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  1. RFT

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, there's a lot of great stuff in the pipeline. the new ork vehicles look amazing. I'll have to get that speed freeks box.
  2. RFT

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Yeah that is a good point, though I've never really been one to get hung up on maxing out list effectiveness. /Looks at aspect-warrior heavy eldar army /then looks at win rate /shrugs.
  3. RFT

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, I know dark imperium is a good set - I liked the idea of getting 2 big new armies (2000 points a side, eyeballing it) plus a full table of scenery at a decent discount over retail and a drip-feed of stuff to build and paint But that aside, It's another example of GW's new willingness to try new things and new routes into the game. related is the new AoS intro set selection which all look really good.
  4. RFT

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    After the first 4 issues, it;s subscription only and despite the fact that there's one "issue" a week, you only get deliveries on a 4-weekly basis of 4 issues at a time. (this is worth bearing in mind when looking at the "gifts" like the painting handle that comes with "delivery X", that's not the same as "issue X"). I think the very large models will be bundled this way, with the various sprues being one-per-issue but coming in the one delivery, so you van build it. (Repulosor is 3 large sprues) if they were to be real dicks about it, they might spread the sprues over several issues, but with parts breakdown per sprue, it might make those models impossible to complete (or possible even start in any significant way) until the last sprue turns up. I think it's a different company but those "big model car" ones seem to work that way with lots of subassemblies, which are left to the last possible moment in the assembly process to give the final parts for to stop people bailing out after they get an engine, for instance. If it was half the monthly cost, and spread over twice as long, I'd have gone for it as I do love the models and fancy the armies- but that would take just over 3 years to get through which I think GW consider too long. at the offered subscription, it's basically committing the bulk of my hobby spending and not leaving much for anything else for a year and 9 months (ish)
  5. Thing is, I felt that way about 2 years ago, but it just keeps shambling on. I mean, the number of people still willing to put money in must be dwindling now, but they must keep doubling and tripling down on those purchases. It can’t last much longer, can it?
  6. RFT

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Maybe, maybe not. Adrian Newey mentions, in his autobiography, that the aero changes that came in straight after sennas crash helped Williams a lot. The FW16 was very ride-height sensitive, as it was a development of an active suspension car which could stay at a set ride height all the time. Basically, it’s diffuser didn’t work as intended a lot of the time. Plank comes in, and no-ones diffuser works properly, which negates a lot of Williams’ disadvantage. if Senna hadn’t died, those changes may not have come in, leaving Williams with a much taller mountain to climb fixing the FW16. Newey’s autobiog is a great read. It sort of peters out when you get to the vettel years, but there’s some great stuff about the willliams and McLaren eras.
  7. I think that’s part of it- the fact that it harkens back to a time when my feelings about the British armed forces were a lot less ambivalent. basically as soon as I saw there would be harriers, it was a question of when rather than if. And from the other side of things, there’s something about a lot of historical war gaming that doesn’t sit right with me-. I;some ways it seems disrespectful to people who spent a long time, in fields, or on ships, or in planes, getting shot at, and being terrified. I played Wings of glory last year, looked up one of the pilots I was using and found out he died during the Battle of Britain. I mean, obviously that was a possibility, but still. I dont think anyones wrong for feeling feeling differently about it, and for playing and enjoying historicals, (bolt action looks like a good game)- it’s just me. But team yankee has that element of fantasy to it, a war that never happened (and, to be honest, wasn’t likely to.)
  8. It’s for a game called Team Yankee; it’s the classic “what if the Cold War had gone hot?” scenario set in 1985. its about half the scale of 40k. I’ve been meaning to get into it since they launched the British as a faction a couple of years ago (got to have those harriers) so as I’d had a really productive 2017 in terms of painting, I treated myself to this small army at Christmas. They’re actually pretty easy to paint- spray green, mask with blue tack, spray black, slosh all over with brown wash, pick out details, then a light brown dry brush to weather. Infantry is a bit more awkward because of the size, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I’d worried about.
  9. RFT

    Games Clubs

    I help to run a club in Banbury- strongly war games focused but there’s a few board games get played as well. Get about 15 people a week, though recently a member has been running a 40k campaign which has really pushed up attendance. We pay for a room in a church centre and they also let us store some tables and a big scenery cupboard.
  10. RFT

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Yeah, it's odd - I;m sure my this point in 4/5/6 they'd switched on the real money microtrans stuff, but I wonder if, in the light of the Battlefront outcry, they decided not to bother. loosely related - a free DLC pack was released yesterday, but don't get too excited, it's just a pait of hyundai velosters. And later today, we'll have the next proper car pack. there's been clues posted over the weekend, but as impenetrable as usual.
  11. RFT

    Star Wars - the new canon

    I got "From A Certain Point Of View" for Christmas and highly recommend it. As a short story collection it's easy to dip in and out of and varies hugely in tone, but nearly all the stories are really enjoyable - my personal highlights were Gary Wihitta's Captain Antilles story, Pablo Hidalgo's study of Tarkin and Krennic, and the two stories focusing on droids. Well worth picking up. It is a bit like the thing that's often joked about with Star Wars (and the old EU in particular) that every minor character ended up with a huge backstory, but I don;t mind that (though possibly I could have done with one fewer "cantina person" stories in the book).
  12. RFT

    Forza Motorsport 7

    It's a matter of personal preference though the serious sim crowd sometimes look down on third-person viewers because it can be a (slight) advantage to get a better view of corners that should be blind to a "real" driver. I've long been an cockpit/bonnet driver mostly because I feel it gives a better sense of feedback as to what the car is doing, how it's sliding and so on by being directly attached to the car. but really just use whatever works best for you...
  13. RFT

    Forza 7 - Historic Trophy Season 4

    We had the final round on Sunday- but we will be back racing in the new year! loose plans are for a series sort of hovering around the 80s and also for a one-off, 40 minute enduro in stock Lola T70s.
  14. RFT

    Forza 7 - Historic Trophy Season 4

    Oh dear. Well hopefully we should be running some more races in the new year... anyway- season finale this Sunday! Be there or be square.

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