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  1. The matchmaking is working now, I have teamed with others since yesterday.
  2. I'm playing this on Xbox, happy to play some co-op later tonight. GT - DJ Mann. It took me a couple of attempts to finish that mission using the Technician. I concentrated on keeping close to my deployable turret as it lowers the damage taken from enemies and placing the stasis grenades to slow down their advances.
  3. My Xbox copy arrived and it was a 15gb download for the Series X version, the disc is nothing more than a key.
  4. Sky were excitedly shouting how the starting lineup cost around £600m and the bench £350m.
  5. It's okay, the owners have plenty more blood money to waste.
  6. They will do, after he's finished reading 'Coaching for Dummies'.
  7. As in most cases, PS5 runs games at a lower resolution than Series X and COD Warzone is no exception.
  8. No, it is a regular game. Game Pass users get it 2 weeks before it is available to all.
  9. It immediately downloaded for me when I redeemed the code.
  10. The promo Space Jam game is available to Game Pass subscribers, you have to activate it through the perks.
  11. Only because it runs at a much lower resolution.
  12. Main takeaways: PS5 runs at 20% lower resolution than Series X, occasionally dipping below 1080p. PS5 holds an almost consistent 60fps, just the odd micro stutter, similar to Series X, but not as frequent. PS5 image is a little darker than Series X and PC.
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