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  1. This service is amazing. I’m blown away by how good it is.
  2. I'm worried that this is totally going to be all style over substance, but I really HONK I'm wrong.
  3. I have a big enough extension lead to connect headphones to my AV Box. It does sound from your post that handheld Switch might be the way to go, though.
  4. Is this OK with the Switch docked, or are there any touch controls / an advantage to using them? As this is Switch and iOS, I was wondering what the best way to play the game is. My imaginary scenarios are: Docked Switch - yay, big screen! No headphones, boo. No touch controls (if those exist)... does this matter Handheld Switch - Headphones, yay! Touch controls possible (if these exist). Smallest screen, though. But it's a nice screen regardless. iPad - Headphones, yay! Bigger screen than Switch but not as big as the TV obviously. Er... touch controls? Is it better to use a controller? Help, please! I think this is really a 'describe the controls' answer.
  5. Lunk’s Awookening? Something like that.
  6. I might turn into one of those pitchfork wielding goons who says never mess with the classics, even though this classic was itself a reboot of the original 70s TV series, but there is going to be another new version of Battlestar Galactica, this time masterminded by the guy behind Mr Robot. This has come out of nowhere! https://deadline.com/2019/09/battlestar-galactica-reboot-drama-series-sam-esmail-nbc-streaming-service-peacock-1202736127/ I’m not sure how to feel about this. I’m currently midway through a rewatch of Galactica and it’s still a stunning show that holds up today, but I like what I’ve watched of Mr Robot a lot and Sam Esmail has a strong identity in terms of being a bit of a TV auteur (maybe he went a bit far up his own arse with that during parts of Mr Robot, mind), so what comes out of this will doubtless be interesting. MR REBOOT. EDIT:
  7. 'It has a screen' is my only response to that, really! If anything, the Deluge has become an exercise in paralysis similar to how I feel when I load up Ableton or boot up my Octatrack. There are so many possibilities that I find myself noodling around and exploring for hours then turning the machine off, rather than producing anything concrete. The only issue with the machine now is that it has become rather shortcut-heavy. Even though those shortcuts are very quick indeed (by virtue of there being so many grid pads or knobs to shift-press), it is turning into a memory game similar to the Octatrack. Just the nature of having so much functionality, I guess. I'm planning to produce a video about creating a song from start to finish using the current firmware in order to get myself out of the noodling mindset. See if I can do this in 30 mins - I find that tutorial vids always end up with shit music in them, and vids with decent tracks showing off the machine have no tutorial element, so I want to set myself the challenge of combining both. What I want to do is to produce an alternate version (I suppose we could call it a remix) of my band's forthcoming single from scratch, so I'll know what I'm aiming to achieve rather than starting from an actual blank slate in terms of inspiration.
  8. We're in a new situation where the complete failure of workplace systems and the justice system to deal properly and fairly with abuse and harassment has directly led to call-out culture being seen as an avenue for obtaining some form of justice. However, this in itself is very problematic - we're losing (or have already lost) the guiding principle that 'innocent until proven guilty' is our starting point, and beyond that, social media has in the past few years gained a lynch mob mentality no matter what side of a particular argument you happen to be on because everything is so polarised. Politics, religion, gaming, abuse/harassment allegations, you name it. On the other hand, how else are women going to out abusive men? Should these men just continue to get away with it? The answer is pretty obvious but seems impossible to implement without a wholescale change in attitudes and a massive load of extra funding worldwide - namely that if the workplace and justice systems I mentioned above worked properly, there would be no need for call-out culture at all. Systemic failures have led to the current situation, but the current situation has created its own problems that people on all sides will seek to exploit and have already done so. Not everyone plays fair, and that's one of the reasons why abuse happens in the first place, why workplace culture is usually hopelessly inadequate to deal with allegations, and why call-out culture can't ultimately be any kind of solution. Despite the above, I can totally see why naming and shaming seems like the only thing to do at present. I can only hope that will change, but it seems like a long road to get there. In the meantime, I'm thinking about one sentence from the earlier article about call-out culture: 'It thinks it’s better that ten innocents are brought down than one guilty person escapes.' We used to think that was unacceptable when it involved prison or, even more horrifically, death. Do we still think that now when we apply it to the social media age? If not, why not? Is it a price worth paying if it rebalances the scales? I find myself going back and forth on this one.
  9. Her partner's article is very interesting, particularly this bit: I would ask one question. If an allegation is false but accepted by the #metoo' movement on social media, how does the accused resolve it?
  10. Looking forward to trying this out, it sounds surprisingly good considering that Apple has totally squandered its devices' potential regarding gaming so far. Maybe that's FINALLY changing. Oh! Does iOS13 mean that I can play the GTA:SA port with an Xbox controller now?
  11. The Synthstrom Deluge is definitely one of my favourite machines ever, and now it's been updated to Firmware 3.0 which turns it into a ridiculously good live looper along with everything else it can already do! Have a look at what Loopop - one of the best synth Youtubers out there - makes of it: https://youtu.be/aBeeDwukpTs
  12. Hang on, where’s this?
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