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  1. I did the Speed Zone using the Porsche 918 Spyder that they gave you for free a week or so ago. Also, when attempting the PR Stunts, have Rewind switched on so you can try again quickly.
  2. I've seen an article where the audio / video mismatch is partly because the audio was running for hours and the video for a short time, and also because the band were sabotaging the documentary because the director was being an arse by playing their instruments over their conversations to mask them. Ah - https://www.theringer.com/movies/2021/11/24/22799728/get-back-peter-jackson-beatles-documentary-disney-review
  3. You are clearly not aware of Great! Movies Christmas on channel 51, which today is showing Christmas Manger, A Puppy for Christmas, The Christmas Sitters, All I Want For Christmas, Home By Christmas, Crown for Christmas, The Christmas Ornament, Eve's Christmas and A Christmas Eve Miracle.
  4. Isn't there a Freeview channel that has been showing these since August?
  5. You can always replay a Story chapter.
  6. Squires on the exit of OGS - https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/nov/23/david-squires-on-ole-gunnar-solskjaer-manchester-united-exit The Norwegian Gunnersaurus made me chuckle. And the Bebo gag.
  7. Sounds like you accidentally pinned it in the Accolades screen. Find it in there and click it again to unpin.
  8. Dropped The Football Ramble when they were talking about getting in free to England games (courtesy of the lovely people at...) and nicking all the best ideas from Guardian Football Weekly. I listen to the When Saturday Comes podcast and the Burnley focused No Nay Never. And even for the latter, only one of the two shows (the review of the previous match, I can't be bothered with a preview show). The problem I have with fan podcasts is - and this isn't necessarily their fault - they all ape the MOTD style of presentation. As someone who was deeply into the fanzine culture of the late 80's / early 90's, I find that kind of fan discussion so bland. I'd been on the NNN one a couple of times and been really stilted because I've wanted to let rip and I can't. I'm not saying that every episode should be like the angry gammons on Arsenal TV, but part of that style smooths out the passion that comes from being a fan, the anger at and the love of the game and the team. It's trying to be a journalist and not a fan. The WSC one is just talking about football minutiae and weird stories about the game. Following England to Albania in the late 80s, a tour of non-league in the North East and the bloke who always brings his dog, sort of thing. It's relaxing and affable.
  9. VR has been the next big thing for the last twenty years. It's not happening. The last thing the industry needs to be chasing is "MOAR graphics". I completely agree that graphics hit "more than good enough" a while back, it's probably why we're seeing different, more artistic graphical styles coming to the fore more and more often. As m'colleague said above "less big , more deep". The problem with stagnation is also the vociferous gamer minority and places like Digital Foundry who insist on measuring everything but have no concept of enjoyment. Given that publishers are already deciding everything on metrics, then outside influences demanding more metrics simply kills innovation. Yes. But in subtle ways that you really have to watch the game closely to appreciate.
  10. Two short of the full discovered, although the achievement popped at 574/578. I suspect this is because the achievement is discover all roads whereas the accolade is drive all roads.
  11. I think that destructible scenery is nice in priniciple but doesn't work in reality. I'd be amazed if several devs haven't tried it while putting a game together (Crackdown 3 being a famous demo example.) I think that it is very difficult not to affect the game balance. If one imagines Forza Horizon 5, that would be largely flat by the end of the players second day.
  12. I think that the narrative and writing in games is becoming more sophisticated. Portal 2 fits just about in the timeframe and that was - and still is - the gold standard for me in terms of characterisation and storytelling, but there are a lot more games reaching for that. I keep going back to Deliver Us The Moon as an example of a very well written story. Call of the Sea is another. Even something like Omno and the way your character builds a relationship all the way through to deliver the payoff in the ending. Games seem to be working towards different emotions than the "satisfaction" of repeatedly blowing something up. My completely unexpert opinion is that smaller companies are concentrating on these things as a differentiator in the market from all the massively expensive triple AAA, thousands of devs type stuff which is still as cliched as ever.
  13. I think that MK Dons quietly gave them the Cup back a few years ago, or the official honour or something like that, officially ending the pretence that they were still the "old" Wimbledon.
  14. Officially, Rangers are an old club because they keep their trophies and a new club because they didn't keep their debts.
  15. I really liked Trailblazer at the time, but yes it really required you to know the routes inside out and have crackerjack timing. The Pawn was the first game to really show off what could be done with Amiga graphics (albeit stills), I remember thinking there was no way it could be as impressive on the C64 but they managed it. Light years ahead of what was being done in say, The Hobbit or the Scott Adams stuff.
  16. I like Smith but I always thought his Villa team was a bit lightweight and fragile. (The 3-2 at Turf Moor as a prime example.) Norwich look exactly the same, but without the quality players. They need a couple of bastards and they just don't have them and I don't think Smith is the type to instil it in them. I know I say this most years but I think my lot are finally going to succumb to gravity. I don't see three worse teams.
  17. I thought the Dukes of Hazzard was the dogs bollocks as a kid - I caught an episode recently on on of the higher channels on Freeview and what I thought was a thrilling high speed car chase was two cars going slowly around a roundabout except treating it as a square so that they could make the tyres squeal. Coupled with acting best described as "broad" it's.. um.. no. Both The Fall Guy and The A-Team have aged far better than you might think it would though. The most jarring bit is the switch from outside (done on film) to studio interiors (on video) but that's just the way they did it back then and plenty of other shows have the same transition getting shown up by modern TVs.
  18. Stevie G probably. Serious answer… Giggs?
  19. It is head to head, yes, which was introduced in 2019.
  20. That wasn’t, by dry analytical measure, a quality game of football at Turf Moor but it was fantastic entertainment for fans of both sides and neutrals.
  21. I genuinely laughed at the ridiculousness of the third. Two not very good teams providing the silliest and most entertaining half of football I’ve seen in years.
  22. I’ve just had my pre-game ritual of fish ‘n’ chips from the drive through overlooking the town. I’d be happy with a 1-1 but the wind is getting up and it’s started to rain so welcome to Turf Moor, Palace.
  23. Exeter say that the reason is that they were told that they could do so by the match officials and apparently Bradford attempted to do the same but the error was pointed out.
  24. Back from the grave... this arrived today. 568 page novel from Earl Mac Rauch himself.
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