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  1. Got to admit though, they are the best type of derby win.
  2. So far Eisbrecher was put back a year (again!), Terrorvision six months and I've got two Rammstein gigs on 12th and 19th June. The latter is a 35,000 sell-out. Can't see it happening.
  3. That the Wilder Brothers have fallen out with Stuart again.
  4. The idea that exclusives still matter to the buying public is so old hat. It costs so much time and money to develop a game these days of the level that could be considered a AAA system seller that it makes absolutely zero business sense to make it exclusive to a single console.
  5. Mouras header for the goal isn't getting the love it deserved.
  6. Always thought that Moyes made the wrong move in joining Man Utd when he did, even though you could completely understand it. It derailed his career massively. I'm glad that he appears to have recovered his mojo. I think that he has been greatly helped by the pandemic and subsequent lack of fucking around from the idiots on the West Ham board.
  7. It's a nasty movie. Properly nasty. And all the better for it.
  8. Doesn't Ronaldo make more off an Instagram product placement post than he does from playing a match for Juve? I remember seeing something like that.
  9. Shush you. It’s all inbred industrial decay and poverty and we only turn the fog and rain off every hundred years or so. Don’t tell them it can occasionally look like this.
  10. In “Just when you thought they couldn’t devalue a competition more” news I didn’t realise that The B Team Trophy (Papa Johns thingy) from last season is outstanding. The EFL have announced that the 2019-20 Final between Portsmouth and Salford will be played and the winners can lovingly cradle the trophy for 24 hours before the 2020-21 Final is played. https://www.efl.com/news/2021/february/wembley-weekender-for-papa-johns-trophy-finals/
  11. Haaland now has 18 goals in 13 Champions League games.
  12. Anyway, Fulham keep up their remarkable record (31 games without winning at Turf Moor). Sounded a fair 1-1 draw. Dyche subbed a sub in Robbie Brady, who came on for an injured Gudmundsson in the first half, himself got subbed off for Josh Brownhill. He's stalling on a contract renewal and did himself no favours. Oh, more anti-football from the Clarets. Ball starts 18 yards inside the Burnley half and two touches later it's on the Fulham penalty spot for Barnes to score.
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