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  1. They should absolutely delay it again until the new consoles launch.
  2. Worth the price of a Series X all by itself, just for the eye candy!
  3. SF rent is notoriously absolutely horrible, though, which is why Jeff and Ben commute in.
  4. What a fucking lovely film. Watched it last night knowing nothing about it, I hadn't even seen the trailer before to my knowledge. It was heartwarming, dark, laugh-out-loud funny, emotional, thrilling... just brilliant. I have to seek out Watiti's other films now, as the only other one of his I've watched is Thor: Ragnarok (which I also loved). Is Jojo Rabbit anywhere near as good as this? Obviously I'll check out What We Do In The Shadows.
  5. I loved the books as a kid, so how no one has figured out how to adapt them well to film is a bit annoying.
  6. More like SCORElittle, amirite?
  7. Yes, the idea of not having to wait a couple of minutes for a game to even get to the title screen (and that's before selecting options and loading in any actual level data) sounds like bliss. (What even IS a game loading during all that time it takes to get to the title screen, given that there're always a massive additional load after it?)
  8. Data Vale. (Say it in an American accent...)
  9. Me too. This is getting bought as soon as it's on sale - I assume it's flopped massively due to the greedy RRP.
  10. I did try the game once for 3 or 4 hours a year ago and didn't get on with it as I'd hoped. Pretty sure I picked pyromancer then but it was more getting used to the combat... think I wandered into places where I was under-levelled and got frustrated.
  11. Given the ending, they could:
  12. What's a good build for a first playthrough of this?
  13. I thought the transitions were amazing and I'm surprised that no one seems to have copied the idea yet. The story for me ended up being very disappointing.
  14. Oh no, where will I be able to buy new releases for £54.99 (or pre-owned for £52.99) now?
  15. Some people seem to be unaware of something called a 'wink'.
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