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  1. You'll need at least 5 hours so start with that.
  2. It’s possible but unlikely. Wales were great in the second half, England returned to just playing to a set of rules rather than what was actually in front of them. I think Wales left a couple of tries on the park too. Looks like Wales/Ireland will be the decider as you’d expect England to pick up at least one bonus point in there last two games. Edit : Didnt know about the 10 point thing!
  3. This is exactly how you play F-zero GX weirdly (or certainly how I got relatively good at it), most complaints for people going from X to GX seem to be about it being a less of a time trial style racer. I certainly wouldn't say I mastered GX as the story mode is always insanely difficult and practically a puzzle game in figuring out how to beat the levels. I can pretty much fire it up and win any cup on the hardest difficulty still though. If anything it gets easier the more aggressive you are, just knock off your challengers one by one and you'll have the trophy sewn up before the final race.
  4. I don't think i've ever played a game that so effortlessly consumes time. It just never seems to get boring (nearly 100 hours in and all 4 divine beasts down but still plenty of map to wonder round) and avoids so many of the traps that other similarly large games fall into (repetitive collect-athon quests, linear storylines). It's almost slight sad that the thing that blows my mind about it most is what might come next in the series.
  5. Probably all platinums on Blast Corps is the only time I can claim to have been genuinely good at any game. Maybe Diddy Kong Racing as well.
  6. phresh


    It's a lovely game, and for the brief time you play it for, utterly captivating.
  7. The 3DS screen the fist time I saw it (turned off not long after but 3D without headgear was amazing) The first couple of months playing WoW Playing Missile Command for the first time at the Arcade Club earlier this year. Such brilliant, yet unfortunately unrepeatable with standard controls, gameplay.
  8. This is such a good game, had to wait for the Switch version to play local coop and glad I have as the amount of content is pretty amazing. We're currently playing through with a Witch Doctor and Necromancer and they amount of shit on the screen is brilliant. Dogs, gargantuans, spiders, golem things, a huge spirit skeleton, undead horde and whatever else, and that is before you get to the enemy! Only minor annoyance in local coop is having to manage skills and inventory in turn, they should have been able to do this split screen like Divinity OS.
  9. Unless they've moved it it's the first machine as you walk into the top floor. Nearly creamed myself with excitement. I absolutely love Pong on the PS1, loads of pretty decent variants and even a great multiplayer game (up to 4 players on most levels).
  10. I thought the screen might be a bit small before I bought it but it works perfectly for 'console' games. Didn't even bother plugging it into the TV for the first couple of months. The Switch tax is annoying but it's such a great way to play smaller pick up and play (mostly indie) games versus a PC (and I say this as someone who has a PC under the TV that boots into Steam so it's not like there are many hurdles). I've loved playing Axiom Verge, OSM and Into the Breach in the last few months, all available cheaper on the PC. Split joycons without the grips are incredibly comfortable as well, an excellent evolution of the Wiimote/Nunchuck.
  11. It's amazing, but do consider playing the first one, well, first (assuming you haven't already). It's only a bit less brilliant but would be harder to play after the second one with the improvements they've made.
  12. My mistake, it wasn't Bishi Bashi 3 sorry, it's called 'The Bishi Bashi'.
  13. The buttons are the same size as the official machine I think, they are about A3 size in total. Not ideal i'll admit, they are currently in a box in the loft! The yellow button is only used in Bishi Bashi 3 I think, it was the 'release' of it that made me want to make them in the first place. It works perfectly well for all the other games too (or at least the ones that work in Mame anyway). They weren't all that expensive in the end - I got the buttons off Aliexpress, I think they were under £4 each at the time and an ipac 2 were nearly all the costs. It's pretty unique to bring out when you've got people round at least!
  14. I was hoping to build an arcade machine this year but other projects got in the way (I did build some arcade Bishi Bashi controls though, a project started a few years back!). Arcadecontrols.co.uk have pre-cut kits if the woodwork is the main sticking point. Trawling through BYOAC there are a few great machines using large screens vertically to create a square (1080 x 1080) monitor that is perfect for horizontal and vertical games. Second hand plasma screens can be had pretty cheaply so i'm going to make something like that in the spring hopefully. Bonus picture of 2 of the Bishi Bashi controllers (I made 3);
  15. The side nudge was on the x button, not the triggers, that would definitely reduce your enjoyment of the game!
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