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  1. Digitally it has been poor, but hardware they have often supported for at least one more generation (GC>Wii, Wii>Wii U, GBA>DS, DS>3DS) where the format allows. Losing the VC games on the switch was a kicker, although the games on offer through the online subscription make up for that somewhat. It might not have been just Nintendo either though, the other publishers may not have wanted to continue making their games available via VC (think of all the Sega and Neo Geo games that have been re-released).
  2. I think it's the opposite, Nintendo have never really changed but we have. We're all middle aged and have lost the child like wonder that comes with those first few years of gaming. Nintendo have continuously innovated from the moment they started making electronic games, the fact the Wii was a shock was as much a failure of our own imaginations as it was a success of Nintendo's.
  3. Nintendo have always done those things though, just look through the list of peripherals, however obscure, dating back to the NES. You had the Power Pad and Power Glove, that weird microphone pinball game on the GC, Donkey Konga as well. Jungle Beat . I've got a SNES mouse somewhere. First implementation of rumble on the N64 as well? Satelliview, Gameboy Camera (and printer!). The list goes on and on. I get that the Wii was the first console to implement certain gimmicks/innovations as the default, versus various (often poorly selling) addons, but this is all in Nintendo's DNA from
  4. When I actually sat down and thought about the features that had the most impact on the games I played, and more importantly, how I played them it was 4 joypad ports as standard on the N64 (and GC). You could simply take your joypad to a friends house and be able to join in, not rely on the logistical entertainment of making sure whoever owns the multitap has remembered it. It's just taken for granted now that you can connect 4+ joypads to a console.
  5. It also always amuses me when people criticise Nintendo for releasing new games in a series, has anyone looked through the first page on here recently? You've got Hitman, Star Wars, Resident Evil, KOF, Rock Band all with in excess of 10 games in a franchise. I only counted a small handful of original games. It is what the industry does because it's what the majority of people want, for better or worse. One of the reasons I like Nintendo's output is that you can see creative ideas that are developed and carried through across different games (or even hardware). I mean just off the t
  6. Except it does to an extent, because you can argue, in court, that you have tried to protect your IP, even if the stuff is still available elsewhere.
  7. Ok, that makes sense. Although I do think this is all within an emulation bubble, i'm not sure how many Nintendo console owners would have the slightest clue this happened (I didn't and I dabble in emulation enough to know what i'm doing). I do get the frustrations though, and it's a futile exercise by Nintendo in my view, and i'm sure they know that, it's just about being shown to protect your IP. Completely agree with your second point though, there is no reason why certain things couldn't be used as part of some sort of non-commercial open license, especially as these projects h
  8. If Emuparadise were the only romsite on the net (and a quick google throws up an emuparadise.me with Nintendo games on) i'd get that. I'm just genuinely curious what emulation people are struggling to get/do on official Nintendo games.
  9. Also, not protecting your IP is an absolute shortcut to losing it. I've only worked with patents but if you fail to protect them you'll run into all sorts off issues should you try and do so in the future. It's not a million miles off the Donkey Kong case with Paramount(?) or whichever studio claimed they owned the rights to King Kong. Also, out of curiosity, what are people struggling to do/find with emulation of Nintendo stuff?
  10. Successful company in protecting profit margins shocker! I get why people find this frustrating, especially as a lot of gamers think developers should act as some sort of hybrid charities. I also don't remotely understand the emulation problems either, there is literally a page on reddit with links to every fucking Nintendo game up to the Gamecube (and maybe Wii?). I could install retroarch within 5 minutes. I'm hardly Edward Snowdon either. Any brand worship (and we all know it exists just as much, and weirdly, in Sony, MS, Apple and various other threads on here) is o
  11. The main problem in the UK is that our houses, on average, are half the size of the US (or something like that). I'm guessing shipping and duty probably don't help. There was a guy on ukvac importing them though, maybe check this thread; http://www.ukvac.com/forum/new-arcade1up-uk-supplier_topic377039_page7.html
  12. Started using onenote for the last few sessions and that has been quite helpful, certainly just in terms of having easy access to my notes. In what I imagine was no small task someone has also converted all of the SRD resources into a one note notebook (available here http://www.cryrid.com/digitaldnd/). It's nothing that can't be found online or in a rulebook, and it's obviously limited to the SRD contents, but it's so much quicker to search than any of those. Well worth a look if you're using onenote.
  13. I thought the same but apparently not, the way it calculates is slightly different so it is more beneficial. Rather then get into the boring detail though, I just want to drive home the point that for some skill trees you should distinguish between the skill modifier and the skills themselves, and don't treat the skill trees as you would in almost any other RPG. It's also worth noting that you only need 3 points in a skill to be able to use almost all of the spells/skills it has to offer. You could be less than halfway into the game and have access to almost every single skill/spell without to
  14. Yep, bows are finesse. Finesse and Warfare are in different tabs though, I assume you mean Scoundrel?
  15. As with any RPG, armour/weapons can sometimes feel overpowered when you first get them but it won't last, so enjoy it while it does! The Charm can seem a little overpowered, but it does require you to remove all magic armour and stay in the relatively short range of what you are trying to charm. Assume that everything you find/receive was intended for your level. While there was an element of maximising particular skills in 1, 2 is slightly different and the modifiers may be more beneficial than the skills (or vice versa). The obvious one here is for Rogues where warfare increases
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