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  1. So basically AMD took a loss on a few thousand reference cards to get the buzz and hype going when the real price is over $100 more?
  2. Is it even worse than the Ampere stock levels? how is that possible?
  3. I just finished Half Life. What a game! absolutely superb and playing it now you can see how much of an influence it had on the games that followed. I'm 99% sure I have never finished it before despite having a copy for over 20 years but I'm glad I decided to play it through, even 20 years on it is still one of the best games I have played. I remember the first time I played it, I must have been about 19 and my older brother had just bought a house so I moved in with him as a lodger. I remember buying my very first PC, from Tiny if anyone remembers them, and playing Hal
  4. I looked at it but I already had the original plus the 2 addons so I wanted to play them all looking the same if that makes sense. The closest I have come to playing an FPS in the last 5-7 years would be something like Skyrim, not surprised I'm absolutely rubbish at the them! The atmosphere is superb and for a 20 year old games it doesn't look all that bad, sure the textures are low res etc but it never detracts from the game.
  5. The original Half Life then. Still a bloody good game isn't it!
  6. Drivers. A lot of people got burnt with 5700xt and it's drivers in the first few months. Apparently they are fine now but those first 2-3 months were rough. I'm not truly interested in these higher tier cards beyond geeking out on them as I'm simply not prepared to spend so much on a graphics card. I want a really nice £200-300 war between Nvidia and AMD because I have no allegiance to either company and I'll simply buy the better product in terms of performance and value. Assuming you will be able to buy one of course.
  7. It's a complete joke that 2 months after release you can't just log into Scan and buy a 3080. Crazy hard to get for the first couple of weeks, even the first month I can understand but 2 months? and it's not like there are millions of them being sold is it.
  8. So we will actually be able to buy them next March or April? Or is that too optimistic do people think?
  9. Talk in the recent console threads really bring home how different PC gaming and consoles still is. If I buy a 3070 my old games had better look and run better than on my 970. I won't have to wait and hope that the devolpers will patch the game to run at more than 30fps, or allow higher resolution modes or do something as basic as 16xAF. As for backwards compatibility I fancied playing the original Half Life yesterday and although it is for sale on Steam I knew I had still had my original discs. I googled to see if the CDs will work on Windows 10, they will and I found
  10. Hardware unboxed have a video up unboxing and talking about the cards and Steve said that after talking to retailers stock levels were bad, like rtx 3080 bad or maybe even worse. Don't expect to be able to buy one for at least a month it seems.
  11. You have to put in a little extra effort with PC for sure but consoles always feel so limited to me. Another thing I have come to realise is I now have over a decade invested into various PC digital game stores, not a chance in hell I am giving that up to switch to a console. Plus we always hear about the exclusives on the Sony and Nintendo platforms as a reason for consoles over PCs, what about all the exclusives PC has? it has entire genres the consoles barely scratch. I buy consoles as well but if I had to choose, I would take Total War, Starcraft, CS:GO, Dota 2, Wo
  12. Yeah, I understand. I didn't mean to come across as snippy I'm just a little frustrated that every TV review seems to amount to 'buy an OLED' My main problem is I enjoy playing a lot of mouse and keyboard games and I still haven't come across any solution that is as comfortable as sitting at a desk. I have a 32" Sony beside the PC but no way am I fitting a 55" OLED in this room.
  13. Only 1 issue, they cost £1400 which would build you a pretty nice 3070 PC.
  14. I have had a lot of issues with Game pass on PC so far. It took about 5 hours of trying different solutions to be even able to log into the app, when I did get it working the app would only let me buy games so I had to open the store app and get the install option from there. Yesterday I could play FFvii and FFviii fine but if I tried to open the option menus it gave an error but now they are fine. Honestly I'm not sure if it is worth the trouble it is giving me.
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