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  1. The movies exist in the cartoon as movies about what happened to the cartoon characters. There's an episode that has a scene where the RGB characters are reading a newspaper article about the upcoming film and talking about the real-life actors (Murray, Ramis etc) who'll be playing them. God it must have been at least 30 years ago I saw that.
  2. They look great. Love the old epic-scale rhino on the base. @And for scale, that’s an 80mm base. It’s a great game, quite old-school in places (a fair bit of rolling on tables and funny stuff happening like dying titans firing blindly, toppling over and falling on nearby knights) it’s on my list of games I really want to get into and it was on the cards until Aeronautica came out. I definitely want to start it next year.
  3. That’s the same weekend as my event but mines just a single day. I’d love to get into AT but I’ve just got too many systems on the go. I loved the intro game I had and the games GW put on the stream always look like huge fun with much hilarity.
  4. Finished painting the imperials from the Aeronautica imperialis starter set. Doing a big event at WHW in feb so need to get more fighters to fill out the force.
  5. That's generally not an issue. The only place that kind of kicks in is that some places have a rule that works in the other direction, where if your units are clearly painted and marked in the specific scheme for a named subfaction (so let's say, Imperial Fists), then you can't run them as a different one (eg. Ultramarines). If you've homebrewed your colours, then it's fine, they're successor chapters (or sub-orders) or whatever.
  6. His accountants.
  7. I did really enjoy last nights episode. I was completely convulsed with laughter ad Baddiel's sheer utter uselessness with the lasso.
  8. 9 years old is fine for X-wing. My son was 7 when it came out and was OK with it (though we weren't using complicated lists at the time). The basic mechanics are pretty simple so start small and scale up, you should be fine.
  9. Stranger Things 4: Mission to Moscow.
  10. That's also a good shout but worth bearing in mind that it's out of print these days.
  11. Games Workshop games? Only a couple. Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is the most recent - Dungeon crawl that's intended as co-op but works Solo. Lots of depth and variety to it and played across a long campaign that's inteneded to span several sessions. Lots of expansions available. Assassinorum Execution Force is older but still good. Much more stealth-based like a 40k metal gear game. Less replayablity as it's more of a fixed board setup and it;s a one-and-done.
  12. I hadn't seen until just now that nearly all Marvel's Star Wars comics are ending in November: https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-empire-ascendant-announce The only thing left will be "The rise of Kylo Ren"
  13. Lost. Enjoyed the first season, right up yo the last 15 mins of the season finale when I realised it was going to now be stretched out for years and never get a resolution. never watched it again...
  14. Everything in this Gen Con Announcement drop looks amazing https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/01/gencon-previewgw-homepage-post-1/?fbclid=IwAR3fwy9fhv8NC5BGYUR7F09fouT157xUbSHHTdR1-B5vXVHGyK5oSDCEWHY I have a squadron for the original version of Aeronautica and the amazing thing is that it looks like this version has kept the same scale and bases, despite moving to a completely different movement system.
  15. @wev Exactly. Back in the 2007-2014(ish) era, nearly all the racing was on 360, and we ran lots of decent ongoing series (f1, forza historics) with good grids. but the generation change split the community. At a similar time, the mods decided to fold the "multiplayer racing" folder into the main "multiplayer" forum, which meant that threads about racing got buried under overwatch and destiny megathreads. So, it''s taken a long time to recover.
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