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  1. For clarity, those numbers are an NBA scenario, not a PL one. I figured that the overall numbers would be larger for the Premier League*, but the key takeaway is even if you keep it down to 1000 people across the entire league, probability dictates that 5 are going to die. *The fact that they are still thinking about VIP places to me indicates that they aren't taking this seriously.
  2. Yeah, late 90s definitely. I was watching highlights of Burnley getting out of Divisions Four and to be honest, it was aimless hoofball*. There was some tactical structure to it, a little bit but not much. Although given the state of pitches, any team trying to play it on the ground would largely have got creamed. *I know, I know, nothing's changed etc and so forth.
  3. Speaking of The Athletic, I saw a piece which brought home the folly of playing behind closed doors. The relevant bit Previously I was thinking it might be alright to maybe play behind closed doors, but those numbers make it pretty stark.
  4. Monty Python (live): One Down, Five To Go - 4/5 Backstage with the Pythons as they prepare and perform their final 10 nights at the O2. Honest, as always, and look, it's just a delight to watch five of the all time greats working together for one last time.
  5. Arrival Smart, clever sci-fi which asks interesting questions. Wasn't all that sure about Amy Adams performance until it all clicked together towards the end. 4.5/5
  6. I meant individual situations. Like Loki falling off the roof and just happening to land on a passing ship. Black Widow jumping onto Captain America at the perfect time to catch and hold onto another passing ship (forget about breaking her arms). Jeremy Renner falls off a building but it’s OK because he just happens to have a magic grappling hook arrow next in line. A chamber somehow strong enough to hold Loki and Thor is suddenly breakable just before it hits the ground. (And what’s the peril anyway when he’s a) been repeatedly smashed into the ground during a previous fight and b) a frickin’ god? Hulk destroys half of New York by simply bumping into it and then picks up Loki and smashes him into the floor several times and five minutes later Loki just walks away. A magic flying aircraft carrier that had the longest, slowest, flattest fall in history. A finale that involves a nuke being fired on Manhattan which will quite possibly kill a couple of million people. Or about 25 more than the last 15 minutes of the Avengers crashing skyscrapers on heads. What? Were they jealous? I get that it’s comic book logic. It’s just I’ve given up trying to get on board with comic book logic.
  7. Avengers Assemble A bunch of indestructible CGI rubber balls fight another bunch of indestructible CGI rubber balls around CGI stages. No-one important can ever die - apart from the untold thousands of people as yet another skyscraper destroyed but who cares about them - and there's always some CGI Deus Ex Machina to get them out of a tricky situation and survive to the next... twelve of this things. It's a good job that they have a high quality cast that look like they are having fun because you really need it to sell this rubbish. I really don't like superhero movies. I've tried. God knows I've tried. I thought that watching one of the good ones would help. It doesn't. But you can't argue with it's popular, so it must be good. No rating /5
  8. Not so sure about exotic, but films make foreign cities look absolutely awesome. John Wick makes New York, Rome and Morocco appear absolutely stunning. I've stayed at the resort featured in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Turtle Bay, Oahu.)
  9. Plissken

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    So that's what condition his condition was in.
  10. Asif Kapadia's documentary on Deigo Maradona in Napoli is n Channel 4 tonight at 9pm. I havent seen it, but he did the excellent Senna documentary and I've heard good things about his Amy documentary as well.
  11. Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment. 13 year old me loved this. Still has a few funny moments. But several scenes are tremendously problematic in more enlightened times. 3/5
  12. You mean your curiosity had been killed by Cats? I need to get out of the house.
  13. John Wick 3: Parabellum Better than I was expecting, but rarely goes above solid. Can never go wrong with a bit of Mark Dacascos and some of the sequences are good fun, the knife flinging for instance. But there is a line where your disbelief in one mans ability to survive against highly trained killers can only go so far. The first one stayed just the right side of it, the second straddled it but the third... nope. A solid enough 3/5 as it's better than most, but not a patch on its prequels.
  14. Page 4, fella ;-) (I only know this because I just reread the thread to see if I had mentioned Elektra. Which I had.)
  15. John Wick Chapter 2 Ridiculously stylish and I absolutely love the hidden culture of the Continentale. Not much of a plot, takes a while to get going but the action sequences are fantastic. Not quite as good as the original but I enjoyed Keanu Reeves headshotting a thousand anonymous henchmen. And if that catacombs shootout isn't a ripoff of an FPS, I'll be very surprised. 4/5.
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