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  1. This has to be one of the best knockouts this year.
  2. My copy arrived first thing this morning so I haven't played it yet, but I am disappointed with what I have for my money. The miniatures are quite poor and do not fit into the bases easily. The bases are also poor, mine had a lot of sharp plastic left around the holes which I didn't notice on the inside of the token slot, so a few tokens were damaged while inserting them. The tiles are much better, lovely detail and give the look of a mansion that has a few secrets to tell. I will play it tonight using just the monster tokens, if I like the game and keep it I can cut the pegs off and use GW bases with them, but it shouldn't be this way. I would have preferred card stands and £40 off the RRP.
  3. I went for it after reading some reviews on BGG and the far too tempting price at Chaos Cards. I'll try to knock up a top 10 later to keep the thread on track, hopefully, MoM can work its way in.
  4. I can live with £10 games, it's when the buggers sell you on Mansions of Madness it starts to hurt.
  5. Doom is a 1vMany game which replicates the new video game, so no cover but lots of chainsaw glory kills. I haven't played it (it's not out yet), but there are gameplay videos which show the mechanics and it shares the action card mechanism with GoW. It would be an alternative for those who are interested in GoW but don't want to pay the eBay price for it. On a side note, have you tried the new characters in Warhammer Quest? They have given me the chance to get my gaming group to play through the quest again.
  6. I have too been getting back into Gears of War and I agree with your opinion, it is so much fun. But the licence has expired so there is not going to be any reprint, but FFG is releasing a new edition of Doom which shares some common elements and should scratch that itch.
  7. Had another go at this and here is the result.
  8. Like some of you today, I am in a foul mood and that may cloud my judgment slightly. I have turned it off, still with the impression that it is awful, and gone back to Doom which is quite amazing, and more suited to my frame of mind right now. It is kind that you have listened to what I said, but I wouldn't like people to miss out if I'm just being grumpy. Though I would rather have a great Sensi than a great Kick-off anytime.
  9. I was stupid enough to buy a disc copy (£15, wish the cheaper digital version was put onto the store earlier) and it is like a 50p cell phone game. I used to play Kick-off in its heyday, but this is just digital nostalgia, horrible to control with the sloppy analogue stick, no instructions at all - took a while to work out how to change formation, but mostly a joyless slog.
  10. Perhaps they did listen as Warhammer Quest is back on May 21st, not seen the rulebook but the models are Age of Sigmar style.
  11. My order from Simplygames arrived today and it is the same steelbook as yours. I also ordered the vanilla version.
  12. Has anyone read Prog 1977 yet?
  13. Orc Boyz are a bit weird in that they just sit there until you get a bad roll and then hit you very hard. I agree with you about how much fun the game is, tough but very satisfying when you get some success. Playing with others does improve it, just discussing the tactics is so much fun. I look at the game as a series of skirmishes in various locations, the story is thin at best. The rulebook did take a couple of readings, but you get used to Fantasy Flight rulebooks and how they spread the rules and hide them.
  14. You have played it right, if you have reached the end of the peril track then it is designed to wipe you out quickly. You will find the balance between attack, recovery and exploration through play and getting beaten. Crowd management is is the hardest bit to get right, just so you aren't rolling 3 threat dice per action. Have you tried playing with two characters each yet? I haven't found that to be any more taxing, and it gave me a good idea how to play each character.
  15. You certainly can engage any enemy, even those already engaged unless they enemy card states otherwise (Jezzail Team is the only one so far). If you are using a ranged attack you do not have to engage the enemy, so if you shoot at an enemy that is in the shadows or engaged it will remain there. You can also attempt to engage with an enemy whilst already engaged with 3 other enemies. This exceeds the engagement limit, so you take the damage and it goes into the shadows. It is a way to save another party member from a beating. I trust you are only spawning the nemesis when the peril track requires it? I'm not entirely sure that the nemesis attacks the party leader by default, you go in party order with engaged enemies attacking first and if you have none, then you go to the shadows. It is a reasonably tough game but I have won with two players, are you using the correct hero cards and activating the allowed number of times per round?
  16. That sounds right, unless the enemy is exhausted, then it does nothing.
  17. I have played it a few times and it took a couple of games to nail down the rules and play style. Which part is causing you the most trouble? The designers often answer rules questions here http://www.boardgamegeek.com/forums/thing/181521/warhammer-quest-adventure-card-game Stick with it though, I have really enjoyed the game so far.
  18. Could be soon, 21-0 and a second interception, enjoying Seattle's thrashing immensely.
  19. I just finished watching the Wilder fight and he put in another 3rd rate performance against a smaller, ordinary fighter. Szpilka gave Wilder quite a few problems, he just lacks power at heavyweight. At times, Wilder looked like an amateur, horrible footwork and wild punches that missed by a mile. The knockout was brutal and will deflect the deserved criticism Wilder should receive. The after fight nonsense with Fury was just embarrassing for both.
  20. The first episode should be free to download, it was for me on PS4.
  21. Windowlicker


    I used the SS2 one, thanks.
  22. What system? I'm getting on a bit better with the game now and would happily play some of you in friendlies on PS4.
  23. As people are thinking about buying this, I have been playing it since Saturday and I don't have any feeling of progress. It might improve against human opponents but I am not enjoying the game enough to expose friends to it, especially with the time it would take to get them up to speed. I do have an issue with a videogame that takes longer to play than the boardgame version.
  24. I'm playing this on PS4 and finding it slow going. It desperately needs a printed rulebook as the game very slowly tries to teach you the game through a very long campaign/tutorial. It also takes quite a long time for the CPU to complete it's turn, even going outside of the allotted 3 minutes per turn to finish. I'm undecided as to whether or not I like it, I have played the tabletop game in the past and had fun, though games were faster than this. Only 8 races is a bit mean as some are much more powerful than others which narrows down the choice.
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