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  1. Anyone with an iPad or iPhone really should get Drambo by Beepstreet. It’s a modular groovebox, sorta like what an Elektron Octatrack Mk 3 (ie. something that hasn’t even been built yet!) might be. It’s amazing, an all-timer: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/drambo/id1469365718 A guy called Ben Richards has been making loads of tutorial vids about it. Definitely watch the first couple if you’re on the fence, but trust me, this is a no-brainer of a purchase:
  2. What a bloody good job Nate did on the mag, and it was lovely of him to continue to post on rllmuk throughout. Whatever he does next, I'm sure it will be equally brilliant.
  3. Even dumber than the launch price!
  4. Is Bubble Bobble in the sale? Everything seems to have fallen over.
  5. I so thought this was going to be a Star Trek thread with a terrible typo.
  6. I've started rewatching Enterprise and am up to ep 7 or 8 of season 1. My major takeaway, aside from that it's all very pedestrian with almost no threat at all (but perfectly watchable) is that the teasers are... well... not teasing anything. They just kinda limp into the credits. And the episode endings limp into the end credits, too, typically with a weirdly almost muted held note on the (elevator) music. It's all very weird, particularly as I've been watching some TNG recently and the teasers are like, 'Bang! Here's the setup! Something intriguing happens, oooooooooooh!', whereas season 1 of Enterprise teasers are usually, 'Trip/Archer and T'Pol have a long conversation, roll opening credits.' It's SO WEIRD. I hope this changes. Was it a conscious choice? Bizarre.
  7. Console players: I've managed to get a good setup to play the game on an Xbox with everyone involved. - iPad pointed at the TV screen, hosting a Zoom session (this ensures a good quality camera picture, unlike most laptops). If you are using an iPad for this, go to virtual background and mirror the image so that the writing on the TV is the right way round. You'll have to leave it on this screen, don't go back to the main window. - Laptop webcam pointed at me on a different Zoom account dialling in. - All other players logging into Zoom on their own laptops / devices. - Everyone join the Zoom session and the game. - Start the game. Et voila. Everyone's in, with no lag and full video chat. This is the important bit, as hosting on Twitch has 8-15 seconds delay on the stream and is therefore crap compared to the way above (and Mixer was also crap). The setup I've done makes it feel much more like everyone is playing in your living room. Hours of fun - just make sure everyone can see the screen properly, which usually involves turning the contrast and brightness on your TV down to virtually nothing. (But you, as the host, can then just look at the Zoom screen to see the telly properly!) I've played loads of Quiplash 2 and Trivia Murder Party recently!
  8. They should definitely do the full remake treatment on Mario 64 rather than an up-rez, since it's been on the eShop before and also because it's the first 3D one. It's the big one. It deserves it. Really looking forward to Sunshine... again, maybe they could clean that up a bit. The camera in that hotel level, man... aaaargh.
  9. So just to clarify: streaming the game on Twitch allows the other players in your family in different houses to follow the game, and then they're playing on their phones via the link you send them? So both bits of this are necessary in order to properly play the game when people aren't in the same room? (I've only played JPP3 with everyone in the same room before now.) And then presumably you chat via WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom/Disccord etc?
  10. Oh dear. This is quite addictive.
  11. Since Vue went back to £5 a ticket, I have been to the cinema so much more than previously. Paying £11+ to see a film in Showcase, and still have the popcorn and drinks prohibitively expensive, was ridiculous. True, Vue have made the snacks even more expensive than before, but if I want I can just bring in some Haribo!
  12. Syntorial is brilliant! I must go back to it.
  13. This all looks brilliant. Am well hyped for this console.
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