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  1. In short, an athlete decides to disrupt her carefully planned diet in an Olympic year to go eat a dodgy burrito from a Mexican van. Uh huh. Cheating, with a dose of added racism.
  2. Whereas 15% possession and a 0-0 is almost my idea of football heaven.
  3. Great line from elsewhere. "Surely with Morata it's just a case of sitting him down and telling him to try and miss on purpose."
  4. A shame, as he was never anything less than reliably solid and usually pretty damned watchable.
  5. I thought Rice was very good - he was a defensive shield for the centre backs. (I actually thought that Stones was wearing #4 for a while.) And he was spending a lot of time looking over his shoulder to check where the nearest opponent was before shuttling the ball sideways. Not glamorous, but effective. What is interesting is that England comfortably playing a "continental" style, a lot of passing and retaining of possession rather than the old fashioned firing it long and forward. It's hard to judge - yes Croatia were WC semi-finalists three years ago (I still maintain that E
  6. This is a great game. That goalie is playing himself out of a job.
  7. Nothing says more about how Europe is a rapidly integrating whole than players named Martin Brathwaite, Thomas Delaney and Denzil Dumfries are not playing for the countries that you think. Anyway fuck me, what a goal for Ukraine.
  8. He’s a right back not a left back.
  9. Nothing summed up the ego of the previous generation of England players than Joe Hart trying to psyche out Andrea Pirlo and getting Panenka’d for his troubles. Is it wrong of me to tune in for the second half, see Weghorst shithouse the goalie and a defender in quick succession and think “Mmm, he would do a job at Burnley”?
  10. To be honest, if I come across as moaning it’s because if England fail this time it is frustrating that they are this close to being a very good side but seem to have the ability to self-destruct. Each player is individually brilliant but most have a rick in them. It’s a constant worry that they’ll find a way to blow it.
  11. Taking credit for things is clearly something that he learned from his uncle.
  12. Apparently he’s ahead of Nick Pope because of his distribution.
  13. Just seen the replay. Yes. Perfectly threaded.
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