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  1. The Amazing World of Gumball finished earlier this year. The last series was excellent. It's easily the best cartoon I've seen since my childhood, maybe ever. Absolutely brilliant, I can't remember any low points. @deKay who was the forumite who wrote for it?
  2. Racism is a real problem at the moment, throughout much of European society and it's increasing. I subscribe to the John Barnes opinion that there needs to be a real, frank, discussion about what's causing the problems. His interview, in the Guardian today, was good. Although I'm unsure who he means by the black elite.
  3. If United lose, as they currently are, this will have been just about the best set of results from a weekend I could have imagined.
  4. If you'd have said anything before the match you'd have been laughed out of here. Adama to score one let alone two? Nobody is that crazy.
  5. That was superb, easily the better team throughout but got caught out by some excellent play by Leicester. Should have been a couple in front by then though, thank the lord Milner was playing.
  6. Yep In fairness Gomez struggled badly midweek so it didn't give Klopp much of a choice. Matip will be a big miss.
  7. If it ends up with a Tottenham loss does it affect Pochettino's future? At some point they need to address the form going back to the end of last season.
  8. Adrock


    Ah, did he learn to fight orthodox for the Creed rematch? I haven't seen them for years.
  9. Adrock


    Rocky 2 is Apollo Creed rematch isn't it? That's clearly where Klopp went wrong. He didn't know his Rocky series well enough.
  10. Adrock

    The Spurs Thread

    So it isn't the feeling in the camp after losing a big final that determines how you start the season but the spending in the summer? I think you're trying to find excuses for the fact that the departure of a few key players has been poorly managed by the club. As well as a number of other issues. The message coming out of the club via the manager and senior players before and after the final has been mixed. That has contributed at least as much to the current problems as transfer spend and whatever other excuse you want to make.
  11. Adrock

    The Spurs Thread

    Liverpool won their opening 5 or 6 games last season.
  12. If the team can continue to pick up points whilst still waiting on the return of Alisson they'll be in with an excellent chance for the rest of the season. You can't discount the affect having him back will have. So far so good.
  13. Martin Tyler is an arsehole. He is calling an offside VAR call pedantic.
  14. I think rushing Mount back could be a mistake and Kante might not be ready yet either. Liverpool to win by 1 or 2 goals, but it won't be with a clean sheet.
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