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  1. On the two occasions I've been to a rugby match it was infuriating having to move throughout the match for people to go and get their drinks. It ensured I won't be going back any time soon.
  2. Big Div starts tonight. Interesting.
  3. Rather pissed off I decided to veg out on the sofa and watch twitch rather than the Palace vs Spurs match. Who were the better team before the sending off?
  4. Well it was that or let them go and then have to isolate for 10 days in their return. A no win situation.
  5. Henderson has signed a contract until 2025.
  6. Edouard to Palace is an interesting move, I've read a few opinions suggesting he could make the step up to the Premier League. Palace definitely needed the added goal threat too.
  7. Hwang looked very good for RB Salzburg a couple of years ago, not sure what happened at Leipzig but it seems he didn't get many games there. How much have Wolves paid for him?
  8. Unless it's Ederson, it's worth him having a mistake once or twice a season because he is so good distributing the ball.
  9. Danny Ings is such a good striker, such a shame he has glass knees. Brilliant overhead kick.
  10. I'm liking this light touch refereeing, a lot. Excellent cross by Tsimikas and headed goal by Jota. Robertson might have some competition.
  11. Sadly not, back to January.
  12. Elliott to start against Burnley this afternoon. Quite happy about that, at home in front of the returning fans. Burnley will offer him continuity from the Championship experience he had last season.
  13. Ornstein reporting Henderson has agreed a 3 year extension with a 4th year dependent on appearances. Klopp was pivotal to it.
  14. These hot takes about Grealish are crazy, the dude is clearly top notch. City would have studied all of the stats and performances before sticking all that dosh down. It is the first game of the season, people need to let it percolate a bit before drawing conclusions.
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