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  1. He's got form for doing stupid shit like that as well, fuck knows what he thought he was doing though. I was watching it with Australian commentary though, which was hilarious, someone even seemed to suggest that Hill's punishment should match that of the player who reacted. Bonkers. Only watched the England game and fuck me it was another tough watch. They are rapidly running out of time for their tactics to click before the world cup, especially as there are no signs it currently will. It seemed like Farrell played 10 the entire game, rather than the much more fluid relationship he had with Ford. I get how you might use Smith to try and find space on the outside but it took away his ability to keep the defence from drifting (or exploiting it when there are gaps). I kind of get most of the selection decisions (even if the players aren't performing), except for Lawes at 6. He's a top class second row and much better than Hill, and England currently have decent strength in depth at 6/7 (albeit lacking in caps). One positive to take from that is Arundell though, yes the game was already won but there is absolutely no way he should score that try. It looks like a poor tackle by the two Australian players that collide but it's the acceleration that catches them out, and then he Jason Robinson's the last defender, just accelerating past them on a curving run. For those that haven't watched is highlight reel it is absolutely worth it, make sure you check his try against Toulon too (ideally with the French commentary). It's far too early to know whether he'll make it, and all the usual boring caution with young players, but his potential is off the charts at the moment.
  2. MAME has a lot of the dipswitch settings detailed where they are available, but not sure there is any easy way of checking them without loading the game up first.
  3. Only went yesterday so it was a pretty tight schedule, didn't play anything but did spend time chatting to people at the stands which was nice. Was bigger than I was expecting and was great to see so many independents there, which suggests the hobby is in a reasonably healthy place. Really enjoyed chatting to some of the ttrpg guys, the scottish guys with the monster hunter-esque game (can't remember the name) and the Senet team too. A lot of big companies (in all sectors) are scaling down expo attendance (either attendance or stand size/complexity) due to the costs so while it felt like the show was maybe missing another one or two big stands i'm not sure it really detracted from it. Only two of us went yesterday (from our regular group of 5) so hoping next year to get the whole group down for two days so we can experience some of the non main hall stuff and play a few more games too. I think my favourite bit was the whiff of panic that started around 3pm when everyone started getting spending fever . Didn't spend much at all - LA Crimes (on sale. expansion for Detective), Rustling Leaves (seen before the show so just convenience) and Fire Tower (A slightly dark subject maybe not executed with much empathy, but always partial to a quick 4 player game!)
  4. Deep Blues (1992) - A documentary by a New York journalist travelling through parts of the US, featuring for the first third that Dave bloke from Eurythmics. If you like the blues then there will be something in this you like, it's not hugely insightful but like any good documentary it gives it's subjects time and should be applauded for that. 4/5 Uncharted - Never quite seems to get the mix right, although I liked the ship fight at the end, however ridiculous it was. 2/5 Hercules in New York (1970) - So low effort it's painful, despite that there is something curiously compelling about Schwarzenegger's belligerent Hercules. I'd probably give this an extra mark if Hercules wasn't dubbed. 2/5
  5. Going to head down to UKGE next week but can only make the Sunday, i'm assuming that Sunday's are still decent (only knowing from other shows that people can start clearing out early)? What is the secret rllmuk handshake?
  6. The 7's thing is fucking stupid, there are so few try saving tackles on the try line they should just adopt a variation of american football touchdowns. It's always annoying seeing players wait to score until an opposition player approaches them at some point, this is just an extreme version of that.
  7. This is more of a 'can't find at a price i'm willing to pay' but keeping an eye out for LNoE Timber Peak at the moment. It's available in the US, and looks like I can get a copy from ebay for ~£65 but it's one thing i'd probably rather not chance it with on global shipping. It's a shame Zombicide seemed to take the mantle of top zombie game as I think LNoE is the better game (with an expansion or two).
  8. Didn't manage to get that game of Quacks in but did play Men at Work again. Can't remember if i've mentioned it before in here but it's a great dexterity game, the handful of games we've played so far have nearly all descended into tears of laughter. Might take a game just to get a feel for the pieces, and games tend to take few rounds to get interesting but the pay off is absolutely worth it. Had our first game of the new Azul (Queen's Garden) last night, and while at first glance it looks a bit complicated, the actual rules are simple - just the way the tiles work can be a bit confusing in the heat of battle gardening. The mechanics are all similar to the other games, with the main difference being that tiles are revealed more gradually in each round This means you don't know what tiles are necessarily coming up and so strategically it feels a bit more on the fly than some of the other versions. Enjoyed it though and will definitely end up in rotation! I have two complaints though - the tiles are in 6 colours, blue, yellow and then dark/light green and dark/light purple, which requires just that little bit too much effort to differentiate, especially as the same colours are printed on some of the card pieces which aren't a perfect match. It's not a game breaker by any means (although anyone with colour blindness around green/purple would have a nightmare I imagine), but seems like an aesthetic decision that does slightly hinder it. Secondly, the boards are now thinner card rather than board so feel a bit cheap, I assume this is a cost decision but they feel a bit cheap compared to all the other components.
  9. I've only played a few games but I think all push your luck games benefit from a group with at least one all or nothing 'wildcard' player to encourage the others. I didn't think the explosions were too bad, you probably only lose out on victory points, and you'll get the rats tail advantage on the next round as well assuming you're not in first. Hoping to get a few games in tonight with 4 of us so interested to see how that plays out.
  10. Played some Quacks of Quedlinburg at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I'm partial to a push your luck game so it's probably taken me longer than it should have done to pick it up. It does a great job of balancing the risk, not making it completely catastrophic if your potion explodes, but with enough of a penalty to make pushing further a non-trivial decision. Really enjoyed this and the variety from the different potion books you can use each game was surprising. Also played Isle of Cats a few nights ago, we love a tetromino-esque game and while I didn't find it as enjoyable as the likes of Patchwork it's got some nice mechanics and enough variability that games should be quite different. It is probably better with more than two players though.
  11. Rebel Strike? Didn't it come with a two player version of Rogue Squadron 2? That was amazing.
  12. Get MameUI instead of Mame as it’s a touch easier to use without a front end. For roms you want the same version romset as the MameUI version you downloaded. Internet Archive has merged romsets which are a bit awkward in that you can’t necessarily just download the game you want. If space isn’t an issue just download the full set. For neogeo and others you’ll need bios files, which are probably on IA as well but I haven’t checked. These should all be version labelled as well, make sure everything matches.
  13. Don't treat it as a single quest to complete in one go, just keep an eye on them as you do everything else. Familiarise yourself with them and you'll soon start spotting areas they might be as you travel around.
  14. The city is incredible, just amazing to walk around but the game still feels like it's still stuck in the past to some extent. I haven't completed it yet although have done a reasonable amount. Some of the issues I have; 1) Awful UI, it sort of gets easier with time 2) A lot of quests, especially main, have a sense of urgency that is at odds with how you want to experience the city. Also, it doesn't seem to make any difference, no matter how often a character says 'meet me tonight' I can rock up a few days later and the quest continues as normal (so far at least). Breaks immersion, especially when you can assume that there is enough to keep everyone in the city busy. I've tried to roleplay it reasonably, accepting or refusing quests as I feel appropriate at the time but it all feels a bit smoke and mirrors. 3) From the outset, when you have to choose nipple/penis size, the game feels a bit 'lads, lads, lads'. Someone else in here mentioned the porn adverts, which feel the same way. Maybe it's all appropriate for a cyberpunk universe, but there is a better version of this game that doesn't resort to that cheapness. I would still recommend everyone play it, not least to just experience the city. You could easily just spend 10+ hours navigating the city and ignoring the story entirely and it would still be worth the price of entry. At the moment Night City get's a 10/10 but gameplay is an 8/10. I'm on the fence about the story still. I'm playing this on the premium 3080 tier on Geforce Now which definitely helps give a bit more detail to the world and stops the slightly jarring plasticine faces.
  15. Sugar Hill (1974) - A zombie blaxploitation film, nothing particularly interesting as it doesn't have the gore to really nail the former or the cool/soundtrack to nail the latter. Decent costume design/effects though. 2/5 Wily's Wonderland (2022) - Thought this was pretty good, it's ridiculous and let down by the quality of acting from the group of teenagers but it doesn't outstay it's welcome. Doesn't get anywhere neat the highs of Mandy or Colour in Space but worth a watch - 3/5 Bull (2022) - Would echo a lot of recent reviews in here, it's no dead man's shoes and screams 'revenge wank fantasy' for large stretches but Mitchell's performance does do a good job of elevating it a bit. 3/5
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