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  1. Finally got Nusfjord to the table, after picking it up at this price back in February, and it's excellent. God knows why it was being sold off so cheaply -- it was an absolute bargain at this price. I thought I was doing really well up until the final scoring revealed I was actually in last place (3 player game). Highly recommended.
  2. I'm sorry to say that this has coincided with me just being made redundant, so while £25 for City of the Big Shoulders is a phenomenal price, I'm not sure yet how things are going to pan-out, so I'm going to have to pass and let @Mortis have it.
  3. I'd be interested in City of the Big Shoulders.
  4. BIG seems an understatement -- "Playing time 60-1200 minutes" I love reading about games like that, and poring over the rulebooks, but I know it'd be pointless me buying it as it'd never get played.
  5. Dice Tower preview here: https://www.dicetower.com/game-video/die-dead-dt-preview-mark-streed
  6. Perhaps Ste owns his own cinema. That's the only explanation I can come up with.
  7. Arrived today – really looking forward to giving it a go.
  8. I've always had good service from Gameslore and Chaos Cards. I've ordered a couple of things from Zatu without any problems, but have also heard the stories about prices of things increasing if they're left in your basket. Companies shouldn't ever resort to such shenanigans, and they won't be getting any more orders from me.
  9. Heavy Cardboard did a great interview with him where he talked about his whole design philosophy and how it applies to board games. It's quite long, but well worth a listen: He puts so much thought into the whole thing, like making sure stacks of tiles don't get in the way of viewing important parts of the board, and other stuff like that.
  10. We've had some absolutely cracking games of Scotland Yard over the years. It's a game that tends to get overlooked and underrated these days, but it's great fun. The tension can be unbearable.
  11. You can’t just put random combinations of letters on the board. I’m sure the rules say they have to be actual words.
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