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  1. Apologies for the artwork on the video, it's the first link I found
  2. Apologies for the double post but I just put this on again and it's one of my favourites.
  3. Most of their stuff isn't very good, from what I've heard but I quite like the above song.
  4. Which is exactly why the rule will end up changing if VAR is seen to be having a negative impact on the game. I personally think the idea the keeper must stay on the line until the player kicks it is bullshit. I'd much rather allow the keeper to move once the player has begun their run up. That would definitely have some unintended consequences though.
  5. The rules will change to suit VAR if it doesn't work, encroachment from a keeper is in the rules so it needs to be upheld. If it's found to be unpopular then the rule should be reworked or removed.
  6. That's a pretty extreme way of seeing it considering Eurogamer get early access to most games they review, isn't that exactly how it's worked for the last 30-40 years? I'm not sure the prize of getting to play old games on a steaming service would be enough to forgo all journalistic credibility for a site like Eurogamer.
  7. The keeper gains an advantage by coming off the line when a penalty is taken. There are rules against doing it and referees very rarely act upon the rule. VAR is either in or out in my opinion. You can't pick and choose, if the ref doesn't penalise the encroachment it's a clear and obvious error.
  8. Adrock


    I think it's a straight up remix, there are a few bits of the Prince backing on Shiela's that sound identical to the Prince version. He was working very closely with Shiela E at the time, so he may never have actually recorded it alone. Not like the songs he provided for others anyway.
  9. Adrock


    Today I've decided Shiela E's version is better and after sitting down with my headphones I'm almost certain the Prince backing track is what they've used for Originals. On further listening to Originals there is some excellent stuff throughout. Very happy this was released, I might buy the CD and LP package.
  10. Adrock


    Listening really closely to the original I reckon the backing by Prince is basically what was used for this new release. That would explain why there was less of a unique Prince take on it. That's how I'm convincing myself today anyway.
  11. Adrock


    Scratch that last post. Just listened to both again and I can't decide.
  12. Adrock


    I disagree, I much prefer Prince's vocal even though it's not his best performance. I've been listening to both to compare over the last couple of days. Prince's rendition is less busy, especially considering Prince is basically backing up Shiela E throughout her release. Without that I prefer it.
  13. Adrock


    Anyone listening to Originals? Just put it on, Sex Shooter and Jungle Love are a very good opening duo. Next up is Manic Monday. It's lovely to hear old Prince stuff. Ordered the CD release from Amazon already too.
  14. In all honesty they looked absolutely shattered during the match, let alone after. They've had a seriously long season.
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