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  1. City 4-0 up and bring Zinchenko, Foden and David Silva on. The future of Premier League football right there.
  2. Exactly. They’re doing well because they got good players, not because OGS has worked out how to be a decent manager.
  3. I doubted the signing of Jay Rod (along the lines of never go back to your ex) but he’s joint top scorer for us this season.
  4. The cheque thing was because he was a tight sod. But a lovely, spiky irascible man. Supported the miners strike and went on marches too. Probably did more for Anglo-Irish relations in the late 80s than anyone else you can mention. Won a World Cup. Took Ireland to Italia 90. Discovered Paul Gascoigne. That’s a life well lived. RIP. From Gazza
  5. I reckon the number for my lot is 76. Maybe 38.
  6. Sean Dyche is a miracle worker. 14 fit first team players, safe from relegation and they could quite happily head for the beach early. But no. Also: Karen Carney is a fucking terrible co-commentator.
  7. Jay Rodriguez becomes the first Burnley player to score for the Clarets in every calendar month. Willian has done it for Chelsea.
  8. Just give me an updated TDU2 that works and I'll be happy.
  9. I didn't think that the handling was too bad, to be honest. It was the game-killing bugs that did it for most people - but it still did what it did like no other game, and I include the various Forza Horizons in that.
  10. Plissken

    Xbox Game Pass

    You could do it in an early Forza Horizon via Groove Music by loading in the MP3s I think.
  11. It would be nice to finish a match without another player injured.
  12. Can never find that picture of the banner the Leeds fans held up at Turf Moor pleading with Cellino to buy them when I need to.
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