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  1. Where do I change the style of defending? I'm sure I'm missing a tonne of other stuff as well, havent played FIFA since 09 (living abroad and net connection not good enough for online) so I'm way behind!
  2. Played Diablo 2 and the expansion for 5-6 years back in the day, I would guess a few thousand hours at least and loved it, had an amazing time, ladder resets and hardcore mode and everything else, great times!
  3. I bought a game on the Saturn called "Scorcher", it was like a shit wipeout clone, it was crap then and I imagine it is worse now.
  4. Ah memories, I had this when I was a kid, spent plenty of hours with it for sure! Not sure where it went in the end but I don't have it anymore!
  5. 1. Diablo 2 I put many a year into this on Battle.Net and it's just an absolute classic, it still holds up to this day and still has a community. I haven't been on since updating my Mac to a new OSX although I know I can get around that if and when I want to. So much love for this game! 2. Final Fantasy 7 Asked in a few days this might be top of my list, just an amazing game. 3. Streets of Rage 2 Best game on the MD for me, gameplay is so tight, soundtrack is amazing. 4. Championship Manager 97/98 So many hours. Who knew Hartlepool could be kings of the Prem and Europe? 5. Sonic 2 My favourite sonic, a lot has to do with the memories of waiting for it at Christmas the year it came out. 6. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 I love the multiplayer and still play it to this day, I'm about to stick it on for an hour before bed now. 7. Goldeneye This was just amazing. Amazing single player, amazing multi player, four controllers and junk food and there goes the evening. 8. Halo When it came out this was just stunning, played the multi with friends for ages, nothing better than local multi with 2 teams in separate rooms on four tvs playing CTF! 9. Diablo 3 No it's not as good as 2 but they've improved it so much since launch and I've sunk a lot of hours into it and still enjoy it in waves now. 10. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Loved this from start to finish, the concept, the mechanics, wonderful. 11. Suikoden Awesome RPG. 12. Colin McRae Rally I change between this and Sega Rally as my favourite driving game ever. 13. Sonic R Mostly on this list for nostalgia but I loved it and played it a tonne. Soundtrack was top and super cheesy! 14. The Last of Us Only played through this last month but it is awesome, loved it from start to finish. 15. Final Fantasy 8 This was epic, it's not 7 but nothing is. 16. Zelda: The Wind Waker The cel shaded graphics are love/hate but I loved this and it's the only console Zelda I've got all the way through (and yes I will get through OOT at some point) 17. Mario Kart Wii My favourite Mario Kart, should probably be higher on this list. 18. Star Wars: KOTOR Amazing game, amazing experience. 19. Sega Rally Still love this, reminds me of going to the arcades with my Dad. 20. Worms Worms makes me miss the days of playing multiplayer with your mates in the same room and not over Xbox Live! Honourable mention (the games I typed out as possibles but didn't get in): Super Mario 64, ES: Oblivion, Civ 2, Metal Slug, Uncharted 2, Rayman Origins/Legends, Metal Gear Solid, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon Diamond, Ridge Racer, Bioshock.
  6. Awesome, if it does could you put a post up in here? =)
  7. Any way to get a copy of that SNES/MD book? Missed that one!
  8. The Last of Us (PS3) - This was just a flat out fantastic game, excellent story, looked very good for PS3 as well, goes down as a top 25 all time game for me instantly. Loved the character progression, thought they got the mood right, enjoyed the story, two thumbs up. Only problem was the game crashed with about 10 seconds left in the final video so I had to watch the end of the ending on youtube
  9. Just want to back up everyone dogging on Taz Mania, like others have said I played it quite a bit as I didn't have a tonne of games then but I remember buying it second hand and wishing I had made another decision!
  10. Been spending some time playing online on Black Ops 2 (PS3), still my favourite instalment of the game for multiplayer, will say that I haven't played Advanced Warfare yet!
  11. Seems like everyone is going local multiplayer, is that the case Strider? If it is then: Streets of Rage 2 - always loved co-op games and this is the best one ever imo, perfect arcade action. Mario Kart Wii - The one that got the most play between me and my friends but you could pick any installment of one of the greatest multiplayer franchises of all time. Goldeneye 007 - Amazing game, amazing multi, always thankful for those 4 controller ports on the 64 Halo - 2 TVs, 16 mates, what a way to spend a weekend, one of the things that online gaming will never be able to provide Micro Machines TT 96 - J-Cart, 4 mates, create your own levels, give them an immature name. Perfection.
  12. Rayman Legends: Awesome, still got bits to go back and do, and the music levels that you unlock made more difficult once you finish the main game are stupidly hard but this was clearly made with love and it shows, thoroughly enjoyed it! Lego: Lord of the Rings This was excellent as well, big LOTR fan so I really got into the world, plenty of nice touches and lots left to go back and do, thought this was very well done and well polished! Previous: Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2, God of War, Resistance
  13. Streets of Rage 2 Sonic 2 Sega Rally Sonic R Super Monkey Ball
  14. Tomb Raider (PS3) - really enjoyed the prequel to the franchise, thought it had some great moments, really enjoyed some of the puzzles. Only thing that annoyed me at times was the QTEs but other than that I thought the atmosphere was excellent, a well made game. I thought the upgrade system was great for both weapons and Lara herself with skill points. Tried the multiplayer for a minute and didn't get along with it but my connection wasn't great yesterday, still seemed clunky though regardless of that. Previously: Jan 2015 - Resistance: FOM, God of War, Uncharted 2
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