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  1. A story event! The super weapon to defeat the Thargoids has just been activated. Log in to view or watch below. Apparently even more fun if you were in HIP 22450 at the time
  2. Do we need a new "man on" call?
  3. What is this strange feeling? Is it what you all call 'a win'?
  4. I vaguely remember Geoff Minter saying that Atari Star Raiders was one of the best shooters of the era
  5. This is probably the worst thing I have ever seen
  6. I've got no idea how our new-look Charlton Reject / Brentford Feeder team will get on this year. There were fewer departures following our relegation than I expected, Jack Rudoni to Huddersfield, Nesta Guinness Walker to Reading. Surprised no one snapped up Ayoub Assal, not sure if his size or his fieriness has put people off. Some experience added to the back line with Gunther and Pierce, and promising loans Paris and NYC from the Bees. Also the 6'9" Hudlin from Huddersfield who should be easy to make out from a distance. Last year we had an academy team with an academy coach playing academy football 4-2-3-1. This year I expect a hard to beat but less exciting 3-5-2 with a more real-world attitude. Now I just have to get over the shame of being in the last slot on the Football League Show.
  7. Did anyone watch the match last night? Would be interested to see how Jack Rudoni fared when he came on for Huddersfield. I hope the lad goes far.
  8. I think life's too short to bother with the the business missions, they're so dull. At the moment if I'm solo I do the Agency Payphone missions which are quite entertaining, sort of Hitman (very) light by killing people specific ways (to unlock you need to buy an Agency and then do several of the standard missions from the Agency computer). Going to try the ULP mission series with my crew later. I found this screen which tracks the jobs you've done. It's much better finding something new than grinding the same old thing (not my screenshot).
  9. Compare R-Type 1988 and 2012 versions here http://www.cpcgamereviews.co.uk/r/index11.html Guess which is which!
  10. There were a few tricks with the CPC that only got discovered quite late, such as timing mid-frame CRTC updates to get smoother scrolling, and pre-shifting each sprite 4 times in memory to get around the nasty video memory layout.
  11. I don't think you need to buy anything to play it, it's just a phone call to a new contact.
  12. Yeah, I would have thought there would be loads more adoption if VR headset was just a display option in 'normal' games rather than having to shoe-horn in waggle and teleport.
  13. What's stopping games being controlled normally (joypad or mouse and keys) in VR, is it sickness or decoupling look/aim? My room isn't big enough to be ducking and weaving miming a firefight.
  14. They're more different than the above photo makes it look. I like it, the light blue is a 20th anniversary special based on the first season as AFCW when we had practically DIY kits from Tempest Sports, the dark blue is a shout out to the WFC 90's era. Shame the 3rd kit is red really, I would have gone sky blue.
  15. I didn't play a Saturn until it was retro. I didn't play a PC game between the CGA cyan & magenta monstrosity era and Duke Nukem 3d. That was quite a jump.
  16. I was thinking it's amongst the best I've seen, totally sympathetic to the music.
  17. Yeah, not helping with my plans for an early night though!
  18. Is there still a dance tent? I've not seen any coverage from it.
  19. The developer of Tiny Bobble deliberately made a few changes compared to the arcade version. Such as resetting all counters in between games! https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=103546&page=6
  20. I'd say that the secrets in Bubble Bobble are way too obscure. Having items depend on counters which are not reset between games is nuts!
  21. Why are they doing another round of pointless Nations League matches? 3 was more than enough. These boys should be resting on a beach.
  22. What a session! I fully expected a NZ win after Root got out.
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