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  1. Absolutely battered in the first half by the Posh, Dembelè looked really good in particular, but managed to get to the break without conceding. In the second, we came out attacking and scored two from some good pressure. They regained the ascendancy, got one back from a free kick but couldn’t find the second. First win at Plough Lane, probably against the best team I’ve seen this season too.
  2. Predictably didn't play that well yesterday, certainly no better than Crawley. The lack of training time is showing.
  3. We were terrible against Barrow! At least someone has kindly moved our Tuesday match back to Wednesday. Sadly the stadium's not finished for punters yet. Need to sweep up the rubble and fit some toilets before we can try and organise test events. London will probably go into tier 3 before we're ready.
  4. Squeaked through on penalties against Barrow last night. We're going to be shagged for Crawley on Sunday. Also we're on iPlayer and getting £12,500 for it, but this could cost us money of we were expecting more than 1250 on iFollow!
  5. If I was going to use Voice Attack it would be for pip-management during combat because it's what I struggle at the moment, but I don't think I'd be too popular shouting "engines, weapons, system, system, system, system, weapons, weapons, engines, engines, ENGINES, ENGINES" at night.
  6. We played on Saturday and Tuesday, and have a game Thursday (at Barrow!) of which the winners will play again on Sunday. Barrow also played Saturday and Tuesday. We used all 5 subs last night!
  7. Fucking hell, never mind adblocking, I want a gurn-blocking browser extension.
  8. A second account would be good. How hard is it to create without downloading the game again?
  9. Well they need to, there's only 27 games that support it . https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-enables-dlss-in-four-new-games-with-up-to-120-performance-boost
  10. I hope we've insured the goalposts
  11. I have heard that an electronic games purveyor by the unlikely name of 'Epic' will be releasing this for no charge on their 'Games Store' (whatever that is) in 16 days time.
  12. No idea who makes the call. It seems a bit inconsistent between teams.
  13. We’ve got the lurgi so no matches for a fortnight
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