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  1. Wintermute


    Managed to hit legend for the second time ever with Deathrattle Demon Hunter. 65% win rate, 98 games played. It's a really solid deck, if anyone here is still arsed about climbing ladder.
  2. I imagine a fair few have seen this with it's ridiculous amount of views, but if not, enjoy: And a bonus: O'connor Nelson's part there is
  3. I hit pity on Ganyu, levelled her to 20 and with the free wish you get from that rolled Diluc, just...randomly. Nowhere near pity. And now he's sat there, probably the best DPS in the game, half-levelled, because I already got Xinyan at 70 and there's too many fun characters to try and nowhere near enough resources. Should have left him at 20 but it felt like a waste... I ignored talents for ages but they do make a massive difference. You can spread the cost by only levelling the talents you use most at first (Oz, Bennett's E, Xingqui's ult). Xingqui's passive can come in clutch when crafting rarer books too because that shit gets expensive.
  4. Well, shit. I was never really a fan of his stuff, but 49 is no age to go. RIP.
  5. I had this problem on my Series S, except it wouldn't actually connect, or sync anything, or load the store. Testing the network connection sometimes kicked it into life, sometimes rebooting, maybe waiting. No rhyme or reason. Super fucking annoying. So, if anyone else has this problem: Switch off the 5ghz option on your router. I eventually found the answer under 'Known Issues: Multiplayer games fail to connect' which wasn't my issue at all but whatever, works perfectly now!
  6. I've done that loads of times, more often continuing when I want out. If you re-enter you can just carry on from the floor where you left off. My tactic so far has been 'twat it with Xiangling', seems to work. The Crescent Pike you can craft from the Blacksmith is an excellent weapon for her if you don't have it. Any artifacts with ATK, ATK%, PhysDMG or Pyro will help a lot. Level some up if you have to, but the general advice I believe is to farm artifacts post AR35, or 40 if you can be arsed to wait that long. There's a much better chance of 4 and 5 star drops the from the Domains then. Just hit AR35 myself last night, the game is now 'spend all your resin to grind artifacts and materials' now and not much else. Roll on the update.
  7. Here you go. Worth mentioning that, when fully powered up, enemies drop gold-looking tokens until you've collected 200 (?) after which they'll drop energy tokens to recharge your guard/barrier. The token counter rapidly runs down and then you start over.
  8. So, in a move I'm totally blaming on you buggers, I've recently dug out my ancient 360 and set it up with my old monitor in tate just to play the few Cave games I have on there. Pleasantly surprised to find what I thought was plain old Mushi was actually Futari so £10 and an incredible amount of faffing about later (it's impossible to enter a password with capital letters via stick-only input on a 360, who knew?) I now have Black Label. God Mode is indeed wonderfully insane but I think I need to get some semblance of skill back first! Original mode it is, for now. Looking forward to a bash on EspGaluda II and DDP this weekend also. The release of Esp.Ra.De. shares a fair amount of the blame, to be fair, as it's one of my favourite shooters ever. I'm just lacking a decent control method for the Switch. The stick drift on my JoyCon randomly sending me upscreen to die is not the intended way to play it I feel. I've an 8bitDo controller on the way that hopefully has a decent d-pad and I'll probably end up picking up a convertor for my stick if an acceptable one exists. Fucking expensive habit this, isn't it?
  9. The maddest part of that article for me is that Gibson seems to have been responsible for re-introducing NATO straps to the watch world.
  10. Cave games are 60% off on Steam if anyone doesn't have them yet. https://store.steampowered.com/developer/Cave
  11. Just the Izanagi's Burden quest. It was impossible to complete for quite a while and they supposedly fixed it this week but have just broken it in a different way instead. I got the Gofannon key which just disappeared on use instead of unlocking part of the quest. Seen some redditors saying some of the rare quest rewards just disappear as well. edit: @K That too? Christ. Ah, it's not so bad. Just have one player on the island lobbing magic balls up to the main bit.
  12. They rotate daily unless I'm confusing it with one of the other trillion things to do in this game. It is frustrating they're broken still though. I could be working towards Izanagi's, Jotunn and whatever the other 'craft 10 legendary frames' quest is working towards all at the same time. The alternative is do a shit-ton of forges and then do it all again when fixed which I'm not enamoured with. Don't mind doing a few a week but there's too much to do for me as it is.
  13. Besides break them (again) so it's impossible to get Izanagi's Burden? Otherwise, I dunno, aren't they the same as before?
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