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  1. Again, who? Radiohead? <That's enough. Ed.>
  2. I was never a fan of Lily Savage - not my thing - but he always came across as a genuinely warm person who gave a damn about others.
  3. Have to laugh. For stupid petty reasons Rovers have only given us 2,000 tickets for the game next month instead of the usual 5,000. It’s a rivalry thing and I don’t mind because rivalries are supposed to be stupid and petty. Because of this, Clarets had to run a ballot for loyalty points holders above a certain amount. The winners have been informed and the editor of one of the main message boards missed out. And he’s launched his toys into space. Edit: Helps if I put the link in. https://www.uptheclarets.com/clubs-should-hang-their-heads-in-shame-over-derby-tickets
  4. Oh fuck yes. The latter is so fucking calculated in her kookiness. To steal a line from Chart Music, she's Shakin' Amos.
  5. It was the 80s, that was pretty much what counted for cutting edge humour.
  6. It’s a pity that Tom Petty was too much of a nice guy to kill Smith’s career when he had the chance.
  7. I've never ever, ever got the Keith Allen thing. You've nailed that kind of insularity thing though - he was mates with a couple of people, which means we've had him foisted on the rest of us.
  8. Still better than Oasis, who ran out of ideas after track 1, side 1 of their debut album. Fuck me, that's twice I've sort of slightly defended those Blur fuckers. That's twice more than I ever intended to. I can't think of many bands for this thread, because I've got entirely reasonable reasons for hating a lot of bands.
  9. Powers Boothe - By Dawn's Early Light is a belter, too. So many low-ish budget 80s and 90s movies - thrillers mainly - seem to be missed by streaming, I assume due to rights issues.
  10. The original Sleuth from 1973 is apparently trapped in rights hell, which is why you never see it on TV or streaming. I remember catching it on telly and being utterly captivated by it. Avoid spoilers, plot recaps and the remake with Jude Law. Always had a fondness for The Philadelphia Experiment (1983) which I don't know if it holds up today. And thanks to Wiki, I know why Joe Dante's Explorers didn't far so well lat the box office. I absolutely adored that, it was so up my street in terms of its humour.
  11. Blur's later stuff is alright and they might be pricks, but Albarn is a very talented prick.
  12. Here we have an England "fan", heading to Naples for tonights match with his patriotic flag. Now you may wince. You may think that is in poor taste. You may, in a surge of good conscience, try to warn the bloke about trying to display that in a city such as Naples. However, said bloke is Jake Hepple, last seen claiming credit for the "White Lives Matter" banner that flew over the Etihad before a Man City/Burnley game. And therefore, I fervently hope that he finds out just exactly why this is Not A Good Idea.
  13. I've just watched The Reluctant Traveller. 75 year old Eugene Levy (might not recognise the name, will recognise the amazing eyebrows) is a self-confessed travelphobe who knows what he likes and likes what he knows. Which is basically home comforts and nothing challenging. In this series, he heads off to some amazing places to do stuff. Based on the first episode in Finland, it's your typical fish out of water setup, with your fish growing to appreciate the locals and their approach to life. It's quite cliched and it's difficult to work out exactly how not happy Levy is - he's deadpan at the best of times. However, it's clear that there are several moments where he clearly is not comfortable - not in a nasty way, just in a "why am I out here in a big coat and ten feet of snow, when there is a nice fire and a bottle of wine thirty feet away" or "there is a car there, why don't we just, y'know, leave and catch a plane home?" kind of way. Which is the entire point of the show. It's half an hour per episode and completely soft entertainment but I quite liked it.
  14. Yeah, it would be like defending a bitey racist because he scores lots of goals.
  15. Plissken

    The Spurs Thread

    As an outsider, I'm not exactly seeing much in the way of support for Conte. He might be right (in certain ways) but it's pretty obvious that he's setting everything on fire in an effort to get sacked, not to make any changes. If the board were to sack him early and made a statement was "we thank him for his work" with a undercurrent of "but we're sick of the drama", I don't think that too many would hold it against them.
  16. Ah well. Always character building. Now just got to abseil back down from my seat and out of the stadium.
  17. I said beforehand it won’t be 5-0 this time…
  18. City’s support is genuinely fucking embarrassing. Absolute silence until they are 4-0 up and suddenly it’s like their winning the Champions League.
  19. Haaland is a cheat code. You lose concentration for a split second and he kills you.
  20. Fucking hell. There was a game last season, - possibly Watford’s last home game - where he genuinely looked like someone has taken their grandmother out of the dementia care home to get some fresh air.
  21. Ain’t Patrick’s Day.
  22. And finished. It's excellent. Definitely the same as ...Moon and then some. They do a really good job of recapturing the sense of scale and how tiny you are against that. This time there are actual characters that you are working alongside in this one - graphics aside (they look a bit XBox 360), they work well in terms of voice acting and the plot and motivations. I've written in the Completed Games thread a little bit more but if you finished ...Moon then you will definitely enjoy this. Basically the good things about the predecessor are built on here and the not so good bits (e.g. the clunky controls during certain time critical moments) are there too. Story spoilers (though I'll try and avoid actual spoilers) In summary, bloody loved it. Want more of this sort of thing (recommendations welcome). For twenty quid you absolutely can't go wrong.
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