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  1. Having not played this for over a year, but recently downloading the update and the expansion, do you fine people think that I should start again with a new island or carry on with the one I have? I was only a few weeks into the game when I stopped playing originally.

  2. Hellbound, then. Anyone watched this? 100% on RT, and The Guardian have their 'so much better than Squid Game'' article up (it's another South Korean show).



    The series centres around the graphically violent actions of a team of demons, who hunt down sinners who have been previously visited by a celestial being who has informed the victim of their date and time of death.

    The giant hairy creatures incinerate their victims and send them to hell, prompting an outbreak of public hysteria and religious zealotry.


    Sounds fun! Apparently it's really hardcore and brilliant.

  3. Games have advanced much more in terms of backend stuff, such as Games As A Service becoming a thing (for better lor worse. Mostly worse), and nowhere near as much in terms of front-facing game design and tech. Indeed, GAAS design has been pretty reductive, really - just look at something like Marvel's Avengers, which clumsily tried to fit that design (probably not on day one of development) into what could and should have been a very exciting campaign-focused game like Spider-Man, and could have been much more ambitious as a result.


    I also think that the homogenisation of games from certain publishers like Ubisoft hasn't helped. You really get the sense that in a team of 400-500 people, the potential for risk-taking and being daring in terms of design is massively nullified. You never get the sense that a creator's unique vision is present, it's all a mush of averageness. What worked once will be made to work 20 times with diminishing returns. As has been said so many times before, it feels like Ubisoft's games are all blending into one.    


    Instead of having 100 icons on a massive map, why not make the map a bit smaller and only have 50 icons where all the activities are well designed, well written and great fun to play? I'd much rather enjoy that sort of game than a 100 hour epic where much of the content isn't actually very good. But I guess that's not what the hugely flawed (and probably set up to deliver a specific result) focus groups are telling publishers. I actually think it's very wrongheaded groupthink that comes up with the notion that the public want ever bigger but more shallow games - I don't believe this for a second. 

  4. I’m pretty flabbergasted at how good that was. Rab and Trevor were perfect, Frankie maybe a bit too verbose in the commentary but still good. The sense of humour was excellent and it was genuinely funny in places. I liked how Sir Trevor wanted everyone to die in flames. The only thing I wasn’t into was Ty, as he’s a bit too ‘innit bruv’ for my middle-aged ears.


    A star is born here with Rab, I think, if this goes mainstream.



  5. I think I’ve recommended it in this thread before, but this is a spectacular book for fans of TNG in particular: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fifty-Year-Mission-Years-Generation-Abrams/dp/1250089468


    So much amazing detail about the making of the show and what it was like in the trenches of the writers’ room. Then it goes on to the same for DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, but TNG is the biggest and best section.


    For fans of DS9, I’d recommend the Deep Space 9 Companion book. That’s an absolute treasure trove - not sure if it’s still in print, but it’s a searingly honest account of the making of every single episode.

  6. 8 hours ago, Nicky said:

    Yeah end of S6 is most definitely the jumping off point. iirc the good writers all moved over to DS9. 

    After TNG ended. Early DS9 had basically nobody from the TNG writers’ room. Ira Steven Behr, eventual show runner, had only had one year on TNG (season 3) and they had writers who had left TNG very early on, or from the pool of freelancers who’d contributed episodes in the past, as well as some new blood.


    What people think of as peak DS9 only began after TNG ended, when the likes of Ron Moore moved over and a core writing team emerged that would remain mostly untouched until the end of the series. Sorry, I know way too much about this crap. 😄

  7. 9 hours ago, scottcr said:

    I put a couple of the texture enhancement and environment stuff on - looks very nice and no problems. Cracking on the big screen. 





    Is it obvious which ones these are?

  8. 46 minutes ago, Garwoofoo said:

    The danger here is not just that Paramount pisses off existing Trekkies - which they undoubtedly will, but the hardcore fans will always have their DVDs anyway.


    But this will also help to remove Star Trek from the public eye. If you put all the shows on a streaming service where (and I don't think I'm exaggerating here) it's pretty much the only thing worth watching, only existing fans will subscribe. You can carry on milking those fans for a while but you'll never attract any new viewers, there won't be another generation of Star Trek fans. It doesn't matter how many spin-offs you produce, the show will wither.

    Absolutely right. For me, though, to the high seas! Do I even remember how to do it, it’s been ages!


    This is a bit of a power grab - Paramount hope that the people who’ve watched Discovery on Netflix will subscribe because they love the show… but that’s not how it works. No one will jump ship to a new platform for one series that isn’t even particularly good (and without Picard or Lower Decks until at least season 3). Disney Plus had everything Disney had done before, plus the promise of new Marvel shows coming off the back of the most successful movie of all time, and much-hyped new Star Wars stuff. A somewhat different prospect to the thrills of more Burnham crying every episode.


    Whichever suit was behind this decision is going to have a rude awakening.

  9. I’ve tried out Performance Mode. It plays really nicely but definitely looks a bit flatter than the Quality Mode without all the post-processing shenanigans. Still, I’ve seen every area of the game now so I guess shinies aren’t as important anymore. Think I’ve left it a bit late to get into the Seasonal stuff this week, I have a lot to do to earn that Delorean!

  10. 46 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

    Whereas the like of Ultimate team are great, of course? Your problem is really with a business model (one that not all games on mobile even have,. and one that games on consoles have) but you're pretending it's about a platform because you don't have nostalgia for it and therefore it's an acceptable target. Stop being a gaming gammon.

    Hey man, how's that straw going? Of course I don't like Ultimate Team and its ilk.


    I have plenty of nostalgia for the mobile platform, it's certainly old enough for it now. I remember the likes of non-predatory Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, New Star Soccer, Sword & Poker 2, Peggle, Canabalt, Super Hexagon, etc etc etc. What was that game from the Trials devs where you tried to set the best time on one unique track every day and competed against your friends? That was cool too. Loads of great games - I could go on and on about how awesome those early years of the App Store were. You know, when mobile gaming was a brave new frontier where devs were trying all kinds of stuff out, and it wasn't an F2P-ridden pile of shit.

  11. 36 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

    Try and mention liking something newish like mobile games, streaming or whatever positively without 40-year olds waiting in the wings like this to moan that it's shit.


    Modern mobile games (some of Apple Arcade aside) ARE shit, though, and the shiteness is built into the game design itself to try to make people spend more money. It's a horrific predatory market that can fuck off.


    OP's point about gamers whining too much is well held, though. We're in a golden age of games at the moment, even with the many problems in the industry.

  12. I turned off HDR and lowered the contrast a couple of notches, and Sam Andreas is now visible on the Series X. Obvs it‘s going to be really annoying to have to fiddle with HDR every single time I want to swap between this game and something else.


    It’s clearly a low-effort port that’s a shambles (how Kirk McKeand could unironically link to his fawning interview with the devs in USA Today is beyond me), but SA is still a great game, it’s hitting a lot of the nostalgia buttons. No excuse for it to launch in this state, though. The HDR bug is genuinely ridiculous - how it stayed in for launch is criminal. And if it isn’t a bug, then the devs are legally blind and should lose their driving licences. 

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