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  1. It's not just Ben anymore, the whole site has gone to shit.
  2. Preaching to the choir here, but on sale for under 20. https://www.gamebillet.com/assetto-corsa-competizione?affiliate=25d1c8e9-dbfe-460a-9891-99d76b7af2e5 https://us.gamesplanet.com/game/assetto-corsa-competizione-steam-key--3805-1?ref=cheapshark
  3. @batistutauk Logitech G wheel or XB1 pad if I'm lazy. Got another few seconds off, it's funny the more time you shave off the more opportunities you see.
  4. Where the hell am I going to get 11 seconds from? I've only started learning Spa in the last few weeks, I thought I should probably know it.
  5. Add me to the list please @davejm
  6. Remember when we all laughed when they gave Shadow Complex away for free.
  7. I've often (well once), could Pixar re-render their stuff at 4K, 8K, etc.?
  8. Do you guys have any advice on G29 settings for GT Sport? Can you adjust the wheel rotation at the system level?
  9. Do you need a PS+ sub to play this online? Asking for @Droo https://www.rllmukforum.com/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=23307&content_commentid=12709476
  10. Is Ridley Scott the king of 4K? Alien, Blade Runner, Black Hawk down. The audio is in Blade Runner is just exceptional.
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