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  1. the greatest line in cinema history is

    "So Jake, you're out, you're free, you're rehabilitated. Wa's next? Wa's happenin'? Wachagonna do? You got the money you owe us motherfucker?
  2. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    Relevant. https://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/how-hoarding-works.htm
  3. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Having said all that Kattar/Burgos was really really good.
  4. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Dana has never given a fuck about the sport, and his full cuntery has been unleashed and exposed with the Fertitta bros' exit. Within' the confines of excessively rich businessmen, or at least retrospectively compared to White, the Fertittas seemed to care about the sport. I've been a dedicated fan of MMA and the UFC since 2001/2002 (or earlier if you count alluring glimpses of Pancrase on MTV in the 90s) and have barely missed a fight in any organisation since UFC 57, now my interest in the sport is waning due to White's meddling and apparent apathy or ignorance as to how his own business works. I used to get pumped watching high quality fights on the Facebook prelims and then occasionally shelling out for the PPV. No more! The shitty business practices and hard line delusional philosophy is too much to stomach. Seeing a career’s worth of wear on Rory this past weekend was a tough watch, is he even thirty? Wear which was earned in the UFC, Rory has been a participant in some of greatest MMA fights, let’s hope he gets his worth in Bellator. If may seem foolish to pretend like withholding my euro will, in any way, have an impact on Dana or pitifully set in stone low-end fighter pay, but any irritant no matter how insignificant, from a disgruntled fan, to a fighter saying no, or to a journalist calling him out to his face on his idiotic hypocrisy, is almost becoming more enjoyable to watch then the increasingly bland and corporate product churned out.
  5. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Dan and Alex were excellent, really trying to move things along fairly and constructively. Brad was blabbing on about Zelda revolutionise the open world formula, can anyone explain? (he didn't)
  6. Giant Bomb Fan Club

  7. Fire Pro World

    Out now and 33% off. http://store.steampowered.com/app/564230/Fire_Pro_Wrestling_World/
  8. EA Sports UFC 3

    Forget the lootboxes, this plays like dogshit.
  9. The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    Is that Fox?
  10. The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    Is Deadpool not MCU?
  11. Frame Rate Upgrades to Old Films

    I think so, I've messed around with SVP and it works well with action scenes, interpolated though can't add frames. https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Main_Page Higher frame rate is unwatchable under all other circumstances though, my girlfriends TV had frame rate smoothing enabled, made me ill.
  12. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    From legend Alex to fucking fat mouth Brad, itching to spoil Wolf 2 on the bombcast, just manged to hit the off switch as Geoff was shutting him down.
  13. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Under the Skin?
  14. Guess the film from the screenshot


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