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  1. I assume there is no point in waiting to see if any games get cheaper during the sale like the old days?
  2. $702.09, I installed steam when Half Life 2 was released. I've only really been buying games on there since 2010 though.
  3. Mallet

    Eye of the Beholder C64 and Spectrum ports

    That is impressive.
  4. Mallet

    NFL 2017

    I want 2 things to happen. 1. Someone travels around the stadiums and interviews all the people buying bear and other junk while the anthem is playing, I want them to ask those people on TV why they are disrespecting the flag. 2. I want some journalist to grow the balls and ask these billionaire owners why they have to be paid to have the anthem played in their buildings. How is not disrespectful to the flag if you'll only allow the anthem if you get paid for it? Plus to top it off they do this on the day the Milwaukee PD release camera footage of a basketball rookie getting laid into by 6-7 police and tasered for the grand crime of double parking at 2 am. I won't be renewing my season pass this year.
  5. It's like politics, we can bitch or moan all we like but at the end of the day the people are voting for this shit.
  6. Yeah, Kotor is still brilliant. R.I.P Bioware
  7. Mallet

    Morrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

    Unfortunately each game takes things away.
  8. Mallet

    NFL 2017

    NFL draft tomorrow night guys. Who's going number 1? Sam Darnold?
  9. Mallet

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Oooh that is a nice haul.
  10. Mallet

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    It feels strange to say this considering how many units the Wii sold but I feel it was terribly overlooked by 'gamers'. Perhaps they were put off by the graphics, which are nothing near as bad as people like to make out if you use a component cable, or got burnt by bad early motion controls. Whatever the reason there are a ton of excellent games available on the system and it is full of hidden gems plus unless you have the super expensive component cables for your Gamecube then the Wii is the best way to play those games as well imo. Also, gyro assisted aiming should be default on all consoles for those who want it. Sometimes I feel that because a certain segment of the internet will foam at the mouth any time motion controls are mentioned the technology never got the chance to mature and grow properly, hopefully the Switch can bring some back.
  11. One good side effect of high GPU prices? It's a perfect reason to tackle your back log instead of buying the shiniest new game.
  12. Without question that is a huge problem, it's certainly put me off upgrading my 970.
  13. I was just browsing the steam store last night and it really struck home how good of a gaming platform the PC is now. It has such a great variety of games, it even has tons of Japanese RPGs which is something I never thought I'd see a few years ago, for example is the PC the best Final Fantasy platform? Then we have the backwards compatibility, sure you may need to run a couple of tweaks and fixes to get some older games working but compared to what the consoles have it's absolutely mind boggling. Personally speaking if I was told I could only have one platform to play games on the PC would be my choice by a landslide, it's simply no contest. Sure it might be more expensive to get started and you may need to learn a few tricks along the way to get the most out of it but the pay off is enormous. No real point to this post, I was just blown away by the selection of games available on PC now.
  14. I wonder what the sales figures are for these older games that are being enhanced are, I'd love to know how many copies of say Kotor were sold.
  15. Morrowind's biggest problem is no matter what build I tried I become godlike around level 20 and get bored very quickly after that. I never have managed to complete the main quest. The Imperial Cult quest line is superb imo. The most useful tips I ever got was when you get to Balmora go to the mages guild and buy an amulet of stamina for something like 5gp, now when you get attacked when travelling you can use that 3-4 times and presto you are back to full stamina and ready to fight. Remember stamina has an effect on everything you do, from your chance to hit or cast a spell to how an NPC will react to you. Restore fatigue potions are very useful unlike later games, almost essential imo. Also when you get to Balmora look for a shield of healing (can't remember what they are called) in either the mages guild or Temple, they are cheap and will heal something like 10 HP a use which is perfect for topping up after smaller fights in the early game. Those 2 items always make my life much easier in the beginning.

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