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  1. McLean has always seemed a good guy. Good riddance, Cherry.
  2. Article from The Ringer on Halo 2 - https://www.theringer.com/2019/11/11/20958715/halo-2-anniversary-first-person-shooter-xbox-master-chief-history-i-love-bees
  3. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension - 5/5 OK, I'm biased because I love this film to bits, but the SE Blu-Ray was on cheap and I still spotted stuff I had never seen. So much of this film is in the background audio or set dressing. Anyway, it occurred to me, that WD Richter made Joss Whedon does Guardians of the Galaxy on a tiny budget, without CGI and 30 years too early. What was a totally out there film in 1984 is very normal in the comic-book adaptation saturated world of 2019.
  4. Who else is unsurprised that City are the first to try the "deliberate knock it against the defenders hand and claim the penalty" tactic?
  5. I was going to say that the Leicester player had absolutely no chance of getting the ball anyway, but much, much less than that was sufficient to rule out Chris Woods' equaliser the other week. Suffice to say that if it had say, a Norwich defender called Dozy Gwen, it would have been given. In more VAR shitness, an incredible Dwight McNeil cross to Chris Wood is ruled out for Wood having a toe a millimetre too far forward. Yet Burnley's opener comes from a corner awarded to them that was very definitely a goal kick.
  6. Finished it over a long train journey. Definitely one of the better ones, I'd give it a 7/10. The plot has got a few problems to say the least but the individual sequences are definitely up to par. As usual, it touches one a few areas of American society that Child misses the opportunity to comment on - obviously this a deliberate choice, but I figured if you can't say something about them in one of the most popular book series in the world, when can you?
  7. He'd have to learn how to write one first.
  8. Already bought it - supporting new bands and all that. In other news, Till Lindemann is doing a solo gig at the RoundHouse in Kentish Town on 23rd February 2020.
  9. GTA V had all its laundrettes sponsored by Trev and Simon.
  10. To be fair, that would put you off for 22 years. Enjoy!
  11. I thought about putting this in the League 1 thread but it's too flippin' good and applies to everyone. Colin Murray talking to the Bury groundsman. https://www.metro.news/colin-murray-losing-bury-is-like-a-bereavement-worse-than-when-dad-died/1779969/
  12. Jones is gone. Gone too long.
  13. Someone piped up with the most impressive one IMO, Dagenham and Redbridge 6 Brentford 6, with Brentford winning 4-2 in the shootout.
  14. Current trivia quesiton being asked elsewhere - how many times has the penalty shootout seen fewer goals than the preceding match.
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