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  1. Yes, it’s still available. Will PM you.
  2. The more reasonably-priced Mottainai is worth checking out.
  3. Agree with virtually everything posted so far, and will throw in the mine cart chase from Temple Of Doom.
  4. Caverna: The Cave Farmers In very good condition - only played twice. Includes foamcore inserts/organisers. £37 including delivery via Royal Mail 2nd Class (2.9 Kg). Pics:
  5. I was going to go with Ghostbusters II.
  6. How would he make himself invisible without the sci-fi bit? Supernatural means?
  7. It's worth trying the app (Steam/IOS/Android).
  8. BGG people's choice top 200 solo games 2021 geeklist
  9. What’s the one in between Pirate’s Cove and Cleopatra?
  10. Next question is, who's playing Edwina Currie?
  11. I think it'll be fine as long as he can do the voice.
  12. That's a great read - thank you. Interesting bit about how Rik Mayall ended up in there.
  13. It keeps on getting better and better.
  14. First horror film I ever watched with my Dad was Theatre of Blood. I'm still quite fond of it, but I think today's 13-year-olds would find it terribly dated. My other suggestion would be Creepshow, I think.
  15. Not really board game related (although I became aware of it via an ad on BGG), but I like the look of this: Spintronics It's from the same guy who did Turing Tumble, and uses a similar idea, in this case using a mechanical analogue to teach electronics.
  16. My first thought was, "Oh, he must have died young", then was gobsmacked to read he was 86.
  17. Don't get me started on games that are 'Kickstarter Only'. That shouldn't even be a thing.
  18. I'm quite intrigued by Stationfall, but given the shipping charges, I think I'd prefer to wait until it's available at retail.
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