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  1. Some of the shaders (which I think is what it sounds like you are using) go a bit OTT. Don't know if it will be causing that but try turning of 'Halation' if it's not already. The Mame wiki has a good description of the ini file hierarchy, it's worth checking when trying to find issues like this.
  2. I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing Mario 64 again. I don't think i've played it since the Gamecube came out so have forgotten a lot of the ideas that would probably still be called innovative today. While SMW is absolutely worth playing I tend to find it a bit too easy, SM3 is my goto retro 2D Mario.
  3. I wonder if there is a link to the amount of expendable income that those people desiring after those items have available. It's certainly not teenagers going out and buying all this stuff.
  4. We rinsed the Wii U version but will still be getting this after palying through the demo last night. It's so fucking good.
  5. I'm not sure that's strictly true, old arcade machines are mostly just chipboard, vinyl and a few bits of electronics at the end of the day. The key difference versus modern machines is just going to be the screen, but you can still buy CRT's if you wanted to use one. Also, once a cabinets get converted, that tends to be permanent and there is only a fixed number of original machines available so you're taking something off the market that could have been restored instead. It's perfectly fine to build a replica, and there are loads of plans available for that. I do think a lot of m
  6. Guacamelee, Unravel Two, Stretchers, Overcooked, Snipperclips. All good games.
  7. Had a few goes yesterday and it's pretty enjoyable. Mario platforming never gets old and it's a fun variation. Does lack pacing though, could maybe do with automatic scrolling gradually increasing in speed. I think a sort of (S)NES Remix XX would be amazing, throw in some Wario Ware and Rhythmn Tengoku. Loads of different mini games, increasing in speed/complexity, although not sure how your actions are converted into disadvantages. I reckon it would work.
  8. Multiple controls panels are reasonably straightforward to implement (although it does add a layer of complication to both the design and the software (specifically with making sure the individual devices get allocated to the correct id's etc.). I understand why it appeals , but i've seen more bad implementation than good implementations.
  9. Trackball and 2 sticks is fine, no idea how you'll incorporate the yoke though, short of a modular control panel and that does add some complexity. My machine is 650mm wide and you won't get a control panel with these controls on anything much less than that, and still be comfortably playable in 1 and 2 player.
  10. I built this earlier in the year which might help with some of the questions - http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,161692.40.html. Short answers are; - 2 sticks, stick and trackball, all 3? If there are trackball games you really want to play then yes, don't include it speculatively. It's also costly. - vertical or horizontal monitor? Vertical large TV is best (there are other examples on BYOAC), if you don't fancy this then whichever orientation games you will play the most. - pc/pi internals PC for anything of any size, pi for simpler bartops - UI
  11. I think longer term MISTer will be the way to go, and probably essential for any single game (or small playlist with similar games) arcade machine. At the moment it lacks a lot of the support/configurability that current emulators/frontends have, and while this can sometimes be a bit superfluous, it does all improve usability when done right. In all fairness to MAME as well, it does aim for accuracy (although it won't be as good as MISTer) over performance, hence why performance can be so variable on it.
  12. Bitcade probably, although there are a few different suppliers out there. In terms of base hardware you'll find 3 options - 1) Raspberry Pi - Not sure on performance through the mid-90's, the Pi 3 I used started to struggle here, but the new Pi 4 will be better. Uses a very outdated version of MAME and the recommended emulator for arcade is FBA/FBN. 2) Pandora's Box - Similar to the Pi in terms of being a single board computer, but i've never used one so can't comment on performance. They are the easiest 'out of the box' setup if you were going to DIY. 3) P
  13. Played through a few new games recently (to us, not newly released!); Patchwork Doodle A bit simpler than normal patchwork (and quicker to setup) but has a similar feel. You're not competing for pieces anymore so it's a straight score contest, but there are still plenty of choices to make. Only thing that lets it down a bit is that the first two scoring rounds are largely irrelevant (in our playthroughs at least) as by you get to the final round the score is so much higher that the previous rounds become a bit irrelevant. Ticket to Ride London (or New York / Amster
  14. The trick with camera in 64 is to not fight it, and treat the game a bit more like a side-on (or 3/4) platformer. I think the temptation in any 3d action game (regardless of genre) is to try and get the camera to follow the player character and 64 doesn't really like that for the most part. Also, i'd forgot how fucking good the music was in 64, some really good tunes.
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