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  1. I’m surprised at how much I’m liking this, particularly the story. It’s complete madness but is getting away with it for me (so far) because of how great all the design work is. The game looks absolutely lovely on PS5.
  2. If you time-travelled back to the end of RTD's first reign and told me that I'd be really excited at the prospect of him returning, I would NEVER have believed you. But I am! Awesome news! (I still haven't watched anything past the first 4 Chibnalls. Probably should.)
  3. I have myself a Faderfox UC4. http://www.faderfox.de/uc4.html I think it's really great! I bought it primarily to give me additional control over the Drambo app on my iPad, and also my Elektron Octatrack, by mapping the knobs, faders and buttons to various functions. I've only investigated it with Drambo so far, but it's already a total gamechanger in terms of workflow. I can do loads of stuff at once that would formerly only have been possible one thing at a time in the UI of the app. Plus, the iPad can power it from the Camera Connection Kit. No need for anything else.
  4. US players: 7 minutes UK players: 8.4 minutes
  5. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-24-nintendo-fans-fear-european-switch-online-n64-games-will-be-50hz This would be the most Nintendo thing ever seen.
  6. Ooooh, the N64 stuff has online multiplayer, apparently. 4 PLAYER BLOCK FORT!
  7. Looks like Nintendo is finally making at least a 75% effort with Kirby. A proper 3D platformer! Production values nowhere near Mario Odyssey, but at least a good step in the right direction.
  8. I bought the PS4 version for cheap in anticipation of the upgrade. I wonder if I will need to install the entire PS4 version then delete it after upgrading? EDIT: Pleasingly, no! The option for the upgrade appeared on the right of the game entry for the disc as soon as I highlighted it. I could buy the new version and then immediately install the PS5 one. No need to faff about with PS4 stuff, ace.
  9. Yeah, this could be Nintendo pulling that section of the Direct. Hope not!
  10. Think I'm going to wait for a patch or two before downloading this on Series X.
  11. So this new controller is strongly rumoured to be for the Game Boy stuff. Shame - I was hoping for updated, not shit Joy-Cons.
  12. Did the Scouse lady walk into the tent DIRECTLY from a sitcom, do you think?
  13. Some top quality accents this year - Jurgen and Giuseppe are great! Tom couldn't look any more like he owned a Model Railway shop! Fake-Pru needs to tone the laughing down a bit! My partner kept complaining upon seeing each showstopper design that they had fuck-all anti-grav! Anyway, it's great to have this show back. It's a lot of fun.
  14. Yeah, I'm just interested in whether Monkey Target is as good or not. Worried!
  15. Ruining Monkey Target should be a war crime punishable by The Hague.
  16. I've only ever watched a few episodes of Season 1. Don't know why I didn't carry on as I was really enjoying it at the time. It's hard to work out if I should try again, given the reaction to later seasons. If the continuation turns out to be good, then it might be worth it... just feels like I would be watching a decent show for a while and then having to get through some utter shite.
  17. Eighthours


    She reached a level after the first three games that was awesome but it certainly wasn’t a perfect performance - she started really shakily on her serve again, and a better player would have taken those two early service games off her. Seven break points came and went for Sakkari! I don’t think that Emma can afford to do that for a third match in a row, and surely it’s something she’ll be working on. If she started at anything like the level she gets to, she’d usually be winning the first set before her opponent knew what hit her. But once Emma was into Friday’s match, she was playing some phenomenal stuff. Her positional play is excellent - she always seems to have time to choose her shot, and even though she rarely volleys, when she does her level of control is utterly sublime. Some barely believable winners, too.
  18. What are you going to do with the offenders, charge them with something?
  19. Eighthours


    Wow. Actual wow. 2 teenagers contesting the final, and it’ll be so so interesting to see who comes out on top. Can Emma do it? I certainly wouldn’t bet against her!
  20. Just use rechargeable Eneloops - they last bloody ages in the controller.
  21. It really looks like they've 'Force Awakened' it in terms of hitting the nostalgia buttons, which is great. I want the thrills of the first film, and none of the cod-philosophy bollocks from the second and third which really dragged the sequels down.
  22. I’m already getting excited based on this. THE VIDEO KNEW THE TIME! (And the shots from the trailer are a massive nostalgia hit. Looks like the first film made now.)
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