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  1. I want a 27" 1080p 144hz Oled monitor with 800 nits. I would happily pay £900 for such a monitor. All the oled monitors I have seen so far are either 4k or super widescreen which both require vastly more expensive graphics cards to run than a 1080p panel would. I will never get it though
  2. Where do you guys buy your SD cards? I keep hearing about fake cards everywhere.
  3. I pre ordered a steam deck way back but had to decline the reservation back in June due to circumstances. I made another reservation on the 4th of September, 64GB model, and I just received the option to buy one. Less than a month later.
  4. Regarding Series S v Series X, I have both so I have experience with both of the machines. When I bought the Series S I was still using a 1080p Panasonic Plasma as my main TV. The S is a great pairing for that TV, you get 60fps in most games and it doesn't matter so much missing out on Xbox one x enhancements if you are playing at 1080p. Besides while the enhanced games are brilliant there are a lot more backwards compatible games that never received any enhanced patch and they will run the same on both machines. In fact I might set the Series S and the plasma TV back up together for the older games. For example I bought Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey last night and I feel they will be a good fit. Although I do lose HDR. On a 4k TV I noticed the difference straight away, the game I tried first was Tunic and it was instantly and appreciably sharper on the Series X. I think it is brilliant the Series S exists, it is a fantastic low cost way to experience the new generation. It's amazing value for money imo. However, and this may sound counter intuitive, but I believe that the Series X is even better value for your money if you have a 4K TV. Perhaps it is because I am primarily a PC gamer but getting dynamic 4k along with the larger SSD all for under £450 is amazing to me.
  5. I finally spent the time at the weekend to properly set up the HDR on my Samsung TV, films were always amazing looking with film maker mode but the HDR in game mode had a tendency to sear my eyeballs at times. Any way I followed Vincent's recommendations in the HDTV test videos and lord above it's amazing. I downloaded Assassin's Creed Origins, and it was genuinely jaw on the floor type experience both in the starting area and then coming out into the desert. I had tried it on PC but the dynamic 4k with great HDR simply lifts the visuals onto a different level. I also installed Immortals Fenyx rising and it looks absolutely incredible as well. Well done HDR is a real game changer, isn't it?
  6. Check out wabbajack as well. It's a program that will auto install mod lists for you and there are quite a few Skyrim lists to pick from. Everything from Skyrim plus type lists to full blown overhauls like Wildlander. I had a full STEP list installed that the recent update fucked up, I'll have to see about rolling back maybe. I wouldn't mind the updates if they actually fixed the game but all they ever are is fixes to the paid dlc store
  7. Speaking off Sony exclusive games. Miles Morales now has a Steam page. I saw a video by the good old gamer where he has an rx 6600 based pc hooked up to an Oled which he uses to play older and indie games at 4k 60fps+ on. I have to admit to being intrigued by the idea as there are literally hundreds of older, indie or emulated games I'd still like to play. I get frustrated with my Series X when I go to play something like Dead space and the game is locked at 720p 30 fps, not a great experience on a 50 inch 4k TV.
  8. To be fair the 4090 and the consoles are targeting very different experiences. As the potential buyers in this thread have said they want the 4090 for 4k, 120fps with max settings and full RT. The consoles, for the most part, are 30fps when in quality mode and have a little RT. I remember being all excited when I bought a Series X thinking this would be the experience to have. Then I loaded up Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy and found out if I wanted to have RT I had to play 30fps and if I wanted to have 60fps I had to play at 1080p! Seriously WTF? I can get 60fps, 1080p on my modest PC and get to play with mouse and keyboard as well. People like to bemoan the cross gen and how the PS4 is holding the PS5 back, but I have a sneaky suspicion that when the true next gen games start arriving, especially UE5 games, then the consoles will be back to 30fps even at 1440p. I don't know how others feel but I am finished playing at 30 fps, personally I prefer games to be 100fps or over as the controls and games just feel buttery smooth then. The consoles may be cheaper but, in most cases, you can't compare the experience they give to what the people running 4090s will have.
  9. Honestly the disguise isn't even as good as that. the 12gb 4080 is simply a 4070 with a fake moustache drawn on to try and fool everyone.
  10. Has anyone played Final 7,8 or 9 on their Steam Deck? I'm curious how the prerendered backgrounds look.
  11. Was there not a woman that literally had sex live while streaming and only received a 1 week ban?
  12. Nvidia know that tech enthusiasts like people on this forum will know the difference between the two cards. People who buy prebuilt PCs though? I expect a lot of those people will just see it has a 4080 and expect the full performance.
  13. I see that now, they have basically raised the price of the 80 series by $500. The can call the 12gb model a 4080 all they want but it simply isn't. Less vram, smaller bus, less cuda cores and less bandwidth. You can't make all those cuts and still call it a 4080. It will be very interesting to see how they price the lower cards. I'm perfectly happy playing at 1080p and my rx 6600 plays every thing just fine at 1080p.
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