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  1. I'm up for a forum guild, I have the first week of September off work as well.
  2. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    What do people think the open market would be like for Dak Prescott? He has reportedly turned down $30 million a year and I realise the details could be bad, guaranteed money etc but do you think other teams would top that money?
  3. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    So in an effort to increase player safety the NFL performed exhaustive testing on all the available helmets. They published a list of which models were fit and safe for use for NFL players. This new rule was brought into effect last season but the NFL gave players a year to switch over and by the start of this season all players have to comply with the new rules. Antonio Brown has said that he might retire if he isn't allowed to flaunt the rule and wear his old helmet that the league have determined isn't up to standards
  4. It's very easy to see how gamers have ended up in the situation we are in. Broken game releases, getting kids hooked on gambling, having to pay £100 plus to get the complete game when you add up all the DLC and other things that are a detriment to the consumer. For the majority of customers the Epic store is an inferior experience in just about every aspect compared to Steam, the publishers are knowingly giving their customers a poorer experience to make more money for themselves. In just about every other industry I can think off people would be united in saying fuck no, why should I suffer an inferior service so you can make more money? That is the bottom line here, the consumer is expected to put up with an inferior service and features so the publisher can make more profit. You can phrase it anyway you want but that is the bottom line. Instead of being united we have people saying shut the fuck up and stop complaining and because you are complaining you shouldn't be able to play it all. I mean seriously WTF! Yes PC gamers, shut the fuck up and eat your shit sandwich so a multi national corporation can have bigger profits, don't complain just accept that a shit service is the new norm. Steam customers are cutting their nose off to spite their faces? Hell no, it is the people saying you should lower your expectations on what the service and features will be so corporations can make more money at your expense who are cutting off their nose to spite their face in the long run. They are telling corporations they can screw you over any way they want and they just wont accept it they will actually argue in favour of you fucking them over. I repeat the only reason corporations are going to Epic is so they make more more money, there is no win in this for the consumer beyond some vague mumbled 'with the extra money we can make better games' bullshit. Talk about drinking the Kool-aid, it isn't Steam customers who are being fan boys here.
  5. I can't believe this is actually happening, what next Half Life 3?
  6. Steam is awesome, I shudder to think what the PC gaming market would look like without Steam and all that Valve have done over the years, would the market be any where near as big as it is?
  7. I have absolutely no problems with developers going with what is the best deal for them because I will go with the best deal for me. After all I have bills to pay as well.
  8. Why are you so keen for us, the purchasers of the games you make, to get the worst possible deal? Developers are looking out for themselves and consumers should do the same.
  9. So Valve is a shady company who don't care about anything but money so are bad. Epic who has Fortnite developers working 100 hour weeks in toxic environments to keep the cash flowing and who can't get refunds sorted after 30 days are great?
  10. I've been watching some of the classic streams and the hypocrisy of PvPers is hilarious. They will happily gank grey level players who have no chance but if they get ganked then the it's lame and people should respect the 1 vs 1
  11. August 27th boys!
  12. Rosen was never even given a chance there was he?
  13. I have actually started levelling a warrior these past few days, I love tanking on him. He is level 27 now and basically spent 20-27 in dungeons, I made friends with a Priest and we just group up and find 3 DPS to do just about any dungeon we want at any time. Warriors are vulnerable levelling though I have found, I find it better to stick to mob 2 levels lower and just hamstring kite other wise you need to rest too often.
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