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  1. It is, but I think people are relieved it wasn't a fourth loss in a row. I only listened on iFollow but sounds like a decent performance apart from not converting anything.
  2. Couldn't quite get the winner against Morecombe, but at least we didn't lose to them and get dragged into the dropzone. Still a bit precarious though, but at least Woodyard and Palmer started.
  3. I'd hate to think what the average age of our squad would be without Palmer and Woodyard, probably not old enough to buy their post match fags! I can't see us selling unless the offer is very much improved, we're not actually in financial trouble, just having to control costs for a few years until the dust from move settles. Edit: Plus the buyer being a known moneybags should inflate the price even more
  4. I wouldn't blame Wrexham for trying to buy him, but I would blame our board for selling him. Centre forward is one of the two positions where we have no cover. I would say we've got about 20% chance of being relegated with him and 80% if he goes. I've seen the cost of relegation quoted as about £400k, so £180k is nowhere near enough even if he is in the final year of his contract. Another problem is if he has been personally offered loads and his head has been turned and performances drop. Regarding financial controls, I think a 50+1 rule would make a lot of sense preventing owners from asset stripping or running clubs into the ground. It wouldn't stop well subsidised teams poaching players though, but we can't really complain too loudly as there were complaints from the other Combined Counties teams when we were reformed in tier 9 with a pre-built fanbase. Our dedication to being fans owned is definitely costing us money (and therefore competitiveness) now though. We only just managed to get New Plough Lane (I mean the Cherry Red Records Fan's Stadium) built and avoid being groundless a second time. That would have killed the club. Meanwhile some wag has said Woodyard was going to you as well, and updated Wikipedia to show that! This did not go down well.
  5. It should be illegal! They are called the MK Franchise He might not have been so keen if he was a Boreham Wood!
  6. Fucking hell, a bid for our top scorer comes in from a team two leagues below. It's shit being skint. I know Wrexham have got Hollywood money but for fuck's sake. @Fatsam we are going to fall out!
  7. Boreham Wood was the Saturday match, the MK Franchise was our Tuesday night fixture involving the weird banner. I went to the former but fuck entering the belly of the beast.
  8. It was at their modern but empty stadium actually, but sickening all the less. Hardly any of our fans go because they don't want to give them any money. The home fans had pathetic little red and white plastic flags like it was a champions league match for them and a goady banner saying "the club that will never die"! Fucking cheek. We actually played a lot better than our recent matches, except for a 10 minute spell of madness where we were trying be be too cute passing around our goal and gifted them the ball which lead to their goal, and then got a red card for a second foul when in headless chicken mode. Even with 10 men we looked ok, albeit understandably stretched. The ref gave us nothing all match though, how you could be sympathetic to that lot I have no idea. Properly in a relegation battle now.
  9. Saturday was miserable. Partly because of Boreham Wood's facilities - uncovered terraces, rain, strong icy winds, limited view, but all of that would have been fine if we'd got a result. First half we set up with a back three incorporating only one centre back, the other two didn't really know who they were meant to be covering most of the time. Second half we brought on a second centre back (back from injury), looked better but just crossed 100 balls into the box that their towering, well-drilled back 5 could easily clear ahead of our slender young whippets. The difference in height and strength between the teams was massive; our youth-first policy creates some nice football sometimes but others we just get bullied off the ball. On top of that, it's a really bad time to have a slump in form because we're playing the club-stealing Milton Keynes Franchise tomorrow.
  10. Cold, wet, losing to a team 2 leagues below us. Double shit & piss chips.
  11. Are you fighting online Julianas? Humans are much much tougher than the AI. Try setting it to Friends Only.
  12. Fuck me that was very very bad. At least I heard a new song "we've had a shot", sung in the 82nd minute.
  13. This is our first match for 18 days so glad it seems to be taking place at Oxford. It's one of my nearest away matches but I hate going there. This time the 3 sided stadium will come into it's own as it lets in lots of fresh air.
  14. Portsmouth & Charlton cancelled, Oxford seems to be on then Plymouth have cancelled already.
  15. This universally acclaimed game better be worth £1.43 or I'll hold you guys accountable
  16. I'm enjoying this. The first few hours were frustrating because I was trying to do stuff I was aware of (either from reviews or this place) but it turns out wasn't unlocked yet. I've been thinking about my diabolical final day run, but disappointingly it seems it might be a bit spoon fed from now on. If so it will be a bit of a shame but I can see why they'd do it for hordes who'd get stuck, but I would have welcomed an approach more like Outer Wilds where you have to figure things out. Difficulty wise, once you've found your feet, the NPCs are very easy to kill, especially after a few upgrades, so the only real danger is from invasions or complacency. I have to invasion off when I've had a drink though.
  17. Pompey cancelled our game. Shame as it would have been a full house today, but half empty if moved to some random Tuesday night, so that's a load of cash we won't see. They will probably have spent millions by the next time we see them as well
  18. Bloody hell, Ipswich losing to Barrow in the cup. Also, what have you done to Joe Piggott?
  19. Apparently, this has sold £40,000,000 worth of tokens already. They don't even need to bother making the game now! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/peter-molyneuxs-next-game-has-sold-40-million-in-nfts
  20. Hamilton could still win if he throws a shoe over the pub
  21. 'Next goal counts double' when one team is trailing, just to keep it interesting at the end.
  22. 2-2 after a late flurry of goals. Thought we won it in extra time though
  23. One up at Wycombe, we're never going to hold that lead!
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