.
  7. I’d agree with that. You couldn’t give me a ticket to an England game and that’s despite having the most likeable and promising team in two decades.
  8. Plissken

    NFL 2021!

    According to The Ringer, the Chargers were 7 out of 7 for the season when going for it on 4th down. So aggressiveness cost them this time but has succeeded so far.
  9. Yet weirdly, their then owner was an issue three weeks ago.
  10. Bunch of cloggers again in the Citeh vs Burnley game, where one side committed ten fouls and got one yellow and the other played the game properly and committed five fouls with no cards.
  11. Yeah but Brendan is manoeuvring for the Newcastle job.
  12. I see Tim Krul has the cloak of referee invisibility on again.
  13. Worst "please buy this player, he's absolutely the next Messi, honest!" ever. Besides, the release clauses only count in Spain.
  14. This is like the Daily Mash who sold the site but didn’t share any of the proceeds with the actual writers.
  15. Yoffy from Fingerbobs died a couple of days ago aged 84.
  16. I think that was the moment I fell in love with it as well. And judging by my wife’s reaction, her too. Just finished S2. Good ending to some arcs and setting up others. Nothing could possibly match the impact of S1 purely because the novelty is replaced by expectation but I still loved it overall.
  17. There is, and he's in charge of the Fit and Proper Persons test. After all, the same person said that Portsmouth owner passed the test and he didn't actually exist.
  18. You know the Saudis will have to pay extra to remove him front the rights deal. And he’ll have a nice concession on merchandise. Not that the non-Government owners will care. Check out their non-government website at https://www.pif.gov.sa/en/Pages/About-OurLeadership.aspx
  19. Like I said, the official position seems to be that the Public Investment Fund, i.e. the national sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia (chairman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) is a separate entity to the Saudi state. But I don't blame the fans for pretending that it is, if the Premier League have officially done so.
  20. To be fair, it was a good one.
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