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  1. Clearing a bit of shelf space. Postage for each item is £3.20, but I'm happy to combine postage for multiple items. T.I.M.E Stories: Base game only, including Asylum scenario. Some shelf wear, but contents in good condition. £17 Darkrock Ventures: In very good condition. £20 Turin Market: Some shelf wear, contents in very good condition. £12 That's A Question!: In very good condition. £5 Coppertwaddle: In very good condition: £10 Sushi Go Party: Tin is bashed on one side, but contents in very good condition. £15
  2. Has anybody watched the Lazy Tutorials series? I love them – he packs more into each minute than most tutorials manage in an hour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1f6NDCttUY&list=PL4Dq5VyfewIxxjzS34k2NES_PuDUIjRcY&index=1
  3. I find the easiest way of doing decent lighting with minimum effort is to use HDRI environment maps. Basically, go to the World Properties tab and click New to add a new Shader: Press the yellow blob next to 'Color' and choose 'Environment Texture' from the pop-up: Click 'Open' and choose your HDRI. This will create a Node Group for the World shader: (You'll need to switch the Shader Editor display to World rather than Object). You can rotate the HDRI to make sure the light is coming fr
  4. Thank you. It's been fun getting back into it again – it really is a fantastic piece of software.
  5. I've recently got back into Blender again, after tinkering with it on and off a couple of years ago. My background is in print production, so I've been experimenting with using it to visualise print finishes such as spot varnish and foil blocking. Spot varnish on magazine masthead: I messed up a little on the UV alignment – those blue pixels on the spine aren't meant to be there. I still find UV mapping a bit of a dark art, but I'm slowly getting to grips with it. I'm quite pleased with the subtle bumpiness of the varnish surface – it's just done by using a
  6. Jaws of the Lion’s on Asmodee UK’s restocks list for next week: https://www.asmodee.co.uk/products/featuredsection/featrestoc
  7. I got it in the Travelling Man sale, in the few days they managed to open between Christmas and lockdown. It would have been £20, but I had a pound on my loyalty card. Technically it was still in 2020, but I'm counting it as this year.
  8. Only one purchase for me so far: The Estates (Capstone Games): £19.
  9. And because of Super Mario Odyssey, which I've concluded is actually the greatest videogame ever created.
  10. Interesting BBC World Service programme on the cultural impact of board games: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3cszj9c
  11. All good suggestions there from moose. My contributions: The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine Port Royal
  12. According to a thread on BGG, use code HULKSTER for a further 8% off at Chaos Cards.
  13. Win a copy of Merv here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/contest/mhosr
  14. And the second, so no doubt she’s on track to win it.
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