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  1. I think the closest is Keke Rosberg in 1982, who took the championship with a single win, beating Pironi, Prost, Lauda, Arnoux and Watson who all got two each (and another 4 drivers got single wins) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1982_Formula_One_World_Championship
  2. Expanding my collection of '90s Hondas...
  3. "...And them maybe visit a back pain specialist"
  4. Interesting that they don;t show it actually being *driven* afterwards.
  5. Love the paint editor in this.
  6. Worth checking out the used car dealer today as there’s a excellent (and cheap for its speed) Civic Type-R touring car which will be perfect for online spec races.
  7. oh god it's qualifiying, isn't it? Bloody sprint weekends.
  8. Interesting - I'd been trying to build a '71 GT-R for that race but that was still a couple of seconds off the pace. That build gives a nice excuse to buy the Alpine as I'll make a profit on it.
  9. That's why the 30-minuter at Le Mans is so good - it seems almost impossible to lose the clean race bonus (I Clobbered someone art pit entry on my last run, and had a long gravel excursion when the weather got too bad for slicks and still kept the bonus) so a win is worth 825k. And, it's a race where the tyre wear and fuel strategy all seems to work fairly. The Tokyo one is insanely hard though - clip a wall in the wrong place and that's a 5-second penalty.
  10. I think there's a wierd wildcard in that race - a red Mini with a wing and airdam that's 3-4s a lap faster then the rest of the field in clear air, but starts right at the back. My first attempt at the race last night, I took the lead at the exit of Lavant with no trouble, but then a lap later going down the straight, this thing blows past like I'm standing still and I can;t hold on to it through the last corner and chicane. Second attempt, I think it had more trouble passing the other cars and only cleared 2nd place half way round lap 2, (Instead of at the start of lap 2 in the previous race) by which time it didn;t have time to catch me - but it was still gaining fast by the line and probably took 1.5-2s out of me after it cleared second. In terms of racing I'm tryoing to beat the Gr.4 10-lap race at Laguna Seca but the fricking Suzuki Swift does the whole thing without stopping and I can;t beat it either on an economy run or flat-out maximum attack - both of them are about 15s slower at the flag. I tried building a DC2 Integra into a similar spec (on the grounds that a lightweight/low power approach might be more fuel efficient at the same PP than the Cayman I'd been using) but still not there.
  11. As I'm now well past the end of the menu books, and now into the end-game grind for credits, I thought I;d put a few thoughts together. I;m not finding this phase too bad as there's good challenge in the Gr4 races dotted around the place and the highly lucrative Le Mans 30 minutes event has dynamic weather so it never feels the same twice (plus it's helpful that it's at a track I'll never get bored of). However. putting aside the economy / review Drama, It seems clear that the game was rushed to hit a release date, but not in way this normally occurs, where the end product is janky and buggy, but instead they just cut the last quarter or a third of the campaign. Seems like a really odd number to choose, and it;s bizarre that the the "ultimate challenge" is 2 rungs down from the fastest race cars. Many tracks, even after the april patch seem to barely appear. Interlagos and Bathurst have one event each, and there's nothing for Gr2 or Gr1 cars to do outside the missions. Sport (which was ostensibly an online focused title) had championships for SuperGTs and LMP1s. Gt7 just stops. The higher licences don't seem to be there for anything other than getting the prize cars. The game's got loads of content in tracks and cars it barely uses. So I;m hoping that part of the "plans for the future" that Kaz mentioned in the original, tone-deaf, response to the original shitstorm is continuing to fill in the game's upper levels.
  12. Bought a second 964, specifically because I wanted one to match the one from an article I read in the November 1991 issue of CAR at a formative age:
  13. I think the best thing for the amazing and historic tracks in america is that F1 doesn;t go to any of them, as every single one would end up getting nearly destroyed to meet F1 track standards. Imagine What Road America, Watkins Glen, Sears Point, Or Laguna Seca would look like after Tilke has his way with them, reprofiling corners, acres of tarmac runoff, the works. (Yes it's been over 15 years but I'm still annoyed about what happened to Fuji).
  14. Maybe. Scheduling for mondays is slightly awkward at the moment. I did buy the Radical, though.
  15. Worth a watch / Listen (it's a video but can be enoyed basically as pure audio)
  16. From the announcement: *Limit 1 per person. Must own a digital or physical copy of GT7 for PS4 or PS5 prior to the publication of this post (Friday, 25 March at 1:00am PST) and log into Gran Turismo 7 between Friday, March 25 at 5:00pm JST/8:00am GMT/ 1:00am PDT and Monday, April 25 at 5:00pm JST/8:00am GMT/ 1:00am PDT to receive the free credit pack Now I made my purchase at around 1600 GMT on March 25th, so def after the cutoff, and first logged in the morning after at about 8AM.
  17. So, Late to the party, I bought in on frioday night and have been fairly solidly playing (on PS4) over the weekend and last night. I was delighted, having made my purchase after the stated cutoff for the free million, to find it waiting for me in my garage, and went and blew 200k on a Porsche 964 straight out. Handling seems very similar to Sport as far as I can tell, though I currently my fastest car is around 650pp and I've not got any gr4 or gr3s yet. !'m on menu book 22ish (Supras) and have about 1.5mill in the bank (so that would be 500k without the extra cash). Like everyone else, i;ve had the worst result on almost every roulette spin apart from winning a BMW i3 and a set of cams for a nissan. There's still a few annoyances and disappointments. The car list seems to have some odd omissions, with not an awful lot from the last 5 years or so. I still don;t understand the Balancing. going to the recomended PP for an event seems to be "kerbstomp the opposition", so it's often a crap shoot as to wther I can tune a car to a level I'll et an exciting race - but that's always been the case with GT in the "tuned road car" phase. But yeah, it's good. Apart form Willow Springs. Willow Springs can get to fuck.
  18. No, but the safety car period gave them a better chance of it not happening. therefore, it helped RB. Not enough to matter much, but helped. if we'd had 2 safety cars, or a longer one) they may well have got to the end (and the problem might not have been detected). Anyway, this week's race. Hoping for a Sainz win...
  19. Not in total, but it would have helped with fuel consumption. Without it, they may have run out (OK, had fuel pickup problems but if the issue is that you can;t pick up the fuel in the bottom of the tank when you need it, you still ran out- you used all the *usable* fuel. The issue should have been picked up in testing at the factory) a lap or so earlier.
  20. Well that was only 1 iteration ago, plus there was such a stink about the loot boxes in FM7 that happened before monetisation was activated that it never got activated. now that was till 2017 but it was the most recent "proper" forza. Though this nbow mainly makes me sad we've had to wait so long for Forza 8.
  21. Oh yeah, it;s still good, but just don;t go counting the credits based on clearing out the chaff from your garage just yet. it might be a while. But overall this is a very positive update, and a major turnaround form a week ago. enough to get me off the fence and looking at PSN credit to buy in (on PS4) I think in part there may have been pressure from across Sony studios because this was such a shitty move in terms of activating the MTX post-review, that every Sony studio head was going to get beaten up by the press over it in every preview and review. The toxicity had real risk of spilling over onto the PlayStation brand in general, as the two brands of Gran Turismo and PlayStation are so closely intertwined. It's just annoying that these games (Forza and GT) seem to keep goign through these cycles of trying it on too hard with the in-app purchases, getting burned, and then rowing it back. It would seem to be well established what the market will stand by now in termns of time value vs real money value and anyone with their head screwed on could see this was over the line.
  22. Important- it doesn't say that. The "Selling cars" thing is in the "near term" list of changes with no expected date, not the "start of april" changes.
  23. Ah, the long-passed days of GT 2 and "The Rubber Band Trick"
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