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  1. That looks like it has been put together by someone who knows exactly how stupid yet awesome the original Top Gun was.
  2. So they just get outspent by clubs financially doped by petro-states, hedge funds and leveraged buyouts instead?
  3. Would you rather those insane millions were given to six clubs and the other 12 be left unable to compete? You know, how La Liga works.
  4. Burnley away. Not so much a football shirt, more street leisurewear with a whacking great Chinese betting company logo on it. Catalogue shot.
  5. A bit, though I play to relax and yes - my Type 9 is a truck. The key is building up rep in a system by doing delivery or "source" missions where you are 2 hops or less away. The delivery stuff I would accept is <3000 tons as the Type 9 will hold 752, so that is four runs. Every so often you would get a "Source <1500 for 20+ million" type mission, which really helps. As a rule of thumb, 3 million per 1% between Tycoon and Elite. Switching between the Type 9 and an Asp (80t) to do smaller runs (<160t) kept things varied. You end up getting "Deliver 3t" missions for 1.5m and the Asp is great for knocking a few of those off. Also builds rank with the Fed or Empire. I'm Post Captain, 75% with the Federation. (Got King with the Empire a long time ago.)
  6. After taking about six months off the game, a couple of months ago, I set myself a goal of hitting Trader Elite by 19th July.
  7. The Athletic has a sound model and will definitely be around for a while. Not that I pay for it, mind.
  8. Also, empty stadiums are very bad for the Premier League brand.
  9. And me. Dunk or Tarkowski. I would have thought that Tarkowski was more Rogers type.
  10. £20m for a current England international is a bargain. Especially one with the quality of Trippier. Probably one of the best crossers and dead ball strikers in the Premier League. I think he might well thrive in La Liga.
  11. Nope. No they didn't. That would be Flake in the cooking pot. Then from 2012 onwards he was still in the pot, but Till would motion to the crowd "I need a bigger flame thrower" and then get one, with added flame and explosions. This time.
  12. Didn't Clive Allen do similar in the 80s. Brief stop at QPR, or maybe Spurs?
  13. Obviously, you're both wrong.
  14. Rammstein. Milton Keynes. Holy fuckballs. Are they genuinely trying to kill Flake? How does he agree to doing that? Nutter.
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