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  1. Exactly, I don't know why people are so serious . Looks like B@sea doesn't visit the forum nowadays Its just amazing how everyone wrote off mobile gaming and now every bastard child has the latest phone and a data package
  2. On 11/01/2011 at 15:31, Spacehost said: I think it's pretty bonkers to think that the nacent smartphone game market- which on Android is so far behind the DS in terms of useability and quality as to make comparisons of the two platforms absurd- will replace portable game systems. Boyatsea Posted January 11, 2011 Well, bonkers or not, the model adopted by smartphones will eventually replace and supersede what we currently understand as handhelds. I can tell you, on my side of the fence, it's bonkers to think the ball isn't already in motion on th
  3. After the latest Battlegrounds player base news and success of Fortnite mobile our old chum B@sea was right. Boyatsea Posted January 10, 2011 I think, if I was to hazard a guess, both 3DS and PSP2 combined will sell around a third to half less than what DS and PSP have managed by the end of the 'generation'. They're both going to be superseded several times over by smartphones. Just an opinion, of course Couldn't reply in the sale's thread as it's closed. Some choice quotes scottcr Posted January 10, 2011
  4. Sainsbos £35 when you spend £30 on shopping I think.
  5. On talkSPORT they were advertising the Xbone version for £35 when bought with a £15 Xbox live voucher at Tesco available from midnight.
  6. Thanks. Was mainly asking for a FIFA mad friend. One other thing I have read is the US version will have ESPN presentation instead of Sky Sports presentation is this true?
  7. Just a couple of questions with going US digital download route then playing on a UK PS+ accounts. After it's downloaded with the new (non ps+) US account can you just log into your UK (ps+) account and play as normal? Can you still buy Ultimate Team packs with UK accounts like normal? With UK credit or from a UK Bank card from the dash? In the slim chance your PS4 breaks and you get a replacement console. Will the download be only be playable with the primary US account you downloaded it originally with? Thanks
  8. I just hope Minecraft doesn't go the way of NSS after 'that' update!
  9. Are N64 style expansion packs possible for the bone?
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