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  1. Coutinho! Plenty of time for a Villa win.
  2. Why? He's doing the Lord's work beautifully.
  3. Is Gunnail any good? It looks interesting but i've never played it.
  4. Demons (1985) When a person tires of watching Demons, they tire of life. 5/5
  5. Malignant Plods along in an unremarkable way for two-thirds of its run time 2/5. The last third explodes with a batshit crazy switch and sticks with insanity until the end. 5/5.
  6. What a great shithouse goal and celebration.
  7. Robertson could kill all the spurs players in the blink of an eye, remember that.
  8. It was a penalty but this ref is as bent as an F1 Race Director.
  9. Double Dash of course, no way this season gets above 5/10.
  10. This is brilliant news, I love the first one.
  11. It more like a wrestler hitting someone with a chair. F1 is entertainment, not sport.
  12. He doesn't want miss the stoning event round the back.
  13. Oh let him stay. He may get a lucky win against Chelsea to keep the clown car going for a while longer.
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