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  1. Do you want to play our games tonight mate?
  2. SO is this worth downloading whats on it?
  3. If you have live download the demo. I was going to unitl I downloaded it.
  4. I downloaded the Demo last night. I didn't like it at all. It just didn't click with me. Got to a bit where there was a broken bridge and couldnt be bothered with working out what to do.
  5. Still waiting also I am in Sunderland
  6. Did you have to sign the GF is going out. Will it be ok to leave a note saying leave in porch and leave next door????
  7. Some on AVforum have recieved there from Argos! Get in!
  8. Nothing here either and my Bitch GF is moaning about being stuck in the house already!!! Has anyone called them up today??
  9. snk

    Xbox 360

    £700 for something that costs £280! I am really tempted to sell mine I mean £700 or a 360 what do I need????
  10. snk

    Xbox 360

    God me to. Not been this excited since I imported a Jap DC the week it was launched in Japan. I am 25 you would think I was 8!
  11. Because most people have a kid hidden inside
  12. I ordered with an incorrect fucking email address so can't check order. I called the other day and everything was cool but I am still a little worried. They said they couldn't correct the email??? Not as worried as my GF though as I have told her she is dead if she misses the knock at the door
  13. Anyone know what delivery method they are using??
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