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  1. Here's my partner saying it. https://voca.ro/19uAtL3kMtAE
  2. Saidbh - Irish girls name Upload your attempts all in good fun, would love to hear them.
  3. I'm not a fan of Danny either, it's my duty as an Irishman to resent any modicum of success achieved by a fellow countryman. Kish is fine, have you seen her crush Downwell?
  4. Retronauts did a nice retrospective for its 10 year. http://retronauts.com/article/1694/retronauts-episode-357-10-years-of-nintendo-3ds
  5. Just bought this on switch, but in fairness I never would have played it sitting at the xbox, about 10 hours in and enjoying it. The pandemic has persuaded a friend to return to gaming after an absence of over a decade, is the convert a year of gold to ultimate still an option? It's just first 3 months for €1 on the official site.
  6. Does this have HDR on the series s? I have the video options in the game menu, but my display says it's not enabled. Got it!
  7. Is there anything on Gamepass that has Raytracing?
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