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  1. I'm a Wimbledon fan, don't live locally so have to choose my matches. Last night we played 2 pre-season friendlies at the same time, I think for the reason that some of the lads who would be on loan haven't played much die to interrupted seasons in the lower leagues. The new stadium looks really nice but the test events required to get a safety certificate have been disrupted by COVID. The next one we need to find 4000 people to sit in the main stand against Scunthorpe. I'd love to do it because I doubt I'd get to sit there normally but sadly am already busy that weekend. If anyone is local then tickets are free https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2021/july/scunthorpe-tickets-now-available/
  2. I was actually supporting Italy all along because of that English woman that threw a cat in the bin, so take that Scotland and Wales fans.
  3. 2nd over all, 1-1 in the final, not a bad tournament
  4. No, they just increase the ‘years of hurt’. The only way to defeat it is set it to zero.
  5. The Nextmen are getting involved with some buildup hype tunes https://www.twitch.tv/the_nextmen
  6. They’ve got to get that on the Wembley PA before the match!
  7. It's got to be assault, hasn't it? Hope they find and charge the bastard.
  8. I'll stop after the final, and in the unlikely event England win the Euros I'm sure I won't miss a fortnight's food.
  9. I've been placing consolation bets against England all tournament and I'm £60 down, so I need to stake another £60 to potentially cover my losses . This is how they hook you isn't it?
  10. Has anyone else been hearing unnatural sounding crowd noise surges during the matches? This is on a stereo setup. Like they're mixing microphones from different parts of the stadium but ramming the crossfader too fast.
  11. Forgot about the backpass in the first minutes. How did they get away with that?
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