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  1. Trying to decide between this and The Night House tonight, anyone seen both?
  2. I think this is the best TV programme since The Sopranos. It's the first time since The Sopranos that, over the course of an hour, I can go from being scared, sad, amused, relieved and depressed. I've also been thinking about it constantly since I've been watching it and I can't put my finger on why. I don't think 'this is great acting/writing/directing/soundtrack' whilst I'm watching it. I just watch it.
  3. I think I'd enjoy spin offs focusing on the welsh gang and the dutch (?) gang, with Evans directing every episode. Though he did direct the action sequences in most episodes - it's a shame they basically stopped after the 5th episode, except for the
  4. I’ve watched every episode now and I think 5 is the best. Unfortunately it goes downhill from there. The characters in episode 5 are quite interesting and seem to have a good backstory, but the rest of the show doesn’t delve any deeper. It’s a shame, I think the season could’ve ended at Episode 5. Also, as was mentioned above, the main cast and plot is the least interesting.
  5. There are Raid quality action scenes in every episode, and they’re very varied. There’s an episode that takes place in the Welsh countryside that is absolutely insane. I recommend sticking with it.
  6. I noticed after episodes where Gareth Evans doesn't direct, the credits explain: 'Action sequences directed by Gareth Evans'
  7. I noticed in Kermode’s review, his criticism was as personal as he ever gets (unless it’s a Michael Bay review), he said Hooper is ‘too average a director to have pulled it off.’ I’m sure that comment was meant to hurt for a reason!
  8. I’ve eaten Beyond Burger this week and I’ve had it at home and in restaurants multiple times, it’s really good but it’s not the Impossible Burger. I’ve eaten Impossible Burger at Crossroads kitchen (probably one of the best vegan restaurants in the world) but also at the Fat Burger chain, with just the burger, bun and ketchup. Impossible Burger is definitely better! I hope they get on with exporting it but I imagine having to supply Burger King US-wide will keep them busy for a while.
  9. They’ve no plans to launch in the EU currently. I agree it’s much better than the Beyond Burger. Even in the US they’re not yet available at retail, only in restaurants, so a long way from Beyond Burger’s level of distribution.
  10. It was Incredibles 2! Did anyone make it?
  11. In case anyone is planning to sign up for an unlimited card, you can save a decent amount on the annual cost by buying a 12 month code on eBay. I've used them for my last two.
  12. I saw it today. The rocket toy scenario is not as stupid as the trailer suggests. The film was very good and the trailer doesn’t do it justice.
  13. The director's last film was Suburra, which is available on Netflix, worth a watch.
  14. John Lasseter has effectively resigned from Disney https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/john-lasseters-pattern-alleged-misconduct-detailed-by-disney-pixar-insiders-1059594 EDIT: re-reading the articles it may genuinely be a temporary leave of absence
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