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  1. I'm 11 subs short of making a tiny pittance out of youtube videos. So naturally, I turn to an older game with HORRIBLE sound effects. That'll go well, right?
  2. Wrestling has to go to WWE/WWF No Mercy (with the various Fire Pro games a very, very, VERY close second).
  3. I enjoyed that, but it's nearly 100% connective tissue that will totally rest on how well the landing gets hit next week. That next time trailer does not fill me with a lot of confidence. As with prior weeks, expanded thoughts and theories here.
  4. Preordered months ago... and apparently not getting any in the antipodes until next year. Boo. Hiss. Snarl. Etc.
  5. Would you accept games purchased in the dingy alleyways of Akihabara for 100 yen?
  6. There's still a lot that will hinge on those last two episodes, but I did enjoy that. Expanded thoughts here.
  7. WWE SURVIVOR SERIES Big E vs Roman Reigns 300 points Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair 300 points Damian Priest vs Shinsuke Nakamura 250 points RK-Bro vs The Usos 250 points Survivor Series Match Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley & Austin Theory vs Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Happy Corbin & Sheamus 150 points Survivor Series Match Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella & Queen Zelina vs Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, Natalya & Toni Storm 150 points Dual Brand Battle Royal Winner: AJ Styles 150 points BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Who survives the men's Survivor Series match? Drew and Xavier 2. Who survives the women's Survivor Series match? Bianca and Rhea 3. Who is eliminated first in the men's Survivor Series match? Corbin 4. Who is eliminated first in the women's Survivor Series match? Carmella 5. Who is the runner-up in the battle royal? Omos
  8. Not looking forward to the bit where shirtless Seagal is the one to pop out of the cake.
  9. As usual, my expanded thoughts here. I certainly enjoyed watching that, but as others have noted, it's all a bit hyperactive at the moment, and whether or not it's any GOOD will rest on the next few episodes and what they reveal about what's going on in this one.
  10. Picked mine up yesterday… and then made a pig’s ear of getting it open.
  11. I do know where Liverpool is. Are we certain they filmed there rather than “Cardiff can stand in for anywhere”? (Happy to e corrected if there’s obvious stuff that’s not a background effect, only been to Liverpool once)
  12. This had some big logical holes, but it also had a lot more time to breathe. Important I think to judge it as part of the whole -- we're only two eps into a six parter, after all. As with last week's ep, my expanded thoughts (and terrible puns) here.
  13. You’re buying way, way fancier beans than the rest of us.
  14. I really enjoyed that. Yes, it's terribly setup-heavy, and whether it's any good will hinge on how well the next five episodes run. Expanded thoughts here if anyone cares to read them. And yes, Karvanista's makeup was awful. Do better, BBC!
  15. Looks great, but I can't the only one looking at that name and figuring it's about an overly anxious simian who makes supernatural sweets, can I? I'd play the hell out of THAT game too.
  16. Bought myself one of the Arcade 1UP pinball machines, so I gave it a little review...
  17. I mostly liked it but…
  18. That'll be your brain protecting itself.
  19. Hmm. New Castlevania game out on Apple Arcade. Only dabbled so far, but it’s painfully obvious it’s a retrofitted IAP game. Not feeling the love so far, but it’s Castlevania so I’ll persevere a while longer.
  20. “Factory sealed… but covered in mouse shit.” womder how the grading companies would deal with that one?
  21. As the video points out, it ultimately blows up in somebody’s face… and the game is not being the one holding the ball, but instead holding all the money having cashed out. See also: Comic books in the late 90s, Beanie Babies, etc, etc etc. This is not a new scheme by any measure.
  22. I for one am on board with a film about wolves punching people. Maybe even a couple of sequels that explore other animals punching people. This could be an entire "nature punches people" cinematic universe!
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