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  1. I think a lot of them have been together through the junior Academy and England ranks, so they knew each other before the corrosive effect of their top level managers could take hold. I also think that style of management has largely disappeared.
  2. The MP4/4 has been mentioned and I'd have that as my F1 car, the Le Mans winning Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9 would be a close second, but I'm going to go a little left field. I fucking loved Group B when it came into Rallycross. These were insane cars which then went even further with Evolution versions. The Ford RS200 E2 driven by Mark Rennison was unstoppable. Matti Alamaki in his Lancia Delta S4 was the strangest machine I've ever heard (that supercharger plus turbo combination) and seemed like it would kill you if you even looked at it wrong. The Peugeot 205 T16 E2 was an absolute Terminator of a machine, especially in the hands of Seppo Niittymaki. (Alamaki, his great rival, swapped the S4 for a T16 after a season. I have no idea how much money that must have cost.) But my favourite driver, in my favourite Group B car... The 6R4 was a very silly idea, pulled off in the tradition of British motorsport, by men who smoked heavily, were covered in oil and had to make up in ingenuity what they didn't have in money. It wouldn't have worked long term against the competition but with Group B dying, it became a club rallying and rallycross legend. But that wasn't enough for Will Gollop. Even with some trick tuning, 420bhp from that normally aspirated V6 just wasn't enough in a world where his competition had anything from 600-900bhp. So he strapped TWO turbos to it and detuned it to 650bhp. It revved to 11,000RPM! The car looks like a terrier, small, practically square but fully capable of smacking the shit out of you. Gollop won the British Rallycross Grand Prix at Brands Hatch despite two punctures, both caused by him sliding round a corner and pressing the throttle - the tyres simply couldn't cope and tore themselves off the rims. Seeing him gently four wheel drifting it into the opening bend at the old Croft circuit, smoke rising from all four tyres... a glorious epic thing to see as a teenager. The best 6R4 ever built.
  3. Yes, Shawshank is incredibly tightly written, with every individual beat building to something. You also get a feel for the passage of time, but the real key to it is that events have dual purposes, many of which become obvious in hindsight. Do I need spoilers? I'll spoiler it. Allied to a bunch of very good character actors at the top of their game, you have a classic.
  4. Also helped by the fact that the current crop don't have egos the size of a planet. (I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that the clique-ness of Man Utd players was actively encouraged by Ferguson, because he didn't give a fuck about international football.)
  5. Southgate clearly manages his way through a tournament. The USA game was dull because he wanted to know precisely what was required for the final game to give England the best route through the last 16 and QF. I'm pretty sure he was doing this in the Euros last year. It's the sort of thing that Italy and Germany are very good at.
  6. Finished up S1. Would agree with much of what has already been said, a few contrivances near the end but the overall fun and characters pull you right through. Oldman is brilliant and he and Scott-Thomas clearly love bouncing off each other, to the extent that the farting in front of her felt like it was improvised. Mild spoilerly thoughts
  7. Was that defender even watching the game? Oh - 2-1!
  8. Five episodes in. Nothing new but this is great fun. Gary Oldman is absolutely magnificent in this thought. Effortlessly stealing every scene he’s in.
  9. When he started, he was clearly influenced by the "can't be arsed-ness" of Hansen, Lawrenson et al. When they got shuffled out, he saw the writing on the wall and upped his game to be a much better pundit. Yesterday was a surprise, as he had lapsed into his old ways.
  10. When they weren’t diving all over the place, they were a team of absolute bastards and not particularly in a good way.
  11. I think that the standard of teams overall is much closer than in any other World Cup. By that, I mean you have maybe two standout sides at the top (France and probably Spain), a very mushy and mediocre second tier and the lesser teams are of much higher quality than their equivalents from the past.
  12. I admire Belgium's commitment, even with three minutes to go and trailing by a single goal, to not merely lumping it aimlessly into the box. They are sticking to their principles of passing it around the back four for 90 seconds, then lumping it aimlessly into the box.
  13. Just switched the Belgium-Morocco match on. The latter played the ball out via pretty triangles on the edge of their own box, and despite being 1-0 down with five minutes to play, the Belgian players literally stood still and watched them.
  14. Goal celebrations and substitutions are already designed to waste as much time as possible. It isn't necessary for every player to pile into the opposition half to celebrate a goal and spend the next two minutes hugging, backslapping and so on. Subs are already told to walk off the pitch by the nearest touchline, they just need to stop shaking everyone's hand on the way there, applauding the crowd etc. (That first of those was in response to coaches telling about to be substituted players to switch to the wing furthest away from the dugout.)
  15. The problem is that football matches have been 90 minutes long for over a century and changing to a stop clock system means either it becomes 60 minutes, or games in real life last almost 3 hours. I fully support the current adding on. The WC is showing that the extra ten minutes is plenty to score a goal and that timewasting is biting some teams in the arse. Teams are going to get wise and stop doing it.
  16. Just back from The Lowry. Utterly hilarious night. Then he signed my already signed book. Before I asked him to sign one from his lessers.
  17. It doesn't matter, but the players and staff do it together.
  18. Was wondering whether to put something in Music. I've literally started listening to Dr Feelgood about a week ago and realised there is a massive hole in my music collection. A ferocious live act and driven by Wilko's amazing style and stage presence (presumably perfected in a really narrow corridor). You can see why he and they was such a massive influence on punk.
  19. It's not bad, I expected more from Poland though.
  20. That was some seriously good defending for the last 15 minutes.
  21. Matterface backpedaled like a bastard there.
  22. The biggest problem facing the game? Not racism, not homophobia, not clubs going under, not financial imbalance, but time wasting. Nah. To be clear, the actual game not “the game” in general.
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