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  1. The problem is the redemptor, I think. The size difference between a Primaris and a Redepmptor Dread seems to be a lot bigger than between a classic dread and a classic marine - and a lot of that is the legs. Redemptor looks almost gangly. I think the primaris intercessors are really nicely designed and follow on nicely from the established marines, but most of the rest of the primaris stuff just doesn't quite work for me.
  2. I think the point is that for something to be an NFT it doesn't have to actually be a blockchain thing, you van have a "centralised" system as well. the thing everyone;s going nuts over is decentralised blockchain-based NFTs.
  3. Not without getting sued, majorly.
  4. No, Red Bull are upset as well: https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/red-bull-f1-needs-rules-rethink-after-abu-dhabi-controversy/6883951/ --- "The whole system needs to be rethought,” said Marko, after a season when Red Bull has been unhappy at times with FIA decisions. “There needs to be consistency. Decisions cannot be interpreted once this way and once that way. The rules must be simplified. The premise must be: let's race!” Marko believes that with the FIA appointing a president after Friday’s election, the opportunity is there for Jean Todt’s successor to move swiftly to ensure F1 does better in the future. Asked if there needed to be a change of personnel, Marko said: “That in itself is not our task, but after so many mistakes and questionable decisions were made, there is certainly a great need for action “A new president is coming, so he will want to start here first. And the stewards should definitely be questioned.” --- I thinl the underlying sentiment there is "yeah, it's nice we won, but we'd have had it sewn up weeks ago if it wasn't for calls we disagreed with".
  5. Not indiviually, but Red bull were *still* moaning in post-championship interviews about calls earlier in the season. It's about the only thing that a lare portion of the grid will agree on. The guy in that role has to command the respect of the competitors and it's clear Masi's lost it (if, indeed, he ever had it in the first place). So I suspect the likely outcome is some sort of backroom deal to partially placate mercedes and allow all the organisations involved to save some face. Whether that's openly defenestrating masi, or giving him some extra "support" (after which he can quietly move on after another season so it doesn;t look like he's been sacked) or something else.
  6. We've had this before. Not for a championship, but for a race win - Renault in 2008.
  7. A complete, unpainted 1st edition space hulk, boxed, is serious money - and you've (almost) got that there, but not quite (Plus a load of spares). I would suggest putting it on one of the oldhammer valuation groups on Facebook.
  8. This is supposition, but I think the timeline is... Max overtakes off restart 2 off the track, is judged a "bad" move by Masi. RB are told to give the place back or get 5s penalty Slow race to DRS line and ensuing Collision. Max then gives the place back a few laps later, but does the rapid retake. Stewards go "not a proper handback, have the 5s for your original infraction" (there's no other investigated but unresolved infraction from max im aware of - It wasn't for the collision- that the 5s could have come fromm so it must be that restart 2 move) I think there's a message frm RB to Max that we didn;t hear but that said "the stewards have given us a 5s penalty for not giving the place back" Max mishears or misinterprets this and gives the place up again. RB message him: "you didn't have to do that" Though by the end it seems fairly moot as Lewis would have blow past after max's tyres drop off and he loses 1.5s of pace at about lap 43.
  9. I don't think anyone's saying max didn;t brake, it's whether it was a brake *test* which is a term specifically for jumping on the achors when somone is tailing you very closely to try and cause a collision or to make themn brake while you get away. And while Max (and RB, and Mercedes) were all in full shithouse mode, I don;t think that's what max did. He certainly braked and and was attempting to give-the-place-back-not-really (and apparently there is a rule where if you do that, you can;t take the place back within 2 corners - lewis got pinged for it v Kimi at Spa 2008, so the DRS Line mucking about was unneccesary from both drivers), buit it;s not a "brake test" as I;d define one.
  10. 1: Bottas backing the field up ion the first safety car so they could do a safe double stop was definitely on the dodgy side. 2: The slow approach to restart 1? (argable) 3: Lewis being as bit robust on the pass (Which he was warned for, but seemed no worse than stuff Max has got away with such as brazil)? I;m less bothered by Masi's negotiation, Masi's the coppers, the stewards are the courts, so it's like being given a fixed penalty notice for speeding which you can pay or take your chances with the judge.
  11. Almost finished Cursed City. It was a bit of a slog early on with the hostile but these heroes have been fun to do…
  12. I got the impression from the doc that Frank's hands-off attitude to drivers was a result of being so close to Piers Courage and his dying in a Williams-run car at a young age for both. Colin Chapman supposedly changed in a similar way when Jim Clark died. I remember reading, in the early 90's, a column in CAR magazine (I think Nigel Roebuck wrote them at the time. There would always be a couple of really disctivie cartoons on each article. Anyway, getting off the point) about how while mclaren looked all sterile and robotic from the outside, there was quite a family / paternal atmos from the team to its drivers, and how WIlliams was the opposite. A family team but quite cold towards the driving talent.
  13. It is really. The last of the Garagistes who started thier teams with an industrial unit, a hewland gearbox, a ford DFV and a load of aluminium sheet. (I count Jordan as the last team of that loose era to arrive and survive, but Frank was the last of the founders of those teams who was still in the sport). Hopefully BBC4 will show the documentary about his life from a few years ago just after Claire took over the team. I caught it earlier this year and it was fascinating.
  14. I was more confused why no-one just chugged it *normally* and then argue the point that, if the liquid was passing through the mouth, it couldn't have been closed. I almost think that's what they were hoiping for so they could have it debated in the studio.
  15. There's one of these my wife really loves called "12 days of giving" as it stars David Blue from Stargate Atlantis. It's not as bad as some of the others she put on last year, the only detail of which I remember from all of them was that one was about a guy who ran a model shop but I kept getting annoyed that the scenes in the shop were too short. "ooh is that an early release Hasegawa Tiger, dammit the camera moved".
  16. Today was Armies on parade day at my local store (Banbury) and I’ve spent the last 10 days getting an entry together for my Titans (which are up the thread a ways). I had the idea of adding some old epic scale marines I had kicking about and then threw in a storm eagle lander from the aeronautica set I bought last Month. anyway, went back to the store at the end of the day, and found I’d won the “not aos or 40k” category
  17. The Custodes have never seen the Emperor as a God - they're too close to him physically and are basically the same now as during the Great Crusade. In that era, the custodes considered themselves cloesr to the emperor on a personal level than the primarchs. He did seem to show genuine affection for them. It;s also possible that part of their bioengineering means they're way more resitant to his aura. I don't think any survive from that time, but the rate of turnover will be very slow. Marines, as stated, vary quite a bit by chapter, based on their original founding legion and how they've developed since. Some are quite pious (black templars), some less so, and some not at all. However both organisations sit to one side of the main imperial structure where the Eccelsiarchy has power - much like the Adeptus Mechanicus, who also revere the Emperor as a god, but in a totally different way to the Ecclesiarchy. The imperial religion has power because the Ecclesiarchy can impose it on the bulk of humnity, but they can't impose it on the Custodes, Astartes, and Mechanicus. Basically, no-one tells the Custodes what to do or what to believe, except the Emperor.
  18. Red should be mixture and blue will be prop pitch/RPM (which will only be relevant on planes with variable props, like the Bonanza). Another Q, sorry - are these knobs interchangable like the ones on the throttle levers?
  19. question - the 3 knobs under the throttles - are they for turning or pulling?
  20. The engineering challenges between wheels and sticks are quite different. A wheel only has one force axis and can have a large "base" into which you can put a big motor, hefty gears or belts and so on. A stick will need all the stuff the wheel has, but twice, and also packaged into a smaller, tighter space. For a yoke, you have more space(like a wheel) but now you need to engineer something that gan generate (and resist) the forces produced by somone pulling directly on it with both their arms, possibly for quite a long time, longer than you;d spend fully loaded up in a corner in a car. that sort of use case where you're generating a lot of torque with a motor but it's not spinning isn't ideal.
  21. I definitely enjoyed it more than the 2016 film (which I wanted to like as I like Wiig and McCarthy, but I thought it never really worked out what it was trying to do), though there were some odd plot things I couldn;'t quite work out:
  22. Depends on the direction of the force, an element can be strong enough to deal with 800kg in direction and weak enough to flex with less than that in the other direction - tha t's literally how all the teams design their wings to flex but pass the tests. It's unfortunate for Merc but this just seems like one of those things. As dudley says, is there's a tolerance area that might make the car faster, that's what you design to (and the sport is full of examples of that, like Ferrari's bargeboards in the distant past, or Double Diffusers (which relied on a tolerance zone to make work). The downside is, if you design up to the tolerance, then there's nothing left to save you if something gets loose. This looks like what happened to Mercedes, but once it happens, it's a slam-dunk.
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