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  1. I thought that was a brilliant episode again, fantastically written.
  2. Any idea why MacGuire didn't get sent off for pulling down McGinn? Inside own half?
  3. When your luck is out, it’s really out.
  4. Signs. Lifts crowd. Lifts team. Scores belter. Pulls hamstring. FUCK! Football, you cruel, cruel bastard.
  5. Very common in hockey. Wait for a break in play before leaving / returning to your seat. Here it's more of a custom but in the NHL games I've been to, it's a rule. (Not least because people in the aisles used to block camera angles in some arenas.)
  6. There was a lot of hype around that one, and the digitised faces made the screenshots in the adverts look amazing. And then it appeared on the shelf with that box (and at £8.95 it was a pound cheaper than the other games). But the game never clicked with me, I had no idea what I supposed to be doing and after release it seemed to disappear down the public's memory hole pretty quickly, IIRC. Thanks to this thread I keep meaning to download an emulator and see what the fuss was about with some games (I assume Vice-64 is still the emulator of choice?) - Nexus is pretty high on that list. Good point about comparing it to Impossible Mission.
  7. The rules around alcohol in stadiums are ridiculous, but I'm not sure that is the solution. Then again, the pissheads are going to have had several pints before the game anyway so I'm not sure what restricting them inside the ground achieves - or derestricting them would achieve. A drunk twat is going to be a drunk twat.
  8. From the bloke running the auction house What a staggering coincidence that their first attempt resulted in such a remarkable result.
  9. I think that there is the case that Goldeneye is the best film involving James Bond, as opposed to best Bond Film. As in if you walked into it not knowing anything about James Bond, you'd immediately see it as a classic action film.
  10. To be honest, based on Saturday, their first team are no great shakes either.
  11. Reading The Athletic article on Derby it's clear that they've been taking the piss in terms of the rules around declaring losses and providing financial accounts and the EFL are wanting to come down hard on them for it. For the first time in years I've got sympathy for Wayne Rooney, who must wonder what the hell he's got himself into. The surprising thing for me is that Mel Morris (the owner) has apparently lost £200m of his own money and he's managed to do it in just six years. If you ever wanted to know why millionaires take out loans / leveraged buyouts to buy football clubs, this is why. Meant to post this at the time, but the Derby news came at the same time that Man Utd, who got practically all the Premier League and Champions League money available to them and is way ahead of everyone else, still managed to lose £90m in a season, thereby proving that they need the European Super League to make a profit. Football is not a sane business.
  12. It's Rob Smyth, an excellent writer who has never been shy about his club affiliation. As for professional referees making mistakes, that's precisely what VAR was brought in to help solve.
  13. It always surprises me how people can ignore not only the existence of a fully trained professional referee but also a couple more with access to instant replays across multiple angles that they can check over and over again in favour of their own opinion which just so coincidentally happens to agree with their own biases. The Graun MBM today is a perfect example written by a Man Utd fan raging at his side not getting a couple of penalties.
  14. Don't think it has been mentioned, but there's a very good 45 min interview / clip thing about Daniel Craigs time as Bond currently available on Apple TV. Quite open and honest from him and Barbara Broccoli.
  15. On the plus side, we didn’t get anyone injured by the dirtiest side in the League. On the minus everything else. Up to and including throwing away at least a point against possibly the worst Arsenal side since the early 90’s.
  16. I thought that was great. Clearly the other standalone episode and played with the form a fair bit. Ups and downs as well. And an interesting exploration of Beard as a character. ”Shut up Thierry Henry”.
  17. Pleased that Moyes has kept West Ham’s momentum going. Outside bets for a decent European run if they want it. (And it seems from the outside that they do.)
  18. Absolutely delighted. Transfer budget was an issue under the previous owners. Dyche had not complained about the spending on the club infrastructure and selling of players but was rightly pissed off at the lack of incoming transfers. The old owners crossed the line between being prudent and being cheap. We were sitting with £60m in the bank and walking away from Championship sides who wanted £12m when we would offer £7m and be dragged kicking and screaming to £10m before declaring the price was too high. It left us with literally one fit winger for large chunks of last season which is ridiculous. Atmosphere on Saturday at the Turf should be great. And for fans of violence, a team with 10 red cards in 62 matches will be taking on a team with zero in 97 games.
  19. Let me just settle in to read the comments
  20. Chris Hughton sacked by Forest. First of the season.
  21. He never really crossed the Atlantic but every time I see one of his appearances, he has me in stitches. "OJ Simpson says that he would have stood in front of a moving train to save his wife. It's a kind of irony that the one man who will lay down his life for yours is the one that kills you." His repeated slamming of OJ lost him the SNL gig.
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