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  1. I'm absolutely buying this as soon as I get home.
  2. No actual air racing in the trailer. Amazing.
  3. In the last episode, I would have had:
  4. I would say that in the case of Bake Off and veganism, the contestant is actively choosing to make things more difficult for themselves and should therefore be judged on the same taste criteria as everyone else. I was just thinking about this in the context of other shows - usually allowances are made when the contestant has no choice over a disadvantage, such as when the Strictly judges are scoring a disabled contestant's dance and so should absolutely bear any limitation they have compared with able-bodied people in mind. Freya's disadvantage, though, was of her own choice... as we can see in the technical challenges where she abides by the recipes and the ingredients within them.
  5. Yeah, Lizzie is definitely growing on me. I like her relationship with Noel - he seems to genuinely find her funny, which is lovely to see. A massive psychological blow struck for Giuseppe over Jurgen this week, eh? A real power play! Jurgen looked pretty crushed, even though he was trying to hide it. I loved it when Jurgen schooled Paul Hollywood on how the whole concept of the showstopper was bullshit, though. That was ace. Freya was pretty bolshy in terms of saying how she wanted everything she fucked up to look exactly like it did. Oh to be 19 again with that level of misplaced confidence!
  6. Nice - I've been waiting for the HOTAS fix, although apparently they still haven't sorted out the issue where changes to sensitivity settings for the stick aren't being saved.
  7. I've had this in a basket so many times now. What's the verdict from new OLED Switch owners after a few days? Worth the upgrade?
  8. Oh! Loads of you probs already know about this, but I absolutely love 'The Greatest Generation' podcast ('A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast'). It's very funny - intentionally so, luckily. It's funny out of the gate, but once it gets into its stride it's absolutely hilarious. So many in-jokes and taking the piss out of all things Trek. It's a thoroughly recommended listen - definitely start from the start! They're going through every episode of every show since TNG, beginning with Encounter At Farpoint. I discovered the show a year ago and have just got to season 1 of DS9. The running gags (Kevin Uxbridge and his real dollsh bishnish, for example) are amazing. The project started from nothing and now has tens of thousands of listeners each week, it's a great story. https://maximumfun.org/podcasts/greatest-generation/
  9. It really is still a great show, even considering how production values have moved on. Season 3 is an all-timer of a season in television terms - the hit rate of great eps is extraordinary. 4 and 5 are only just off that and still brilliant. 6 has a pretty dodgy first half but some really banging episodes in the second half. 7 isn't as bad as its reputation - definitely well below the previous four but still has four absolute classics in it. Even season 1 is an interesting curio! Actually, 2 is pretty disappointing in the main. Some good and weird stuff, but not 'enough' better than the first season. As I've said in the Discovery thread, imagine TNG made now with Disco's budget, today's production values and the same writing staff as before, writing the same eps. It would be the greatest thing ever seen. Imagine what Best of Both Worlds and Yesterday's Enterprise would be like! Fuuuuuuuuuuck.
  10. I'm tickled by the thought that the Korean acting in this might actually be as bad as the English acting (episode 7 - fucking hell the English bits feature the most sub-school play acting I've ever seen in a professionally made TV show, including Hollyoaks), and we don't realise because we don't speak Korean and so have no frame of reference! We'd never know!
  11. The Orville's budget is nothing like Discovery's, and while I love the show, the set design (particularly the bridge) is pretty horrible in places for a show that's made now. It seems intentional but it's a misstep... I would retool the sets for their new home on Hulu, in a similar way to how TNG S3 had loads of production changes. We'll see if they have.
  12. I'm sure some people like it. It's just such a missed opportunity. Imagine peak TNG with this budget and production values.
  13. It's hard to see how they'll be able to make a return on the investment without changing the forum to such an extent that the majority may well up and leave. Particularly as they'll be primed to look for this stuff. And that's not the only problem for the new owners. People in the thread are already linking to individual 'gotcha' posts that are up on other forums the company owns, which forumites say prove they don't care about trans people, etc. Issues that could potentially rile ResetEra into a frenzy very quickly even if only a few are found. The Crucible extends outwards now!
  14. Yeah, sending it to Zelda is just aaaaargh behaviour.
  15. Over 10k patrons now, somehow! I abandoned ship pretty quickly in terms of listening to the podcast, as it seemed a bit boring and they essentially split out any less dry stuff into their medium tier exclusive podcast. Have things improved yet with the streams and their podcasting?
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