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  1. Not starting Fabinho made sense in the context of his injuries recently so once he is back to full match fitness you'd hope that would be the case.
  2. Horrendous performance, the only performance worth analysing would be Keita's. Considering his recent lay off he did well and anything of quality came through him. The Fabinho cameo showed a glimpse of what the central midfield might be like fitness permitting. It was the longest sustained period of pressure Liverpool achieved in the match, even then they never looked like scoring though. A midfield 3 of Fabinho, Keita and Firmino next match please. Jota, Mane and Salah up top. Fuck worrying about the central defensive pairing anymore, go back to heavy metal football.
  3. Wow. No confidence in the result today, at all. Ah well, a couple of hours of squirming as they lose to a decent Fulham team isn't the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon, almost.
  4. The idea Klopp won't stick around for a squad rebuild is fanciful. He spent his entire career rebuilding squads that were picked apart by bigger clubs until he moved to Liverpool.
  5. For Sunday they should try to freshen it up, play Fabinho, Keita and Jones in the middle. Give Wijnaldum the rest he deserves and then hope Nat Phillips is back, he was injured got tonight wasn't he?
  6. Horrendous. I've come to the conclusion Jones and Thiago can not start in the same midfield, both don't have the driving energy and momentum of the others and Wijnaldum can not be expected to do that as well as screen the defence.
  7. I don't think you can blame the defender for Mount's goal, he beat Fabinho for pace. It was just a very good goal. There isn't any energy in the team at all. Plenty of tidy football but it isn't creating anything, story of the season. Chuck Jota on.
  8. I think Kabak and Phillips will be the pairing against lesser teams but tonight they definitely need the experience of Fabinho, he will hopefully help Kabak through the game.
  9. Kabak gets the nod over Phillips, the wrong decision in my opinion. Phillips has been solid since he was given his first team opportunity, Kabak on the other hand needs time to settle. The bench is looking much better with Keita and Jota back. Let's hope it's a Leipzig style performance tonight.
  10. The lack of confidence is really causing this team grief. When they go a goal ahead they seem to invite the pressure on, very strange situation.
  11. Yeah that's fine, it takes what it takes. I waited a month to reply to your original message
  12. Send me your details for payment. If my wife likes it as much as I do I'll buy a couple of bowls and maybe another mug or two.
  13. I pointed out what I thought and you've done the same, that's the beauty of this forum. I post in this thread and the main football thread and disagree with many people and have plenty of back and forth about it. The same goes for any part of the forum, that's exactly what we're here for, isn't it? I'd rather you posted your opinion in here though. I've made my opinion known and I won't mention it again. I'd still like to talk about actual football though, whether we agree or disagree.
  14. The rumours have been around for over a year. I think you've made it something in your head that it isn't. You've spent the last few years being negative at every turn and it's getting pretty boring. Newspapers and websites will always fabricate rumours regarding the bigger clubs because it drives traffic/sales. Just ignore them.
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