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  1. Sorry to be a pain but can anybody direct me to a run through of where I go and what I download to get started? I had a look at the first post and it didn't mention it.
  2. What's the concern about the YouTube video?
  3. My misterfpga order should be arriving tomorrow, that'll get me the case, power supply, ram and digital io. Just need to put it all together and then get the software installed.
  4. I just started playing and it's rather addictive. I have Spider-Woman, who I lean on quite a bit to win. It's an excellent card, don't think I'll continue playing for too long though because the season pass is too expensive.
  5. Shipping notice received, all that University student checking/delay rubbish isn't true! Just over $250 shipped, the customs and VAT demand should arrive Tuesday. Edit : Anyone got a recommendation for a 3D printed case? Or if they're all crap any case recommendations will do.
  6. My nephew, bless him, didn't forget my request and we worked through it today, money sent to him and order confirmed. Hopefully, looking at the most recent orders, I'll be the owner of a shiny DE10 Nano within a week or so.
  7. I think I'd stop watching if that happened.
  8. Denying the club is for sale at all was their approach last time, so this is definitely different. FSG were always in it to make a profit and that's what they're looking to do.
  9. Yep, I'd much rather the club were actually competing and in the last 16 regardless of the opponents. The club will have lots of time to get the players not attending the world cup up to speed and hopefully get a good training camp.
  10. Bayern, PSG, Porto or Real, the last 16 is going to be horrible.
  11. If it's that close just give the goal. VAR should have a time limit and if they can't decide, go with the on field decision.
  12. It was obviously his head, he made the motion pointing to his head, as did Klopp. Perhaps the increase in exertion exacerbated the symptoms after he'd had the half time break? Diagnosing concussion is not an exact science right now.
  13. Yeah, I've got one of those usb six button mega drive pads, at least at first.
  14. Another, perhaps silly, question. The DE10-Nano aside, what would I expect to spend on getting a capable system? I have a nephew in university who could get me the slightly cheaper version. Do they scrutinise the course the people are on?
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