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  1. Sticking to what they think is a winning formula, but to be honest, I was baffled by the acquisition when it happened - it made no sense as an acquisition either way (that may be why I forgot about it). They don;t need the engine tech (or anything they acquired will be incompatible with what they've got), they don't need another mid-range racing franchise, and they don;t (and have historically never) want to do a hardcore sim. the only thing I could rationalise it as was getting some decent assets. If I was being incredibly cynical, i might see the hand of a deliberate crippling of an existing franchise via questionable decisions - removing a competitor in the "sizable racing games that aren't funded by console manufacturers as loss-leaders" space. before you roll the team personnel and usable assets into the GRID / DiRT / F1 / WRC* teams and franchises however you want. No direct evidence for this of course... *If I'm remembering right they got this licence recently...
  2. Depends on the modularity of the engine, and how much the game's changed from the last iteration. So - with GRID, this would have been almost impossible (read: very expensive) to do - pitstops didn't exist in the code, the tracks weren't built to support it visually, and so, the AI path structure wasn't there. With PCARS it might be easier - it's based on an engine that already had it, using tracks that (mostly) will have had themselves built appropriately and the AI pathing done for previous iterations. So, it may be possible to re-instate by reversing the commenting-out of functions that's been done to implement it. That;s for code though and you may still need to create or amend your graphics assets to get it on all tracks. The issue is that we're late in a console cycle and they will have done *something* with the memory and CPU cycles that were handling the tyre condition and pit AI. so even if you can reinstate it, you're going to hit performance or break something else. While these aren't as hard limits as they were on consoles 20 years ago, you're still going to work up to particular limits above which performance will drop off sharply. Ah of course. now you mention it, i do remeber reading that last year some point.
  3. I'm not surprised. The problem is, you can never (or rarely) succeed with taking a franchise Up the sim-hierarchy ladder. I can only think of one success at this, which is Dirt Rally. The serious simmers won't look at a game from the heritage of something they see as below them, so if you're looking to expand sales (or stave off falling sales from sequel fatigue) the only options are, aim down (widen your sales), and reduce cost (move the break-even point back within reach). So, are codies involved with this somehow? I keep seeing it on the CM social feeds, which is odd in how it's moving into the GRID space.
  4. That argument was bullshit when I had to trot it out for GRID 1 in 2008, and it's bullshit now.
  5. I had this as an audiobook off a humble bundle about a year ago. It's... ok. nothing more than that. I don't remember much about it to be honest, which I guess is its own review. I can't even remember what the action climax was. The political stuff with Calgar was more interesting than the Guilliman thread as I recall. I didn't feel any need to buy further books in the series when it finished.
  6. You'll still be able to get minus 1 on hit rolls, but you won;t be able to do -2 (or more). I play Alaitoc eldar and their trait was that you get a minus 1 to hit at over 12" range, on everything. (I chose the army years and years ago, before this was a thing). So it was possible, by burning 2CP, to get a -3 on attacks targeting a jet (-1 alaitoc. -1 "supersonic", -1 for the lightning fast reflexes stratagem - which could also be used on anything with FLY, so any of our tanks). Orks, ironically enough, didn't care as after their codex came out in 2018 they would always hit on a 6, regardless of any mods. and they could then roll an extra dice for each 6 as well and fish for more hits.
  7. Vehicles that don't have some sort of invulnerable save, damage mitigation, or easy access to some sort of hit-debuff struggled a lot in 8th edition. Because most people had to build an army so it could deal with a Knight (T8, 24+ wounds, 3 up save, 5 up invun that could go to 3 or 4 with a stratagem) , meant that your average normal tank (t8, 12 wounds, 3 up save, no invul) was relatively easy meat. It was also possible to bog them down with cheap footsloggers meaning they couldn't fire, and had to give up firing to escape (if possible). Also, degrading stat lines meant that you only had to put 6 wounds on the thing to impact its capability enough to be noticeable - this is one of the reasons dreadnoughts had a big of a resurgence in 8th because they didn't degrade and could always move, shoot, and fight at full effectiveness. Basically any surface tank really had problems, and hovertanks (Primaris, Eldar, Tau) only slightly sucked because they couldn't be dogpiled, but still struggled with resilience. The best "tanks" usually ended up being fighter jets because they were fast, usually hard to hit, and couldn't be held in place by infantry. Many of these issues are said (by GW, obv) to be fixed by 9th. (tanks can fire even when in CC, to hit mods are capped, there;s some other things as well).
  8. GW tend not to put sprues into start collecting kits until they've been out for a year or so (it was ages before the kharadron overlords got a SC box for sigmar). because sisters are (to all intents and purposes) a brand new army with all new kits, then there'll still be a little wait under normal circumstances. Launching a box alongside the 9th launch would make sense though. I was slightly surprised, given the prominence of the sisters in the trailer, that they weren't in the main box.
  9. One fo the things he said in an interview I read (or maybe listened to), was that the most important things he was ever told when starting out was that the 40k universe is one where *everyone* is wrong. Not evil, necessarily, but wrong. I've only read his Horus Heresy novels and they're fantastic as said above. Argel Tal is a fantastically-written character, as is his take on Kharn and Angron. Master of Mankind was an interesting look at the Emperor, and I'm looking forward hugely to his contribution to Siege of Terra.
  10. I can;t help think about how much fun the enduro series we did in Exiges on Forza 3 was. (and try not to remember it was 10 years ago...). The Gr4s seem nicely balanced - fast, but accessible and raceable - you're not fighting the car all the time. Maybe I should look at that as seperate thing? keep mondays for variety and see if there's interest in a short enduro series on another night pf the week? maybe 4 races (Spa, Suzuka, Interlagos, Bathurst?) Bonus pic from monday night:
  11. RFT

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Yeah, it was a dirt rally 1 track so was in one of the "Seasons".
  12. I stopped after lap 1 (full power), then dropped the Cayman to fuel 2 and did 2-lap stints the rest of the race. good tussle with morco on lap 1/2 until I messed up out of the Karussell and let him by, then spent most of the rest of the race in a back and forth with Count Bufallo's Aston before funally dropping him diring the last stint. key moment of the race was my TV throwing up the "are you still watching" warning, which blocks out most of the screen, down the Dottinger-hohe at 150nph with Buffalo right on my tail. had to call my son to get the remote as I couldn't take my hands off the pad...
  13. First lockdown project completed - Challenger Tanks for Team Yankee / WW3...
  14. If it's the off-camber left before the pit in lane and before the end chicanes, that's corvette corner. The sequence before that - right into uphill, double apex left over the top into downhill, then right again at the bottom, is the porsche curves.
  15. I don;t haver an LMP1 yet and am trying to deciode what to buy once I earn the cash. The heart says Nissan, the head says hell, no! How's the Nissan P1 modelled? as planned with working KERS, or as it actually raced without it?
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