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  1. Traynor's my favourite from the album, great song. I do wish the singer Matt Bigland kept Mother Vulpine together though The bassist is Tom Hudson who now fronts Pulled Apart by Horses. I like both bands a lot, but Mother Vulpine really had a great sound. A shame they never recorded at least one album proper.
  2. That was Steve Punt from The Mary Whitehouse Experience
  3. One of the best bands there is today as far as I'm concerned. I do like the new album but agree about the filler tracks. It's nice to see the band active after several years, I'm very grateful they did a third album.
  4. I have previously used an M3 DS Real and am looking to get a new card. The Acekard2i seems to be well liked here. Has anyone tried the M3i Zero?
  5. That's a fantastic album, probably their best. So Divided is my personal favourite though. I'll mention the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster as I don't think anyone else has. Also, the new Wildhearts album is a corker. Their best in years
  6. For me this is going to be album of the year easy. Not as good as the first two albums, but it deserves to be in their company certainly. I'm really liking the title track, Chutzpah and also Low Energy Vortex. Can't wait to get my mitts on the JAP copy with the extra 4 tracks
  7. MO2J


    I like several tracks from Swim a lot, but they abandoned that style when they did Yesterday Went Too Soon. Nothing wrong with that as such, but for me they became an ordinary band overnight. W.I.T, Shade, Stereo World and their b-sides Chicken On a Bone and TV Me are all fantastic songs that I'm proud to own. I've always found Yesterday Went Too Soon onwards really bland after hearing that stuff. Each to their own though I guess B)
  8. I didn't like The Only One very much at all, but having heard clips of the album I'm reassured. I think there's been something missing from The Wildhearts since they reformed and did ...Must be Destroyed. I can't wait for the new album, by the sound of things it'll be the best one since P.H.U.Q. Hoping that Amazon will have it bang on at midnight. Here's a free non-album track they're giving away http://www.thewildhearts.com/2009/08/15/th...and-the-spider/
  9. The Wildhearts. Ginger's an amazingly versatile songwriter and musician - a true legend!
  10. Listening to the album Marquee Moon by Television, fantastic music
  11. The Afghan Whigs Mad Capsule Markets The Wildhearts
  12. I don't really know anything about drumming but I've always really enjoyed Fyfe Ewing, the original drummer from Therapy? (he's absolutely incredible on the Nurse album) and Mike Bordin from when he was in Faith No More.
  13. I brought some VCD's from eBay several years back, but this is a really nice boxset to have. You get some postcards, a poster and a synopsis of each episode in the booklet. Very nicely put together. The show holds up really well to this day. I hope that the CG movie is good (though the fact that it's from the maker of Inspector Gadget doesn't bode too well). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mysteriou...Gold_%28film%29
  14. I'm a pretty big fan of Equilibrium - but if it's exciting gunplay and choreography you're after, Ryuhei Kitamura's Versus is top dog B)
  15. I'm loving the new album. Inner City Overture is very good. The next single The New Flesh is great as well. Enjoying The Sweetest Song without the beeps!
  16. Grandia Xtreme has an even more refined battle system than Grandia 2. However, the story is a bit weak and Grandia 2 is overall a better game. I don't like the Tales' battle system as much as Grandia 2's, but to me Tales of Symphonia is a better RPG than Grandia 2 in every aspect except the battle system.
  17. I've had it for a couple of days now and am about 10 hours in. The combat system takes a little getting used too at first, but beomes second nature after a while. The story's a little cliched, but I like the characters and enjoy the game enough to know I will see it through. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and my expectations have pretty much been met B)
  18. nice one Kerraig! (looks at avatar) ...and Ulysses 13 is cool as well B)
  19. Awesome singer/songwriter that I will miss very much. Looking forward to the LP. If you like Elliot Smith, Brendan Benson is well worth checking out if you've not heard him. His last album Lapalco is one of my favourite LP's of the last several years. I'd liken him to be quite similar to some of Elliot's more perky moments like 'Question Mark'. A band I really like whom you may have heard of; My Vitriol, did a cover of Elliot's Bottle Up & Explode. You can download it here: http://www.myvitriol.com/media/audio/bottleup.mp3
  20. Thanks for the welcome Hambury, much appreciated B) Skies' definitley was not perfect inside-out. The combat especially left a lot to be desired. What really won me over though was the sense of adventure, the characters, the settings and the story. I think for myself, when playing an RPG I'm less gameplay-oriented than normal and tend to be more concerned bout the story and characters rather than the battle system. On the flipside, I thought that the PS2 RPG Grandia Xtreme had a mind-blowingly good battle system, but a pants storyline. Hopefully Tales of Symphonia will be able to achieve a nice balance. The battle system alone almost tempted me to import a Jap version on several occasions. I've played many an RPG in my time (FF series, Chrono series, Xeno series, Suikoden series, Lunar series etc.) but I have not tried a Tales' game as yet. Regardless of the end-product, I think that in the short-term ebayers will end up making money out of some of the previous Tales' games Incidentally, something else that attracted me to Tales of Symphonia is the use of cel-shading. Like the current love-affair developers have with 'ragdoll physics', this effect has been done to death and doesn't always work (see Wild Arms 3). When used properly however (Viewtiful Joe, Jet Set Radio & the unnessessarily maligned Windwaker), it can really add to the immersiveness (is that a gramatically correct word ) of a game. I might be expecting a little too much of Tales of Symphonia to be honest, but I'm sure I will enjoy it - and it looks like it will definitley give my current fav RPG of this generation (Suikoden III) a run for its money.
  21. Hello - my first post here B) Got my copy from Tronix, which has been shipped today using FedEx. Bearing in mind that we have had to wait so long for a localized version, I want to get my grubby hands on the game ASAP What attracted me to this game initially was that it has that same sense of adventure and liveliness that attracted me to Skies of Arcadia. I remember seeing a few static screenshots of Skies' and having a 'feeling' about that game, long before it came out. Years later it remains my favourite RPG. Not sure I will like Tales' to the same extent, or even if it will become a landmark title down the line. However, after playing among others, KOTOR, Disgaea, Chronicles of Riddick & Broken Sword 3 - I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into a straight-forward Japanese-style RPG again. And with that in mind, I can't wait to play Star Ocean 3 (out very soon FINALLY!), Xenosaga Episode 2 (another long wait I predict), Dragon Quest VIII & Final Fantasy XII (and Sudeki too if it does not turn out to be rubbish)
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