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  1. It really is, drilled hours on it on the DS. It's got some idol game elements and a bit of Puzzle Fighter's setting up moves via timers. Would love to get Grindstone and Huntdown, but realistically wouldn't get to play them much on PC, has anyone tried them on Switch, is the performance/experience good etc.? Oh, and Loop Hero is also well worth 5 bucks.
  2. He's got that sweet fish finger endorsement money rolling in now
  3. They are incredible games, that rare perfect synergy of hardware and software. That's a bit unfair on 4, it had some multiplayer fixes and some interesting additions that allowed more dynamic mid-game battles. My micro is essentially an AW machine, still the device of choice when I have to travel extremely lightly.
  4. Lisa Banes - the MILF from Cocktail, killed by a scooter. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0051862/
  5. Have you watched Deadwood?
  6. Finally! Already have an S and it's amazing, hopefully they can fill the order come the 19th.
  7. Purchased DAZN and watched live, great card and good to see the corner protect their fighter.
  8. So if I sub to DAZN for €1.99 I can see it tomorrow?
  9. UPF on a Friday night with a few beers was must watch viewing.
  10. Yep, 1. Corporate America 2. Buy out, value/consolidation 3. Beginning of a global recession 4. Mass exodus of staff They aren't leaving because the new management gave them a super sweet deal to keep them secure for the next 20 years. They were offered terms, they were poor, so they were rejected. They work really really hard to make Giantbomb, most of it is background/invisible, people can't see the real value. Vinny could do just as well working half as hard on his own.
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