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  1. God, the arguments about that will be amazing - how will the FIA and ACO manage to show blatant favouritism to all of Ferrari and two french automakers?
  2. It's always been like this. what's painfully obvious to some is utterly obscure to others. I remember in the original 1998 run, a question for 125k: Which American Car Company made the Coronet, Challenger, and Charger? Chevrolet - Cadillac - Dodge - Ford Now to me, that's the easiest 125k on earth, but the guy use two lifelines and then bailed without answering.
  3. RFT

    The BTCC Thread

    There was also a second CART Race in 2002, which I went to. The oval did get used a fair bit in the first few years - there was a NASCAR-like series which went through various iterations and got grids in the teens at its peak. There were also pickups similar in look, but not size or speed, to the pickups raced by NASCAR in the states. They used a chicaned version of the oval for the first year and then were converted to left hand drive and ran the oval. I really liked Rockingham when it opened and went fairly regularly from 2001-2004. Good views and decent toilets compa
  4. With spray cans, temperature affects two main things: 1: Drying time 2: The pressure in the can - the colder it is, the lower the can pressure, so the spray won't be as strong. There's also a secondary effect of the amount of moisture in the air. if the air is cold, close to the "dew point" where it can no longer hold water as vapour, then the cold paint coming out of the can (any fluid that undergoes a pressure drop will also drop in temperature and the paint/solvent/propellant mix is going from a high pressure can to a low pressure atmosphere) may further reduce
  5. I would sound a note of warning about army painter sprays. I've had two different cans of it (a different colour) that's ruined models by being an awful gritty texture. I've used their "Army Green" one OK on my modern tanks but around my club circle they've got an awful reputation on their other sprays for the same sort of thing. GW sprays are expensive but good, Plastic Soldier Company I've had god experiences with, but for the vast majority of my stuff I just use Halfords matt black which is cheap and has a good finish. For serious scale models on lighter colours then
  6. Sensible Soccer Ultimate Team featuring all the players from the teams with comedy names.
  7. That may well be the story (Obi-wan learns of this masked force-wielding brute at the emperor's side and investigates, uncovering his worst nightmare come true) The blurb does say Hayden as Vader, not Anakin. This all looks great but at some point diminishing returns is going to kick in, surely.
  8. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    The thing is, you have to have a competitive arsehole streak to get even close to the sport, and to get to the top, you need to believe, more than anything, that you're the best there is. Not being an entitled prick pretty much excludes you. There's no room for healthy self-doubt. Some talk a good game and are good company away from the car, and some draw the line closer to the edge than others but the lot of them would sign a deal with the devil if it meant a second a lap. Being a reputed nice guy in the F1 paddock is really more about how you treat your team mechanics and deal wi
  9. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    Jacques Villeneuve got 2nd first time out. Not sure about any others.
  10. I Finished* my Flames of War German Army last week. This is what you get with half the "Hit the Beach" Starter set and the German starter army box, so all in, about £85 spend. *Ok, there's another infantry platoon from the starters and I bought an additional 4 half-tracks but this is still plenty for a full size game playable force with options and I need a break from WW2 stuff as I've been on it most of the year.
  11. It’s a great game. It’s designed as a competitive game but it’s also fun in more casual play. It can get complex with card combos but it’s easy enough to control if playing in a family setting
  12. I have a feeling, looking at the contents of box (2 new-mould teams, 2 big guys, 2 star players, 2 referees, Rules, pitch,. dugouts, dice, templates, etc) that it's an "indomitus" style release, possibly limited, where they throw everything into one expensive box up front but there's also going to be separate releases down the line at various points. The 40k 9th ed core book came out alongside the indomitus box, IIRC.
  13. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    Even if Mateschitz walked though, someone (who are guaranteed to be someone Renault would be happier to supply, unless Horner did a Ross Brawn) would probably buy the team (or both of them). The A-team is still one of the best on the grid, it's not like Williams.
  14. This weeks WW2 activities have been larger and on the other side as I’ve added to my Sherman collection with an early-production M4 (the one on the right)
  15. Just had a look at them. lots of cool models but between half a starter box and army deal I bought this year I've got a full company of panzergrenadiers (of which I've painted 2 platoons) and I can't see myself needing any more infantry for come considerable time. A Maus is tempting though...
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