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  1. Burnley let six players leave, sign one replacement goalkeeper, have 17 fit outfielders including the kids, start the season with the only two fit centre backs (the third choice and a 22 year old) and lose a winger for several months in the opening 10 minutes. The Burnley board are going to have a torch bearing mob outside their houses soon.
  2. Boro are one of the clubs allowing 1000 fans in. Their manager, Neil Warnock, has tested positive for Covid.
  3. Wycombe made a good impression on the Championship in their game against Rotherham by setting a new record for the lowest total time that the ball was actually in play. 35 minutes, 50 seconds, a new record since Opta started tracking the data in 2013-14
  4. Don't disagree too much with what you are saying, but I've snipped this bit to wonder what else he has left to achieve. He's won cups, titles and the Champions League. He gone abroad and been a huge success, which is traditionally something difficult for British players. Captained his country to its its first international tournament in half a century and then took them far beyond expectations. I'm not sure what is actually left for him to do. Apart from being one of the very few players that I can think of that can give the President of Real Madrid a big "fuck you". He could do a Ronaldo and try to win more trophies but I guess it is like the millionaires / billionaires thing. Most people would make £50m and retire to a life of luxury. A few people want to turn that million into a billion and the billion into ten billion. And they'll do 80-100 hours a week to do it. And apparently they are the ones we're supposed to admire and not those who said "hey, I've got enough and I'm going to enjoy it".
  5. The Real board suddenly changed the deal to get a fee. It wasn’t the original agreement.
  6. It was the only club willing to pay for him. The contract he signed is crazy and Real are having difficulty getting rid of it. Which isn’t helped by them publicly trashing him at every opportunity. Ultimately Bale is going to want the £50m he is owed.
  7. Considering that he hasn’t been used for two years, probably a little more than most of his type of player. Redknapp was all for selling him too. Going to paste this from elsewhere which says much as I did.
  8. What is absolutely clear is that he likes living in Spain. He's trousering £20m a year to train for a few hours, then either play golf or go home to his loving family. It's not his fault Real pay him stupid money and then backed out of selling him. Remember that he was almost a washup - considered to be potentially a journeyman Premier League left back at best. Suddenly it all clicks into place and he gets to be at the very top of the game, in terms of salary, club and trophies. He's won Real a couple of La Ligas and a Champions League. He's a national hero for leading his country to an international tournament and then a legend for leading them deep into it. From a sort of "struggle" - if you can call it that - he's got everything he wants, everything he needs. He's not driven like Ronaldo, but then Ronaldo's "drive to succeed" to one person is anothers monomania. Bale is in a situation where he recognises that he's being treated as a commodity and decided to play the game.
  9. Real's claims about him have all been designed to push him out and paint him in a bad light. He's been in Spain for six years, he absolutely speaks the language. He might not want to go on TV and be interviewed in Spanish, but the idea that he can't converse every day is bollocks. As a counter example, Sergio Aguero doesn't give interviews in English and he's been here half a decade.
  10. Interesting video about Forza and Drivatars over the years.
  11. IIRC, the only Carabao Cup game that Dyche has won during his time at the club was Blackburn away, the one that he would have been absolutely criticised for if he hadn't. I think his domestic Cup record overall is something like played 15, won 4. Most of those losses are to lower division opposition.
  12. I'm not planning on paying a tenner to find out.
  13. Good news! The Burnley vs Sheffield United Carabao Cup tie will be streamed live via the official Carabao Cup website. It's going to cost you the tiny sum of £10! Just £10! And season ticket holders get a 100% non-discount!
  14. I saw this elsewhere - not wanting to piss on your chips, but someone looking to put £2m into a Conference side in the middle of a pandemic when there isn't even a guarantee when clubs will be allowed to let paying spectators in... I'd be very, very careful. Especially as Stephen Vaughans 12 year ban from being a company director ends in two months.
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