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  1. I got on alright with having one PS2 card until I got Socom 2 which needed 3 meg in space. This worked out at just over seven pounds for just that save alone. Seems like great value to me.
  2. This morning indeed, it was on at 10am on Bravo, it just finished on the +1 Bravo. This should indicate the level of 'Adult' humour involved.
  3. Just watched the first ep this morning and it's Gamesmaster with extra smut. Footballers playing PES4, which game is best comparisons (MGS2 vs Splinter Cell 2) and Diamond twatting about with his producer in planes, not exactly inspiring stuff. Hope this gets better but I fear it won't.
  4. SP=6 Just finished it. I feel even more angry with this game than before. MP=8 Doesn't do anything different in MP than any other game. I did not mark down for the crappy optimatch system.
  5. How can it take so long to get into a game and then find out that it's a bloody Oddball match. I absolutely hate this system of game selection, I just want a deathmatch on a certain map but I have to take what I'm given. I mean it's not like it's my time or anything. Looks like it's bye-bye to halo 2 for me, please Konami do not fuck up PES4 online.
  6. When I trade-in it usually is to fund a new release. Would I buy as many new games without trading? Probably not. Another point is, when I have finished a title it starts to collect dust in most instances so what should I do with it? Trading is an effective way of freshening your collection and it also releases titles that others may want onto the market at a reduced price. The practices of some shops in this area is something that requires closer scrutiny as they really are starting to take the piss on prices. Piracy is people copying software for free and no-one in the industry receives any money, very different to trading.
  7. What was wrong with Conflict: Vietnam? Was it because it's just an update or has something gone wrong since CDS 2?
  8. PGR is an arcade racer so barging is always going to happen, though it can be bloody annoying when cars hit you on corners they had no chance of getting round because they have no concept of what they are doing and, worst of all, they do not recognise you on the track. If you can live with this then fine but it's not a crime to think that you could be playing a different racing game, which has some regard for racing etiquette. Don't feel too bad about it, I still remember Alain Prost playing Virtua Racing. He crashed almost straight away and he became F1 world champion that year.
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