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  1. First half was a tough watch, but as soon as the Lions gained parity in the scrum and the aerial battle tilted towards the Lions they looked in the driving seat. Some outstanding performances (Itoje, Jones, Lawes), and thought a couple of the unexpected starts, like Ali Price, did really well. Be interesting to see what changes Gatland makes, I don't think there will be loads, probably in the centers, and Wyn Jones coming in if he is fit.
  2. Didn't watch the Beijing Olympics then
  3. Wasn't too far off, Henshaw, Price & Conan in for Farrell, Murray & Faletau, although two of those are on the bench. Feel for some of the backs who won't get a game with the ridiculous splits on the bench (although 5:3 isn't bad). The backs clearly look like they have been picked for versatility, with it presumably being a straight contest between VdM and Adams, considering Watson, Daly and Williams can all cover full back, Daly and Williams wing, and Hogg even at fly-half at a push. Still rough for Adams though, although I have no doubt he'll get a chance. No real surprises in the pack for me, only that Faletau missed out entirely, but his form hasn't been great versus Conan.
  4. I don't think Henshaw is completely fit, he wasn't great yesterday and I suspect Daly will play at 13. Could go either way though, Harris hasn't played badly either, maybe Aki comes in? Farrell's tackling has been fine this year so I don't think that is going to be an issue at all. I think it will be harsh on Adams to be left out but Van De Merwe and Watson are both better at getting over the gainline against tight defences which just edges it for me. I agree you could easily swap out Hogg for Williams if the latter is fit though.
  5. Before you even consider the form factor (the machine or controls) come up with a list of games it has to play, and maybe an extension list of games it would be nice play. If you do this (and be pragmatic about it), the machine will almost specify itself and then it just comes down to your budget and how much (if any) you want to DIY yourself. Don't end up on the crapmame subreddit!
  6. Not sure the Lions game today will have much of an impact on next Saturdays game, but there are going to be some really good players on the bench or not selected either way. I'm leaning towards the following; Wyn Jones / Cowan Dickie / Furlong Itoje / Wyn Jones Lawes / Faletau / Curry Murry / Biggar / Farrell / Daly Watson / Hogg / Van De Merwe That gives you three excellent lineout jumpers and a pretty powerful pack. I think Daly has played himself into a starting position, not sure if Farrell will be picked though, it's a shame none of the other options have really shone and is probably one of the weaker positions in the squad. The wings/fullback could go completely differently, although I think Van Merwe has shown enough to start and Watson will get picked for his ability to get over the gainline. Not 100% on Hogg, Watson could move back and Adams come in on the wing, is Liam Williams injured/isolating? First test will be a belter though and there will be some insane quality in the subs.
  7. This is the biggest problem, most other team sports are more likely to have scores in any quarter of play, or give you methods of scorning something more easily from open play (i.e. drop goals in Rugby). I think you have to decide if playing for penalties is a valid tactic within the spirit of the game, if so then you leave them as is, if not then find a more entertaining solution; Wide On - Widen the goals for extra time, say 30cm either way, maybe just keep stretching them out every 15 mins. Stops teams trying to just defend deep as you'll have people banging them in from 30-40 yards with a wider goal. Not taller though, just wider. ISS98 Keepers (or Player Keepers) - You pick players to go in goal for each penalty much the same way as you decide who takes them. Players can't train for a particular keeper that way either. Yahoo Auctions - Golden Goal but if anyone scores you have 5 minutes added to give the opposing team a chance. Not entirely sure (2) is actually better, as a team could still play for penalties.
  8. Going to miss tonight's game, which is effectively a 4th test now, really annoyed! I see that World Rugby are going to trial the 50:22 like they use in League, initially I wasn't really sure but forcing the wingers back to cover should open up the defensive line a bit which is no bad thing. Will be interesting either way. I also quite like that holding the ball up over the line is now going to be a goal line dropout, seems like a good reward for lazy attacking play and great tackles, although it doesn't happen too often anyway.
  9. I'm assuming the number of warm up games is due to there not being any between tests. I agree with @g wings though, Murray and Biggar at 9/10 and while I think Adams might be playing his way into the team I don't think Rees Zammitt will get the nod (in the first game at least). I think you have to assume that the first game is going to be cagey, and South Africa are going to bombard you with kicks, and on that basis the three who play / can play full back (Hogg, Williams and Watson) might be selected for their quality in the air. I'm not a 100% sure H.Watson is nailed on, assuming he is competing with Curry (who had a really good game yesterday), but the fact that is even a discussion shows how insane some of the quality in this team is. I wonder if Lawes might get an opportunity in the second row with AWJ out, but I suspect he'll be a sub. The bench is going to be incredible though!
  10. Robocop is slow as fuck, you'd be better off just reskinning Space Marine as that just about fits his mobility profile.
  11. On one of the lineouts a player went up and just disappeared behind the fake advert, it was weird. Games coming thick and fast now though which is nice.
  12. I think I was most impressed with the three kicks he banged in from the touchline, two from the 'difficult' side. It's not uncommon for 'creative' fly halves to be weaker kickers but he is outstanding in that department, and considering they only won by two points they were pivotal (compare to Sheedy's poor kicking last week that would have given Bristol an even bigger lead).
  13. I think the set piece is going to be so important, especially lineouts, which is where I think both LCD and George edge Owens, but it could go either way. I think Farrell will play for the dual kicking options, for the first game at least. Maybe Aki will play outside him rather than Henshaw, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it change in the second game, win or lose.
  14. Yeah, to have it happen in the first 10 minutes of a warm up match, not even in South Africa is really rough. He strikes me as the kind of bloke that would take it on the chin though, and I assume he'll stay in camp as he's obviously a great leader. At least there are a lot of great second row players to pick from so hopefully won't create a massive hole (ability wise at least). A pretty opportunistic performance yesterday but that's not a surprise, first game out was always going to be tough. The next couple of friendlies will be more interesting I think, especially with the rest of the team arriving. Anyone want to take a punt on the starting line up for the first test? I think it will be something close to this; Wyn Jones - LCD (assuming the concussion doesn't rule him out, then George) - Furlong Itoje - Henderson Beirne - Faletau - Curry Biggar - Murray (assuming so if he's captain, but wasn't sure on this one) Henshaw - Farrell Williams - Hogg - Watson Anyone watch the premiership final as well? Just about one of the best games of rugby i've ever seen, both teams played really well and it was just breathless from start to finish. Seeing both teams turn down penalty after penalty to kick for touch was great as well. Marcus Smith had an incredible game for Harlequins as well, which means Jones will probably leave him out of the summer tests .
  15. Think I need to do a bit of digging, i'd wrongly assumed that they would be mechanically identical with other improvements.
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