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  1. Zavvi also have a few titles 3 for 30, Whiplash is in there.
  2. Tremors is better than Jaws.
  3. The Invisible Man - 5/7 Hunt for the Wilderpeople - 5/7 Citizen Ruth - 6/7 Enola Holmes - 4/7 Inferno - 2/7 My Octopus Teacher - 6/7
  4. He really is the star, Reynolds is dripping charisma, but it's Gleason's movie. This might be the defining movie of my very early youth, it was before Back to the Future and I liked it way more than Star Wars.
  5. Jeff always seemed to have little tolerance for Ben's shit, it understandable seems to be zero now he's quarantined with a toddler for 7 months. That eye roll at the pod chair interruption. Anyway, fuck the desk everyone thought it was awful when it was revealed. Just one of the many bad decisions the site has made over the last five years.
  6. The Matrix - It's Caravaggio-esque at times. Blade Runner - it might be the best sounding disc I've got John Carpenter Stuff Easy Rider Days of Thunder Unforgiven Leon
  7. Taking into account the amount of hours he talked for, he's still statistically way behind.
  8. Beastcast is tollerable, mainly for Vinny and Jeff B. The hotspot is great, if we could replace Alex with Jeff B or even just add Jeff B, that'd be great. It seems much more freeform, it's just a bunch of forty something gamers moaning about shit.
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