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  1. I Finished* my Flames of War German Army last week. This is what you get with half the "Hit the Beach" Starter set and the German starter army box, so all in, about £85 spend. *Ok, there's another infantry platoon from the starters and I bought an additional 4 half-tracks but this is still plenty for a full size game playable force with options and I need a break from WW2 stuff as I've been on it most of the year.
  2. It’s a great game. It’s designed as a competitive game but it’s also fun in more casual play. It can get complex with card combos but it’s easy enough to control if playing in a family setting
  3. I have a feeling, looking at the contents of box (2 new-mould teams, 2 big guys, 2 star players, 2 referees, Rules, pitch,. dugouts, dice, templates, etc) that it's an "indomitus" style release, possibly limited, where they throw everything into one expensive box up front but there's also going to be separate releases down the line at various points. The 40k 9th ed core book came out alongside the indomitus box, IIRC.
  4. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    Even if Mateschitz walked though, someone (who are guaranteed to be someone Renault would be happier to supply, unless Horner did a Ross Brawn) would probably buy the team (or both of them). The A-team is still one of the best on the grid, it's not like Williams.
  5. This weeks WW2 activities have been larger and on the other side as I’ve added to my Sherman collection with an early-production M4 (the one on the right)
  6. Just had a look at them. lots of cool models but between half a starter box and army deal I bought this year I've got a full company of panzergrenadiers (of which I've painted 2 platoons) and I can't see myself needing any more infantry for come considerable time. A Maus is tempting though...
  7. I didn't think you actually were, but it is something I've thought a lot about. And even so, I can't quite bring myself to play a Waffen-SS formation (as opposed to German Army). My experience is that in WW2 gaming, most people will have an Allied and Axis army for the system of their choice. Now for me, I've got a US army for Bolt Action and German for Flames of War - because I've only been doing WW2 historical for a couple of years and am a sucker for trying out new systems especially when the bundle deals are such good value....
  8. Yeah, there is that. But I'm not actually a Nazi so I think it's fine. There are people I've come across who enthusiastically play german forces and lean that way, though - in particlar one ex-work colleaguye who once expounded to me, at length, about how WW2 was poland's fault.
  9. I’m really liking the smaller scale stuff at the moment- still working through a German army for Flames of war.
  10. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    FIA see sense and decide not to investigate Lewis for the shirt: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/54161846 Frankly, I'm impressed that the FIA saw the sense in not pursuing a breach of the rules (which it probably was) and instead realising that going for Lewis over it would be hugely damaging to the FIA's standing. That's not their usual MO...
  11. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    That's as may be but the podium ceremony is held to a higher standard as other bits of the weekend (see various fines over the years such as when Schumacher brought barrichello up on the top spot for austria 01 or 02, which rubens had literally gifted to michael and led to the first big team orders outcry), so it's possible he was told "OK, post-race media stuff, the interviews but not on the actual podium ceremony" and that;'s why Toto looked annoyed. But yeah with lewis nailed on for equalling schumacher's championship record and probably likely to overtake it next year, he's unt
  12. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    Probably a tuning-house badge / overall racing brand like AMG for mercedes or Gazoo (nope, still sounds stupid) for Toyota. It's possibly a bit more interesting as a brand than "Renault Sport" (which was alpine operating out of dieppe anyway, if I;m remembering various magazine articles right). TBH this might already have been the plan - launch halo car to refresh the badge, then use it on warmed up Twingos, Clios and Meganes. Renault are definitely getting desperate to sell A110s. I've been getting targeted ads on facebook for various A110 "special editions" for months and I'm ski
  13. Quick question: My son's trying to get 100% completion (god, that makes me feel old) and is trying to wipe out all the Del Lobo camps. It says he has 3/4 of them and can't find the last one. The online guides we've looked at seems to be talking about the camp that's the pre-order bonus at Twin Rocks, but it seems odd it would be included in the count if it's not in the game as we, er own it... Can anyone advise if this is right or he's missing one?
  14. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    We're getting somewhat off-topic, but Dallara's key skill set never seemed to be making race cars that beat other race cars (such as reynards or lolas), but it was to hoover up all the bids when series that had been open-chassis formulae went to spec formulae. With the Indycar market to itself, it was able to make loads of profit, build the business, and win others when they cam along. I don't think I ever got over got over the loss of the true Team Lotus. By all rights they should have been the British Ferrari, but the decline was hard to watch. especially as the la
  15. RFT

    Formula One - 2020

    Yeah, I had thought he would have long handed over design responsibilities before 1992/3. He was a contemporary of Colin Chapman, coming out of that same post-war special-building scene. I had no idea Broadley was still actually designing large chunks of Lolas into the 90s. Clearly a man driven by passion (and sizing the car so he could fit in it is a tell-tale of heart ruling head), but yeah - of a previous generation, not realising (or willing to admit) the game has changed.
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