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  1. We still get to play everyone below us, but the last 4 matches look like sure defeats .
  2. I'd say you're looking pretty safe, it's looking like any 4 of the bottom 7 will go down. We would have been bottom if we'd lost by 2 last night.
  3. Wow, I would love to read that. I didn't have an N64 in my house so I was completely overpowered by people that did when it came to Goldeneye multiplayer sessions. I remember scouring the internet for the multiplayer maps but could never find anything useful.
  4. It looks like the notorious Tiertex soted their act out around 1991, judging by this list https://www.lemonamiga.com/games/list.php?list_developer=Tiertex Their graphics were amazing considering the 16 colours. The scrolling in Gods though . It's funny how the Megadrive port runs too fast because there was no easy way to emulate the ST's judder.
  5. A lot of early games played better on C64 than Amiga because the Amiga port was near identical to the ST version. It was common to use hardware scrolling and sprites on the C64 for a 50fps game but the 16-bit version would target the accursed ST and turn out at 25fps (if you were lucky) with block scrolling and a massive score panel becase it didn't have the hardware support. So the more powerful system ended up with games that were less responsive and jerkier . Here's a list where people have analysed the update rate of many popular games http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=8020
  6. Two of us have built stuff too close to our beds and got stuck after respawning. It's funnier when you're the rescuer!
  7. This newly Early Access title seems to be gathering momentum in PC gaming circles, and I can see that a few of you have taken the plunge already. It's yet another survival game in which you gather resources to build and craft weapons in order to explore and tackle increasingly dangerous enemies. I think the reason that it has become so popular is the how well judged the progression is. The graphic style is a strange mixture of PS1-style unfiltered textures and over the top pixel shaders, the soundtrack is suitability relaxing. It's very much cooperative focussed, I've bee
  8. Picked up a much needed win at fellow strugglers Wigan on Saturday, scored two nicely worked goals, let in two shockers, fell apart then somewhat regrouped to win a penalty. Also we got absolutely roasted in our search for a new manager here https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/cowley-brothers-will-not-pursue-afc-wimbledon-managerial-vacancy/
  9. Oh look, a new scam has been dreamt up! https://www.polygon.com/features/2021/2/4/22264605/elite-dangerous-newbies-trapped-forced-labor The griefers trick a player with low jump range onto a fleet carrier, jump the carrier to a system the noob can't jump out of, then force them to mine.
  10. No, bring up the RegroArch menu in game, adjust the options the save as the default for that game only. It will be loaded whenever that game is started, at least for libretro emulators (name starts with LR).
  11. You can definitely save per-game RetroArch configuration, I did so for multitap SNES games.
  12. That would be my jumping in point, because my RetroPie is basically only used for Bomberman, and it's too weedy to do Saturn Bomberman.
  13. Why the fuck has the PL not blocked leveraged buyouts yet? There can't be any good in having teams drained like this.
  14. I'm actually watching more than ever thanks to iFollow. I don't live locally so only I only managed a couple of home games a year and a few of the nearest away games previously.
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