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  1. Having heard that there are grumbles about cable length, I ordered a 3 metre USB 3.0 extension cable off Amazon.
  2. Yep, I definitely plan to use YouTube as a major resource for this, but it would also be good if they've been kinder to console (and PC!) owners by including more tutorials, and also maybe 'gamifying' the experience further by adding even more landing challenges and other things. I don't expect them to suddenly make the thing into Pilotwings (though imagine if this would be possible down the line!), just a bit more help than the game originally launched with would be nice.
  3. Any details of what they're adding to the Series X version (and the PC) in terms of better on-boarding? I thought they were doing this.
  4. The other previews I've read are good/bad like EG's.
  5. I was reading the rules earlier - seems like the captain can choose whether the bowler bowls 5 balls or 10 balls in a row for that particular over. So a single over can have 2 bowlers. Each individual bowler can bowl up to 20 balls in an inning.
  6. 'Bill Crosby'? Some proper Merseyside Reds energy there... More seriously, these reports are horrific. All of it sounds just as bad as the Ubisoft stuff, and the reports of what may have led to a female employee's suicide are beyond disgusting. Unfortunately I think we have to face the fact that what has often been seen as a male-dominated hobby has inevitably led to a certain type of culture in many development studios. There aren't enough women in the industry and we need root and branch reform - instead, apparently all that Ubisoft's employees had to do was watch a bad inclusivity video. Job done!
  7. I didn't see 'Laurence of Arabia' in the powers wheel but maybe I missed it.
  8. I have just bought one. (EDIT: Oh! I'll also be able to play Elite Dangerous with it.)
  9. I'm wondering whether to check I actually like this before buying a Thrustmaster stick. But if I don't buy one beforehand, will I be able to judge the game properly just using a joypad? WHAT A DILEMMA.
  10. Danny is a thug. He would have stabbed Aaron given half a chance.
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