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  1. I didn't say it was a huge risk, but it is one- there's no guarantee someone turned away will come back. They may very well, if they think they aren't going to get a copy, spend the money on something else instead, and by the time the next pay day rolls round, well the hype may have died down, somethign else might have cought thier eye, or whatever.
  2. I trust the opinion of an average GAME-monkey about as far as i could throw one. While its true there are likely to be shortages, particularly for the likes of GAME stores, I'd be really surprised if i couldn;t walk into woolworths/tesco/asda/sainsbury's on friday morning and get a copy. Game staff are just trying to scare people into pre-ordering, really. The thought that there won;t be further shipments for ages is just ridiculous- rockstar will surely be duping as many as they can and shipping them out as quick as they can, because if someone walks into a shop to buy it, and finds no stock, then there's the risk that by the time they come again, they'll have changed thier mind or want something else.
  3. the walkman was an idea that struck me as long ago as GTA3... the only thing that worries me about the new, huge environment, is what happens if you, for some reason, crash your car in the middle of the desert? it could be frustrating enough to be stranded in a quiet bit of liberty or Vice City, without having to cross the desert to find some transport... hlaf of the anticipation i'm feeling foe this game is just to see, from a technical standpoint, if they actually pull it off...
  4. I'm guessing, then, that the setting must be 1996... I don;t know whether to be happy that ir's going to be a lot of music from a formative period of my life, to be depressed that that sort of thing is now considered "old". and since when have Massive Attack and the KLF been "pop"? stlll good, though, and anything that puts money into Shaun Ryder's pockets can only be a good thing...
  5. RFT

    Gaming Injuries

    I've blistered my thumb playing long sessions of Street Fighter Alpha 3on occasion. The best one was a long time ago, playing Streets of Rage 2 at a friends house. I was so engrossed in the game that I didn't notice that he'd accidentally set my hair on fire with a joss stick. the first I knew was him batting my head with a blanket to put it out...
  6. I thought the drop to £30 happened a lot later than '97- I remember it being part of the whole Cut-throat-fest that accompanied the launch of Driver 1 in june/july '99...
  7. This might be an odd choice, but Space Channel 5... The first time I got to the final boss battle, with the acapella backing track, I definitely felt uplifted and elated when I was victorious. there was something about the music that swept me right up in it in a way that i've never really encountered anywhere else in gaming. It's probably the only game that's ever actually made me grin with pure happiness. not amusement, not satisfaction, just happiness.
  8. I think everyone working in the industry accepts that that it;s expected- but there has to be a limit to how long it goes on for. The EU Rules (in case anyone here doesn't know them) are this. 1: Over a 6-week rolling period, employees may only work an average of 48 (I think) hours a week. 2: in any given week, the absolute maximum is 60(maybe 72) hours. 3: Employees must have at least 11 hours rest after finishing work. 4: at least 2 days off in any 14-day period. The only thing you can waive is point 1. The rest is non-negotiable. and you have to be going pretty all-out to break the other 3. From my experience where I work- crunching has been declining over the past 6 years. Dev and QA employees are now paid overtime, but the company doesn't really lose out on this- as it just makes the profit smaller so any post-launch profit-related bonuses for employees are smaller. I think the thinking is if people know they're getting paid for the extra hours, then they're more likely to actually work. Demoralised programmers, chained to a desk tend not to produce the best code. (*cough*Driver3*cough*). Our current generation of Lead Programmers and Project managers seem to recognise this, and therefore try and save it for when it's really needed.
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