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  1. The main character was massively bland and had a laughably silly name - it's hard to blame these things on woke reviewers.
  2. Fleabag was AMAZING. That moment where Andrew Scott broke the fourth wall made me actually gasp at how brilliant it was.
  3. £70 is too expensive for games, but even a bit below that is too. Midnight Suns lost a sale at the weekend when I checked out the store, and hidden among the ridiculous versions was its cheapest one: £64.99. NOPE.
  4. I bought the 1TB memory expansion last week. There are just too many 'ever-present' games that are massive in size and you might want to dip into occasionally, for the default hard drive to work without it being a total ball-ache to continually move and delete stuff. Big games are getting bigger and Game Pass has so much on it, etc. I was slightly annoyed when I found out that it's not actually 1TB but 919GB, though! Where did the other 81GB go?!
  5. Senegal were doing good work - I just think we were making things harder for ourselves, particularly in that period between 20 mins and 35 mins.
  6. I'm not talking about domination, I'm talking about simple movement and decent passing.
  7. I think it'll be a better game simply because neither side's primary mission will be to avoid defeat and then counter-attack for a 1-0 win. Surely Southgate will have learnt that the only way to win is to play to our strengths, which is zippy attacking football. It may be a heart attack waiting to happen but I'd love this to be a 'we win when we score one more goal than you' game - I think it's our best chance.
  8. It wasn't that, though - we were playing terribly for the first 35 minutes. Just awkward little passing triangles in our own half, very little movement ahead so we gave the ball away cheaply, often everything done at walking pace. And we had a couple of awful 'switching off' moments where dodgy passes led to Senegal getting in, and they were unlucky not to score. Whenever Senegal got the ball, they looked far more incisive than us in that first period. But the first goal changed everything, and from then on we looked great. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do at the very point where the other team feels hard done by. My problem with the first 35 was that we were always passing to the player immediately ahead, and when we got to the half way line the press made us have to pass backwards again. So many times! We needed to miss a man out, which as soon as we started doing, we had much more joy. The way to beat the press is for someone to beat a man after receiving the ball to draw out another opponent, or to bypass the nearest player and play a medium or long ball. When the tactics changed after the goal, everything changed.
  9. We were very shit and got out of jail. Played much better since the first goal, hopefully we can finish the job well from here.
  10. No proper angle available to broadcasters for the VAR. FIFA COLLUSION! Very likely a wrong decision, then.
  11. Just started watching season 1 this week, it's great so far!
  12. Oh really?! Well, that's shit, then. I got the 50% off deal but haven't watched anything yet, so will try to remember to have a look on my LG later to see if Apple plays ball.
  13. You can access Paramount+ via the Apple TV app on an LG CX, or the Amazon Prime app. Obviously I hope they make their own app (it's SO bizarre that they haven't for Europe) which includes 4K.
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