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  1. Wintermute


    Here you go. Worth mentioning that, when fully powered up, enemies drop gold-looking tokens until you've collected 200 (?) after which they'll drop energy tokens to recharge your guard/barrier. The token counter rapidly runs down and then you start over.
  2. Wintermute


    So, in a move I'm totally blaming on you buggers, I've recently dug out my ancient 360 and set it up with my old monitor in tate just to play the few Cave games I have on there. Pleasantly surprised to find what I thought was plain old Mushi was actually Futari so £10 and an incredible amount of faffing about later (it's impossible to enter a password with capital letters via stick-only input on a 360, who knew?) I now have Black Label. God Mode is indeed wonderfully insane but I think I need to get some semblance of skill back first! Original mode it is, for now. Looking forward to a bash on EspGaluda II and DDP this weekend also. The release of Esp.Ra.De. shares a fair amount of the blame, to be fair, as it's one of my favourite shooters ever. I'm just lacking a decent control method for the Switch. The stick drift on my JoyCon randomly sending me upscreen to die is not the intended way to play it I feel. I've an 8bitDo controller on the way that hopefully has a decent d-pad and I'll probably end up picking up a convertor for my stick if an acceptable one exists. Fucking expensive habit this, isn't it?
  3. The maddest part of that article for me is that Gibson seems to have been responsible for re-introducing NATO straps to the watch world.
  4. Wintermute


    Cave games are 60% off on Steam if anyone doesn't have them yet. https://store.steampowered.com/developer/Cave
  5. Just the Izanagi's Burden quest. It was impossible to complete for quite a while and they supposedly fixed it this week but have just broken it in a different way instead. I got the Gofannon key which just disappeared on use instead of unlocking part of the quest. Seen some redditors saying some of the rare quest rewards just disappear as well. edit: @K That too? Christ. Ah, it's not so bad. Just have one player on the island lobbing magic balls up to the main bit.
  6. They rotate daily unless I'm confusing it with one of the other trillion things to do in this game. It is frustrating they're broken still though. I could be working towards Izanagi's, Jotunn and whatever the other 'craft 10 legendary frames' quest is working towards all at the same time. The alternative is do a shit-ton of forges and then do it all again when fixed which I'm not enamoured with. Don't mind doing a few a week but there's too much to do for me as it is.
  7. Besides break them (again) so it's impossible to get Izanagi's Burden? Otherwise, I dunno, aren't they the same as before?
  8. For Infernal Sea, definitely, as they're the only band in that time slot. Last year, none of us got into Hundred Year Old Man when they were the only option as people were queuing down the corridors. Also, it's sold out this year so there might be issues if one band is way more in demand than the other in the same slot, it's happened before. You can usually cram in eventually, mind.
  9. @max renn It is all one building, yes. Tips? Pace yourself, remember to eat, earplugs, go see Big Business. There's a bunch of us going if you want to experience the full thrill of standing off to the side, nodding semi-enthusiastically and sipping a warm pint. There might even be a pithy comment or two.
  10. It does, you have to change it from the Start screen for reasons unknown. I much prefer it also, but be warned: there's a fair bit of combat dialog you may miss. They do like to waffle on mid-battle.
  11. There's a Smooth Turning option in the settings on PS4 at least, I noticed it earlier. It makes the X and O turns rotate you rather than snap in increments. This is pretty great in VR, isn't it? Barring anything more than ten feet in front of you being fuzzy. I spent half hour in the landing bay just gawping at the ships and waving at aliens.
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