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  1. Finished. So all in all, I guess a 3/5? This type of game is very much my jam, and it's telling that I mainlined it over just a few nights, which I don't really do that often anymore. Don't get me wrong, TDD is one of my fave games of AHL TAHM and I love that Frictional exist and are making games like this. Still, the storytelling and gameplay cruft mar this outing, and they'll hopefully have the confidence to begin experimenting/innovating a little more with their systems with their next effort.
  2. Okay, I guess I can't be too far from the end now and... not really sure what to think of this. The opening is definitely rubbish, a huge contrast with SOMA's, which was simple, stark, and memorable, disorientating in a good way. The overly-voiced protagonist probably isn't ideal, but I guess you couldn't do it any other way when trying to tell this kind of story (it would be pretty absurd if she was actually saying all this stuff to herself, so I'm just assuming I'm party to her inner monologue). The locations are lovely. The puzzles are fine, if a bit abstract in places (see spoiler). It definitely delivers the masochistic horror goods to an extent. Nonspecific pacing/gameplay stuff: Story and specific gameplay spoilers: Right now, I'd say a hell of a lot depends on how they stick the landing. Ok, sun's down, I'm going back in.
  3. Nobody else daring to play this then? The first hour is really confusing and overstuffed, but then you get to the first proper area and it's good old Amnesia again, frantically interacting with physics objects while something unspeakable closes on you, and solving dumpy chemistry-set puzzles in the dark. The original TDD still easily outclasses any of the "flight simulator" imitators it inspired, so this is all catnip to me. Biggest problem, and it is a biggie, is that the characterisation is super-prominent and super-cringe. It seems like Frictional have decided that they're dramatists now, but the work here is mawkish, on-the-nose, and potentially--depending on how the plot develops--really, really tasteless. The story in the original just existed to serve the gameplay and atmosphere, a pulpy treatment of pulpy themes, and I get the feeling Rebirth is going to be much less successful in that department. HP Lovecraft never had any truck with characterisation and human drama, and I'm not convinced that games like this should either.
  4. Believe it or not, I actually considered making this distinction but then didn't. Trouble is, far too many of the cutscenes so far consist of nothing but people standing in a room having excruciating conversations. Still, I knew this wasn't going to be another MGSV--which for me was a Kojima game without the garbage, for which I LOVED it--and if I have to indulge Death Stranding's story content to get to the good stuff, then so be it.
  5. Well, two hours in (of actual gameplay, that is) and, though I'm prepared for it to end up more or less anywhere, for now this is pretty much the properly systemic walking simulator I've kinda always dreamed about. The cutscenes are simply awful though, with clanking dialogue and visibly bemused actors. I wish I had the resolution to just skip them, but then figuring out the plot is all part of the game, I guess!
  6. Claire’s fire grenades are just the tonic for lickers, and the silencer smg upgrade has got me out of more than one scrape with both lickers and You-Know-Who.
  7. Claire A hardcore done! I was quite worried that they’d fudge the balance but actually I’d say they nailed it: just enough resources to scrape by, and the ink ribbons work in just the way they always did, rather than being a token inclusion. Imagining Leon B is already making me break out in a sweat...
  8. Same, was on danger with no healing and used my last shotgun round to kneecap the last zombie in my path, staggering bloody and exhausted to the gates. So satisfying!
  9. Welp, guess I accidentally started my Hardcore run last night. I have it so bad for this game. (Hardcore seems ace, enemies are tougher but still fun to shoot, ink ribbons are not too stingey. It’s so cool that even saving the game is made into an interesting decision)
  10. I mean, yeah, the story logic across the A/B runs is totally broken, best not think about it too hard I guess. It’s a bummer they didn’t implement it like in the original, but if nothing else it does serve to highlight just how bloody impressively that stuff was done there. More generally, is it just me or is this one decidedly lighter in the “lore” department? I kinda wanna say the story is completely unintelligible if you don’t bring your own knowledge of the original game.
  11. I didn't, I played more and completed Fourth Survivor. About 12 minutes, I have no idea if that's good. Was hard, fun, and instructive, felt like bootcamp for Hardcore mode...
  12. 2nd Run complete, true ending seen. I finished the game with an embarrassment of consumables, and I believe I am now ready to offer some Final Thoughts: In all, RE2 is a bloody brilliant game, though not quite a stone-cold classic like REmake 1. I would've been happier if they'd implemented Mr. X slightly differently, making him physically persistent and having him follow a strict ruleset, rather than leaning on teleports and triggers--but I appreciate that that's a very tall order, especially as he's only one feature of a game with loads of other horrors on offer. I'm not complaining too hard. Meanwhile, the Licker AI is not as sophisticated as I'd hoped: they don't realistically track sound, just glue to you under certain conditions. You can learn to manipulate their behaviour, but it it isn't intuitive. For example: you can't spend a round to attract attention and then relocate, because they will bear down on where you are, not where you were when you made the noise. Again, I'm not after the moon on a stick, but it's something I'd love to see them develop and do better in RE3make. More or less everything else in RE2 is brilliant. It looks amazing, and hideous; the weapons and shooting are spot on; the sound design is superb (some of those zombie barks are insane); it successfully nails "true" survival horror while importing modern action game controls. Its zombies are the best zombies ever: gruesome, sad, intimidating, and endlessly fun to bait, dodge and dismember. Even some parts of the story manage, through some combination of performances and character rendering, to rise above the schlocky material, specifically: Might take a bit of a break now, but I certainly intend to have a crack at Hardcore mode and maybe even try my hand at some speedruns. High marks to everyone involved. <3
  13. RE: enemy varieties
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