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  1. You guys were bang on about this, it's really great! I can see myself sticking a bunch of time into it. I like how the game dripfeeds you information in terms of story and what all the various symbols mean, and you quickly begin to realise that you can customise your runs based on the branching paths - do you go for long term gains by looking for keys and the dark purple things, or concentrate on health, God powers and coin to maximise the potential rewards of a really good run? I've only played for 90 minutes or so but the gameplay loop is already super-compelling and the combat satisfying. Runs very nicely on the Switch, too.
  2. Ah, I've only been buying digital at £49.99 at the most. Cheers for reminding me that they've already been gouging us for some games!
  3. I'm only pre-ordering a Series X for now. I was going to pre-order a PlayStation 5 full fat edition too, but the news about game prices has pulled me back from the brink. No way will I be complicit in any hardware manufacturer convincing themselves that this is an acceptable price for a videogame. If Microsoft decide that Series X/S games should be this price too, at least I still have Game Pass. £70 is a full £20 over the usual price for standard editions of digital games in current gen. No way am I enabling this. I blame people who've been shelling out for massive overpriced special editions digitally, who have obviously convinced Sony that they can get away with it. Let's all vote with our wallets. I'll be happy to buy a PS5 when software prices return from La La Land. Even a reduction to £60 would be too much. Talk about pricing people out of their hobby...
  4. This is a blatant hit job review. The writer came in with an agenda and stuck to it, all the other reviews I’ve seen from the big sites have been positive.
  5. I was definitely going to pre-order this until I saw those game prices. Nope! I’ll wait until this madness passes, and stick with Game Pass on the Series X.
  6. I think Cuphead should be higher.
  7. If the release version works well, I may buy an inexpensive Android tablet to play xCloud when I'm on lunch in the office. Any recommendations?
  8. The other baffling 'comedian' podcast person is the massively unfunny Christian Spicer from Jeff Cannata's shows, who somehow does stand-up.
  9. I smashed a pot with a diamond in it. Instant ghost.
  10. Gave it a quick bash before work and also played Spelunky 2. I have lost all my Spelunky skills, I'm absolutely fucking terrible! So far the game is like a further refined take on the original, but I couldn't even get past the first world so I'm sure the newer stuff is going to blast my eyeballs out when I eventually get to it. Way back in the day I completed Hell (only once!), so I expect to spend hundreds of hours on this game. It's been like reconnecting with an old friend so far and I can't wait to play more.
  11. Unfortunately Ben has ruined Giant Bomb for me. What a catastrophic hire.
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