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  1. The house decoration theme for this series was 60s psychedelia:
  2. Some do, some don't. I remember max and charles being quite chatty after some races last year, but with this particular combination, Max and Lewis hate each other almost to a senna-prost level, there;'s defintiely tension between lewis and george, not just because of the recent collision but bevause you've got an established champ who is not consitently beating his young upstart team-mate My main takeway from the race is that even Red Bull seem bored now - the radio messages to max after the flag sounded like horner was almost asleep.
  3. I've had that once or twice, Chaos Marines or Terminators not activating because i;m too far away (I think) but I can see enough to shoot them.
  4. It;s a really interesting blend of old and modern. The level geometry is are basically quake / quake 2 era. The baddies are Doom / Duke3d sprites The level design is a bit of Doom, in the way you can get stuck . lost, but then there are the big arena fights I associate with Doom 16 Gunplay / Health is late-90s, with no regeneration The movement / traversal is quite modern, with jumping dashing, and grappling. The renderer does a really good job of looking like a DOS software SVGA renderer. It does also have that quake 1 feel of a very limited pallette. I do REALLY like the little touch of the weapons being described with their 40k strength stat, and the enemies also having their 40k toughness stat shown when highlighted.
  5. I’m happy with mine, up to a point. I’ve had it nearly 2 years now and used it a lot, but for what? Flight sim is about the only exclusive I’ve played a lot and most of the rest of my time has been on remasters- Skyrim, fallout, goldeneye. I don’t mind this- they do look great on the better hardware and the seamless quick resume features, the silence and things like that have felt like a proper step up even beyond pure “what games can I play?” It does a great job of being a single machine i can play All my old 360/bone stuff on with zero hassle but I’m getting increasingly frustrated and baffled by the fact they seem unable to pull their sodding finger out and release a proper forza (not bloody horizon, which I can’t stand.). As someone who’s console journey has always been about sim-slanted racing, it’s been a disappointment, and I’ve probably used my PS4 pro more in the last 12 months thanks to GT7. (I do really like flight sim though, and the value for money there versus a PC with similar performance is amazing)
  6. So really, then, it doesn't matter what the UK CMA says at the moment as really it'll hinge on those two, which makes all MS's moaning this morning about how "the eu is a better place to do business" a bit hollow, as the EU or US* may well kick it back as well. *Ok, probably not.
  7. So, has the deal already been green-flagged by US and EU regulators (and any others), ar are the UK just the first to weigh in?
  8. Yeah - The only thing that could make me more hyped for this is if they put an Assault Gunboat in the next trailer. The line about Thrawn coming back as "The heir to the Empire" was cynical as hell but screw it - worked on me.
  9. I don't think it;s happened before. They have, in this patch, made some fairly significant changes With all of that, particularly the changes to initial settings of particlar cars,. basically, there's no option but to reset, as there's a risk of the new settings making the old times for things like licenses and circuit experiences (where you can't change the car setup) totally unbeatable.
  10. I had the same thought in mind when I made my post last week but dared not type it…
  11. I don't think it's quite like that.
  12. Indicators, Headlights, high beam, cruise control set / cancel, sat nav screen cycle, sat nav zoom - these are the one you'll want to use when the truck is in motion.
  13. I'm currently building a pair of platz 1/144 P-47D rezorbacks. These are static kits, but they're the same scale as used for the Flames of War wargame and I've always preferred the "razorback" version of this plane to the later models with a bubble canopy (which is what the game company sell). They are lovelky little kits (though like hen's teeth in the UK). Anyway I wanted to share a point of frustration I've had a few times now, using static kits for wargames use. Dear model manfucaturers, I don't know if you;ve noticed, but aircraft are known for being able to, you know, fly. Most aircraft that can fly can do this neat trick where they tuck their wheels away once they're flying so they can go faster. Some of use who like to builf models like to model them in flight, and hang them or mount them on clear stands. it looks cool. So, for the love of god, please include proper parts to build the plane gear-up, and don;t force me to improvise some way of doing it using the gear-down version which you've not quite sized right to fit the inthe holes. Especially when that's how you've pictured it on the boxart. Thank you. PS: and put a frigging pilot on the sprue as well. Re @Nicky's post about model manufacturers, there's one thing I;d really want to add re: Aoshima. I love aoshima car kits for one reason above all others - They mould the light l;enses as seperate parts in the right coloured plastic, with one part per colour, instead of moulding the whole cluster in clear white and making you paint it like Tamiya do. I've always hated painting light clusters basically because they always come out looking shit.
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