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  1. Microsoft, when it comes to videogames, has changed massively - the contrast with the Don Mattrick era is obvious. The danger is that when Phil Spencer eventually leaves, it could change back again.
  2. Vicarious Visions can get back on Tony Hawk now, eh?
  3. Looks like I’ll finally be playing that Infinite Warfare campaign!
  4. Eighthours


    Well done, Emma! Hopefully on the comeback trail after some disappointing results since the US Open. She's so young, it's not surprising it was a bit overwhelming for her afterwards, but she certainly looks back in the zone based on today's result. Any player who really turns up for the Slams is a winner.
  5. Holy shit, I have been thiiiiiiiis close to buying Death's Door on Switch this month. No longer! I'm really looking forward to Windjammers 2.
  6. I'm well behind you guys on this, as I only started watching it at the weekend. When my girlfriend said she'd heard good things about Cobra Kai, I said that I'd like to catch up with the movies first as I could barely remember anything about them. I dragged my feet on doing so for a few weeks. I'd watched The Karate Kid when I was a child but was sure I hadn't seen it for over 30 years, and I didn't think I had ever seen Parts 2 and 3. I certainly didn't remember loving the series. I assumed that the first film would have dated really badly - I was really only intending to familiarise myself with the characters and the plot. But oh boy, only a few minutes in I was really enjoying it, and a long way before the end I was totally won over. The lead-up to the crane kick in the final fight was an amazingly edited piece of work! The relationship between Mr Miyagi and Daniel-san felt so genuine and lovely, and the 'villains' (eg. Johnny) were great. It hadn't aged at all, it was a lovely time capsule of these sorts of 80s movies. And I liked the characters so much that I didn't mind that Parts 2 and 3 didn't live up to the original. It was still fun (devoid of any years' worth of potential hype) to see Daniel and Mr Miyagi again. The antics of Terry in Part 3, which would have seemed horribly tonally mismanaged compared to the first film if I'd watched it on release, now just seemed stupid in a good way. By the end, I was massively looking forward to Cobra Kai in a way that I could never have imagined the week before. So we watched the entire first season of Cobra Kai and the first 3 episodes of season 2 over the weekend. It's so moreish, laugh-out-loud funny (particularly with some of the stuff Johnny comes out with), and the chemistry between Ralph Macchio and William Zabka whenever they share the screen is so great. The kids are awesome too, I really like pretty much all of them. The music's excellent, the flashbacks are very well pitched, and you can see just how much love has gone into the project. I can't wait to catch up all the way, I'm bloody loving it! Johnny FTW.
  7. Oh no. We're never going to get the second film now, due to these people having the rights. RIP Dune 2, I guess. Sorry, Warners.
  8. Wordle 211 5/6 I don’t know WTF I was doing with some of those middle guesses!
  9. Got very lucky with my second guess today. Easy from there. Wordle 210 3/6
  10. It may be ‘worth’ 70 quid AFTER playing it, but not as an unproven new IP from a former indie studio. The price point definitely cost it so many sales.
  11. Destruction All-Stars originally being priced at £69.99. Slightly less ridiculous, but still in the same ballpark when it comes to almost destroying the prospects of a game (and potentially an entire studio), Returnal also being priced at £69.99. It's almost like a part of Sony buying Housemarque later in the year was a guilty 'thanks for taking one for the team' moment.
  12. But it was really good that NTTD used that music through the film.
  13. Wordle 207 4/6 A tricky one because of the obvious reason.
  14. Was too good too early... sometimes I think that actually makes it more difficult! Wordle 206 5/6 Ended up using my fourth go to get rid of some letters, as I just couldn’t think of what it was.
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