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  1. No Minamino or Milner this afternoon. Not sure Oxlade Chamberlain is the answer but hopefully he'll bring a bit more pace and drive to the front three. It's an attacking, positive, change from Klopp.
  2. It is, that's exactly why I try to keep schtum at least until the game is over.
  3. Minamino might be returning from COVID and frankly he has been crap in any games of note.
  4. Far too slow for Liverpool in their current guise.
  5. Coutinho can be as good or as bad as he wants to be, he was the very definition of a confidence player at Liverpool. You could see him shrink over a couple of weeks when he hit bad form. I don't think an injury will prevent him from being physically able to play in the style he does, he never replied in physicality. If he takes the opportunity seriously he'll be an excellent addition.
  6. Not as yet @Parappa, I'm gonna dig the box out of the loft soon. I'll let you know when I do if you're interested.
  7. Emma Hayes, is she the Chelsea Women's coach? Her in the studio offering opinion, not sure what she is like at commentary but I enjoy listening to her at half time and full time. She talks about actual tactics, which is novel for most studio pundits.
  8. Havertz's elbow/forearm was almost a carbon copy of Mane's. No yellow card for him though, consistency is key.
  9. Garth, fucking, Crooks. That forward line is a joke.
  10. That's brilliant news, the MCU Spidey has been my favourite by a fair margin.
  11. Got back from the cinema an hour ago. Brilliant fun, not quite sure where it sits on my MCU rankings table just yet though. What were the terms of the deal with Sony? How much freedom do Disney have with the Appellant Spiderman property?
  12. I have a 6GB 1060, nothing special by any means but it's sitting spare right now. What's the consensus with pricing? eBay with discount priced in for you forum lot? I'm very thankful I managed to snag a 3060ti a while back, before the massive price hikes.
  13. Very low block and no Thiago ended up confirming exactly what we knew from the last few years. The team can't work through those teams.
  14. Control today : https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/control
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