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  1. The movement was clearly that of a stamp. It's a red card, there aren't many I've been more sure about. He didn't even try to play the ball.
  2. I felt that, considering the first half and nature of the match up to that, Mourinho had no choice but to send his team out on a more attacking footing. Tottenham looked like they were playing that same old Mourinho style when he decides his team can't match up against an opponent.
  3. I played it a fair amount, it was a pretty decent game. That trailer looks interesting, might give it a go.
  4. Tottenham showing almost as much ambition as West Ham tonight. Watched the first half of City vs West Ham and keeping it to a single goal is very fortunate for West Ham. Tottenham have been utter dross the 10 minutes I've watched, Leipzig easily controlling the game.
  5. You would. I'm the self proclaimed arbiter, so my word is final.
  6. Benefit of the doubt hasn't been part of the offside rules for a long time. It's a simple yes or no when it comes to offside, VAR should be no lines.
  7. Adrock

    Nintendo Switch

    Why have I never played this game? I think I'll have to search it out.
  8. Let's forget about that performance. Got a decent period until West Ham on Monday night, hopefully they can do the team a favour by nicking a draw off City tomorrow night. Either that or Leicester on Saturday evening. Liverpool need to win against West Ham, Watford and Bournemouth to line up a potential Goodison Park Premier League crowning. Man City need to drop 3 points for that to happen.
  9. Crap game, crap performance. No single player played well tonight.
  10. I'm not sure there is much more they can do against a team so deep that Van Dijk and Gomez have ended up 15-20 yards inside the Atletico half. It's set up for a 2-0 win, a counter attacking goal in the second half whilst Liverpool press for an equaliser.
  11. Adrock

    Nintendo Switch

    So any RPG developed in Japan is a JRPG?
  12. Adrock

    Nintendo Switch

    You're failing to get it. Xenoblade is a bog standard RPG with horrible mechanics, a grating main character and very few, if any, redeeming features.
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