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  1. Couch Corpse

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    Incredible set piece, movie is shit. Bad Boys 2's freeway chase. (why is quoting so fucked on this forum?)
  2. Couch Corpse

    No Man's Sky - PC Version Tech Chat

    I have a non-OC 970 that runs avg around 90fps on max, a 1060 is comparable to a 970.
  3. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Live on the site now.
  4. Couch Corpse

    Rock Band 4

    I'm assuming the remote players just hear the track vocals when online singing?
  5. Couch Corpse


    I played the first level of Cryptark last night and thought it felt pretty good.
  6. Couch Corpse

    Nintendo Switch

    I wouldn't buy Lexar, garbage. Might be fine, but high failure rates (100%) in my experience.
  7. Couch Corpse

    Magnum P.I. reboot

    I was watching Selleck's run on Ferguson and he mentions it. Tom is the man.
  8. Couch Corpse

    Relaxing games

    @ScouserInExile yeah the 360 version is live only, not sure about bone. Get it on PC when it's on sale for 2 bucks.
  9. Couch Corpse

    Relaxing games

    I noticed that in the official thread, I've been meaning to setup a rllmuk server. During the day you can build away on the surface without any problems and at night you can lock yourself in and sort your chests, craft, etc.
  10. Couch Corpse

    Relaxing games

    Terraria - I've over 150 hours on this, super chilled world to explore or just mess about doing housework.
  11. Couch Corpse

    Relaxing games

    Kingdoms and Castles, turn off invasions and it's very chill. Such a relaxing world to hang out in for a few hours. https://store.steampowered.com/app/569480/Kingdoms_and_Castles/
  12. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Eating baseballs, America's #1 pastime.
  13. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

  14. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Holy shit, Vinny on live playing american laser games. Best thing ever.
  15. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    That was hilarious. https://imgur.com/2wdsUMh

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