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  1. How much are Blu-Ray movies now compared to DVDs in 2000? How much are albums on CD now compared to the mid-90s? I’ll wait.
  2. I’m downloading a Rocket League update at 54kbps a second. Not a typo. With a wired connection. Yet when running the connection speed test in the Xbox itself, I’m at exactly the speed I’d expect (Over 100 Mbps). What is wrong with this shit tonight?
  3. Out of interest, does anyone know how much 'content' costs in a videogame compared to development of the tech behind the game (I assume that even something using Unreal requires some bespoke development)? Are we only seeing 50-60 hour epics because it's perceived that this is how customers see value? Would such a game be much cheaper to make if it was only 10 hours, or is developing the tech and initial assets so expensive that piling on extra content is comparatively cheap compared to getting the bones of the game together in the first place? I think I may be answering my own question by recalling how I once read that creating art assets was a bloody expensive part of the process, and that's what you need when you add content unless you cheap out and recycle areas (and then of course you probably have extra voice acting, mocap, writing, music etc). But I'd be interested if any devs here could comment on this 'length = value' question and how it relates to budget. Are developers spending needlessly when customers would be happy with 10 hour games (particularly in our digital future where games can't be traded in)?
  4. Leaving aside that 'it was really expensive then so it's fine being really expensive now too' isn't an argument that I think is particularly valid, I dare say that manufacturing CDs was more expensive per unit than it is now, plus the more elaborate game boxes, plus the proper written manuals, plus the cost of inferior distribution channels of the time. Also I don't know how the licensing fee for publishers has changed since MGS was released. Maybe I'm wrong but £65 for a game actually feels worse now than it did when I was a kid, maybe because the ubiquity of videogames is now so normalised.
  5. I just don’t think - and will probably never think - that £65 is an acceptable standard price for a videogame. It’s too much. It prices so many people out of what is a glorious hobby.
  6. Well, those characters certainly look wacky, eh?
  7. There was a time in the mid-noughties when it seemed like Alan Dale was in every single TV show being made. IT’S JIM ROBINSON AGAIN!
  8. What a real dick move from Nintendo. I only bought 51 Worldwide Games because ShopTo offered it for what I considered to be a fair price. This new policy will result in me buying fewer Switch games, and Nintendo therefore getting less of my money. Congrats.
  9. I'm not getting this unless there's some sweet, sweet Uplay integration.
  10. I liked Birds of Prey well enough as a fun though inessential couple of hours at the movies, and Margot Robbie is great so I'm interested in anything she puts her name to. Does Pirates work without Depp? Not sure - certainly the lead characters (ie. supposed to be Bloom and Knightley in the original) will need to be much less bland for a new one to work without the franchise's breakout selling point. It would be interesting to break down what makes the first film one work much better than the others. This is just me theorising from memory as it's been a while since I saw it, but is it because Depp was a live hand grenade chucked into the story as an agent of chaos rather then the lead? He was a supporting character who mayhemed up what would have otherwise been a straightforwardly fun romp, whereas from film 2 onwards he was the focal point which made it not work as well.
  11. FTP games on mobile are often absolutely fucking horrendous in their practices. I'm pretty surprised that the App Store and Google Play Store don't have hard and fast rules for this stuff (although I suppose the gatekeepers are directly profiting from it), or if they do then they certainly aren't effective. The user experience in so many FTP apps is genuinely terrible, massively cynical, and predatory in the extreme. And that's coming from the point of view of an adult - it's easy to see how kids can be sucked into 'accidentally' spending loads of money on their parents' cards if they gain the required password. Special shout out to Roblox on Xbox here - the sheer number of 'buy currency' pop-ups in that thing are mind-boggling. I think that much of it is prompted by the creators of the individual games, but that's no excuse for Ubisoft.
  12. My ex recently banned my 7 year old from YouTube indefinitely, because he was watching various personalities like Preston and DanDTM and it was affecting his mood. He was becoming a bit rude, and she thought he was learning this from the YouTubers. Preston, for example, is massively condescending towards his wife a lot, and while this may partly be a joke, a 7 year old is unable to tell the difference. I'm not entirely sure about whether YouTubers can be blamed for a behaviour change, but they are insufferably annoying. The worst part of it, though, is that he has started using Americanisms ('trash'! And he even said 'rout' the other day instead of route) and their use of soft consonants, so for example saying 'budder' instead of butter, which is an actual crime. I must deprogram him from this!
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