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  1. Good that the resolution has gone from 1440×1600 to 2448×2448, refresh rate from 90fps to 120fps and FoV from 110 to 120 degrees, but a shame that the move from OLED to LCD will impact the black levels. I'm guessing no HDR as well.
  2. Anyone else seen that Grimsby and Southend are petitioning to scrap relegation from League 2 on the basis that a) there were no fans this year and b) no one is getting relegated from the conference? What a crap argument, that would also block relegation and promotion from all the other leagues I guess we can't talk as we voted to end last season early
  3. Dirty Man U fan attacking brave police knuckles
  4. Embarrassing end to the season for us, losing but staying up because the rest of the bottom six also lost.
  5. Actually hearing the police statement just now about the violence and injuries I'm not so sure of my position.
  6. Nah, that was way out of the comfort zone of the prawn sandwich brigade. Some of them maybe, others are aiming higher for a legacy. I'm not condoning the guy who fired a flare at the sky gantry though, that is way out of order.
  7. A guy on Radio 5 earlier said that this could still be escalated further. The fans could strike and form a picket line, and that would force the players to declare what side they are on. That would be an event!
  8. I am shocked and stunned by the events of today. Who would have thought Man Utd would have the best fans in the big six?
  9. Could someone please tell me that a keyboard is a keyboard, clickyness will make no difference to gameplay, and that I'm hardly Rick fucking Wakeman anyway?
  10. It was a rollercoaster last night @neoELITE! Sloppy defending to let in three set piece goals, missing a second penalty in a row is annoying; coming back from behind showed character though. All these big teams next season should be good for away gates (if that ever happens gain). My dad supports Wednesday so would be great to take him to Plough Lane to see them.
  11. I’m pretty convinced that the series will end with Carmichael dual wielding MP5s and gunning down 100 goons.
  12. Not as many as you took! I don't think we'd ever sell a controlling share of the club after what happened last time round. We have major trust issues. It rules out ever getting back into the Premiership but we're at peace with that. If you'd have offered a draw last month we'd have bitten your hand off.
  13. Bristol and Swindon are down, so it's down to two from four. We would almost have been safe if if we hadn't missed a penalty. There's a lot riding on the match with Rochdale on Tuesday. We both seem to have hit a run of good form at the same time.
  14. Good to see the Arsenal fans out in numbers. "Pin the fail on the Kronke"
  15. Woohoo, more ESL gossip! This would have taken several minutes to fake so let's assume it's genuine. It makes me hate Barca and Madrid more by the day. Absolutely pathetic from Milan, Inter and Atheltico to accept half the money. Also not at all surprising to see Bayern, Paris and Dortmund around for the initial investigations. https://www.spiegel.de/sport/super-league-diese-klauseln-stecken-im-geheimen-gruendungsvertrag-a-baa19242-f1c3-4e39-b6a3-c1d2baedb5e2
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