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  1. Ignoring some of the obvious ones that have already been covered (Mario 64, Wave Race, WoW, BoTW); DK Jungle Beat - A rhythm platform game played with bongo's? Surely that can't wor....oh my fucking god this is amazing. Wario Ware Inc (I know Twisted came first) - plus a nod to Bishi Bashi as well. On the graphics front, playing Rogue Leader through RGB when I got an import Gamecube.
  2. Holy shit, and I thought the component cable was a mad price! I've got two of these in a box somewhere.....
  3. Looking for a recommendation. We're after something thematic with reasonably good story/scenarios and plays in a couple of hours. Ideally something with a modest component count as we're currently playing on our living room floor due to our dining table being used as a desk. I have Imperial Assault (and we like it) but we generally leave it out and play a few nights in a row - not something we can do at the moment. We have Arkham Horror (none-LCG) but our first experience was not a good one and I don't think either of us are in love with the theme. We do really like Last Night on Earth and play it with friends reasonably regularly so something with a similar complexity and play time would be a great fit. We're also playing TTR, Barenpark, Azul and 7 Wonders Duel so it's to add something a bit different to those. Even a simple(ish) miniatures game might not go amiss, but might take a bit more persuasion.
  4. It does use v1 apparently, although this causes an issue with some installs of Windows 10. Either way, not an issue as I can just use WinSCP - might just help some people if they can't get Samba to work. Pulled together the FB Neo romset last night so need to run through it and copy across the games I actually want on the machine. Ordered a joystick and some buttons (4 button Neo Geo layout) so looking forward to getting cracking on it next week.
  5. I was playing around with Retropie yesterday and unfortunately they are still using an old version of Samba that isn't directly supported in Windows 10 (at least from what I ready, I quickly moved over to SCP and didn't do anymore testing). I'm being furloughed at the end of this week and can't get materials to build the large arcade machine i've been planning. So i'm going to make do with bits I have lying around and build a small(ish) vertical bartop. Currently downloading mame romsets so I can have some fun with clrmamepro later
  6. Heave Ho is the better of the two.
  7. You just need to do it the same way you would have back then. Leave it for a couple of weeks then fluke it first time.
  8. Now that France have lost the opportunity to win the Grand Slam it feels like it would just be better to cancel the whole thing and split the prize money equally between all of the teams. By the time the replays are sorted (assuming October) it will be close to the next 6N than this one.
  9. There is some overreaction here, the ref was pretty consistent, even when it benefited Wales (calling back advantage from knock-ons that any northern hemisphere ref would have called over). Farrell was a bellend in the first half but I have no sympathy for lazy runners trying to block kick chasers getting pushed over (I assume you're partly referring to the Farrell push on Biggar), fair game in my view. What would disappoint me as a Wales fan is that after losing the 3rd scrum to France a few weeks ago they then go and lose a maul against 13-man England when there was still an outside chance of getting a victory. From an England perspective the attack is starting to look sharper (I assume the new coach is having an impact), the scrum looks a lot more dangerous (again, new coach having an impact I hope) and the defence is as fierce as ever. They seemed to read a lot of the Wales attacks quite well, as they did against Ireland, not over committing but stopping them making yards. Discipline went to shit towards the end of the second half, as they have been prone to before. Can't say I agreed with the red card initially but it was definitely the right decision.
  10. I remember levelling up one of his legs to the point where I could roundhouse kick enemies into the next generation.
  11. I'd definitely get Body Harvest, i'd throw these into the ring as well; Wetrix Track & Field (least janky of all the retro tappy tap athletic games) WWF No Mercy (+ Virtual Pro Wrestling 2) ISS 2000 (with the story mode?) Magical Tetris Challenge Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire (I know this gets a bad rep generally but I enjoyed it's attempts to mix up different gameplay types) Micro Machines (Better than the various other versions around at the time) A lot of the sports games were really good (at the time!), NBA Courtside and Quarterback Club spring to mind. EDIT: Hybrid Heaven as well, I really enjoyed it with a turn-based combat system just about good enough to make up for the slightly dull surroundings.
  12. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=149708.0
  13. There is a really good 'All Killer, No FIller' list on BYOAC that does a good job of filtering out a lot of the rubbish.
  14. I think Rugby lacks the problem Football is having because it has never been driven, by managers, fans or otherwise to analyse things like offside to the mm. Offside is simply eyeballed in Rugby, not a stupid fucking overlay to be seen. I think that is partly because Rugby, maybe, tries to rule by the spirit of the laws rather than the exact definition which is something I think Football has long forgotten.
  15. Part of the problem with RGB versus composite is that people may have bought an RGB cable but it's entirely possible their TV didn't support it, or the port they plugged it into didn't support it. Or the console itself didn't support it. I've seen (and experienced) this a few times. I think most people would agree that the entire N64 library has aged badly (Sin & Punishment and WWF No Mercy aside for me) but it's more how it developed 3D gameplay. A lot of 3D PS1 games are really 2.5D and even now I can remember my mind being utterly blown playing Super Mario 64 for the first time in a way that no PS1 game ever came close to. EDIT : Should throw an actual opinion in - Gran Turismo is the most boring racing series ever created.
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