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  1. Dammit. I seem to recall that Sesame Street was not as big a thing in the UK, but Bob McGrath, one of the founding cast members, passed away. Absolutely one of the founding pillars o my childhood. I’m rather sad about this.
  2. Iron Mask (2019, Amazon Prime Video) I’m not sure where to start with this one. At one time a Jackie Chan/Schwarzenegger film (with bonus Charles Dance and a massive CGI Dragon!) would have seemed like a home run box office smash to me. in 2019… less so, but it’s still somehow an incoherent dribbling mess; the narrative is incoherent, the acting is awful, the score doesn’t match the action, the dubbing is wacky, the effects look like they fell off a budget PS2 game… it’s a train wreck. Kind of fascinating in that way, but in no way “good”. 1/5 (and that one is only because I like CGI dragons whose eyelashes can be made to make tea. No, I’m not making that bit up.)
  3. Nah, they’re pretty uncomfortable, especially as they came in very slender jewel cases.
  4. Bullet Train It wasn't a smart movie, but it was a fun bit of escapist trash as long as you didn't think about it too hard. Or know how long it takes to get from Tokyo to Kyoto on even the slowest Shinkansen. Still, an easy 3.5/5 from me. Maybe even a 4 after a few beers.
  5. The Disney Plus news ain’t great for those of us outside the UK; since its inception it’s been shown in Australia on the national broadcaster, the ABC (also where a bunch of the missing eps and clips were found), no payment required. This deal will, sadly, put it behind a paywall. I suspect the iplayer team is going to see some big spikes in VPN access when new eps hit as well…
  6. Solution: Get them playing Vectrex games on an emulator - rights holders relinquished those rights some years back. or grab a genuinely free PD PC game - loads of those.
  7. Just watched it. Mostly loved it although…
  8. Something a little different - a walk through the classic gaming area at PAX Aus in Melbourne today. A really nice array of games to play.
  9. Jurassic World Dominion. minus five stars. Maybe minus six.
  10. Samaritan - 3.5/5. There’s still something in Sylvester Stallone’s screen presence, and it does help that he’s entirely willing to admit he’s quite old and takes roles that rely on that fact. A fairly obvious superhero film otherwise.
  11. Playing Chrono Trigger (yeah, I know, I know…)… but this is because I’ve had a JPN copy for a long time - came with a bundle of other non-text-heavy games - and just got a Retron5, so I can use a language patch on it and play. Is that obtuse given emulation and patches? Sure, but it gives me that selection satisfaction of using a real cartridge without paying the really insane prices for an English copy. and of course, so far it’s rather good.
  12. Even Friends leans into that idea a little. I’d say you need some grain of likeability (or identification) with them for the characters to work, and I just never got that with Seinfeld. But again, the “you just HAVE to love this” factor being so strong is easier to push back against as a result.
  13. It's the social pressure thing -- for the longest time it was held up by so many as comedy you *had* to enjoy, that *was* brilliant, and little dissension was permissible. People who don't find it funny (I'm one of them) will react more strongly to that higher level of social pressure. I mean, I'll almost certainly catch hell for this, but I thought (and still do think) the same thing about Seinfeld. Never found much there to raise even a smile, wanted someone to punch most of the cast in the face... but here's the thing. I don't have to watch it, and I don't. I'm happy that way, save for intermittent people telling me I'm wrong. I feel certain someone will come along shortly to tell me I'm wrong for not enjoying something I don't enjoy. 3... 2... 1...
  14. I've been playing this for the past couple of weeks and it is grand. Review here if you care, and to give you an idea, the review code save doesn't carry over, so I've started again... and I'm entirely happy to do so.
  15. The era where it really clicked with me mentally how it was essentially unfairly balanced was when the Neo Geo cabinets first hit arcades. Never saw one that wasn’t set to “your payment gives you X minutes of gameplay.” Not credits, not lives, just time. Impossible to 1CC anything, even if you were damned good. NBA JAM, IIRC did the same thing around the same time.
  16. Just finished this (regular run, not sure I’ve got the patience for what 100% seems to entail. A very fun ride, hit the same speed bumps that nearly everyone does, though the final tower was done in one hit - I kept expecting to fail somewhere and never did, party at around level 60. Then the, what… 30 minutes+ of end scenes? They felt earned, sort of.. but they just kept on going!
  17. "First time on a modern console" is a bit of a stretch for the Lynx, given the Evercade carts.
  18. Stop playing Bubble Bobble? What is this blasphemy? I had a lot of fun writing up a piece on why it’s the perfect game for the DD Zine a while back… and played a lot of Bubble Bobble along the way. It’s such a joyous mix of charm and challenge.
  19. Come for the Star Wars, stay for the tale of the incredible prices CEX used to charge for an import copy back in the day...
  20. Another lunchtime distraction; the fun thing about doing these to a schedule is that I have to try to pick games I can do OK at, but that I won't end up playing for hours, because I do have to get back to more productive work...
  21. My favourite of these is Christopher Fairbank - Moxey in Auf Weidersehen Pet - randomly turning up in Tim Burton’s Batman as a street thug. He even gets a voice sample in Prince’s Batdance!
  22. I thought I'd pick something that I could do in just a few minutes... and then ended up doing way better than expected. Which was nice!
  23. Another Friday, another lunchtime challenge. Spoiler: I do not cover myself in glory on this one.
  24. Trying to do a little Friday lunchtime gaming as a break on an ongoing basis. This week, I give Cannon Fodder (and my SNES mouse) a workout.
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