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  1. I’m only on season 2 episode 2 of my rewatch. Better speed up!
  2. Excellent, I was holding off for a Christmas £20-ish sale or Gamepass for Control.
  3. PSVR 2 could be the breakthrough that VR needs. If Sony can get the design and pricing right for what I presume will be autumn 2021, and launch with Astrobot 2 (the most obvious thing for them to do), it could not only bring VR to the mainstream but also give them a massive leg-up in the next gen war.
  4. My thoughts precisely. £17.99 and we’re in business.
  5. Looks great. Hope we get a PSVR 2 version in winter 2021.
  6. XCloud seems to be being pushed as a complementary service, though, to work alongside your Xbox. Not the only option.
  7. And why 35 fucking quid?
  8. There is certainly an argument to say that the games are so bloody successful that they could easily have a AAA budget thrown at them to make them legitimately amazing. We have been hankering for a proper home console release of a new Pokemon game since the Gamecube days. That it's taken this long is borderline criminal. However, I missed the Pokemon boat way back when, so my interest in the franchise is confined to what makes my little boy happy. And he is much less of a hard taskmaster than Reddit! But if that proper home console RPG had been developed back in 2003-2004, it's more than possible that I would be a big Pokemon fan now.... so Game Freak have probably missed out on many hundreds of pounds from yours truly over the past 15 years. I never understood why they didn't want to print money.
  9. That's my only problem with the game, and why I was pretty meh about it before the last couple of months. The main guy is generic lead #1... this is what happens when everything has to be approved by 80 people!
  10. I'm going to pile through this again before S4 starts, too. Really looking forwrad to a rewatch, particularly in (streamed but still nice) 4K!
  11. I enjoyed season 2 a lot, but that last episode was completely unrealistic when:
  12. As long as my soon-to-be-7 year old likes it, I'm OK with the game. I was hoping I would be interested too, though!
  13. This is worse than the Wii U launch. Where’s Destiny 2: Armoured Edition?
  14. But really nice with a controller.
  15. Thanks very much for letting us know about that. Bought!
  16. I never bought that on Switch at launch due to the complaints over the price vs number of levels, but I always intended to pick it up once there was enough to do. Now I can play it for 'free'... hooray!
  17. Thanks very much! Looking forward to playing this, then!
  18. Is there controller support?
  19. Can't see myself passing up a Harmonix rhythm action game, even if the company's been pretty much gutted when compared to its heyday.
  20. That's my hope! Or they will hardly manufacture any and prices will shoot through the roof.
  21. I really wish this thing could also act as a generic controller for PS4/Xbone fighters, side scrollers and shooters. You’d think they would have thought of that (maybe a cost / licensing thing?), as it would increase its usefulness immensely. Imagine playing local multiplayer SFV on it after you’ve had your fill of the 16 included games, it would be amazing. I’m not going to buy this, and I really think they’ve missed a trick here, but I hope Capcom fans get something out of it.
  22. Eighthours

    Unable to kill

    The ludonarrative dissonance in Uncharted, Tomb Raider, GTA IV et al breaks the illusion of the games for me as a cohesive whole, but in general I have no problem with killing the videogames mans. Would have trouble shooting a virtual dog, though. I think it's the sound that could push it over the edge for me, not the visuals. The sound of pain is not a pleasant one... luckily most videogame mans say silly lines before death, and then scream in a ludicrous OTT way if at all.
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