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  1. lordcookie

    Can you identify this band/album?

  2. lordcookie

    A movie watchers blog

    Short Cuts is great (although I think my main enjoyment comes from being a Carver fan) but it's his smaller films I always return to.
  3. lordcookie

    A movie watchers blog

    This is one of my favourite Altman films. I always preferred his smaller experimental pictures (3 Women, Secret Honor etc.) to the big ensemble dramas.
  4. lordcookie

    A movie watchers blog

    I'm glad you tracked it down, and enjoyed it!
  5. lordcookie

    Best Films of 2018

    It's the only 2018 film I've seen.
  6. lordcookie

    Best Films of 2018

  7. lordcookie

    The Lion King (Live Action)

    I look forward to the live action adaptation of Home on the Range in about 12 years time. Disney is a pox on modern cinema.
  8. lordcookie

    A movie watchers blog

    It's more likely that it will have been taken down by TMDb which is where Letterboxd get all their film data from.
  9. lordcookie

    Perfect Films

    I don't really think a perfect film exists but Synecdoche, New York comes close as even its imperfections seem deliberate.
  10. lordcookie

    British War

    Stuart Cooper's Overlord
  11. lordcookie

    Your unearthed gems

    No, but it does have Fretless on it.
  12. lordcookie

    Your unearthed gems

    So many... Until the End of the World Mind Game Time of the Gypsies The Last Wave
  13. lordcookie

    Atmospheric ghost stories

    I remember it being fairly popular as a kid (or at least seeing it regularly in the video shops at the time), but it's definitely drifted into obscurity over the years. You're right, it's not a scary ghost story at all, but I'm a sucker for those sort of small America teen movies of the period. It also helped that I watched it as a kid so it holds nostalgic value too.
  14. lordcookie

    Atmospheric ghost stories

    The Stone Tape is an interesting one. It's not really scary these days thanks to some dodgy special effects, but it's definitely one of the most interesting ghost stories of the period.
  15. lordcookie

    Atmospheric ghost stories

    The Signalman and The Changeling are good bets.

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