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  1. You can check one of the Mame databases like ArcadeItalia and look at the 'Status' section for any given game. Only slight issue with this is that retropie uses out of date sets (likewise for FBA Neo, which is the recommended core for arcade games on retropie) so that may not match. There are probably other resources. I would recommend coming up with a list of 'must haves' and simply using that as your start point and googling whether each game works. I'b probably be inclined to just pick up a Pi4 and test it, the outlay isn't huge and if it doesn't work you could recoup most of it. Not sure on memory, but I don't think you'd need to go for the 4gb version.
  2. Still sorting through GW stuff but I have a complete, pretty much unplayed, 3rd Edition Blood Bowl. If anyone is interested let me know, ideally i'd just bin the box and ship the contents as there is a lot of fucking air in it. £25 including delivery? I'll double check all the components.
  3. I think you'll struggle to get a lot of that running really well on a Pi, although I haven't used the new Pi4. If it's primarily arcade emulation you want then a PC would be better.
  4. I blew up a pi3 making a bartop, that took a few minutes* of quiet contemplation to recover from. *best part of a day
  5. Like the snap in ones the short threads are meant for a metal panel really. You could have countersunk them like you said, 10mm thickness around the buttons would have been ok. If you're going to hot glue just be sure you can get them out again without damaging the panel.
  6. If you haven’t bought any primer yet then I would recommend Zinnser BIN (the red one). You’ll need methylated spirits (the purple stuff) to clean the brushes but it will far and away give you the best base and is much better than any ‘specialist’ mdf primer. For paint there is plenty of options but I’ve used the wood/Matt Valspar eggshell from B&Q with good results before using a medium pile roller.
  7. You can use the Ultimarc Ultrastik 360 which is analogue, although they aren't cheap. They do include a built in 8 button interface though so you wouldn't necessarily need a separate interface. Not sure how well they work on a Pi though, but i've seen people doing it. Most of the top down racing games are fine and even those that need a wheel can have the controls changed to work with a joystick. Driving cabinets are notoriously difficult to setup though so that's a can of worms you may not want to open!
  8. For a simple, single player arcade machine, the picade is difficult to beat, not least as it also includes an amp for the speakers and a connection for a power button. You would need to do both of these separately otherwise. If you want a two player machine then you'll need to buy some of these components individually (like a controller board, amplifier, power button etc.). Don't let that put you off though, it's still pretty easy. You could also check out Pandoras Box which are effectively mini computers like the Pi but with everything preinstalled. I'm not sure how these are wired though, but they are popular. For components checkout arcadeworlduk, they don't sell any of the Pi related components but for buttons/joysticks, t-moulding etc. they are great.
  9. I don't think we ever really played standard Warhammer so I probably only got the Chaos Dwarf stuff quite late on. Shame as I think i'd probably have prefered standard Warhammer to 40k. I've been through the Warhammer Quest pricing and have the following. First price is what i've taken from ebay for recent sales, bearing in mind the condition/missing components (which only really effects the base game, everything else is complete). Second price is at 30% discount (15 ebay/paypal, 10 for active thread contributor, 5 for bulk purchase). I'll also throw in the various White Dwarf bits due to the variable quality on them and the lack of supporting documentation (although i'm sure this is available online). Free Delivery within 2ish hours of Oxford still stands. Still expensive, I appreciate - but you won't get a much better pack for the game for the money. If anyone is interested let me know.
  10. That's brilliant (I can dig through the site to find the others too.). 'Tenderiser'
  11. I'm not sure the last one is Chaos Dwarf, it doesn't have the generic beard. I've probably got half a dozen random models that I found that were pre-Warhammer from the old Forge catalogues (at last I think they were called something like that?). It just looks like something from that era too, a bit rough round the edges. Most (if not all) of the 40k stuff is Ork, there are a handful of lead squads and one or two of the named characters. I've also got a copy of Ere We Go, although i'm not sure where from. It's a bit banged up and the rules are useless but it's a great read (if you like orks!)
  12. I've sorted through and checked the Warhammer (mostly Quest) items. There are no prices yet, I haven't had time to trawl through ebay. For transparency though, i'll take what looks like a reasonable price based on an items sold history take off 15% for ebay/paypal fees, take off another 10% for anyone active in this thread (or another GW thread) and then another 5% if someone takes the Quest stuff in bulk. I'll also deliver within 2(ish) hours of Oxford. The Quest stuff is in used but really good condition. There are a few parts missing but nothing major, all cards and floor tiles are present. Some of the card items are a bit bowed but nothing that wouldn't sort itself out somewhere other than our roasting hot loft. Warhammer Quest Checklist - Lair of the Orc Lord Checklist - The 6 character packs (Wardancer, Chaos Warrior, Pitfighter, Elf Ranger, Trollslayer & Witch Hunter are all complete, only the first 4 are boxed). Picture (not all components) ; In addition to the game, expansion and characters there are various bits from White Dwarf. These are a mixture of punch out and cutout, so mixed quality! Is missing one of the event cards for one of the floor pieces. There is actually quite a bit here although you would do well to trim and put them in some card sleeves maybe. In addition the following items, while not for Warhammer Quest, might fit in well using some of the blank cards. Chaos Dwarf warriors (x24) Chaos Dwarf sorcerer and head honcho and baked off his tits taurus (the latter isn't really a dungeon beast, I suppose you could clip the wings!) Some goblin/snotling (very?) oldhammer And finally some sort of Warhammer warmachine with a half man half beast. Again, I think this is very oldhammer and i'm not 100% sure of the piece in the top left is meant to be part of it, it wasn't in the bag when I was sorting through. If anyone wants to make an offer, great, but i'll look to get prices by Tuesday, plus sort through some of the 40k stuff.
  13. Cheers all, I’m going to sort through it all this weekend and I’ll stick a list up here. The 40k stuff is old (early 90’s), I wouldn’t get too excited!
  14. I'm sorting through my old GW stuff to clear out and i'm wondering if there is any advice on the best way to sell it. There are some high value items in there (a nearly complete Quest + Orc Lair + 6 Characters) and a load of stuff that isn't (an entire box of 40k templates and info cards). Is there a specialist forum to do this rather than running the ebay quest gauntlet or is there anybody here happy to buy in bulk (with favourable discounts of course!).
  15. There are a few different 'emulators' like this (arcadeloader was one of the first I think). They aren't emulators in the strictest sense, they just allow arcade games that run on standard PC hardware to be run on your own pc, presumably taking care of security and I/O in some cases, although i've never delved into it. You will struggle to find these freely available (i.e. through archive.org) as a lot of the games are recent-ish and will still be out in the wild. There is a french forum called Emuline that have a good subforum for arcade pc loaders, but you will find yourself trawling through various download link sites and the restrictions you get without paying for them. These loaders cover a wide variety of machines though so there is no one spec that is good enough. I'd suggest cross referencing that hardware it supports with their wikipedia pages to see how your pc stacks up against them.
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