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  1. There's a Smooth Turning option in the settings on PS4 at least, I noticed it earlier. It makes the X and O turns rotate you rather than snap in increments. This is pretty great in VR, isn't it? Barring anything more than ten feet in front of you being fuzzy. I spent half hour in the landing bay just gawping at the ships and waving at aliens.
  2. It just came naturally for me through leveling guns and frames and twatting around on Hydron/Helene. I've stalled at MR19 now, mainly because I've got most of what I craved and can't be arsed to research more. There's always something else to be doing if you're capping out. Like play Sekiro!
  3. Pretty sure it's a hard cap unlike syndicate standing. You could visit Ticker, stack up bonds and just hand in up to the cap everyday. Then go do something else until reset, like MR ranks.
  4. I'd forgotten about Baro in all the update excitement. There goes my attempt at earning free plat by buying an extra Jolt a few months ago...
  5. QoL updates coming soon. Including: Individual Extraction: Non-Wave Endless! You are now able to extract from Survival, Excavation, and Defection missions independent of your squad. FINALLY. Um, yeah, that's not a thing as far as I know. Bug, I assume? Annoying for sure. Excellent! You can now fill your orbiter with floofs because that is a perfectly normal thing to do. Honestly, they're fine. You both have Nezha, there is no content he can't do. Pick one with quick run-and-gun missions it'll be over in no time! Cheers! Will do, only been on briefly past couple of nights.
  6. With Gara, you can cast Splinter Storm on the Defense target for a 90% DR. Nezha can use Safeguard to cast Warding Halo on allies too, which I'd never bothered with until someone in a sortie cast it on my Saryn and it basically kept me alive for half an hour. A lot of the 'hard' missions in Warframe are really not that bad at all with a half decent set up. If you've done a decent length Survival then you've probably faced that level of enemy difficulty already and shrugged it off. I was scared to step into an Arbitration for ages but the worst thing that happens is you die and have to drop out. The other players are either still going or dropped out before you so it's not like they can give you shit for being rubbish either! I should do more Sorties but I frequently look at the mission types and can't be arsed. Are you on PC, @revlob? Happy to do the friend thing in the future if so. I just ignored the last lot!
  7. More teases after the (clearly Warriors inspired) scanner broadcasts...
  8. Oof, I hope you have an affinity booster! Certainly! Much like Xur, expect disappointment and then you can be pleasantly surprised when something good does finally turn up. Which is probably next week for consoles!
  9. Argh. The latter. It'll be back probably but if you like sci-fi pew pew guns, it's worth it. It's a gun you should own but I can't honestly say I've used it that much. And I have a riven for it.
  10. Just Primed Reach for me. Everything else on PC is pretty bum. Consoles get Primed Charged Shell and Supra Vandal, which is good for a laugh. Re:re: excavations. Try waiting for a Lith Excavation, kills two birds with one stone as you're cracking relics and earning cryotic on the side. Or vice versa.
  11. If it's one or the other, go for Target Cracker. It's much more useful generally and turns Kitguns into some of the best weapons in the game. @Gorf King I've been using Chroma/Rubico Prime and it certainly does the job. I have been wanting to try the Lanka properly though. I can manage your build there, just need to pull my finger out and put some forma in! Also, Albert Finney, eh? Sad news.
  12. No, they just act like colour palettes elsewhere but with the special ability to be slightly different colours to the ones on your frame so they never quite match. I'll probably still buy it.
  13. Honestly, a sniper is just better suited to the job I think: massive single-target damage at a distance. Take a frame with a hefty damage buff (Chroma, Rhino, Octavia might work even!) and you should be 3- or 4-shotting a Teralyst limb. Assuming some smart arse doesn't one shot it first...
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