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  1. Where would be fit in? As one of the midfield three? Not sure he has the game for that yet.
  2. To rule whether or not a clear and obvious error has been made. I'm not entirely sure the video shows anything conclusive so there is no evidence of a clear and obvious error.
  3. VAR didn't make the decision, the ref did.
  4. I don't think you can blame the defence at all, the midfield were utterly dominated in the first half and Chelsea had it easy. Firmino has transformed the team with his play, in the first half Jorginho had the freedom to do whatever he chose. I was wrong in my initial post, Wijnaldum wasn't being missed. It was Firmino.
  5. Midfield three is being dominated without Wijnaldum running around.
  6. Yup, Gomez is clearly second best behind Alexander Arnold. Is it Salah through the middle with Oxlade-Chamberlain right of the three or Mane central and Oxlade-Chamberlain left? It's nice to have the option of swapping them about and still causing the opposition nightmares.
  7. With the quick succession of muscle injuries there is clearly something going on, I reckon he rushed back for the AFCON and it's spiralled from there. He needs a decent rest period.
  8. We're on a board full of blokes, the vast majority over 35, nobody changes their team at that age. That demographic also highlights why Man United and Liverpool threads are popular.
  9. Definitely looked better in defence with Matip playing alongside Van Dijk, hopefully Klopp will realise that and not change the partnership that won the Champion's League. Salah looked a lot more confident on the ball today actually taking players on and the ball stuck compared with the end of last season
  10. I don't care for the sex of the referee, as long as they're competent. Thoughts on tomorrow? I think, given preseason, a loss is to be expected. I think the key is to keep it respectable. Considering the team have the season opener on Friday I wouldn't be surprised to see a makeshift front 3.
  11. I think the adjustment period can be just as long moving from a mid table Premier League club to one like United, who clearly have much higher expectations. I don't think Maguire will struggle to adapt quickly but for every player like him there are examples like Zaha.
  12. Nope, it was the young Dutch defender.
  13. The team doesn't need a player in the Coutinho mould, they'd be foolish to spend a load of cash on a player who simply doesn't fit into the first 11. The money would be better spent on a back up for Salah and Mane. That is probably the most pressing need, alongside a full back to cover Robertson.
  14. https://www.riversidegardencentre.co.uk/weber-bbq/bbq-cooking-events.html That place? Never knew it was so popular, it's about 15-20 minutes from me. Had a barbecue today, for my daughter's birthday, I didn't have a chance to shop for the meat myself so I ended up with a ton of chicken thighs, burgers and sausages. I went to the local halal butcher and bought a few racks of lamb ribs, they turned out nice. I used the Crispy Grilled Cornell Chicken recipe on Amazing Ribs and it was excellent. Would definitely recommend it.
  15. As I said, the first game is Norwich.
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