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  1. Entered a hybrid panoz in 2000 (I think) but it didn't qualify. and I;m not sure he was driving.
  2. Yeah, this is something I was going to suggest. So, a question I really should have asked last night- how does the "entry" thing work? I get that if I hit the track, i'm "entered" and locked into the setup, but if I click "cancel entry" can I then changes the setup and re-enter (if we're still in practice)?
  3. The issue is that, if I understand right, BOP is just a power/weight correction and doesn't deal with other elements of the car such as aero and weight distibution. It seems a lot cruder than Forza's PI system which (while far from perfect) seems to make a better job of things. My personal preference (as an occasional championship admin) is generally that tuning's good, if you're doing a championship over a series of races with a long lead-in time. And it's probably neccesary if you're not enforcing a single-car setup. in that context people have time to practice, refine, maximise their chosen car's strenghts, then come away from a race and review. It is very tricky, though. Finding a sweet spot where one car isn;t just the best choice so you get a varied grid is really hard. Locking it to bone stock isn;t neccesarily the solution. GT's limited (though a lot better than I realised) car set doesn't help here.
  4. Has anyone on the forum played Ride 3? The recent freebie on the Isle of Man game has put me in a mood for more motorbike gaming and it's dioscounted on PS4 at the moment.
  5. Some good races (esp with gwidan in race 1 and 2), though it was disheartening to turn up and realise as soon as I set a wheel on the grid that most of the rest were running tunes I hadn't a hope of competing with (and was then unable to try and change the car after doing a practice lap). and then to get totally fucked over by the penalty system in race 3.
  6. I don't have a wheel (for PS4, at least...). I'm trying to see if there's a wired headset somewhere in the house.
  7. https://www.gtplanet.net/easiest-ways-make-money-xp-gt-sport/
  8. Oh, i've already bought an E-type for it this morning. Wanted to run the GT350 and call back to the old red mustang I ran in the old historic trophy oh so long ago, but I've just blown nearly all my cash on a GT40, so coventry's masterpeice it is... but yeh, Im trying to sort out what I can do for comms as I don't have a bluetooth headset atm.
  9. Right, I have been hugely enjoying this for the last fortnight but last night, the game's been totally ruined. You know how the front end menu cycles between scapes photos, the attract mode, car demos, and random history slides? Just before I shut it off last night it threw up a giant picture of Nigel Fucking Farage in full jubilant mode. Thanks for that, Kaz. Oh I'll try and do racing tonight, but I'm struggling to sort out a headset...
  10. 10 is fine for X-wing. Don't go nuts with the crazy combo upgrades, but to be honest 10 years old is plenty old enough to understand the full rule set, with a short ramp up.
  11. How do the "free-form movement" like games AOS and 40K work with TTS? how is movement measured, ranges, etc. Moving squads of minis looks on the face of it to be really awkward. I did have a lot of fun playing the awesome Rallyman against Kurzheck on monday night.
  12. In response to the current unpleasantness, GW have made their entire twitch archive free to watch (previously you had to sub)...
  13. I should be getting a PS4 pro today! So, plague permitting, I should be able to join in with some GT races.
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