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  1. I’ve had a lot of fun with it in both multi and single player modes. A few frustrations — odd clipping and obscure goals and the like — but I’m pretty happy with it. Video thoughts below.
  2. I have it for PS4, but like many grabbed it because, well... free. But seeing the woes many are having online playing it, it — like so much else of my Epic Games library — can sit there for a week or so before I give it a try. Maybe it’ll work then.
  3. WWE MONEY IN THE BANK WWE Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs Seth Rollins 175 points WWE Universal Championship Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt 175 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Tamina 125 points WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships New Day (c) vs The Miz & John Morrison vs The Forgotten Sons vs Lucha House Party 125 points Money In The Bank Ladder Match Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio vs Aleister Black vs King Corbin vs Otis vs AJ Styles 200 points Money In The Bank Ladder Match Asuka vs Shayna Baszler vs Nia Jax vs Dana Brooke vs Lacey Evans vs Carmella 200 points BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Will we see Vince's office during the MITB matches? Yes -- or an office labelled as "Vince's Office" anyway 2. The MITB matches take place at the same time - which briefcase is grabbed first? Women's 3. Which wrestler (not team) is taking the fall in the tag title match? Kalisto.
  4. Dammit. Dammit to hell and back. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52262490
  5. Been playing this a bit lately — now up to the Break In level:
  6. Suspect it’ll be along time before I can go back - shot this in January and was going to edit it into something more solid, but figured this would do for now. https://youtu.be/olCeghkhYg4
  7. One big advantage of that era is that it’s well before the current trend of fused components, so most things can be fixed and/or upgraded. That being said, I’d argue for a Thinkpad (back when they were IBM Thinkpads) — big, solid machines but VERY well built, which wasn’t always the case for the build to order mobs such as Dell.
  8. if by “we” you mean “Apple” then you’ve never watched an iPhone launch event. Nearly always has a figure/stat around iOS upgrade stats vs Android. There’s definite tribal status within (and outside) Apple around this, although much of it is focused around ignoring the competition as being below Apple. Which is still a comparison in itself.
  9. Does this mean I get all of Shoes' points as well if I'm right? Oh yeah... they're my picks. No way they're right.
  10. And 6) My Friend Pedro Didn’t expect to be finishing something so fast, but I’d been interested for some time, and it’s in the current humble choice bundle, so... Just a basic run - there’s obviously a lot of score run gaming that could be done here. Definitely a game of two halves; I found it got bogged down in some padding out and some annoying drop puzzles later in the game. I did like
  11. WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WWE Intercontinental Championship Braun Strowman (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & Sami Zayn 200 points WWE United States Championship Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carrillo 200 points WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber Match The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs The New Day vs The Usos vs Heavy Machinery vs Lucha House Party vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode 200 points WWE RAW Tag Team Championships The Street Profits (c) vs Seth Rollins & Murphy 200 points Elimination Chamber Match Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler vs Asuka vs Ruby Riott vs Sarah Logan 100 points No Disqualification Match Aleister Black vs AJ Styles 100 points BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Who are the first team eliminated in the tag team Chamber match? (50 points) Lucha House Party 2. How many eliminations does Shayna Baszler score? (50 points) Three 3. Will we get an Undertaker appearance? (50 points) BONG.... yes.
  12. 5) Go Go Ackman (SNES) Not the hardest game, but a charming and fairly simple platformer. Given you’re collecting souls for the demon king, beating up cherubs as you go, I can see why this never got a port. But a fun evening’s entertainment with just a few difficulty spikes around death traps and the last two bosses.
  13. I can see why it would be divisive, but
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