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  1. So, do I go Series X or PS5 on this? Here are the factors I'm currently considering: - Will the Series X version be better out of the gate, as any quick and dirty upping of resolution and framerate will be based on the Xbox One X version, rather than PS4 Pro? - Will the Series X next gen update (when released) be a tiny bit better than the PS5 version due to the console allegedly being a bit more powerful? - Will the PS5 version be a pain to actually get onto the machine (seeing the problems with Ubisoft games wanting to install the PS4 version, etc)? BUT - Will
  2. Aaaaargh, the dilemma of whether to play the Game Pass version on Series X or wait for the Ultimate Edition next gen upgrade!
  3. Me too! Kona sounds pretty cool to play as a winter-themed game. Will check it out.
  4. My kid also loves Forza Horizon 4, btw. Just freeroaming around, smashing everything up, rather than playing the actual game!
  5. If you end up going Nintendo, definitely buy a full-fat Switch so that you can play the likes of Mario Kart and (next year) Super Mario 3D World together on the big screen to negate the ‘just playing on his own’ problem of the Lite. I would say that the latter in multiplayer will be an unbelievable experience for someone of his age. The Wii U version was how my now 8 year old learnt how to do 3D platformers when he was of a similar age to your child, and playing with his dad just made it even better!
  6. While I semi-agree with this, unfortunately the game doesn't sound very good either. I do wonder if Dontnod are starting to make the classic Telltale mistake of spreading themselves way too thinly and saturating their own market to the point where everything comes crashing down around them.
  7. The controls weren't inverted... for me, up aimed up and down aimed down. Really annoying.
  8. Last night I tried out some titles in Rare Replay, as it's what the Series X is all about, clearly. Jet Force Gemini has aged incredibly badly. It's not unplayable by any means, but it looks so ugly and feels so janky these days. Disappointing, as I remember loving it back in the day. Perfect Dark Zero still isn't any good, though it has some interesting ideas. Seeing one of the first iterations of a cover system in action was quite funny - the pop and shoot gameplay (with massive lock on auto-aim) when in cover works OK, and I like how the view switches from first to t
  9. Anything operating with dynamic resolution should in theory look better even without a patch.
  10. Has anyone got Walkabout Mini Golf? I picked it up yesterday and it's delightful. Seems to have slipped under the radar a bit, but it's much better as a crazy golf game for me than Pro Putt/Topgolf. Would be cool to play some multiplayer with anyone else who has it.
  11. Look at the front page of this thread. People saying it was a massive scam over 5 years ago! And still no actual game.
  12. Wasn’t expecting that to get to me, but it’s exceptionally well done. Someone here must be chopping onions.
  13. I’ve listened to 2 gaming podcasts this weekend where people went on at length about the tricks system in Spider-Man: Miles Morales as if it was some big new thing. Er... tricks were an early unlockable in the skills tree in the last game, chaps. Just had a more annoying button combo to access.
  14. I’ve had a look at the dev’s forum and Twitter, and there’s total radio silence on whether this will ever get a next gen patch. Day One for me if it does.
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