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  1. Which Argos store? Pretty much every single one around Hertfordshire. Chased the stock.
  2. Around 5am they released their stock, website crashed at first and then just struggled up until about 10 minutes ago and now they're unavailable. Had one in my trolley for ages but just couldn't get to pay for it.
  3. He isn't. His final ball is never anywhere near what Alexander Arnold was capable of even then.
  4. Liverpool trying to bypass the press by knocking long balls to the front three but nothing is sticking. Second balls just aren't being won either, that's a symptom of not playing Firmino.
  5. That's a decent enough team. Kelleher and Williams are the big worries though. Williams needs to begin to improve quickly, he is very young so there are no concerns about his performances up to now but he still needs to show improvement. If he can manage that it'll be a big step in his progression, conversely you only learn about that by playing first team matches.
  6. Aren't there historical examples of the game without offside? Aren't old formations of loads of attackers before the advent of offside. I think you'd end up with midfield becoming a 2 man set up. 4-2-4.
  7. I'm loving this thread @pulsemyne and I'm getting the itch to come back to EvE, even if I'll probably only last a few days. Once you have no friends left in the game its difficult to trust anyone else because everyone is out to screw everyone else.
  8. I have no problem with the idea teams playing midweek should be given ample rest. City travelled midweek though so should probably be afforded time to recover too.
  9. Klopp needs to give up bringing it up, it's playing into the hands of the media and other clubs who will use it against him. I think the argument that clubs took the money so they should just run themselves into the ground is not really acceptable, but the argument doesn't need to be had on the telly.
  10. Just keep it tight for the last 10 minutes.
  11. I'm worried for Matip tonight, he could do with not playing with such a short break between games. The team is rather weak so I'd be happy with a draw tonight.
  12. I waited until the end of the match to reply but the change in tack from Leicester second half didn't make a difference at all to the game. The only thing that really caused any worry was the inexperience of Williams on the right, he made the wrong decision a few times but Leicester couldn't capitalise. All in all a dominant display from a midfield who had 1 of 3 regulars playing.
  13. Keita and Jones have been brilliant so far. Tielemans, Maddison and Mendy haven't had a chance to get anywhere near the ball, the forwards and midfield have swarmed upon them at every opportunity.
  14. He has been back in training but with the number of games coming up there is no use in rushing him back.
  15. Liverpool XI: Alisson, Milner, Fabinho, Matip, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Keita, Jones, Jota, Firmino, Mane Stronger than it could have been, for sure. Central midfield will be the major concern without Henderson driving them on, Keita can hopefully pick up from where he was earlier in the season.
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