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  1. Not following NXT, so the following predictions have been made based on which cat toy my cat chose to chase. If this pans out, I may have uncovered Vince/HHH’s secret booking method. NXT TAKEOVER: IN YOUR HOUSE NXT Championship Karrion Kross (c) vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne 250 points NXT Women's Championship Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs Ember Moon 250 points NXT North American Championship & NXT Tag Team Championships Bronson Reed & MSK (c) vs Legado del Fantasma 175 points
  2. That might just be the *first* “home” version of Mat Mania/Exciting Hour ever released though. I wonder how they’re getting around the copyright infringing crowd problem?
  3. Which is kinda funny, because I watch far more AEW these days. But totally understandable, too. With that in mind, having not kept up with Raw/Smackdown for a while, let's see how badly I can pick 'em. WWE WRESTLEMANIA BACKLASH WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs Cesaro 200 points WWE Championship Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman 200 points WWE Raw Women's Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs Asuka vs Charlotte Flair 175 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
  4. I wrote up my thoughts on the retail version here — it’s kind of weird what I appear to be locked out of for not backing the kickstarter, but oh well… maybe that’ll be later DLC. I can totally see this being quite a divisive game here, both for what it manages to do, and for some of the things it refuses to do — like making ship switching easy or quick.
  5. You may be being too kind to the influencers -- many of them have ethical standards that sit solidly in negative territory...
  6. For sure -- while "ethics in games journalism" has an entirely different (and horrible) usage these days, the way that the media industry used to (and still does) absolutely exploit young writers into writing valuable copy for essentially nothing is incredibly exploitative and ethically wrong. By comparison, selling off a few promo discs is small beer. There's still some slippery slope action (or perception thereof) within the whole idea of selling off review gear (do you keep a given company on the good side because you can then easily sell things, etc...)... but I'm getting off t
  7. I always felt that was on the iffy side, journalist ethics-wise, but it certainly happens. One person notorious for doing it in my immediate circle got shouted at repeatedly by PR folks for doing it, kept on doing so, and so they ended up sending him discs with manuals scrawled on, discs likewise to make them less resellable (esp. for games that weren't yet out!)
  8. Usually not — bear in mind that even at that time, not every publisher wanted early screenshots everywhere, or presumed that everyone had decent online access to grab them. Throwing them on a press disc allowed them to track exactly which shots went where, limit their use and so on. I recall once going through that terrible-smelling CEX branch off Oxford St in London, and it was *packed* with press copies of all sorts of games, all proclaiming that they weren’t in fact for sale. Probably coincidental that one of the main offices of the company that owns IGN was just do
  9. Huh. I’ve got (or had) a bunch of these, because that’s the period where I was doing a fair bit of paid games writing. The press disc is usually just a CD with a few screenshots and maybe the press release, nothing terribly exciting (though I get that it’s at least different from the regular retail release).
  10. To clarify, I was more looking towards Xbox One stuff (but not Rare Replay, which I've had since day 1 and still remains great) -- I'm very well across the 360 and OG Xbox generations in terms of games still owned and able to play. Which is why a surprising quantity of my first hours with the new machine were spent playing Nights Into Dreams. Because you can never have too many copies of that game.
  11. They are and I'm not ignoring them (and apologies for any ruffled feathers, etc) -- I'll almost certainly do both, but given the whole issues around (for example) what Sony's doing with the PS3/Vita stores, etc, there are certain games that I do prefer to own. MS isn't flawless in this regard -- technically speaking, I should still be able to access the Jabba's Palace DLC for Star Wars Battlefront (OG Xbox), because that was the first (and only) DLC for that system I ever purchased. And yet no.
  12. Nah, not at all — I’ve never been a “brand” guy when it comes to consoles at all (I mean, technically, I guess I own more SNES games than anything, but that discussion belongs over in the retro folder). Was more interested in what people would recommend, I rather prefer owning than renting games (esp. as they can be pulled from Gamepass, and browsing there there’s a lot of stuff that I *have* played already in any case, mostly on PC, sometimes as PS4, it varies). Thanks all for the genuine recommendations, not so much for the scorn.
  13. Got a shiny new Series X in today. Played a lot of 360 games back in the day, looking forward to seeing what works (and what doesn’t) there... but the Xbox One was a dust gatherer next to the PS4 last generation. Looking for recommendations on what to play/pick up (esp. as lots of XB1 stuff is dirt cheap now second-hand). Yes, I know Gamepass is a thing. Weighing that one up, but I do rather like having disc collections. Call it a quirk. What should I play?
  14. Minor pick change (my better half pointed out something) just pre night 1 around tallest jump.
  15. Edited my original picks — it’s just the opening to night 2 and tallest fall question, right?
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