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  1. Solution: This collection, which might be just SLIGHTLY overpriced: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Amstrad-Collection-Vortex-SP512-JUST-CPC-v2-Amstrad-664-Amstrad-Plus-GX4000-etc/183873794165
  2. Good to know that it’s likely — sold as in working condition but as always there’s an element of risk. Happy to toddle around in terms of game selection. Any other year I’d be in Japan once or twice and able to shop a little more easily, but, well... 2020 and all that.
  3. OK, so with 2020 being all.. 2020ish... I’ve decided my retro project for the year is going to be a PC Engine. Bought a Duo through Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but it’ll be a month or more before it arrives with a small collection of games — taking the punt that junk/untested stuff will run, but it was damned cheap so it’s a risk I’m willing to take. However, I’ve never owned a PC Engine of any stripe before. Suggestions on what to play/what not to bother with welcome. My Japanese is rudimentary at best, and I’m not looking at spending stupid levels of collector money, if yo
  4. So many questions about Chun Li there, but I’ll keep it to three. Why does she have 3 boobs (*and a need of a mammogram based on shape/deformity), why are her hips seriously displaced, and who broke her fingers like that? (Yes, I know, its her shoulder, but still...)
  5. AEW World Championship Jon Moxley (c) vs MJF 175 points AEW Women's World Championship Hikaru Shida (c) vs Thunder Rosa 175 points AEW World Tag Team Championships Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs FTR 150 points Mimosa Mayham Match Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy 100 points Casino Battle Royale Darby Allin vs Lance Archer vs Brian Cage vs Ricky Starks vs Pentagon Jr. vs Rey Fenix vs The Butcher vs The Blade vs Eddie Kingston vs Shawn Spears vs Billy vs Austin Gunn vs Jake Hager vs Santana vs Ortiz
  6. WWE Universal Championship The Fiend (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns 200 points WWE United States Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs Bobby Lashley 150 points WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax 150 points Keith Lee vs Randy Orton 125 points Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins & Murphy 125 points Matt Riddle vs King Corbin 125 points Big E vs Sheamus 125 points
  7. Bought and completed A Short Hike (Switch). Might just be the fastest time from purchase to completion of any game I’ve ever paid money for, but I’m totally fine with that. Yeah, it’s short, but it’s quite lovely. Didn’t 100% it, but more than got my own money’s worth out of it, and then again watching one of my kids play through it as well. Highly recommended.
  8. Another couple of retro games off the "to complete" pile. Donald Duck no Mahō no Bōshi (SFC) One of the small number of Japan-only Disney games, and a weirdly balanced game. It starts off with a bunch of mini-games because Donald needs money to buy Daisy a hat that aren't that great, before becoming a mostly-standard Disney platformer of the 16-bit era. Not the toughest game overall, although a late cloud jumping section gave me some trouble. Kid Klown In Krazy Chase (SFC) Hey, an endless runner before endless runners were a thing! Well, actually it's more of
  9. Easiest simple bodge for a riser on the Arcade 1UP machines — which I use myself — is the IKEA Lack Table. Dead cheap, fits well enough and you can then use the space underneath for storing other retro gear. Ikea’s got some decent stools for that further arcade-style experience too.
  10. I count Muppets From Space distinct from Oz/Merry Muppets/Letters/etc era stuff -- I mean, it had a proper cinema release and everything. As you say, Pepe is awesome throughout, even if he did brutally ditch Seymour to get to the top.
  11. Absolutely. Muppets Tonight also gave us the surreal spectacle of the Prince episode. It was great. Less great: the run of made-for-TV movies they did before the (newer) The Muppets Movie — Wizard Of Oz, Christmas Letters, etc. Dire. The biggest problem I have with the new Kermit voice is that it’s the actor from Most Wanted doing his Constantine, the world’s most dangerous frog voice. Although I will lose my MIND if they reveal that this was the plan all along and Kermit has a heel turn. That would be epic.
  12. Another one down from the retro pile: Link’s Awakening (Gameboy) My youngest got the Switch remake for his birthday, and it inspired me to dig out the Gameboy original and give it a whack. Really fascinating to see what they’d tightened up for the remake; while he was whizzing through the game (and having a lot of fun with it), I was endlessly flipping in and out of menus to switch gadgets, which gave it an entirely different kind of challenge. Didn’t find all (or enough of) the secret seashells in the end but had a crack at the final boss and was somewhat
  13. Another retro classic down: Karateka I guess I've been playing this, on and off since it came out in (gulp) 1984. Man, that was a long time ago, and I wasn't playing on a legit copy in those days. Just finished off the iOS version (I somewhat lack an Apple II to play it properly on, so it'll have to do.) It's an interesting bit of gaming history that looks WAY better than anything else around in that time for that system thanks to the whole visual animation approach. At the same time, there's no levelling and you really only lightly "improve" your skills along the way.
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