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  1. 4 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    I only played No One Lives Forever on PC, but it had the usual ‘gun stuck rigidly in the centre of the screen’ from what I can remember.


    I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a system that’s been used by hundreds of FPSs since and it makes perfect sense for a mouse-controlled FPS, but it’s a shame we haven’t seen anything quite like GoldenEye.


    I guess VR is naturally like that though? With the swaying of the gun.

    I meant more in the sense of general gameplay and levels etc. One PC game that did have the gun moving around within the frame lof the camera before the camera moved (in fact, poossiobly the only one) was Operation Flashpoint.

  2. 10 hours ago, Paulando said:

    I‘ve never been a huge GoldenEye fan, although I did pick up an N64 cheap some time in the early 2000s which gave me a chance to play it properly. Even at that point it felt crushingly difficult, and the performance wasn’t great, but I did enjoy playing it on the original hardware - I think it’s essential to play it with an N64 pad.


    One thing that I really love about it is the feel of the gun movement, like it’s decoupled from the camera. Nothing has ever come close to this, or ever really tried (apart from PD, and a little bit in Timesplitters), and every FPS since feels like the same ‘moving a cursor around the screen’.


    It’s kind of like how nothing has ever come close to the feel of chucking Mario around in Super Mario 64. Pretty much every other 3D platformer feature the same weightless, ‘press a direction and instantly face that way’ control.


    The first Project IGI game from 2000 has a lot of Goldeneye feel to it. I also thought No-One Lives Forever had similar feeling combat.

  3. 10 hours ago, b00dles said:

    Doom always had your times and a "best" as well though, I can't remember if quake did but for some reason that idea did go out of the window. 


    Then again, that was also around the time when map size was more important than the ability to do anything in it. I'd much rather have a really dense, intricate small level than a sprawling (but very pretty) "corridor". 


    Not that I've ever been one for speed runs or anything of the sort but it's an interesting element to the evolution of the FPS.

    Doom had a par time and showed you your time, but never recorded what your best was.


    And also, you couldn;t drop in to a mid-episode level without using cheats. You could choose to Start E1: Knee Deep In the Dead, E2: Shores of Hell, or E3 Inferno but not go straight to E1M5.


    And I think Doom 2 meant you had to start at MAP01 entryway and that was it, there was no episodes, so no dropping in anywhere without cheats.


    I think Quake was the sameas Doom 1 iun regards to structure and par times, but I don;t recall if it logged a best time. The problem is that it's been so long since playing the actual original.


    It's odd to think how with Doom and Quake being on PC the cheats / console were so much a part if the way you'd interact with the game, lkike the first thing I'd do on loading quike would always be to type "¬+mlook" to turn out mouselook as it was in the game, but not an actual option in the menus for some reason.

  4. Ferrari have now ended all links with Mick Schumacher.


    I think he;s had a decent run at it, but Magnussen scored double the points he did, and that pretty much confirms he just wasn;t *that* good.


    I suspect he'll be able to find a drive in Formula E or Sportscars though - there's a lot of factory LMP seats need filling for 2023.

  5. David Mitchell's been pretty adamant about not doing it. He was asked about it on Richard Herring's podcast and said he reckoned his public persona of being quite clever would likely not survive his probable performance on the show.


    Interestingly that interview would have been recorded around the time Victoria C-M was recording her series (Winter 2020-21 for transmission in autumn 2021)



  6. 3 hours ago, kiroquai said:

    Hm tricky one if we have to pick an F1 car. I'd love a 156 (Sharknose) Ferrari from 1961, but they were all chopped up eventually and none remain. Obviously love the FW14B too. The Ferrari F2004 is possibly the most dominant (and fastest) F1 car ever.


    I can't take my overall choice as it's a series of cars, but I'll take arguably the best version of it: The Lotus 72D. The most successful form the 72 took over its 6 (!) years of service. 72D spanned the end of 1971 until the start of 1973 and gave Emmo a world title. Plus, I mean... just look at the thing.


    Before the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this:


    After the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this:


    That's an insane amount of progress in six years, and it can all be traced back to Colin Chapman waving his magic wand and changing the entire face of the sport again back in the Spring of 1970.


    Re the 72 - I think it's fair to say that the 72 is the most influential racing car design ever.


    I wrote a very long post on quora about this a few years ago, but to summarise, the cigar-era F1 cars were not that conceptually different to the Auto Unions of the 1930s. Radiator, front axle, driver, engine, rear axle, gearbox. Monocoque chassis and stressed engines were really just refinements.


    The 72 set the template that F1 cars would be built to for this day, and in fact the sidepod layout would become normal for sports-prototypes as well. In F1, Indycar, and at Le Mans, the 72's layout is still the template. the Brabham in the last pic is one of the last attempts to try a different layout that actually worked.


    Personally for my own pick Much as I adore the 917, and the 962 I think would actually have one of these if we're talkoing "just one race car"


    Gravel Spec impreza Coupe WRC 1998. 



    Not the most successful iteration of the Impreza (Didn't win the championship), but wierdly I think it's the most iconic, thanks to being Colin Mcrae's car in the period of increased WRC coverage that came after his champ win in 1995, and then of course Colin McRae Rally.

  7. Did perez's help make much of a difference last year? The backing up at Abi Dhabi, well that was rendered moot by you-know-what, but apart from that I thought the consensus was that he'd not been that effective in tailgunning for max most of the season through being too far off the pace. Though I suppose when it came that close, then anywhere he can point to denying lewis a position as being critical.

  8. 12 hours ago, myoozikk said:

    In Max’s own words…


    ”I went round the outside & I immediately felt he wasn’t going to leave space so I just went for it, he didn’t leave me space so I knew we were going to get together. It cost him the race win, for me it gave me 5 seconds. It wouldn’t have mattered anything for my race.”

    I've read this over several times and I can;t see any other reading than max saying "I deliberately caused a collision".


    Looked at like that, 5s seems very lenient.


    As far as the brewing team-mate disquiet goes, I can;t see it making a difference one way or the other to Red Bull's results. These thigns are only ever really a problem when you've got two drivers at or close to the same level. That's not the case at Red Bull. I guess more of a risk is friction between the team and Max, but it's not like he's going to leave.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    Oddly, I've never considered money to be the motivation for racing drivers. In fact most elite sports people I've met are more interested in the winning and adulation then the cold hard cash. 


    Sure they all have nice suits and flash watches. But it's just stuff, and stuff they've usually been given. 


    They keep score with the points not the toys, mostly. 


    Ron Dennis told a story that Ayrton Senna was quite insistent when negotiation with McLaren that he be the best-paid driver in the sport. not really because he wanted the money, but because that was as much a measure of his worth as the points and championships. He was the best, so he should be paid the most.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Blue said:

    Maybe he fell for the same empty promises they made Seb. Although a non-cynic might say they do have real aspirations. They have been spending a lot of money.

    Problem is though, when was the last time a team that wasn't the Favoured "works" team of an engine supplier won a championship?



    Constructors: Brawn in 2009. Ok slightly more recently than I thought. But before that it was Williams in 1981. For Drivers, 2009 again and I think you can make a case for Schumi in 1995.


    To get up to that top step, realistally A-M need one of the engine manufacturers to decide not to also have a works team. 


    Red Bull are going to be 50% bought by Porsche / VW group,  Renault have Enstone and Ferrari are Ferrari. Merc have Brackley and seem happy (and have had an unbroken status as a factory engine supplier for nearly 30 years now)


    A-M aren't going to build their own F1 Engines. The only way I could see them getting to the top-step is Mercedes selling Brackley and appointing A-M as works-supported team. Which seems unlikely.

  11. 11 hours ago, mexos said:

    By the time Ham goes the Lec and Ferrari will be completely toxic and broken. Enter Toto...




    I have a strong suspiscion that the Leclerc - Ferrari relationship might already be irrevocably broken. I did, last weekend, wonder if Charles's unforced error was related to just not having confidence - the niggle at the back of the mind as to what's going to fuck up this week. They had a decent championship lead and have totally pissed it up the wall via reliability and strategy, and now errors are creeping in. I don't see how that gets turned around short of Ferrari becoming a totally different organisation.


    With Lewis seemingly re-energised and enjoying himself again, I think he's nailed on for next year and maybe 2024 as well. so I don't think there are any good seats for Charles to move to freeing up soon.

  12. I've come back to this after moving off it when my Xbox Series X turned up last year. A couple of weeks ago once the weather started getting warm i wanted to play something "cold"...


    I;ve been doing the Amur maps from season 1, which start out as a real slog (the first map, Urska River, is notably horrible. One of the others, Northern Aegis Installation, is even nastier) but suddenly opens up, especially once you unlock the Cosmodrome map and find the truck that's on it, which is basically a return of a Spintires/Mudrunner classic.

  13. He's (Palou) Going to the McLaren indycar team.


    Zak Brown's quote from the press release: 

    “We have always said that we want the best talent at McLaren, and it’s exciting to be able to include Alex on that list. I’m also looking forward to seeing him get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car as part of our Testing of Previous Cars (TPC) programme alongside Pato O’Ward and Colton Herta as we continue to build our driver talent. Alex is an incredibly talented driver who has won in every series he has raced in, and I’m happy to welcome him to the McLaren family.”


    So, only driving a Mclaren F1 car as a test. So, for 2023, Danny Ricc is likely staying with McLaren F1. but after that, well it gives them two solid options if Ricc doesn't improve (And/Or Lando moves on.).


    However, it's all an almighty mess as the Ganassi indycar team have announced they're taking up an option for a third year on Palou's contract so this is going to be a clash of lawyers....

  14. I think there is definitely a mutual respect and trust between Max and Charles that isn't there between Max and Lewis. 


    They came up together at the same time, so they've been racing each other most of their lives. 


    Whether that respect would survive a close, bitter, battle for a championship like Max and Lewis had last year (if this year comes to it), I don't know. 

  15. Re Eddie:



    The problem is - they've already got too big a regular cast to effectively manage (Hence the length of some episodes, because of the need to break off groups into A/B/C/D plots etc) and if they all survive, there's no peril. I actually thought it was really ballsy to kill off Max as well, and was slightly disappointed when they undid it. not from not liking the character, but because it would really ramp up the stakes for a final season - no one being safe.

    But for Eddie, The character was basically in a dead end so a heroic fall was the only good ending for him. No matter what else would have happened, Eddie would have been convicted of several murders as I don;t think "it was all an interdimensional psychic, but it's fine, we almost killed him" would fly as a defence in court.


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