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  1. Poor performance so far.
  2. Shaqiri in the midfield three and Gomez replacing Lovren. If Gray plays for Watford Gomez could be useful in using his pace to help stop counterattacks.
  3. The change seemed to work quite well, Keita went right as Firmino dropped in behind Salah through the middle. Nicely done by Klopp.
  4. It's a decent match, Liverpool have done well to contain Salzburg and Salah should have scored at least one.
  5. I've been watching specifically for ball trail and I'm getting absolutely nothing at all. I'm watching on the Shield TV, via the Prime Video app, which is connected to my router via ethernet. 500mbit Virgin internet. Switched over to the Burnley vs City match at half time in the other game and it's still glorious.
  6. I don't think that's fair, game just kicked off and it looks pretty good to me. Rock solid up till now too.
  7. It's an argument for nationalised broadband, is what it is.
  8. Salzburg, knowing that they have to win the match, will mean it's a classic Klopp counter attacking performance and they'll win by 2 or 3.
  9. Fair enough, was gonna get into a serious argument if you'd said first.
  10. The entire Final Fantasy series is shit, especially 7. I'm a massive JRPG fan but Square games are generally crap.
  11. That's true. There has to be something to fix it whilst still utilising VAR to ensure decisions are correct.
  12. I think VAR is getting a lot of flak for what is basically a weakness in the rules. Offside needs to be less black and white if VAR is going to adjudicate the tightest of tight calls. How are the other leagues implementing VAR and offside? Surely it can't be a unique problem for the Premier League. Maybe make it so that feet have to be offside rather than any scoring part? And maybe the player's entire foot? There has to be a solution.
  13. Called it earlier. Another Palace player diving in and hurting himself.
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